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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2010 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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don't see don't. stalk in orbit a technical glitch strads three astronauts on the international space station but mission control says the situation is under control. american trained afghan death squads are reportedly targeting the taliban in pakistan but there's concern they could swap sides maybe the u.s. withdraws from the region. and as the biggest gathering of world leaders tries to call for global peace and harmony there's anger and the auditorium as the ring of presidents word see delegates walk out. the big political messages have been sent from the united nations to get updates in our report.
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if you're watching r t coming to you live from the russian capital welcome to the program and now it's a war top story for the first time ever a so you spacecraft has failed to on the international space station leaving the crew stuck in orbit two russian cosmonauts and a naso astronaut were due to return to earth when an alarm signal technical problems. brings us the latest. the crew is safe but it was originally decided that say you spacecraft would undocked from the international space station at three thirty am g.m.t. but due to technical difficulties with the automatic lock that connects the two together so you spacecraft failed to do so right now engineers are working to fix it originally it was decided that the undocking would be dispelled by three hours now at the time was extended to twenty four hours currently there are six people in the international space station among them there are two cosmonauts
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a russian cosmonauts including a captain looks on that score itself and engineer. and enough turn up from nasa tracy called about now the mission spent nearly six months and they are assess and apart from maintaining the space station their duties included unloading progress space crafts as well as some scientific experiments right now of the mission is that into the international space station and they're all safe she's doing. an alarm went off aboard the spacecraft saying that the airlock isn't properly secured and the vehicle isn't isolated from the vacuum of space after a thorough inspection and it turned out this was a false alarm we could have proceeded with the undocking and landing today but we decided to do it tomorrow just to be sure there is nothing wrong with either the station or the landing module. now in case of emergency in case the spacecraft
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fails to undock again there's always a back up module that they can he's. elite anti terror kill teams run by america's intelligence agency have now taken the u.s. led war beyond afghanistan now those are claims in a new book called obama's wars by veteran journalist bob woodward reveals that a secret army of some of three thousand afghan fighters sent to haunt al qaeda and the taliban have now infiltrated pakistan well i'm now joined by our from the think tank project for pakistan in the twenty first century thank you for joining us now what do you make of these claims that the u.s. has been secretly carrying out occasional commando raids into pakistani territory. i'll just take you back ten months back to the coast the attack on the station in the khost province right on the border with pakistan if you recall the suicide bomber who carried out the attack was actually an asset of the
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jordanian intelligence agency and it was the jordanian intelligence agency that was actually handling its assets and sending him inside pakistan to penetrate and do you know various assignments now that was a very early indication for the pakistanis that as a matter of fact there are incursions taking place inside pakistan and that the the war on terror in the tribal belt the border region of pakistan is not limited to aerial attacks cia led drone attacks but as a matter of fact there is a ground activity a concerted ground activity and that there is there are incursions taking place not just by cia the cia is using various other tools as well including intelligence agencies from other countries in that case of course in the coast attack it was the jordanian intelligence agency and there are others by the way are doing this so now of course we have this revelation know where there is this secret mercenary army
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that is carrying out attacks inside that box in the tribal belt i will just. mention here that over the past three years the pakistani authorities have arrested a large number of people of gun citizens in the tribal belt of pakistan who were not able to explain what they were doing there who were not ordinary refugees by the way as you know most of the refugees the of gone citizens in sight box on carry special refugee cards that really pinpoint them to exactly which refugee camps they belong to but in the rest of the cases of those arrests these people were arrested who were of course alone who sometimes carried. weapons equipment ammunition communication equipment and of course so this thing has been going on for some time and of course it would be unfair to say that this activity has been going on without the knowledge of at least some parts of the pakistani political or
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military establishment at some level there is a certain level of coordination this would this would be a shocker of course for the pakistani public opinion but i'm not sure this would be really such a big shock to the pakistani military establishment oh i will if we recall the u.s. also used the tactics of training and funding local proxy forces in afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. the soviet mujahideen now washington then lost control over those forces and this led to afghanistan civil war and the rise of the taliban now could we see a similar scenario where a new threat arises in the region. absolutely there is no question no doubt about this we already have confirmed reports of how military equipment weapons provided by the u.s. military to the two. gun mercenary forces and of course the of gone national army have already found their way to the insurgents into the black market so we have
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this leakage going on of course and it is not too much to expect that a certain point in the future when the u.s. engagement in afghanistan would of course would draw down that we will see this kind of situation or scenario emerging there's no doubt about this but there's another very important point that we need to mention here is that the united states continues to rely on warlords in afghanistan when when i heard about the mercenary force of three thousand well trained of guns i still there's one part of the story that is still missing and that is where these three thousand of gone volunteers for this mercenary army came from and i have no doubt about the answer to this question and that is they came and they were recommended by some of the warlords of course as you know there is a there's a problem of loyalty and enough to understand you cannot recruit people without knowing exactly where they're coming from so most of this three thousand force must have come recommended from some of the warlords and these warlords are really
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milking the u.s. government and the u.s. military they're making a lot of money and of course we all know the story of what happened in toto bora back in november and in december two thousand and one when some of bin laden actually escaped from total vote of thanks actually to the very allies of the u.s. military the of gone warlords who some of them according to reports took money and let many almost one thousand al qaeda fighters really escape so you really these are really shifting loyalties and these three thousand fighters must have come from somewhere and they must have loyalty is to some warlords inside afghanistan and this confirms actually the basis of your question that we will have problems about these militias and these mercenaries getting out of control at some point in the future ok well we know that one of the u.s. run paramilitary units was involved in killing ten police officials in afghanistan now when these things happen ultimately is that the u.s. or afghan authorities who answer for the actions of these units. i think there's no doubt if you go back to these reports in these incidents the of gun at least the of
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gone public opinion pins the blame squarely mainly on the coalition forces and of course the u.s. military we all know of course the state of affairs of the of going government to the government of president hamid karzai i think the of guns and we have gone public opinion and of course the way the media has reacted in of got us down it's very clear that the blame is squarely placed on the shoulders of the quotient forces and of course the u.s. military all right thank you very much for your insight that was. the think project for pakistan in the twenty first century. now middle east peace cutting a nuclear weapons and the un so make over should have been the highlights of thursday's general assembly session but the ukrainian president again stole the show and that's the spite sending peace in the audience marching for the exits r.t.s. and us to see it sure can i explains why didn't god got people's blood boiling both inside and outside the u.n. headquarters. considering how hard the international community especially in the
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last couple of days have been trying to say over and over again that they're willing to reach out a hand of dialogue to leave the door of dialogue open with iran it's like man who definition tries to provoke the community more and more and see how far he can take it he did end up crossing the line with the u.s. delegation again when he talked about nine eleven had to do is there were several viewpoints first that a very powerful and complex terrorist group able to successfully cross all the years of the american intelligence and security card to date the attack this is a privilege viewpoint which has been supported by mainly obligated by american statesman second that some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the talk to reverse the declining american economy and its grips in the middle east in order to steve design is regime the majority of the american people as well as most nations and politicians around the world agree with this view quite a lot of protests have been taking place here in new york in this in these last couple of days the buses carrying people to these protests people carrying banners
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saying mass who doesn't do the shot is a tyrant murderer a terrorist they're criticizing him for the human rights situation in iran as well as of course the controversial uranium enrichment program obama of course did mention iran widely he spoke a lot about nuclear nonproliferation and he said that the united states while being very satisfied with the fact that russia and the united states have been able to sign a new start treaty he's really hoping that iran will come back for dialogue offered the islamic republic of iran an extended hand last year. and underscored that if there is both rights and responsibilities as a member of the international community. iran is the only part of the n.p.t. that cannot demonstrate the peace the peaceful intentions of its nuclear program. and those actions have consequences speaking on the sidelines of the un general
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assembly russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has explained exactly what kind of signals the international community has been sending to iran now what the international community wants iran to do is to start fully cooperating with the international atomic energy agency as well as prove that all of its intentions are peaceful and put an end to all of the concerns of the international community as well as sign up to a range of international documents on nuclear nonproliferation and the russian foreign minister said that this is a way for iran to become a country free of economic sanctions. we see signs proving that iran is seriously reviewing the current situations and studying the propositions which were given to worry iranian colleagues the foreign ministers of russia the u.s. china france germany you carry holding meetings where the big you asleep confirmed that are to start negotiations we expect that soon we will hear from iran that they are ready to begin this process another important issue commented on by the russian
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foreign minister is the latest proposals of the of nato secretary general to call upon russia and the north atlantic treaty organization to try to plan together when it comes to missile defense and work together in that area the russian foreign minister has said that it's important that the interests of both sides taken into consideration and really worked on before any specific plans can be put in place he has said that the scheme that is currently being discussed and put on the table of by the barack obama administration is definitely more balanced than what has been pushed by the bush administrations in the last couple of years security is a very important issue between the alliance and russia so this is something that was underlined repeatedly however no plans were set in stone and this was a meeting that took place ahead of a big summit that is being planned in november this year in lisbon. well our web site has plenty more for you to explore and here's a taste of what people are watching right now at r.t. dot com a u.s.
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probe has concluded that israeli commandos committed willful killing and torture in the border to gaza about a full to let in. and an unemployed of muscovites says he's the victim of a three million dollars theft police are on the case to find out how the money was lifted from a safe deposit box for more just had to call. time for more of today's news from around the world japan says it's ready to release a chinese fishing boat captain who was arrested more than two weeks ago he was detained after an apparent collision with two japanese coast guard vessels near taiwan beijing says the detention was illegal and is sending a plane to bring him back the incident cause a diplomatic dispute between china and japan. australia's olympic committee president says awarding because games to new delhi was wrong john coates added that the multinational body behind the event didn't have the resources to ensure
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preparations were done properly on time some countries taking part are doing their arrival because of concerns over incomplete buildings and squalid conditions in the athletes' village the six billion dollars games are due to start next week. and for the first started nearly a century the u.s. state of virginia has put a woman to death to resul lewis was executed by lethal injection she was found guilty of orchestrating the murder of her husband and stepson in a bid to collect insurance money the court heard how lewis had hard to manage to carry out the killings judge just rejected her lawyers appeal that a death sentence would be unconstitutional given the woman's a low i.q. . and all the way our close of team will take another road trip to bring you the very best of russia. well this time we're heading seven thousand kilometers from moscow to the country's
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far east russia's biggest silence is also one of the country's most prosperous regions located not far from japan it was the scene of territorial struggle between moscow and tokyo in the early twentieth century in the late one nine hundred thirty s. stalin became home to thousands of koreans there by japan as cheap labor alexei to chefs he spoke to members of that unique community who still call their own their home. close up team continues its inside in the circle in region in the russian far east and this time we'll talk about what this region is like in terms of its social structure now this region has more than a powerful million residents predominantly russian more than eighty four percent of the people living in the cycling island and everywhere around the region are ethnic russians also we have less than six percent of ethnic koreans the diaspora which was sent here by japan at the time when this this island was occupied by the land
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of the rising sun and the korean diaspora in the second is the largest of all russia we know that all this half a million koreans living in every way across russian mainland but the biggest chunk of this diaspora is living in here in the cycling region and we did a report with inside on the tragic story of these labor migrants in this part of russia let's have a look at this report right now. korean team that prefers to be court judge a court or russian style this nineteen year old man worked in saddam's school mines for more than four decades ago was under two different political regimes he still remembers the night his life changed completely nor you are not nice. soldiers came to our village in korea in one thousand nine hundred three and dragged me and some of my family out of our house they said they were taking us to sakhalin to work in a mine and promised we would only be there for two years but as you can see i'm
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still here. you came lives in a small mining village in eastern sakhalin home to several hundred people who share his story koreans were sent to cycling by japan as forced labor migrants to work in coal mines thus they supply talk with the resources needed for the war. the japanese occupation ended more than six decades ago and most of the coal mines are no longer operational but the koreans are still here. just under a thousand koreans were sent to suckling by talk while their country was on the japanese rule thanks. no they're almost fifty times as many living on the island and if the third generation has adapted to live here some of the older people who see themselves as forced migrants still dream of going back given their holiday gatherings turn into political rallies i think we demand
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historic justice. this organization deals with we've got tribulation and has helped more than fifteen hundred koreans return home over the past twenty years it's presidents this number would be higher if tookie or provided help. because. as we believe japan is guilty of causing the situation in the first place since nine hundred eighty five we've heard tokyo apologize twice you know but it hasn't gone anywhere from there to there's been no action that's why we rely on our own resources and help from russia and south korea. moskos stance is to assist the repechage ation of the cycling koreans and local authorities say they try to do just that but the number of people wanting to leave is diminishing every year but it is going to go with it but will fully cooperate with local green organizations on a pattern but ethnic koreans are getting more and more into someone in life they held positions an administration there is successful in which no business and they get
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a good education that's why some even come back after repatriation to korea he. says he'd happily return to korea but all of his family are here so like many within the diaspora he sees no point in leaving his home even if this was not the home he chose lets you assess the r.t. reporting from the cycling region. artie's technology update us here in ten minutes but first let's check the business news with charlotte. this is more a region is economically and socially one of russia's better developed provinces the region has a significant scientific and industrial capacity that will realize its full potential after the construction of the. park can tell you as he has completed the i.g. parco has r. and d. projects in the spheres of automotive construction aerospace and oil chemistry data
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center furbished with cutting edge servers and communication equipment will be constructed at the core of the park the project has been personally approved by prime minister vladimir putin the federal government is planning to allocate sizable funding for the parks construction investors will be given benefits such as property tax exemption low land rental prices and other preferences this is a region government is open to mutually beneficial cooperation we invite investors to participate in existing projects and we are ready to give a hand of fulfilling your projects and growing your business in this small region. hello and welcome to the business program with me. the world bank is planning to jumpstart lending in russia with a fund to buy back debts from banks it's hope this will free up cash the banks can
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credit tens the world bank's international finance corporation is in talks with bad bank russia's deposit insurance agency which was set up in two thousand and eight to buy troubled land debts in russia be around seventeen billion dollars given that investors trade about twenty percent of forming loans this means russia has a potential market of thirteen billion dollars. global mergers and acquisitions have risen for the third consecutive quarter and shown their strongest results in two years activity total six hundred billion dollars thirty five percent from a year ago a recovery in financing options for the allowed companies to deals previously put on hold during the crisis growth is being driven mainly by emerging markets in particular the bric countries brazil russia india and china which accounted for a fifth of m n a activity so far this year activity in the u.s. has held steady offsetting a slow performance in europe. time now see how the markets are performing and
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european equities and climbing after being down for a fourth straight session mining and banking shares have been weighing less on weekly u.s. jobless claims data raising concern the global economic recovery is faltering. and here in moscow the bulls advancing back and are trading in the black this hour after falling earlier in the session thanks providing support for gaining two percent from both of all of the energy majors in the main drag with gas problem down one of. the news in brief we now go prices that had new all time high passing one thousand three hundred dollars an ounce the precious metal has been enjoying a sustained rally as investors look for a safe haven from economic uncertainty and the declining dollar since the beginning of the year gold has jumped by thirty six percent. now the metal unit of russian gold miner petro pawlowski plans to raise up to four hundred million dollars by holding an i.p.o. on the hong kong stock exchange a source at an investment fund says the company has already begun
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a road show the order book is to close on the sixth of october when pricing issues take place over the second russian firm to be listed in hong kong after aluminum producer. now russia offers tremendous potential for carbon trading that's according to a group of international experts who've gathered here in moscow discuss the possibilities for developing the market one some say could be worth more than two and a half billion dollars a year medina a question about how the detail. carbon trading was one of the key elements for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to greet in vicky a lot of products russia was the last to ratify the product which came into effect in two thousand and five under the trading system and government issue permits to companies to this certain volume of greenhouse gas if a company then once to invent more c o two equivalent than it can buy the right front in another company that will emit less the system also works between countries but even if the mechanism were widely adopted it still would not properly
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address the problem of greenhouse gas emissions the challenges are it's more from what your political role i mean we have you know china as a as a new power and in the world that is growing and is growing its emissions we have the united states that is still a bit reluctant. to reduce emissions because that will hurt the economy we have for europe the european union that's very active the first domestic carbon trading proposal was made by russia's largest bank is burbank the c.m. thirty five companies made bids for seventy seven point five million tons of c o two equivalent meanwhile ukraine's national environmental investment agency wants to create and join carman trading platform between russia kazakstan and belarus carbon trading russia really just kicked off with the approval fifteen projects which reduce emissions small scale so far we've only seen somewhere you're going to
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know just on the forty million tons of carbon to put out the context that surrounds three hundred fifty million euros but the potential is much greater however is the true. it sector is has returned to making long term investment in content trading as the product will explore i said twenty twelve and its success has not yet been a great the weak governmental support for emissions trading is adding to the uncertainty market with the long term view because we believe that this by the difficulties we are observing in terms of finding a new international agreement we believe that we will be leading a. trade war so far very little money has been made from carbon trading in russia without profit incentives it's hard to persuade private companies to get involved in the markets but the governments will get another chance to rewrite the rules in two thousand and twelve when begin are to protocol expires and possibly build in
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more financial incentives for companies to go green might you know question a business i want to. measure up they can always find more stories on our website.
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to. go as you update you on she. means going to the future covered. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to cope for a shelter on the day. a close up game has been to the our hangal speech. where the first russian fleet was born. our r.t. goes to the area which holds top position in oil and gas resources going to where
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the biggest russian salmon cammy are processing factories know cape. town where unique species of farm fauna can be found. welcome to the sun culling region. should close up on our t.v. . hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the. line. would be soon which brightened a few moments from funniest impressions. who threw stones on team dot com.


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