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and eastern europe and i told my shop take this i'll bet you can always buy more stories on our website also dot com slash business. a little bit over the.
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me twenty four hours a day this is all taken from the russian capital top stories now. the more the statists the less the blame russians demand equal justice for the sport but falls on how influential figures use their connections to fate prosecution it follows the trial of the daughter of a powerful saudi here in officially nearly escaped punishment for the ball crash that killed him and left him over. during the for the crisis with the u.k. proposed to reveal massive public service cuts economists warn the country is on the verge of plunging into an even deeper recession announcers warned the government has learned nothing from the crisis and is about to repeat its mistakes . criminals in the us heroes at home to crime in the world russian secret service agents at the center of the previous spy swap since the cold war redhead and the chapman became the face of the ring is believed to be among the missing. from the
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economy to global security and as the world's biggest country straddling both europe and asia russia is still trying to establish itself in the world when all t. he sat down with political analyst nikonov who believes that russia's priorities lie in both the east and the west the special interview next. which is loving kind of thank you very much for your time and agreeing to my pleasure now one of your recent article says that russian democracy still making baby steps is also something that we've been hearing for the past twenty years what is coming in its way to becoming full fledged the most important thing is
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history heritage. all the western countries started democratic development in the eighteenth century they had the legal basis for democratic development russia hasn't been illegal state and when you start to create democratic institution with no established legal system. there causes corruption. causes only potence or those in power it causes wars about you know or wealth. it causes. wars about property and property in the rights of that well established so i think that is the major problem for russia no. before making great steps leaps in democratic development
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the government has to establish the legal system here there and democracy will develop naturally the index of russia's development for two thousand nine hundred thousand and ten by the law that cloudless pretty critical was the core of the criticism where they western experts accusing itself actually there was no critical club index. actually what the some members of the club. to answer the question was how would you estimate russia's development during last year in certain areas. in one area the developing world because it had to be a positive that was economic. in one area i think it was devoted to. demonstrations i think that was. regarded as negative all the other indexes which were the experts were supposed to speak about were neutral well also
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private premises in ask the pretty spins of the form to staying and south from trying to scare us with china. why she will be scared of china what are its what are its chaplet objectives well there was a question. whether russia scared of china or. russia is not of course china is the rising power probably the rising superpower or a super power saving to the united states before the crisis everyone are saying that china will reach the united states maybe by mid century no it looks like there's going to be in the twenty's of this century china is the challenge to everybody for russia it's also a challenge of rising powers borders challenge of demographic pressures and many people in russia are skiddy both as development it is quite trivial to say in
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russia these days the relationship between russia and china today is the best ever well president of the as you've also requested for any strategy a strategy to be devised in the asia pacific region how should russia build up its economy in this region what should the needs tragedy like problem for russia in asia pacific is it is regarded as a serious political player it is a serious military player but it is not a serious economic player yet so for russia the challenge of asia pacific is to become a part of asia pacific market which is the biggest market on earth and russia is. making serious steps in this direction all the projects on subtly in ireland for example we are the projects to develop natural gas oil
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and l. and g. production is oriented towards the markets of asia pacific japan china russia is more and more active war in the market of atomic energy in asia pacific in it is not just china it's gnome and some other countries of southeast asia russia is very much. interested in investment from asia pacific countries one interesting figure. during the is here is a year or years of economic crisis foreign investment into russia from the west decreased. but if you look at asia pacific. foreign investment from asia pacific to russia tripled during the time of crisis there is a very important development so also in one of your recent interviews you called
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russia here a pacific country does russia sate self as one i think russia should consider itself as you are a pacific power. russia is still looking for its identity some people say russia is a european country and it is because our culture is european and our trade relationship mostly with the european union more than sixty percent of foreign trade on the other hand russia is bigger than europe. eurasia country because most of its territory is in asia and there is also quite an important side of the russian life but in my mind for russia the most promising geopolitical reintegration is europe pacific like one more country in the world which is here a pacific and that is the united states you pretty much answered my question but if we were as of now to say where do russia's priorities lie can it face to the east
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and the west equally our priorities are east and west russia is european russia is asian some people say russia is just an independent central power some say that russia should be part of the western community some say that russia should look eastward or southern southward. my feeling is russia can build on its relationship with the worst but it is quite unrealistic to assume that it can become part of the west because integrating into the western community here in the e.u. it means membership in the un nato which is quite problematic. russia in my mind is too big and too russian both for your opinion and for nato. they're not eager to see russia inside well goals are russia pursuing
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by proposing common european security strategy russia's goal is to make russia part of the european security the irony of the situation that russia which is an important country in europe. a important state is not pored over european security system as of today the european security system is nato and where they were part of it so the proposal of mid video to build common security space is to bring russia and some other countries which are still like ukraine into the common european. security decision making are you one of those politicians who believes that nato is an outdated organization every organization which exists is not outdated it exists. and of course some missions of this organizations are somewhat old dated and some of the thinking inside nato.
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data the nato bureaucracy is sometimes old dated nato was created. as you may remember to keep america in germany and russia. well america in. the real purpose of nato but you know keeping germany down the russian dated missions but sometimes it looks like that these missions are still there you know barack obama's. side of the security strategy says that as no one country even the strongest one can. actually faced while challenges alone is this one politician speaking or oil really see a change in a water order well i think there is a change in the united states which is i consider long term. of course a bamma started this change taking you to several things the problems
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americans have it in different crisis areas like in iraq and afghanistan where americans first moved unilaterally almost unilaterally and figured even america the biggest country with the biggest military potential to nor deal with situations of countries roof were considered to be a problem. this is one thing another thing the economic constraints on american military might and the crisis shows that the in the old that do need for more social spending so for a recession measures all that limits the material be for policies of using force and also this is a recognition of the growing importance of the other soldiers of power including china including india brazil russia and few others which are playing
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a greater role in the global community so that is something we should recognize as a reality here appropriation of weapons of mass destruction has actually swapped places with terrorism on america's priority list of threats and challenges does this mean that the u.s. will coralie be focusing itself on iran and north korea right now well it looks like from what we read in american strategic documents also lately north korea is playing to enrich its at nuclear arsenal to counter the america where. russia play at this point our way to intervene somehow where we need to step back russia is not the major player in the game the possibilities of the russian federation to influence the behavior of pin young is very limited to current leadership we shows no change to north korea or champions of survival as they consider
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their nuclear weapons. the only guarantee against american or. south korean. attack so i heard myself in. the top official saying that americans do not have nuclear states and that's why we're nuclear that's their logics of course the north koreans are very much interested in the red with the united states and i think there is still possibility for diplomacy we're talking about maybe change of powers in north korea the son taking over as a good thing or nothing's going to really change no one who actually knows it looks like the same litter ship which is no residing in china except the children. will still be there but i don't think that anyone can really predict it was going to happen there thank you very much for.
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wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a report on our. the . brighter than. the sun from fans to pressure its. stance on t.v. dot com. top stories this hour
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now to the more the status the less the blame russians demand equal justice as the spotlight falls on help influential figures used their connections to evade prosecution it follows the trial of the daughter of a powerful siberian official the escape punishment for a car crash that killed one and left another paralyzed. doomed for another crisis as the u.k. prepares for to repeal the massive public service cuts economists warn the country is on the perch of plunging into an even deeper recession and says one the government has learnt nothing from the crisis and is about to repeat its mistakes. also reporting on t. criminals in the us hero's at home the kremlin the world russian secret service agents at the center of the biggest spy swap since the cold war redhead and a chaplain who became the face of the ring is believed to be among the recipients. with more stories and more developments in the next hour and fifty minutes from now in the meantime the sports highlights with.
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have you with us this is sports today i mean these are some of the stories we're covering this hour. game c.s.k. moscow's fourth straight win in the russian premier league keeps them within shouting distance of table toppers in the. game said tournaments on the murray clinches his six months just tied with a majestic final win over roger federer in china. gridiron games we've got the pick of all the hard hitting action from sunday night in the n.f.l. including a thriller in texas. but let's get going with the russian premier league are just refusing to give up the title chase the army man claiming three in chechnya way to keep it relatively tight off the top seed opening the scoring for the visitors seventy minutes in the ivorian somehow finding the necessary space in the middle of
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eight correct defenders it wasn't until a quarter of an hour from the end though that could afford to feel somewhat safe wagner love without effort for great goal the icing on the cake then came from keisuke honda in stoppage time to email the final score leaving saskia thirty eight points off the lead with eight games to go. elsewhere rivals dean ahmar no into the top half of the table following out for an elf rushing a visiting all in front of the russian dick advocaat the home side getting off the mark from the spot having karami earning uncomforting himself eight minutes from the break. i didn't wait around to double their advantage leandra for number is blasting home just three minutes later. a grass just not bang going on the act late in the second half with this free kick things came full circle in stoppage time were awarded another. rounding off the side of the fur.
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they rise to a. top of the day for the most. moving to the top four following a hard earned win over. the decisive moment coming twenty minutes from the break off the finishing. touch of the relegation zone. in front of the how far i. have with the screamer just after the break. point enough for the smaller sites. i. feel that we can. all three. whole two games in. twenty two games
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meaning being simply cannot afford. while it looks like between the two. for the couple of places done the other end nothing. but severe. points and for some time now their six point deficit from safety i have. a former team. member. talking english football nowhere it's the blue. all smiles today everton beating liverpool in the merseyside of the reds second from french. in seventy five million dollars takeover liverpool we're keen to impress but even with. they couldn't live with everton. liverpool must figure out how to escape the red.
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second place in the table. eventually the right side. david silva netting the. little consideration. move to tennis. week in shanghai clinching a six title the scot recording a. berth at the season ending world tour finals in the process. got off to a quick start against federer in the first game. in the match with his attempts to . the twenty three year old.
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taking the first set six three one of those breaks. went into the second with. federer almost everything in. the world game. anyway pay through a first. victory. his second year. of the travolta in the summer. i. see. success. better than a lot of the year that. i was also. weekend to remember for
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casey stoner in moto g.p. the history in winning his home grand prix for a fourth straight time just a day after turning twenty five the cabbie rider was on pole for this one with birdie troubles during the phillip island circuit event stoner pulling away before the first corner he never looked back finishing almost nine seconds ahead of new g.p. champion jorge lorenzo it was a pitched battle for third place involving a couple of former champions fall until it all seemed finally gaining the upper hand in a trial with nicky hayden or in seat of the late surge still all eyes were on home during stoner who's won three of the last four races rounds with two more to go he also he can still finish second best to the end so for. this weekend everything is going so well for free practice one we were happy with the air the way everything was working you know support from the fans here this weekend been fantastic and you know it's just time for me to go out in the race and
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do the job. from the track to the greens we go richard to green produced one of the performances of his career and sunday this trillion overturning a seven stroke deficit to win the portugal masters the man in the driving seat heading into sunday that's problem martin but he got stuck in reverse this sponsored with. arnold palmer the course in villa mora contrast not to greene who raced to support eleven birdies before finishing. but those final few holes mattered little ask the hard work has already gone the thirty nine year old winning by two shots from francesco molinari to capture third. title. brings us on to the gridiron finally where the bird of prey belongs to the eagles this week following a comfortable win over the falcons on sunday philadelphia whole thing atlanta's winning streak four games even sikorsky no reports brett right. mike smith and the
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falcon. the best team see the eagles had all their plans to sean jackson getting the ball in a reverse and opening the score in the first quarter the twenty three year old also affected. calling in a thirty four yard pass from kevin caught up to make it fourteen nothing still. speedy playmaker however unable to skate with. a second. home crowd holding their breath with both motionless on the field jackson helped off the field as he set out the rest of the contest with a concussion it's. fifteen. defense. that had to make for the side. twenty one nothing to the eagles making his injured. legendary side and so many gonzales for the falcons cutting the deficit to twenty
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one seven half time. to get the feeling the big fan of jackson eighty three are down past for twenty six and the third thirty one to seventeen the final score the eagles flying. problem in houston at the end of the day for the texans the visiting kansas city benefiting from the all around play of mike the thirty five year old defender has been. octets of prowess in past surprising to texas again scoring in the first more chiefs in the third quarter with. short passes long game and school. just why he passed the fences. this season twenty one to seven kansas city. is on the other side of the ball for the. home team. to set foot on the comeback trail by cutting the deficit to
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twenty one fourteen with a thirty eight yard one of the third area in foster has been this year's fairytale story a running back you see cut the deficit to just three points late in the fourth kansas city went back up thirty one to twenty eight and it was time for andre johnson to show just why he is considered among the top echelon of today's receivers the twenty nine year old putting the game on ice for the texans thirty five to thirty one the final score at reliant stadium involves a boy's t o r g so check once again that wraps up the sport for this hour i'll see you soon the world weather though it's coming up in just a tech. issues that so much of the taxpayers' money coming to the texas and a real trade mission obvious what is the relevance of the i.m.f.
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today and should be questioning the logic of an institution that pays thank. you.


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