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some will be hotel kuvasz otoh photo saloon hotel resort evergreens the old hotel twenty grand victorian hotel and gloria prince hutto springs resort and spa tied to hotel royal cheap and most of the hotels. the evergreen close a hotel in time to eat london hotel telling us of the time the hotel full points and how would. the splendid hotel in windsor hotel and touch your room the photos a good go and how would international. evergreen local hotels in. russia and canada say they won't back down from territorial claims on a disputed part of the seabed sought to be rich with natural resources.
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as the u.k. tightens its budget belt defense spending is in the firing line with the elite special forces unit the s.a.'s to be hit the hardest experts warn the creation of a second great military could be a disaster for national security. from boom to bust americans are waiting for the economy to snap back two years after the biggest bankruptcy in u.s. history which sent their finances spiraling out of control. and find out why russian communists who have been stung by staying now want to see the former police front man is singing behind bars. live from the center of moscow this is
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a very warm welcome to. well the racers all know for the arctic and thrown down the gauntlet to russia moscow says it will prove its right to an area of the arctic sea but in international waters a claim canada is prepared to challenge. going off all the details. both russia and canada remained firm at their stances claiming that part of the arctic seabed known as the a woman also fridge belongs to bear territory's moscow says that its claims are based on scientific fact and according to the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov russia will continue sending expeditions to this area in order to gather enough scientific proof for the international community to recognize the best of the russian land mass so you could have the limo and also the loam and also a bridge was discovered by russian explorers but today we want to prove scientifically that it's a continuation of our marine life in providing our data to the un as does canada
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and now denmark is also thinking about lng clinging to the luminous of ridge but any such claim must be based upon scientific data provided to the un commission and do you have the last word in any case in two thousand and seven a group of russian scientists did you send it down to the woman also fridge studied it and found concrete conclusions that it is a continuation of the russian landmass they've been planted a russian flag there and then moscow has filed a request to the united nations asking the international community to recognize this area as support of its two to you but the united nations has asked for more sane to fake evidence meanwhile canada there's also claims on this territory saying back to the a woman also of rage is part of the canadian stage or you we will submit our data on the lawn is awfully age and we're confident that our case will
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prevail by scientific evidence the arctic is a huge area and currently doesn't belong to any country but at the same time it's thought to hold up to twenty percent of the world's untapped resources of gas and oil which makes it quite an attractive area. for many countries up port from russia and canada other states are also keen to start which themselves. the united states denmark and norway according to some analysts this me lead to some type of conflict because this is the stakes are really high because of these extreme reserves of natural resources and this me lead to some sort of problem an international problem on the other hand. and analysts this thing from back to this issue will be resolved peacefully in fact just now during the meeting in moscow the foreign ministers of russia and canada have pledged to resolve this
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dispute strictly diplomatically and scientifically and there is already an example of how such a dispute could be resolved peacefully just recently russia and norway resolved a decades along a territorial dispute on their borders in the bar and sea and now we've agreed first of all to establish the border and also to share the natural resources which are held in that area so hopefully that will be done in the case of the arctic as well. reporting that still ahead a few this hour join our close up team that's we explore the wonders of the region that's in russia's far east. tucked in between the russian mainland japan and the cycling island is the island of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the right of the sakhalin region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. what british special forces are
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undergoing the biggest cuts since the second world war the ministry of defense needs to downsize the elite s.a.'s after having its budget slashed and while the decision may save the government a few pennies many say the cost of axing members of a global asset spells disaster for the country's future. reports. weld renowned elite notoriously camera shy these are britain's special forces at work in afghanistan they're seen as one of the greatest assets the u.k.'s army has to offer but even they aren't immune from government cuts the ministry of defense is being forced to save between ten and twenty percent of its budget for the s.a.'s that will mean getting rid of those too old for combat duty and axing one of its part time but talons paxman used to be in the s.a.'s and now helps servicemen to
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overcome post-traumatic stress disorder he wonders what will happen to men who've spent their lives in extreme situations and my concern would be the vast numbers of going in there are going to be out of work that have been in military environment. combat environment hostile environment for a number of years. for themselves with a skill set that they can't use in the civilian community pretty harsh offer of. a job some say the decision to axe old soldiers is a false economy they're the ones with the know how and invaluable experience but needs must and as the u.k.'s economy shrinks so difficult decisions have to be made and economists urging a proper look at what the u.k.'s defense needs actually are rather than just paying off a bit here and there i don't think that sort of. approach is really going to work i think what you really need to ask is what britain's military needs going to be over
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the next ten twenty thirty years and so far as we can predict them and then design your own forces to actually accommodate those strategic concerns over them just trying to save on paper clips and u.k. special forces have been active in all the major conflicts in recent years iraq kosovo east timor and now afghanistan where nine and a half thousand british troops are currently deployed but the question. is whether the british army will be able to play peacekeeping or military roles in foreign conflicts in the future and that at the same time it's rising economic powers or increasing their military forces that's going to create some there response from a period in which nato countries. but also european countries enjoy a certain technological superiority. not just discomfort defense cuts ultimately main european countries will be increasingly dependent on multilateral alliances to ensure their national security defense review is
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currently underway with results due to be published in the later what insiders hoped for is a wide reaching decision on the u.k.'s defense priorities what some are afraid they're going to get is paper shuffling and useless cutbacks in britain's already overstretched armed forces. r.t. . well as the us deals with foreclosures americans are looking to blame for the current state of their economy some are pointing the finger at investment bank lehman brothers and sears demise drove the country into debt and explores the impact of event. two years have passed but is anyone wiser the u.s. marks the second anniversary of the largest bankruptcy in its history investment bank lehman brothers holding six hundred billion dollars in assets fell to its knees becoming the tipping point of the financial meltdown in panic attack mode the
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u.s. stock market went through the biggest points fall in one day since the attacks of nine eleven it was sort of a curse at the same time it triggered off a number of other events you had ripples throughout the global financial system apart from losing its dignity and credibility wall street went unpunished. to us where do you see anyone getting one hundred fifty year sentence if you have learned any real lessons are they more frightened and worried yes or are they more careful yes can they afford not to take risks again no for more than a year now unemployment has remained at more than nine and a half percent however most analysts say that number is closer to twenty and it doesn't stop there what really hurt america was the focus on housing and the subsequent collapse in new york alone homelessness has gone up
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a staggering fifty percent women knew what it was doing but more importantly the united states government know what lehman was doing many are still skeptical that the worst is over you're in this classic downward spiral that puts the american economy into worse condition that i have seen in my lifetime and i've been around a long. two years after the failure an inquiry into who is to blame is still ongoing but few expect any real results any more till this amounts of taxpayer pass and been poured into the system to build corporations throughout the crisis but not lehman brothers considered by the you. this government's not so big to feel a whole lot. better you hard earned lots more see by the people at least then well not really because helping the u.s. treasury to overcome the losses from the field here continues to be american
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taxpayer money traditionally footing the bill for all of the states in the country . hard to new york. now coming to you live from the russian capital this is r.t. and on the way at the top about american troops and violence into an insurgent field province as part of the latest operation we assess the likelihood of success . it's time now for some traveling fun but you don't have to pack your bags just join our close up team as we continue to explore the varied and inspiring regions of russia in today's episode we take you want to journey to russia a region that's in the country's far east. reports. russia closeout team is back and this time we're seven thousand kilometers from the
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russian capital moscow in the russian far east in the island of cycling and this is the cycling region indeed one of the most prosperous in russia located around four hundred kilometers from the russian mainland and separated from the russian mainland by they taught are straight it is quite a big island one thousand kilometers from north to south and about three hundred fifty kilometers from west to east it represents a new region a very rich in terms of biological resources now the island of cycling is home to more than one thousand species of birds and animals as well as flowers and plants and more than a third of them are considered to be endangered and are placed in the so-called red book of endangered species and to talk about what the island is like we're joined by an expert in environment cooper from the netherlands working here in the southern for four years as far as i know you write what can you tell us about the environment and what's its biological resources are like what can we see here in
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terms of nature. is really a unique place when it comes to nature and natural environments and natural resources. yeah you can travel around the islands and. you can be pretty sure that you never going to be bored because there's really a wide variety of different you systems you've got lots of species endangered species also spectacular spectacular ones little birds. you have. of course the salmon that comes here every year which is really nice to see so in general if you like the outdoors it's it's a great place to be and to work of course thank you so much this was experimental specialist from one of the companies working here in the seventy nine and now of course all this beauty we've just talked about has to be protected somehow and we did a report explaining what this protection is like in the far east of russia. risking
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life or limb special troops to send the speeding boat in the middle of the pacific . coast guard in the russian far east this is an almost daily routine they fight cultures. of illegal fishing and to millions of dollars. along with a team of officers we come on board a fishing boat they check documents to see whether the vessel had any right to fish here. this particular boat was legit but officer got a boost said this was an exception rather than the rule but xander told us of the biggest highlight of his three years of service here. we identified a vessel belonging to poachers we asked them to stop and fired flares they didn't reply so after an hour we had to open fire after about twenty minutes they stopped probably being too scared of us seating at them that was one wild chase alexander
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came here from the other side of russia and despite nonstop action and hard work he enjoys his time here that is because he projects some natural beauty from human harm the beauty which is visible from the very first glance. tucked in between the russian mainland japan and the circling island is the island of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the sakhalin region we'll take a look what's in store for us here. until two thousand and four the island was part of the borders own and was completely restricted to visit is now the speak to us place is open to tourists plants and animals are its top attraction. the island is unique because it is located far from the mainland and is practically
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untouched by humans that's why many endangered species or both flora and fauna can be found here the underwater world who is also unique because a warm currents in the sea when your own is by a ride depend on the far east while some go to the sakhalin region to enjoy the sights others convert the island's nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the tonight show hundreds of thousands of of tons. fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious salamon caviar almost and necessary attribute of any feast in russia the owner of the enterprise says a good fishing season can bring in more than one hundred million dollars net profit and to a large extent this is old to do what succulent offers environmentally they do not shop operates in only and natural habitat farming selman they feed you have to give them a lot of. all sorts of matters in mind to buy audix and things like that to make
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sure that it actually survived and this is the natural environment and again while filming is certainly much better than many farm spaces it's a natural product is if you can see the fish is alive we deliver it live to the factory and you get the best product you can get and mild climate unique natural sights and delicious seafood succulent can all for a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe the question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become a major tourist destination. see reporting from the cycling region. now u.s. led forces have launched a crucial operation in southern afghanistan in the district where the taliban movement originated the offense in the. west of kandahar comes as a last push to stabilize the region by the end of the year the region is known as
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a hotbed for insurgents and comes ahead of a white house review of afghanistan policy planned for december a year off president obama announced a thirty thousand troop surge in the country former u.s. state department officials matthew hove says the operation in the province is unachievable because of its military approach but i would like to see us do rather than go in there with a surge of troops and try and militarily defeat these guys which is not possible in my estimation because the taliban in that area takes so much support from the population themselves so instead of trying to in so instead of trying to go in there and basically outmuscle them and defeat them and work with them negotiate with them talk with them address their grievances kinta what we did in iraq in two thousand and six and two thousand and seven in armoire province in our province we turned this sunni insurgency on to our side and against al qaeda that's what we
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need to do in afghanistan when we went into afghanistan in late two thousand and one we stabilize it we just we've increased one side put the other side into power we never addressed those underlying root causes of the conflict getting back to. the west of kandahar going in there what the people why the people would turn to the taliban supporters because they see the government as being outsiders they see security forces being outsiders and of course who's coming in but foreign troops so that's why they turn to the taliban for protection. and that was former u.s. state department official matthew hoh well a notorious chechen terrorists currently on russia's most wanted list but as a has arrived in poland. is wanted by moscow for his involvement in terrorist activities now he currently lives in britain where we had been granted political asylum earlier warsaw's said it will comply with an interpol warrant for his arrest one polish t.v. station has reported as r k f is in the country to attend the world chechen
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congress. to some other world news now a blast in southeast turkey has killed at least nine passengers aboard a minibus a fifteen month old baby is among four people injured officials are saying the bus hit a landmine though this point no one has claimed responsibility for the blast militants have recently carried out several roadside bomb attacks in the area in the fight for independence. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has a reiterated his will to carry on with peace talks with israel. the leaders ultimatum to exit the negotiations if a partial israeli ban on settlement building is not renewed president abbas is holding a meeting with the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton in ramallah and made renewed a middle east peace talks in the region meanwhile israeli warplanes conducted two separate raids in gaza following palestinian rocket and mortar attacks. while the
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pope has arrived in the u.k. for the country's first visit by a pontiff in more than twenty five years he has already met the queen and is planning to hold an open air mass in glasgow tens of thousands are expected to attend the event in hopes of catching a glimpse of the religious leader but tickets have not sold out and protests are planned over the vatican's policies on issues such as gay rights and abortion. and on the other side of the world unexpectedly wild weather has brought extreme conditions across the australian island of tasmania thousands of homes were left without power as heavy snowfall and icy conditions battered the state official say winds have exceeded predicted speeds of one hundred twenty kilometers per hour in higher regions and locals are continuing to brace themselves for the coldest day in decades. for russian communists while the british are staying in jail the famous artist has been criticized by communist party members and petersburg and
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the leningrad region over his call. to legalize marijuana despite receiving a warm welcome from fat the party brother the pop star a drug pusher and even a healthy looking criticism has also been leveled against the police for failing to arrest sting at a concert in russia earlier this week. ok well you know here with the latest from the world of business she's coming your way in just a moment. hungry for the full story we've got it's. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. hello
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and a very warm welcome to the business program another republican former yugoslavia has agreed to join the south stream project prime minister of the republic of spritz column in iraq which it was in moscow on wednesday to sign a cooperation agreement on the south stream gas pipeline russia's energy minister court said it was in the interest of europe to create favorable conditions to implement south stream though it added that there were no real tentative to the project. i'm going to work with this but we're being told that the project is too expensive and this is not needed in europe i'd like to draw attention to the fact that the gas will be sold at the market price that will be formed in europe well the european consumers should not be worried about the cost of the south stream
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construction this is a concern to shareholders that there is an offer in europe the more market price may drop which is in the consumer's interest. that we are absolutely sure that there is no alternative to the south stream project confident that the construction of the south stream will provide regular gas deliveries not only to the whole of southern europe but also to many consumers in the rest of europe russian pipeline operator trans nephews and investment curb suma capital will by the black sea port of never a cease in a bid to integrate russia's largest port operator in crude oil trans nafta and zuma capital already control the baltic sea port of remorse and binding capacities of the two ports that create the largest stevedoring company in russia the deal is estimated at around one point eight billion dollars the two companies will hold fifty two point one percent of the university's parity basis. several start plans to invest two and
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a half billion dollars in developing the go to iron ore project in liberia the company has got a permission from the liberian government to develop the field which contains around one billion tonnes of it well produced from twenty seventeen about twenty million tonnes of magnetite or per year. and russia's economic development ministry says it could introduce a ten percent export to to nickel and copper up within the next two months. well russia's minister of natural resources has suggested liberalizing strategic oil fields the ministry said that the current legislation only allowed was snapped and gazprom to exploit the shelf in russia according to the ministry's heads an increase in competition would allow for quicker development of new oil fields. the russian government is busy promoting morton isolation a through the reform of texas and regulations but as business ought to just cover
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it true innovation can only come from companies themselves but in a question of reports from one factor in moscow that's rebuilt from the ground up. i'm glad you say live should sue proud glance into newly built bright orange factory just five years ago the brick plant still abandoned now it's revitalized and efficient small companies. modernize their. farming town and the world are very. well. my dinner says it costs fifty million euros to modernize the factory the money is recouped through great efficiency the workforce has fallen from seven hundred to just one hundred forty of all when the plant became only economic the management decided to restructure it.


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