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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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could have been prevented to a certain extent but only to an extent through timely fire alerts under such climatic conditions the key goal is to extinguish fires within one hour from them starting or at least on the same day. because if the fire is not contained in six hours squall winds occur that make the situation critical the fire becomes either a running crown fire or a high acreage ground fire with winds of up to twenty to twenty five meters per second even thirty meters per second in some regions forest fires turn into fire storms and no fire service in the world has been able to deal with things like that so far the situation now on the contrary to the second part of your question about fires is far better now than at the same time last year and the previous years perhaps this is due to the fact all of parties are mobilized on alert in the wake of the great events of late july and august speaking of lessons we can learn from all this we sure are reviewing many postulates and dogmas we used to have before we are considering changes upon the president's orders to russia's forest legislation
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how exactly did that forest legislation prevent the authorities from fighting fires . well to begin with this function has been delegated to the level of municipalities federal entities and forest department along with fire safety and fire control and forests federal entities were supposed to handle all that work tenders and choose businesses and organizations to protect forests from fires but unfortunately that work was not done well enough and some regions authorities gave contracts to businesses that had neither the equipment nor the staff nor the experience to prevent forest fires around there so. can you say that your ministry did everything it could to fight the forest fires or easter something you were displeased with yeah. i think we on our part used as much effort and equipment as possible i can say thank god that through all those years against all odds we kept developing new equipment. new aircraft and fire fighting systems that helped us
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a great deal in putting out the forest fires it is perhaps the first time that the entire system of the federal firefighting service has been fully engaged in combating forest fires our zone of responsibility was in residential areas we usually work in towns and villages but this time we had to quickly learn previously unfamiliar ways to talk to high acreage fires especially crown fires and i previously unfamiliar. that's what i began with it's not our function it's the function of the federal forestry agency but when the first fires broke out wasn't present informed that wasn't he told that perhaps your ministry should be involved in fighting the fires. when the situation became critical the president signed a decree that declared a state of emergency that means all federal forces and the ministry of emergency first of all are engaged this is why it took us just two days to establish a task force of nearly one hundred sixty thousand people and almost twenty six thousand units of equipment we also created
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a large aerial task force with up to fifty aircraft operating simultaneously after all on the third or the fourth day we had begun putting out more fires than there were new ones up to four hundred or five hundred new fires would break out every day and in addition to fighting new fires we have to keep fighting the existing ones so i think the fact that we managed to save some four thousand six hundred residential areas with a total population of more than half a million is a great achievement for our firefighters volunteers local residents and the military who are also someone to help all the people who stood up against the elements in this emergency of course we analyze all our work we exchange experience and advice with our western colleagues i would like everyone to realize that such disasters are not nation specific catastrophe is no no borders customs nationalities or religion this is perhaps the most important lesson we should learn from this situation or should we should learn to consolidate our efforts to join forces to give a helping hand to each other and to do our job efficiently but let's open up our with. if you right more and more disasters touch not only one country or region but
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sometimes whole continents is there any close warning system how often do you want your foreign counterparts interact with each other more lead to. last for far as here in russia we didn't ask for any help but we didn't reject it when it was offered we are grateful to our foreign colleagues who came from one thousand countries to provide help and support it is essential and i point out that once again that a disaster knows no borders or nationalities our top priority is safety and human lives this is the key to us and we got from the situation. is not very nice sir most disasters in russia tend to occur in summer what are the emergency services have to be ready for in winter is a warm. in winter we prepare for the spring we have lots of work in winter as well as the country is very big a huge part of russia is in quake prone areas we have several thousand ice river crossings in winter there are places where thousands of trucks cross rivers
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carrying loads of supplies for the north and remote areas of siberia however the key job we do is to handle serious accidents in the energy sector in heating and generally in sustainment systems is critical situations occur speaking of a work in general there's much effort underway now to help kyrgyzstan and we're also providing help to afghanistan and our helicopters and the miners now work in serbia our helicopters are there to help fight forest fires in fact of the last decade we have worked in greece serbia montenegro macedonia italy portugal and many other countries in serbia for example we are demining the grounds for the future south stream gas pipeline it's a big job we're clearing the fields of shells bombs and mines from world war two and the one thousand nine hundred ninety eight zero bombardments of serbia whether it's less at the truth but if we look at it in more global terms there is an impression that natural disasters have become more frequent in russia and elsewhere around the world wildfires are followed by floods and flood. there followed by
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a tsunami what you were prepared for this is just going to get worse and worse. as you may know the number of natural disasters has indeed increased over the past twenty years and this increase is significant it's not just my outside impression indeed this is research carried out by analysts the number of natural disasters is not just up by turkey or fifty percent it's several times more than that everybody knows that here i'd like to warn you against two things first there's always a great desire to use the situation for political purposes this should be avoided the environmental serious politicized so much in russia that it's impossible to see when it's true or when the truth is exploited for political purposes so where citrus do you thing that global warming really exists is really in agreement you know the climate has changed we can see that just think snow's become common in places where we've never seen it before we see that the permafrost zone keeps melting further we can see the plants that used to bloom once a year are now blossoming two or even three times soon it's going to be more than
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six months that we've been working on the northern sea route previously the coast ice used to recede for a period from seventy to ninety days today the northern sea route is free from ice for one hundred two hundred fifty days and ships can sail freely in clearwater is this also tells us something firstly i think that the country's leadership under president have made the correct and well wait a decision to carry out serious detailed analysis and secondly our president called for the creation of a global response system to man made an emergency disasters go after the gulf of mexico oil disaster and after critical situations in pakistan and in russia french president nicolas sarkozy made similar proposals and that's something we've been talking about for over ten years that there is a need for a european emergency response system that would use europe's most advanced technologies boston has done the one in particular for what you would be doing a noun phrase ample last year or so a number of men they disasters it all because of the infrastructure built in soviet days so. it is worn out to our way to expect more manmade disasters. of course
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we're working on that too i wouldn't so an ambiguous lee claim that we inherited all the equipment from soviet days and that it's all up salit and is about to start falling apart piece by piece naturally things become old and need to be modernized what we're doing a lot if we're speaking about manmade accidents our country has adopted a major program for the development of power engineering still it provides for the creation of a new energy generating capacity and renovating the old ones created in the former u.s.s.r. this is a big and serious project which we're implementing is a large atomic energy program is on the way it's designed to replace soviet nuclear power units in the period between two thousand and two and two thousand and three was quite difficult and dangerous a doc time equipment that was already beyond repair was reaching the end of its service life and we have to closely watch all these processes but we're moving forward in the countries developing and getting modernized russian legislation is being upgraded
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a new state of the art technologies are being introduced and safety technologies should develop either simultaneously with the new technologies or even slightly ahead of them to maintain safety and transport and in industries safety matters should be a priority there's all the rest comes after that but when we know it as you've mentioned it all spill in the gulf of mexico it grew up to global headlines rochelle so extracts each amounts of oil not only on the surface but also on the sea shelf do we have a system in place at the moment to deal with such accidents at that religion you know we've been closely watching developments in the gulf of mexico naturally our oil extracting companies have also been watching of course they can learn from such an experience and try to apply it here as for our oil workers i would say that these questions are not the last for them because they actively learn from foreign experience no wonder that they win contests and biddings for oil extraction no wonder they win contests and biddings for oil extraction and the construction of refineries and other facilities net. sorry for the production of oil and gas that's
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why i think that this experience is certainly tragic on the one hand but absolutely unique on the other hand i hope that such accidents will never be repeated and if they are then we can be ready for them because it has been a warning to opinion polls you've been the most popular minister for the past few years why do you think that is. i don't think it's right when an emergency minister is the most popular minister in the country music but i believe that artists writers culture and foreign ministers should be the most popular figures whereas in emergencies minister should largely stay unemployed thank you for this interview. 1930's england and france tried to reason with hitler germany demands to go to land and gets its way they all thought they had created a safety net for themselves nineteen thirty nine the whole of europe isn't dumped
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in war efforts to establish a system of collective security nine hundred thirty eight failed and it's still on the agenda that. the lessons to be learned from the munich agreement on our t.v. . if blind chance to be soon which brightened a few pounds from phones to christians. who threw stones on t.v. don't come. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are the day.
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i'm ganna stans opium production has halved this year due to disease affecting poppy crops united nations survey has found that the amount of land used for cultivating the drug has remained the same. india awaits a core decision on whether a religious side belongs to hindus or muslims security is tight across the northern part of the country as a historic dispute has already taken thousands of lives. and the media has left the un general assembly delegates from over one hundred nations had only empty seats to address journalists we're only interested in the keynote speakers. as we have lines here and he'll be back at the top of the hour that means i will bring you a sports update with anger.
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hello there welcome to the sport and these the headline. being stifled spanish giants barcelona in the champions league. while discards in a belief home support will help them in tonight's europa league. and another drug scandal rocks cycling is tour de france champion alberto contador test positive. and stop the champions league team managed to hold barcelona to one one draw in cars than last night and almost snatched the last minute when both gold came from the penalty spot christian gave rubin the lead after thirteen minutes after danielle very. dear levelled after an hour following a foul on. then later on martin is still his head there it passed his pace so one one it finished leading the russians third in the group behind bars and surprise leaders f.c. copenhagen deny cups elsewhere some are left to you have tricks or into milan
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bremen four nil back puts the defending champions on top of group a just behind them on goal difference at tottenham we've got a four one win side f.c. twenty roman pavlyuchenko netting twice from the spot for spurs who had rafael van de velde sent off he got tottenham's first but also missed a penalty penalty or gareth bale got the last goal of the night. for two of the first two but it will. show you that you could get them. into the floor in the second one. you know care of a little if you don't own or of what we've got to play and penalty to food but we travelled a long way but i think it was a soft penalty but given. there's nothing wrong with the vendor school leaver and it was a great goal of belly in maine for interest to finish. in group c.
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ranges and manchester united share the lead there rangers got a one nil win over the ball while united got three points away to valencia courtesy of a late breakaway goal from. united executing their game plan according to sir alex . things that are a concern recently has been the who's ingalls who've been very curious to friending today we had to ensure that we defended probably because it's been a concern and therefore we did so in the position of the ball and voices both for positions and finally the french side early on who are eighteenth in their domestically top group they got a moral boosting three one victory over television shown here a second following that you know when i have been faker. tonight it is the turn of the europa league where the needs are after their second win and take on things and
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simply to moscow to scarface sparta prague at the him key arena those sides also hoping to keep the one hundred percent record as counseling to top off reports. in their first match to his car triumph three nil as we say hello sam with goals from cigna sheriff and the brace from wagner luck since then been must go outside continue their winning streak in the russian premier league claiming six points out of six scoring four goals and conceding none best for sport and they closed out a three two victory at home to palermo in their first group match the team from the czech republic is currently second in their domestically however to come images. is well known in russia for breaking down his opponent's tactics and it seems like that thirty nine year old coach is already well prepared for thursday's clash but watching him in his own spartan as a disciplined team without any obvious weaknesses that czech team is
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a mixture of youth and experience with established key players as well as talented youngsters so the teams are very balanced in terms of age sparta play quality compact football they have a proper defense and good wing players there are consistent challenge for any team . with just one letter different sport in my twenty is their biggest cross city rivals spartak who completed dominated in tuesday's three nil home which alina in the champions league that victory could also motivate the red and blues who are desperate to perform better than their red and white photos angelino won the battle for the place in the champions league after coming out to be two years in a two legged struggle with sparta silva rivalry continues even if the teams are playing in different tournament but schools could play this down. i don't think the match against julian a significant asp arthur had many injured and disqualified players elect seven players out of the starting eleven so it's hard to compare these teams if julie no
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one that means they were the stronger at the time. in thursday's match a lot will depend on loans are good and the russian infield has already planned how to break the deadlock. it will be hard to school because the visitors will choose a defensive style of play from the very start i refer slease to play carefully and not reset counterattack and secondly just to play our game and everything will be ok. with over two thirds of the russian premier league season and with the senate looking on course to be crowned champions third place to be concentric for small european rather than domestic success and they may be in a position to repeat the trail of two thousand and five when they won what was then do we fork up in spending but above or. well also in the europa league there's a heavyweight clash between manchester city and defenses later this evening man city missing out on champions league football this season but nonetheless wanting
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to prove their worth in europe they won their first game against self spurred by eventis still after their first win following a draw against like poznan and despite the rebuilding that's going on at uva city boss mancini thinks it will be a tough match. just to repeat. a change of manager they change a. lot of players but there was your grandfather's. war because you needed time to be a team but it ended tomorrow would be a difficult year now one of the world's greatest football is da gay marriage donna has been in moscow to promote a child cancer charity but he's also taken the chance to say he wants his old job back as argentina she had led argentina to the quarter finals of the world cup but was then released as coach by the argentina football association after he refused to get rid of some of his backroom staff yesterday he was in the russian capital to
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prove the razor institute using his football skills to good effect and the opportunity to tell reporters why he wanted to coach his national side one small. if. i want to go back because i want revenge that's for sure but i'm very thankful to the players because we've reached a very good fifth place at the world cup we failed when germany crossed our way but no matter what we've done a great job at the world cup hopefully the great work will continue and even if i don't get to continue with the side i will remain the number one fan of the argentina national team. cycling has been rocked by another drug scandal three time tour de france champion alberto contador has tested positive for a banned stimulant and has been suspended from the sport contador has admitted a small amount of clenbuterol was found in his system after one of the stages of this year's tour de france it's a stimulant that beliefs the flow of options in the bloodstream and the spaniard
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went on to win the yellow jersey for a third time he's now been suspended by the sport's governing body the u.c.i. contador says he has been a victim of contamination but will face a two year ban the use of time is complete. and i talk it has been another high profile homecoming and make a shell after the tee time stanley cup champion for just a council of signed a one year deal with what looks like a timely acquisition for the army man left wing at reed joins from the atlanta thrashers where he spent the last five seasons of the thirty seven year old has already held his first training session with the club and hopes to rush into action on friday because travel to rookies you and could rely on calls love to help them chalk up. in nine games safe here or to scar didn't play on wednesday but these teams did four matches took place across russia and beyond with the big beating method might meet the three one to go joint top with them and in our minds the
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better russian side still up there despite a seven four upset by you grow another. better thrashing caused by these five one on the road while rushing forward the models of kinetic goals number two hundred and two hundred one and the country's top flight as champions at bars door three one zero. and will finish with gulf war preparations are continuing for the thirty eighth ryder cup in the atmosphere seems to be relaxed in the european camp despite the gloomy weather and the american team's negative stance following rory mcilroy comments about tiger woods rain delay the second practice round at the celtic manor is when he. did start there are paid to be more than one rowing the right coming out onto the greens and see what i mean his team mates play the twenty one year old attribute of solace with his hair style the northern irishman might need that support that after american captain corey pavin suggested the cole roy could regret his comments about the world number one woods the fast rising european star had
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said the legendary american had lost his aura and pavan believes it could bite pharmaco right when the competition gets underway on friday but europe kept in column one gomery was quick to play down the feat. if it does happen great. we look forward to that challenge and i'm sure rory would too and i'm sure tiger would too but a lot has been made of this. challenge if you like this is about a team not of individuals and my team are set on gaining fourteen and a half points it doesn't matter who's playing who gets them and that brings us to the end of the sport fernando whether he's coming up next.
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hungry for the full story we've got it's. the biggest issues get a human voice ceased to face with the news makers.
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afghan opium production has have to do to disease poppy crops but the amount of land used to grow the drug remains unchanged a u.n. report is found with as of a couple prison work men are doing time for drug smuggling. religious a real status fueling tensions in india as a country awaits a court decision that will pass a sight to either hindus or muslims. genocide the job or you will see what iraq. you know become piece of. the media has left the building over a hundred delegates are left addressing empty seats at the un general assembly is journalist a fall the top figure is out. and a group of russian enthusiastic are sending people to an early grave but only for
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about twenty minutes at a time insisting. being buried alive is a radical cure for depression. and as one of the russian capital euro with marina joshie welcome to the program afghanistan's opium production has have this year due to disease affecting poppy crops the united nations survey has found but the amount of land use for cultivating the drugs still the same while the country remaining world's largest opium producer they are caught exporting a part an already fragile nation for hundreds of thousands living in poverty and insecurity opium can be their only solace police horrifying of ghana stands drug war at home have their own demons to contend with as policy or now reports.


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