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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2010 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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media campaign against him just to remind you we need to be russia's president even we sacked moscow's married hugo school officially due to his last offer i don't trust you could put his i decided to dismiss the mayor of moscow the decree i signed states that i just presidency that i have lost trust in you. and it is a legal reason for his dismissal i cannot work if it says shills i can't trust that was the willing to challenge you mission good job is the professional relations between the president and most of the midwest and he was a man subordinate to the president and not the other way round was a certain steps should have been taken to return the situation thanks in one of those bush folks stayed in office as the mayor of moscow for eighteen years that is a tremendous amount of time that is that's why his sacking caused quite a mixed reaction from muscovites because many people supported he was called for spouses on pension years so the average level of pensions in moscow is higher than
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in other russian cities many people said that it was because all you do is call that moscow receive a new modern look however there are a lot of people who accuse you will scoff a feeling to solve moscow's traffic problem of failing to protect many buildings which bore off the cultural importance not only to the city of moscow but to be for mission and there's also a lot of controversy going on around us golf wife again about good enough we start to be russia's richest wealthiest business woman and many people do say that she managed to be so consul successful because of her husband the demeanor of most under the law of the united russia party as the majority within the russian parliament now has ten days to submit at least the ten going to seize the russian president for the post of moscow's mayor then he will have to choose. one of them
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and submit this tendency to the moscow city hall of the new school also have the right to appeal the sacking for however we haven't heard any reports of these intentions to do so. that was our correspondent your pissed off reporting there and a while moskovitz are weighing up the or may or sacking former c.b.s. correspondent in moscow jonathan sanders described the ousted chief as a bulldozer. across a thousand years but highlights was a combination combination of four kinds of per piece though he was really a renaissance prince running the city state he was in american terms a combination of mayor daley and robert moses the great city builder who ruthlessly did things he was a little dictator he was a kind of robin hood he would put his finger on the pulse around the throat of the new landlords the people building buildings making money in moscow and force them to do other things there was
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a time when your remark. was quite popular popular because he ripped off the rip off artists who are making money on the new book moscow and did things like build christ the savior cathedral i think his legacy will be that he's a bulldozer bulldozers get things done but they sometimes are rude and crude if you were to go back and look in the middle of the one nine hundred ninety s. i think a lot of muscovites would say we'll take off with all his rough edges because he got a lot done because he did have a populist unfortunately i think many times people are influenced by their spouses . wife elaine and nick alive no but hard charging in the plastics business in the construction business widely said to be in the corruption business and some of that sloshed over and a man who stayed in his job just to. yuri luzhkov will have
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a mixed legacy but his legacy is evident on the new face of the new moscow. to other stories now workers all over europe are set to take of the streets in a way of venting hysteria the demonstrations and protests come amid rising unemployment and unprecedented levels of government debt a largest march is expected in brussels near the headquarters of the e.u. commission lower and it reports. after a summer of relative calm the european union is taking to the streets again to praise tests austerity measures and unemployment a series of marches and demonstrations they said chilled in major cities around the e.u. organized by trade unions in brussels the rally coincides with a meeting of e.u. finance ministers in dublin and protesters will greet members of the irish parliament as they come back from the summer break spanish unions are going on strike and. going ahead. it's a lame latvia lithuania the czech republic cyprus serbia rumania poland and wrongs
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it's all about the government cuts which are being instigated as a result of the spending public funds like will be huge government pay raise the retirement age and slash jobs in the public sector is in an effort to. restore. confidence in the euro becomes a respected economist say it's time for the. and for countries like the pigs coach ago thankfully islands greece and spain just amounts of debts to drop out of the euro is dating back to managing finances german economists professor monster said told me. that the return the pursuit the return of the euro return and we still would have a european union it's not like it would be the collapse of the european union quite to the contrary if we allow those countries to set their own economic policy and to
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be sovereign in their currencies we would do europe a service we're doing europe a disservice by having this artificial currency imposed on it it can only lead to political tensions like in greece where the greece population greek population has to suffer the taxpayers germany has to suffer. didn't suffer and greece with the banks because. so that's to me is a deal that is not quiet equitable theo will be protesting its nineteen percent unemployment rates and spain's unions will be out on the streets by saying their government's plans to save fifty billion euros over the next four years by slashing public sector jobs and pensions despite foolish new countries are still striving to join the stone is the latest recruit it will join in january throwing its economic fortunes in with countries struggling to avoid collapse in may riots in greece
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resulted in the deaths of three people and while everyone to be hoping nothing like that happens again it's clear that political unrest in europe is far from over. how correspondent laura amma there and coming up in the program the pentagon destroys a war memoirs of a former army officer in ghana stan. and in india thousands of farmers are taking against government plans to build a new road on their own land. before that kyrgyzstan is gearing up for a general election in the hope of restoring order following months of ethnic violence and political uncertainty in the central asian republic the interim leader roza otunbayeva took the reins following april's bloody street riots which alz to combat but can choose to remain in office until the end of next year the poll want to tober the tams will see some two dozen parties battling it out for one hundred twenty seats in parliament but one party and its leader has to be transferred
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winning to raise their kids are reading the reports. as the clock ticks towards the crudest elections the country holds a breath will the polls bring stability or plunge the country into another round of violence and chaos meet phytic school of the country's former prime minister who could be next to lead the country following the controversial rains. and could monday. bucky of who offers one of the few figures who have not been tarnished in the last fifteen or twenty years so he has a pretty hard moral standing here a bit of your way sean and he has a good chance of winning the next parliamentary elections who have has a different times been the national security john wrote the regional governor and mayor of the capital bishkek but what he's most renowned and praised for in his home country is an ability to handle crisis situations. studied in two thousand and five there was total mass marauders in the capital police and national
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security had all run away at that point that's one pool of friends revolutionaries asked him to take matters into his own hands and in three days he restored order. but cool of also has a reputation for being difficult. he was a close ally of both presidents at the beginning of their terms and soon fell out of favor with both of them finding himself in opposition and twice in prison what they need to get there they can never be two or three powerful figures at the top of the queue this politics pool of has always been a very powerful person and the key of and the kind of have both felt that he could be the person to sweep them from their post and take power into his hands some predict school of the party are numberless which translates as dignity is in a strong position yet cool it will have to run against a multitude of other parties all of whom also fancy their chances of challenging him the problem is that it's very difficult to create
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a democratic country in central asia kyrgyzstan is the most democratic country in central asia unfortunately this is a very immature democracy and sometimes it leads to some very bad results right now what kyrgyzstan needs is not a democracy if you would be and i don't think it's possible in kyrgyzstan what it needs is stability and says say tional violence whoever wins the election this is a crucial decision for kurdistan a country that's been to the brink it in a go r.t. . tanna militants have been killed in two separate counter terror operations in russia's southern republican doug east on security forces say there are no casualties among the police that is down in the volatile north caucasus region has seen several militant attacks in the past few months last week a suicide bomber blew himself up killing four policemen and wounding more than forty civilians who had attempted to break the police cordon in the republic's capital one hundred. the path god has ordered the destruction of almost ten
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thousand copies of memoirs by a former intelligence officer involved in the began a stand campaign the defense department told the book a threat to america's national security a revised edition has since been published and earlier the author anthony shafir told r.t. the first version of the memoirs was banned when information backing up his claims emerged. we actually worked with the army the organization i do belong to as a reservist to work to vet the book reading being going through it being very careful to not reveal anything in the way of secrets which would be detrimental effect our troops our operations or the our allies within the region that process took about eight months the books been in work for two years and that process was collaborative things were taken out they were completely taken our me ask i did and that process in january of this year at that point through my lawyer mark zaid the
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manuscript was passed to the publisher and the funny thing is that all through this entire time between january and today there was total public awareness of the book late in the summer when the book was ready to be released you know three guys in black suits and sunglasses shows up at the publisher and basically says hey we've got really got a lot of problems of this book and if you publish it the world's going to fall the whole issue became what d.o.d. didn't did and did not like in the book and obviously we've worked on that issue for the past month it resulted in the book you see today two major events happened which changed the atmosphere regarding my burst it was like it's means something but no one can really make out what it really means it was all this stuff just kind of thrown out there and second thing that happens for mcchrystal spiral i was in favor of president obama retaining him for any number of reasons those two events changed the the very fabric of the pentagon and their concerns all of a sudden there's a lot of information a back up what i'm saying they can't just say i'm
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a disgruntled employee i don't nothing to see here all of a sudden you've got people saying hey you made me take a look at this and the book actually predates the information is already out there . thousands of farmers in india are opposing government plans to build a new highway on their land with two thirds of country's population dependent on every culture land acquisition is a sensitive and explosive issue as archie's current singer reports. indian farmers took today capital recently in protest against a government takeover of their land to build a new two billion dollar highway this followed the deaths of three farmers were killed after police opened fire on protesters in the state of top of this. will not keep learned for development attorney price at any price at any price we're ready to die and will not allow anyone to step in our learned. these protests have stalled government efforts to acquire farmland or industrial in india which
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means developers have been forced to put their roads refineries and power plants on hold the major tenant is the land acquisition if the land acquisition is i mean the projects should not even take over the order department and in hand and that is what the government is trying to do in case there is a you know projects an orchid they are big and the land available to you live is only going to thirty percent then they believe that in the bill is going to happen land is an emotive issue in a country with two thirds of the population is still dependent on agriculture fifty five year old age were saying doesn't want to sell out but knows some offers will be hard to turn down he called gallop of milan goes i will lose my livelihood what will i do so i say if you are going to take my form give me a fair price for my land as well as a job. some analysts believe that acquiring crime agricultural land for non
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agricultural purposes could spur a food crisis in the country on a what was it a there will be no food to eat they aren't giving us good conversation and they're still taking our land without a land will we eat it or the government listens to our demands within a month or we will take action. the farmers do have a point after all the government uses a colonial. role debate tiny amounts of compensation to farmers to buy their land for development projects the government plans to up big this small by the end of the year to get indian market prices for farmers but until it does vital infrastructure projects remain in limbo something told largest economy can ill afford got and seeing are you going to. check out our website for more stories we're on line for you twenty four hours a day and here's a taste of what you'll find right now at our tea dot com. socialism by any other name find out why americans are scared of the term while at the same time
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supporting many of its ideas. and the governor of a russian southern region is planning to put a divine guarantee of bottled mineral water more ahead to our t.v. dot com. in the u.s. protesters have picketed outside f.b.i. offices outraged at the security services raiding of peace activist homes agents claim they were searching for evidence of supporting terrorism and connections to radical groups abroad but campaigners insist the raids in chicago and minnesota were intended to intimidate those speaking out against america's ongoing wars. well these raids are consciously attempting to have a chilling effect on opposition to us wars and to the entire movement and they are a threat to the whole movement what they have to gain is they're faced with an unwinnable wars they're faced with an economy in crisis and the very people who
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make those links and who say we need jobs and health care and good education for our children and not and less wars represent a threat to them what's been so important is not is as soon as they were happening residents surrounded these homes people with cameras immediately linked a notice to the whole country on you tube so right away there was a response and people understanding that these were not terrorists these are activists who played a role and the demands for jobs and against home foreclosures along with talking always about the war there's a history in the u.s. of these efforts to intimidate political movements again and again today when you look at the sheer number of muslims who have been arrested detained also their homes broken into their files e-mail cell phones and all of that complicated.
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now some of the stories from around the world in a landslide in southern mexico has buried homes of the last more than a dozen people missing blocked roads are making it difficult for rescue teams to search for survivors earlier officials said hundreds have been killed after heavy rains caused landslides it followed tropical storms which battered mexico's eastern and southern regions last month. south and north korea are to hold military talks for the first time in nearly two years on thursday comes after kim jung il appointed his youngest son to two main party posts a step was made hours before a convention of the workers' party the move is seen as part of a plan to expand the kim dynasty in the reclusive communist state into third generation. thirty three miners trapped in the ground in chile for about two months could be out earlier at the previously thought rescue workers say they can get the job done by the middle of october but they also warned that unforseen problems
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could slow their work however the country's government still insists it could take until early november to get them out seventy two years ago major of the in power sign the munich pact in an effort to appease hitler but many view it as the treaty that essentially gave hitler the green light to annex but then chose slovakia r.t. looks at whether the world has learned any lessons from the past. like jews or do you mean women friends tried to reason with hitler germany demands for better man than gets its way the old stuff they had created a safety net for themselves. thirty nine the whole of europe is in the gulf war efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty three and it's still on the agenda. the lessons to be learned from the military. i can watch the full report in just over an hour here on our team before that though we'll take a look what's happening in the world of business. her
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welcome to our business program good to have you with us businessman investing in russia's timber industry will get support from the governors prime minister vladimir putin he visited timber plants in russia's commie republic where he pledged to as bankers first smaller credit rates for long term investors put another that new investments have started flooding into the sector. twelve major projects have been realized with capital spending totaling more than one billion dollars this year we plan to complete nine more projects in various russian regions with another billion dollars of investment that's not bad for a start and this industry is becoming increasingly attractive for the business thus the task of the government is to give access to forests to all interested investors . and russian president dmitry medvedev has been playing host to chinese
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counterpart hu jintao in the russian pavilion at the world expo in shanghai the state visit has been dominated by business and trade and at the expo the russian delegation took the opportunity to promote the country's high tech credentials look for has more. showing off what modern russia can do the latest and safest in nuclear technologies a three dimensional display of the two thousand and fourteen winter olympics in sochi and dmitri medvedev the pet project innovation center in skolkovo which is open to high tech companies all over the world including china but the head of russian nanotechnologies says there's a lot to be learned from china in terms of its technological development it there but i would watch and china carries out its a very successful program of bringing back chinese scientists from abroad everywhere in shanghai i met scientists who had just come back from harvard mit stanford these are people who came back to their own country to develop science and
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production the way the project is organized is very professional regrettably we cantered the same way the moment of. trade between china and russia is heavily weighted towards energy the world's most populous and fastest growing country is hungry for power and russia has plenty of it but it's not oil and gas chinese companies are investing in manufacturing in russia such as thunder sky corp joining with ross nano to build a half million dollar pond in novice a beer to produce batteries for electric cars and buses russian tycoon addicted. who's heading the skolkovo project has high hopes for further partnerships however he knows that russians tend to overrate their country's scientific reputation. thank you no one knows much about us we are so proud of russia's vast scientific potential and think it plays a major role in the global scientific and innovation community sadly this is not
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the case china is the world's largest market and shanghai's technology park is one of the world's largest of its kind people who know almost nothing about us. vic's o'berg admitted that no deals regarding innovative industries was soaring during his visit to shanghai that stands at odds with the energy sector which reported billions of dollars worth of agreements in just a few days nick who business r.t. . well let's have a look at how there could be markets up performing today asian stock markets are mostly high on speculation the federal reserve will introduce stimulus measures to support the u.s. economy. point six percent held by the slight retreat because the dollar in hong kong is also gaining one point three percent shares in europe are high on wednesday as well falling for the previous two sessions commodity stocks of boosted by pleasing china purchasing managers index figures miners. to return to an
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extravagant point six point eight percent. half a percent to one point seven percent here in russia obviously the logic started the morning trading session in the black and still trading in the black the rise comes amid high u.s. and asian markets and high oil prices all of the blue chips are gaining community health center. major look to buy back the rest of its shares held by conoco phillips the company recently bought almost five percent of its stall from the american firm it now says it will buy the remaining six percent separately as it intends to challenge an official decision to prevent it from bidding for the trips. which are among the lower just yet to be distributed in russia. and russia's national air carrier air floor plans to quadruple its passenger flow and revenues in fifteen years. concentrate
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primarily on domestic flights by developing current segments and starting a low cost subsidiary it will also reduce fifteen percent of its international flights these goals have been set out in the company's development strategy and was very similar to what germany's has done. german engineering an electronics firm siemens plans to invest five hundred forty million dollars in its projects in russia over the next two to three years the companies to build a number of plants to produce electronics equipment it also wants to construct a wind farm in the country's far east siemens will build all the generating equipment from start to finish in a joint venture with hydro and state corp russian technologies. and that's all the update for this hour back with more in about fifteen minutes from now meanwhile stay tuned for some more headlines.
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wealthy british style the sun. is not on the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max cons are for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g. more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are old today .
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on the back here with ours here's a look at the top stories the sag mayor of moscow is reportedly planning to stay in the political scene for the russian president said he lost trust in the official on wednesday morning you were whisked off to ride to the mayor's office to start packing up. spain's sets europe's massive strikes in motion as thousands rallied the condom prepare to say no to stare at the measures the largest protests are expected to take place in brussels near the e.u. commission's headquarters. and kyrgyzstan is gearing up for a parliamentary poll in the cold war after a repeat of violence in one of the central asian republics in turmoil. the country's former prime minister and his party are said to have
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a good chance of winning their words. of the nato summit in lisbon in a vampire will focus on the alliance of course for the twenty first century front of ghana stana missile defense to improving relations with russia r.t. has spoken to the former boss george robertson about how he sees its future that's up next. thank you very much for joining us now i'll begin with a joke question on wars recently we've been witnessing a lot of guerrilla warfare we have poorly trained and you have. militants causing a lot of problems is nato ready to respond to such threats and in what way all of us have to adapt to the changing nature of conflict you know after of the berlin wall came down and the cold war was over the number of conflicts in the world went down but he too personally.


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