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wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports.
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well she's available in hotels coolest i'm going to do a little toto keep a promise it is congress' photo east west never told sensa nova till she. read assumed to say yes sloviansk on book in soldiers historical hotels of a culture in the city so it's in the sky because most. men do as a good up until the stroke or less to tropicana hutto. one of russia's most wanted men a commits a crime was detained in the polish capital were sold and though the polish prosecutor general's office ransom detained for the next thirty days russian
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prosecutors are doing everything on their side to make sure that finally their extradition request is heard and zacharias faces trial here in russia. also on our preparations for saturday's parliamentary election in afghanistan are marred by escalating violence with the taliban stepping up threats and kidnappings. gangster wars in moscow an attempt on the life of an alleged top mafia boss white in the city's center puts him in home with no loss. the first major project for the two thousand and fourteen sochi winter olympics goes operational or in twenty minutes. it's eleven pm in moscow and this is arts you coming to you live with me and you
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said now way first stop polish prosecutors have filed a request for a forty day arrest of one of russia's most. tory is terrorist suspects med's a copy of was detained by polish police upon arrival in the country moscow is calling on warsaw to extradite him he is wanted in russia in connection with atrocities in the caucuses but has political asylum in the u.k. i spoke to our correspondents who are following the story capturing those are of in moscow and alexi your show or so. but meds are kind of new about the fact that you could be arrested here in warsaw he came here to attend the third old world congress of the chechen people and he was detained on his way to a local prosecutor's office but it's really hard to say what his mission in this message is office whereas as far as we know from one of his representatives he came here showing that he had nothing to hide from the polish authorities and that poland was not his enemy anyway he was detained he still remains in detention and
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the latest news we've heard from the general prosecutor's office in poland is that it has filed an official inquiry to keep that kind of arrest for the next thirty days this is we have to the country's president general's office representative had to say on that. well we filed a request to the cotton wool suit to rest for forty days the court will decide whether or not this will be done but we think concerning that kind of we should resort to the strictest measure which is a rest nevertheless it is still really hard to say what fate awaits the one of the most wanted man in russia this suspected terrorist. as many women serving coming from the. during the day but over these comments were pretty vague or let's get more from concert in moscow of course considering that russia wants to see as a kind of extradited it is not the first time they've trying to death an accident is it. not at all and he said not the first not the second may not even be the last
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time that russia attempts to extradite him as a crime and bring him back to russia in order to try him for a number of atrocious crimes ranging from murder and kidnapping to extortion and terrorist and extremist activities although all of those charges have been filed against the man nearly a decade ago in two thousand and one when he was declared a wanted man first nationally and then internationally but he was granted political asylum in the u.k. and was the u.k. is. magistrates' court later in two thousand and three refused to extradite the man believing him to be a political refugee and saying that on its territory he remained a law abiding citizen therefore denying russia its extradition request despite the fact that an agreement exists between moscow and london governing the exchange of suspected criminals and the extradition of said criminals in order for them to stand trial in their own countries but this in fact may well be the closest russia
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has so far gotten to extradite him and actually making him stand trial of course his detention and the order for his arrest issued in poland may well be the chance russia has been hoping for the ball is in poland's court right now but both sides i very keen to are no on the fact that what decision is made when the decision is made it will be free of any political influence and done strictly by the book. just goes to the police prosecutor general has sent to police side to act in accordance with the international obligations it was taken upon itself mr sherman saturday quote our actions will not be based on political factors model and. russia's prosecutor general you reach. extradition to russia is rice will be absolved and he will stand a fair trial in cool. russian prosecutors office have already said over all of the
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documents translated into polish regarding these suspicions and allegations and charges concerning a mess up but even if poland should grant russia's extradition request it will be a very long time before as i have sets foot on russian soil and even longer before his trial begins. we have some news just in on this developing story a polish court has just ordered the release of akhmed zakayev in warsaw as his extradition proceedings are pending now poland may appear reluctant to extradite a client but the new warmer relations between the two countries do offer moscow hope in this case that's according to victor dean the editor in chief of the russian newspaper. given the fact that russia has treated poland there respectfully and with some polish wounds i would say like the cartoon massacre of nineteen forty
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a russian treated very spectrally the tragic crash of the presidential plane. last april and i think we have an improved climate and polish russian relationship and that's give this gives me hope that the matter will be precise was pursued and proceeded legally and with respect to international for international law. live from moscow and here with r.t. still ahead for you this hour from boom to bust we look at poverty america's recession battered industrial towns. and retro ride the russian and ukrainian presidents cast aside space vehicles in favor of a storage route late in soviet made cars. suspected russian criminal mastermind is being treated in a moscow hospital after an attempt on his life nicknamed grandpa haasan he is thought to have fallen victim to
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a gangster war right in the center of the capital r. g.'s a corpse going off has more from the crime scene. vincit it happened here on this quiet sign street in the very heart of moscow at around eight pm on thursday evening cyan also known as grandpa son thought to be a major criminal ward in russia ryan to reportedly visit his son who lives in this apartment building over here and grandpa's son accompanied by his bodyguard were trying to enter the building walking through this door over here the shots were fired the bodyguard went down first and according to reports from the witnesses grandpa son actually tried dodging the bullets but ended up getting one in his stomach that's when their driver ran out and called the ambulance the hitmen was firing the shots from one of those windows on the third floor of that building the distance between these two houses is really small and when the authorities came the saw that window was open and when they checked the apartment the found
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a weapon which is thought to have been used both men were rushed to hospital but soon afterwards announced that grandpa son had died later they deny this information saying that they gave out false reports on purpose in order to prevent a second possible assassination attempt grandpas son is thought to be someone who is called by the code that is a person who has reached such a height in the criminal world that he can control supervise and benefit from criminal activities various criminal activities without actually leaving any traces or leaving any proof and it is thought that grandpa son controls most of the organized criminal groups in russia and in the sea and grandpa son was close to him and who are you yanks are awarded no one by the name of your point you can was assassinated back in two thousand and nine rampal her son was basically his right hand man since two thousand and nine we've heard various reports of numerous
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gangster wars and shootings and fascinations both in russia and in western europe as well. switzerland or spring one of the bodies or people suspected of being connected to abuse or gang or criminal group in the world. you can find more on that and many more stories on our website dot com as well as all the best videos blogs and expert opinions here's what's available for you all mine today russian helicopters may soon be seen in the skies of afghanistan as nato forces are trained to use them in the fight against the taliban. and russian communists want the police who want every breath stink takes as they call for the british rocker to be put behind bars find out why aren't we dot com.
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president obama is pushing forward plans to double u.s. exports in the next five years the move that could generate two million jobs comes amid hopes that the country is finally pulling out of the debts of recession but with the number of americans facing poverty out of fifty year high millions are still fighting for survival. welcome to silk city. this once was what the industrial revolution looked like in the united states. now this is what poverty looks like in this town more than twenty percent are poor more than seventeen percent unemployed it means for many here ninety m. is a time to go to work now and i just don't think it's time to head to the food pantry for charity if. they are
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low income folks are some of them have been unemployed for almost two years is what we're seeing but on average it's the underemployed. there are people who can't make ends meet people like jenny like the one who are going to morrow and it's not enough you know it's just not enough to get all the need and the numbers are only growing and we saw in two thousand and nine a fifteen percent increase over two thousand and eight numbers and we're anticipating that that number will go up by another ten percent at the end of two thousand and ten not only here but in the entire u.s. new statistics for two thousand and nine show forty three million people one in seven are living in poverty this is the most people who are in more than fifty years that's when they first began tracking these numbers here you can see one reason they wanted her twenty's are few and far between especially in the old urban industrial cities are paterson as in so many cities in the united states
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manufacturing used to power this one these were still factories that now are decrepit boarded up sitting in disrepair there are signs everywhere here of the u.s. manufacturing jobs that have disappeared or gone overseas factory work all of the low level jobs that these folks with will shields but what about you know you. and leaving them lining up in droves for a little heat we now see prepare about twelve hundred meals a day now it will be serving about four hundred. people. are free to join some of the work around here some are at the homeless not surprisingly always on call been made there are twenty percent more mouths to feed here eva's kitchen than a year ago why. now now and some can't work like for one who has an incurable disease who is no for work or health for so many of us used to be a truck driver yet he still can't afford lunch and experts say the needy are
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needier than ever are they more poor yes that i can say it here on the ground for from washington and wall street there is no sign of an economic recovery for these people in sight i don't see recovery. they have no thanks for their politicians i don't know what's going on with the caller i don't know was the press the door. you saw them is not doing there is no bloom better. is live in the urban decay of silk city gratitude is reserved for the help with recovery they do know. they feel they. know you still you they count lauren lyster r.t. patterson new jersey. coming your way in about fifteen minutes as our debate shall cross-talk peter the well with his gas will be discussing the rise of china on the international stage and the release some lively discussion around the reasons driving the contraries rapid growth. not so much the chinese want to be
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thought. the chinese want to be humiliated here they speak of the hundred years of humiliation the japanese of asian opium wars you know from the outside world and they just are so sensitive about this kind of humiliation that's what drives them in here and that's what what they hate they feel that it's a top down relationship the west this is talking top down to the chinese lecturing them about how they should develop what they should do. i. think. afghans are heading to the polls this weekend to vote for the conferees part of them and the taliban have stepped up attacks aimed at intimidating voters and candidates ahead of the
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ballot dozens have been kidnapped prompting serious concerns about holding a fair election archies paullus leader is in kabul briefing us on the situation. well in the run up to the in election related violence at least twenty one people have been killed the latest news is that two candidates as well as eighteen election officials have been kidnapped and some one thousand of the six thousand eight hundred polling booths are not going to open a door because of concerns around safety and security this has prompted many people both here in afghanistan and abroad to actually suggest that the elections be postponed in the last few days the taliban has issued almost daily threats via is to mesa via telephone and on its website saying that it will disrupt these elections it will target voters coming out as well as people involved in this whole election process and they claim that he will make because agents of western governments and that what they say is a. sponsored government as
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a result some thirty to thirty five percent of voters who can vote are expected to tune out this is some five percent below the last elections most of them stay away because of concerns around violence but many of the most awesome in the question whether or not they believe in a parliament because many of them feel very difficult was done in achieved in the last five years since the last elections. let's take a look now at some other stories dominating world news this hour twenty five people have been killed and scores more injured as containers with explosives blew up near a police station in eastern authorities say the blast was an accident the explosives intended for roadworks were being stored next to the police station for security reasons sixteen officers were among the dead. a six man has been arrested in the u.k. in relation to a potential terror plot against pope benedict the sixteenth the man held are all london street cleaners and are believed to be algerian nationals the pontiff has
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continued his your visit as scheduled celebrating in prayer with the head of the anglican church at westminster abbey earlier he delivered his kid. speech at westminster hall calling for the promotion of religion everybody national rights. and a drill boring a rescue hole to thirty three trapped chilean miners has finally reached its destination hole must now be widened to allow the men to be pulled to the surface it will take at least six weeks to do this the miners have been underground since early august after the entrance to their gold and copper mine coal mines. now the presidents of russia and ukraine have decided to swap their usable state vehicles for something a bit more retro dmitri medvedev and victor going to call which took part in an international rally with cars dating back to the middle of last century because through the grass reports it's very symbolic in context of
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a recent renaissance in the russian ukrainian relations victory in a call which took the top job in kiev to be discussed saying by taking poskim. rarely that there are no more barriers dividing the two countries the specially organized crowds forward it to the leaders for a twenty kilometer spin from russia to ukraine for this rally the russian president chose a call from his private legendary soviet this is the beauty manufactured nine hundred forty eight this vehicle is very robust it's made of tanks steel it was the first saw it be cold which came with turn lights with two electric wipers with an electric heater built in am radio while this was the symbol of both war a soviet life and is today a popular collector's item now the name of the car might be a that is very symbolic it's not accidental it's the russian for big tree the first
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tests on this car were conducted to nine hundred forty three well in world war two began to seem likely to be just war school to buy state officials and celebrities who were in. some other great classics like rolls royce chevrolet korat jack you off os martine receive this is a many many other beautiful beautiful retro cars however the trip was not both fun because of state slave rates just soviet soldiers who when you mention a ukrainian trilogy and then they did so would hold talks on simplifying bullshit crossing. roads take a short break here and artsy and then it's over to business with you yet stay with us. every month we give you the future the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our jeep. with. this data data generated from an electrical grid honest the data and you can do it or do it
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in california. hundreds of energy sources present black and. let's go to smarter planet. hello and welcome to the business program in the vacation partnership technology these are the key themes of the sochi international investment forum we are bringing you the top speakers and issues from sochi capital of the twenty four thousand olympics. the prime minister's speech was one of the key events of the first day of the forum artistical a school was listening in and he brings us this assessment from such a. there's a palpable sense of optimism here at the sochi economic forum it's slightly smaller than last year with five thousand delegates attending their representatives from
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companies both foreign and domestic the theme of the forum was set during the prime minister putin skits address on the challenges of modernization and improving the investment climate the highlights of his message was that russia often photo ground for investors both big and small but she's going to make a copy of the russian economy still not spoiled by the attention of investors neither foreign nor local ones the russian business climate is strange to have problems sometimes these claims are justified sometimes not we know our problems really well and we will solve them the key factor for the russian government will be a measured and rather conservative macroeconomic policy. the optimism about the prospects for the economy was shared by a number of delegates among them with sam allen c.e.o. of heavy engineering jobs. just already about a hundred twenty million so far and some of the silicon are the first facility without really having. done that because the tension here the next thirty
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years is tremendous. russia has nine percent of the world's terrible landmass needs to come into production high production agriculture a population continues to grow this is a two day event on saturday the winter olympics in sochi in two thousand and fourteen will be one of the main subjects we'll have full coverage about all the fields and around us are archies nick paul reporting there and in other news coming from the event a russian stage corporation russian to colleges and boeing have signed a contract to supply fifty five in seven three seven airplanes they will be acquired for air force russian airlines and a unit of russian technologists from invest has signed a clear message to form direct investment funds totaling eight hundred million dollars with gulf states invest testa projects in infrastructure and realistic. speaking exclusively to our t. the governor of cross no doubt region says the forum has succeeded in attracting
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investment. for senior the biggest of the foreign investors know little about russia's regions usually it's limited to moscow and st petersburg while the rest is just huge clusters like the far eastern europe also siberia so let's investors learn more and get a hands on experience we can't be sitting still we should hold roadshows advertise ourselves that's the global practice of forums like this to help everywhere to attract investment the amount of investment in the region after the foreign is estimated at between two and a half and three point two billion dollars which is a key sum of russia. leading banks outlining their investment plans at the. plans to spend one point two billion dollars on olympic infrastructure speaking about the rebels their banks president karen kraft said despite the recent wakin in the russian currency is still quite stable to. the current situation on the foreign
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exchange market i.e. the ruble dollar and the ruble euro relations is stable enough and i'd say the fluctuation that we're seeing now is quite logical and is mainly tied to the actions of the market players and traders but i can say that today the ruble is the most stable it can be and there are no reasons why the behavior of investors and holders of ruble currency should change macroeconomic conditions are quite stable the oil price is also quite stable the gold and foreign currency reserves are increasing and are quite sufficient to provide a stable exchange value of the ruble that while sector is well represented at the sort of investment forum they had overall smith spoke exclusively to r.t. . we've reached a consensus with our main creditors spirit in going co they downsize their annual interest from twelve percent to eight and i expect there not tobe or will start working with the new rates that will free up a lot of money up to two hundred million dollars this money will be used to license
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agreements still development capital investment and buying new assets that will help the company to improve its output and to stabilize its financial condition. let's take a look at the russian markets the r.t.s. and the mice it's been mixed at the close they are to us was trading much like in the black in my six finished down point nine percent so as of course it's good what down two percent of russia's biggest producer released its profits of one hundred five million dollars that's down more than thirty percent from the same time last year. it was a quite a week for the markets but they still managed to trade slightly high and i see metropole senior analyst gave us his views so this week we saw a combination of profit taking on the other hand with sore investors continuing to going into the market and investors starting to catch up to the new markets around the data we store strong data out of the united states namely industrial production
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came slightly above expectations because of the russian market at least weak it actually took clues from the global markets performance and moved up also but very slightly on one specific factors that affect the russian market this week where there with the ruble which was quite significant and came somewhat unexpected i think it's a temporary situation and i think we're going to see a ruble strengthening gaining taking back some of their losses. that's all from the business team for now get more new small website dot com slash business.


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