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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers r t.
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the top stories from our team protesters launched another day of public sector strikes in france to maintain pressure on the government ahead of the senator byrd and pension reforms students mosque for a march through the center of paris as the crisis over the measures gripped the nation but support for the protests is losing ground version say they're only making the times its creation more. prosecutors are looking into the claims of child abuse and one of russia's oldest convents services say they were severely beaten and deprived of food and sleep or any modern infringement on the rules of the convent denies the allegation. and a few demands for an extra nine hundred million pounds in contributions from the u.k. and that was outraged as the country grumbles with the largest round of spending cuts since the second world war the country has already announced plans to slash four hundred ninety thousand public sector jobs as part of a multi-billion dollar again the aim is to reduce or break up debts that's well
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jury in the global markets. those are the headlines now the alyona shares up next i don't find out why a french protest culture hasn't caught on in the us. so the. we've got. the biggest issues getting your voice seems to face with the news makers. welcome the law to show that the real headlines with none of the or see are coming live out of washington d.c. now today we're going to take a look at the violent protests in france and why the same thing never happens here in the u.s. you know americans we have the right to assemble just like the french but do the police just not allow it we're going to beat the issue with adam kokesh and jim
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hansen next we'll speak with one former cia agent who's gone rogue after writing a memoir exposing the intelligence agency he claims that the agency is just a place where taxpayer dollars are wasted on a few tile espionage programs and now his book is a bestseller we're going to speak with the former deep cover agents and find out why the cia is targeting one of its own then another journalist is fired after he said he was scared of muslims on airplanes n.p.r. commentator juan williams had his contract terminated and we have to ask is enough enough is the media becoming a little too politically correct then has the tea party lost its way some of the original founders argue that their original message has been lost thanks in part to the politicians who changed the group's message to gods gays and guns whatever happened to protesting wall street government bailouts or going to speak with one of the founders karl denninger to find out why he's chosen to denounce the party that he helped start and has the military glamorized the idea of being
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a soldier recruiting facilities they tell young people about the pay and the benefits but do they tell them about the harsh realities of war artes you know softly looked into the recruiting methods and is going to join us at the end of the show to speak about it out. but now to move on to our top story. the situation in france could be best described as chaotic the threat of pension changes in the country has caused violent protests and strikes that shut down schools even a major airport but the politicians are frustrated they say that they're facing a massive deficit and don't know what other changes they could make our correspondent catarina has the story. young smart and ambitious lucy is slipping her time between a master's degree and working for a large international company for her the recent protests in paris are first and foremost a personal distraction i'm not driving because in paris you don't really need your car so i'm using the. headquarter of my
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company yeah it's it's longer according to trade union officials in france over three million people took to the streets across the country but people like you see no the numbers don't always reflect reality and in france there is also like a committee it's just to avoid school it's like six years ago i made the same when i was in high school. i went to this race because i can avoid. the rowdy crowd certainly give off a celebratory vibe singing dancing and shouting but while they're spending day after day protesting a reform that is aim to aid their country they're very actions are doing serious damage basically this is one of the reform to. restore the. system remove disincentive for working out order
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ages. of the commitment of the government to. take the reforms that will raise the potential of the economy as well. as top of the coins the numbers really speak for themselves france has a huge foreign debt the fourth largest in the world and unlike in the united states there is no board advertising the numbers also unlike the united states where there is no annual paid leave the french enjoy the longest paid holidays thirty days a year their retirement age which is what the people are protesting about this time is one of the lowest in the world. countries also affected by the global financial crisis like italy and spain have already increased their say but with less widespread opposition from the people so are these protests a true sign of a democracy or simply a force of habit by the french people used to pouring out in the streets to get
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their way what is this is sign that government needs to negotiate with trade unions more so we have to say to the french people that is they who chose the deputies and members of the senate who make the laws laws are not made in the streets laws are drafted and approved not by revolutionaries fortunately we live in a democratic state and people who we select to be in power adopt laws besides it's necessary to respect the laws and in a year and a half we'll have the opportunity to say that we made a mistake and change our leaders but until then these are the people who run the country the my way or the highway philosophy certainly attention grabbing but who will back down first is still anyone's guess on the one hand it is a constitutional right of the people to protestant something they don't believe in and don't agree but on the other hand as with anything if you do it too much it becomes a farce and democracy becomes a blackmailed institution in the hands of the people catcher doesn't have art harris. now whether the millions of french protesters get their way or simply go
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home having harmed their nation's economy even more at the end of the day all i can say is that french democracy the people have the right to assemble and so they do actively and without too much interference but if we transport the current situation to america could you imagine protestors here shutting down airports could you imagine this country running out of fuel i think the short answer is no because our authorities would let that happen because swat teams would move in road to be blocked off certain areas would be designated where you have the right to assemble and practice your freedom of speech so is our democracy becoming too militarized. or the french letting their is go too far or join me in the studio to discuss it is jim hansen retired special operations master sergeant and military blogger and from new mexico we have adam kokesh radio talk show host adam vs the man and i want to thank you both for joining me now jim i'll start with you could you ever imagine
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what's going on in france happening right here in the u.s. right now at airports being shut down us running out of fuel and the government the out for it is not really stopping no that wouldn't happen for one reason there's a difference between freedom of speech and freedom to shut down a country you know i mean you can go ahead if they want to go ahead and throw rocks through mcdonald's windows and risk you know vandalism charges and something like that. you know you have laws against it feel free to violate them pay the consequences it's the same with the right to assemble you can peaceably assemble you can have your free speech rights but the second you start causing harm you've exceeded your right to free speech your speech is not the right to do damage and i think that's the big difference now i want to get your take because do you think that i mean we have the right to assemble in america obviously it is one of our rights but do you think that we really get that right or is it you know a swat teams always brought in when they don't necessarily need to be our little areas of a street corner it off as a free speech zone when it doesn't necessarily need to be that way. well part of
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the problem is the issues that jim years complaining first of all they struck down and causing damage are the same thing the right to protest doesn't mean the right to protest except when you get in someone's way the right to free speech doesn't mean except when it causes harm to use jimbo's term because that's so subjective but he does make a good point that it crosses the line when it violates someone else's private property in the concourse of a protest but as for whether or not that's happened here in the united states well it already has the original tea party was actual destruction of the product of t.v. throwing it into boston harbor by protesters dressed up as indians we have a similar tradition here although i would say it's not going to happen in the united states i would hope at least the way it's happening in france or for the reasons it's happening in france because they're they're fighting for entitlement here we protest more for freedom and for individual rights whereas for there in france they're protesting for better handouts now and here in the united states
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when you when you say you can't protest when you cause harm or when you obstruct as opposed to when you violate private property that's when we risk freedom of speech mean in french and oftentimes here in the united states that is that you don't think the freedom of speech gets infringed upon too often in this country that they don't take it on to our let me give you an example i'll tell a story from a when i was in college i went to u.c. santa cruz a very liberal had a slave a college on a banana slide at the students decided to create a ten thousand of our city they weren't necessarily happy with the way that some of the instructors were giving a lesson so they decided to pitch tents have this student teachers but they pitched tents on a piece of grass where you weren't allowed to set up a tent so what happened is that they brought in swat teams kids were getting beaten they were arrested for standing in a circle and holding hands and that to me is just the most ridiculous lee unnecessary use of force against a bunch of students and you're standing on a piece of grass and you're pitching
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a tent who cares. i don't to be perfect i don't care what happens on any college campus around the place i think if you want to have free speech zones colleges are probably the first place that that is a fair thing but the idea that you have the right to free speech and protest anywhere you decide that is violates the right of government and private citizens to control their property i mean there's a difference between jackbooted nazi thugs in college kids on the head with nightsticks and someone i mean adam had to go back to the boston tea party to find an example you know of actual destruction i don't think it's a real raging problem in the united states that people can't get their protests out the difference between us and europe is that europe is very very homogenous as far as what they want to do you can get a group together behind something in america those two individuals do it people are very individualistic we don't hurt when i heard animals so it's much less likely you're going to be able to get that specific mass of people they came in france all out protesting and tearing up the streets i mean i've seen quite a few heard when apple is releasing
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a new self or something at the mall i don't what do you think about i mean you think that americans are apathetic that we just don't have the same drive to protest like the europeans like the french. we actually killed someone with a herd if you will go into wal-mart on the last black that i think right christmas christmas shopping here you. we don't have to go back to the party at least the fine biol and mobs and i think freedom of speech is significantly curtailed and restricted here in the united states and i think raising the distinction of private property is very important a college campus is the right to decide on its private property who is protesting there and it was not but of course as you point out jack booted thugs using violence when simple application of force to remove people from private property is excessive but in the united states if you want to protest even on public property the restrictions on that the permits the keys the lack of causing harm that you
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have to demonstrate that you will not you will not do in any way while protesting makes it so restrictive that it really does have a chilling effect on people who want to be able to effectively organize mass demonstrations and events and i have some experience in that and i can tell you firsthand jim both from working with the parks police from working with all of the i don't know dozen different agencies around d.c. they have their fingers in the pie of what is supposed to be the public property for protest there's a lot of hurdles you got to clear if you want to be able to do something like that but the main difference between what we're seeing in france is that here i would hope we were not protesting for handouts i hope that here if we if we're protesting like that it would be protesting for greater freedoms and i noticed point out first of all that my university is a public university is a university of california school and that go on worrying is that glenn beck didn't seem to have any trouble getting a couple hundred thousand people out there ed schultz of them as n.b.c. tried to do that had absolutely no probable trying to fill the mall jon stewart and stephen colbert are going to have
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a rally on the marley i don't understand if it's in the constitution why i need a permit to do it i don't need a permit every time i want to speak right if i have a freedom of speech so if i have a freedom to assemble why do i need to apply for a permit for in a public space if your freedom to assemble is going to cost the rest of us money which it does if you're going to hold a large rally because you need police protection need porta potties and somebody has to clean up since after the. place the mall was trashed so i think those are things that have an impact on everybody else you have a right to protest it not trash after the glenn beck rally actually made it was clear liberals go there sure is and the head of the interior crew that clean the whole bowl after the glenn beck rally i'm not a huge globe expert but that i thought was kind of so if you're going to impact everybody else force taxpayer money to be spent then i think it's perfectly fine to have some reasonable restraint prior restraint on what you're going to do but it shouldn't stop you from speaking but if you want to and you're motivated to do it go ahead fill out the permits and have your fun little really well and in france right now you know the fact that airports are shut down and they're losing fuel
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lady ga ga my goodness that canceled two concerts already it's just like you have a significant impact on their economy and some people crossing themselves might be going a little too far i want to thank you both for joining me tonight all right next the cia is suing a former agent for publishing a book two years ago they say it's because he breached the secrecy agreement but he argues that it's because he exposed the agency of fraud waste and abuse some to speak with ishmael jones the author and former agent next to get his side story. every month we give you the future we'll do you understand how we get there and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join knology updates on r g the cia the most secretive agency in the u.s. government and they want to keep it that way by going after whistleblowers or anyone for that matter who dare offer some critique in their new target is ishmael jones
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that's the pen name of former cia employee with twenty years experience who wrote a critical memoir which he says exposed the cia as a place to get rich with billions of taxpayer dollars wasted or stolen and espionage programs that produce nothing a bureaucratic nightmare the no longer follows its funding to. only thing is this book came out two years ago but the cia only this week filed a lawsuit against jones and not for spilling intelligence secrets for publishing it without approval which is in violation of his pledge to the agency now mr jones' claims that his book contained no classified information that the cia disapprove the publication of every word without even reviewing it jones said that at the end it was his duty as an american to defy censors so he went ahead and had a book published as a tool for influencing the improvement of our clandestine service to two years later thanks to the cia filing a lawsuit in the press surrounding it the book is now on the bestseller list but at
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this point what's in it for the cia was joining me to discuss it is former cia agent ishmael jones author of the human factor inside the cia's dysfunctional intelligence culture thank you so much for joining us it's unfortunate we can't get a look at you now tell me this what is in it right now for the cia h.q. years later to be suing you i mean they're saying that they're going to see any profits that you made but as far as i know you didn't make any profits in this book it all went to a veterans group isn't that right. that's right i have to be very careful not i'm not going to make a penny out of this because i think it diminishes the message and they're not stupid you know that when they issue a press release about a book that it's going to sell i think the reason they did this it was directed by leon panetta i think you beleaguered over there i think he needs the support of his seventh floor doing this to curry favor now you said also you know that the cia
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censored your book because you exposed it as a place to get rich millions of taxpayer dollars being wasted is this something that you think only gets worse throughout this years in this post nine eleven culture that we have with the top secret america with the need to to spying gather more intelligence coming out every day. i do it we just have to know. money for this purpose because human intelligence doesn't really require that much money and when we when we force billions into the system it has to go somewhere human intelligence is just is just a lonely job of meeting agents in hotel rooms we need money for plane fares in the low salaries we give them that's about it i want tell me that you know i mean you're saying that the original plans of the cia was just to have a lonely agents be around the world not on u.s. soil don't you even expose that ninety percent of the cia's employees do in fact live in the us and work here but how far does i go you know because the cia has
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taken a lot of heat especially in the bush years for extraordinary rendition these days we have the cia waging drone campaign do you think that those are duties of the cia . i don't know much about the tactical stuff i don't know much about the drones but in terms of the. torture related issues we really need to focus only on volunteer agents volunteer providers of information because we've learned over the years that that's the only way to get quality information we just need our people out there in the field our our charter was designed to make the cia for and focused organization not a domestic one we didn't want to had to create another k.g.b. now what do you mean when you say that as an american it's your duty to defy censor . well we don't like censorship in america we believe in our first amendment this is a this is a peculiar law the cia is using as you mentioned there's no classified information
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being exposed and they're not accusing me of exposing any classified information they're just accusing me of not following their bureaucratic procedures and they use this to their they're using secrecy which is intended to hide our agents identity and they're using that to hide the waste of taxpayer dollars now do you feel like you're making any headway i mean you you left your job at the cia decide to write a memoir now essentially you've become the enemy of the bureaucrats of the cia do you think you really have a chance to to shake things up to get a discourse going about that i do. it's a pleasure to be on your show but in general this process is not fun at all. but i think that it's expensive it's time consuming it's risky but i think that my real reward in the end will be improvement in the clandestine service and it can save a lot of people especially folks in target cities like d.c.
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and new york and that my my my sense of reward will be unlimited now very quickly just tell me what is it do you think the media can do differently because you mentioned you know the the difficult times of media organizations like the new york times or the washington post to get leaks from the cia but then at that case will not take on the cia bureaucracy because they don't want to ruin their relationship with the leaker. yeah that's exactly now we've got some very powerful newspapers the post in the times are still there still very powerful this despite the profusion of other types of media and their top reporters have nurtured connections with top cia managers that they don't want to try to ruin by by exposing fraud and mismanagement there are some little bit there's a guy named jeff stein at the washington post recently it was a moderator but the new york times is is there absolutely committed to their
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franchise of publishing sensitive leaks provided by top managers now all hence the need for alternative media sites and thank you so much for joining us on this thanks very much. are coming up on the show tonight the president's team has been talking about his trip to india for months but they're hard to change the schedule a trip to a holy shrine because of politics at home and give you more on that and another one bites the dust and p.r. commentator juan williams gets the boot after he made some fiery comments about muslims we're going to ask are we in an era where the media is too politically correct. her and her.
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another journalist bit the dust today juan williams a long time news analyst for n.p.r. and commentator on fox news how does contract terminated with n.p.r. for the following comments on the o'reilly factor. this is where you don't address reality i mean look bill i'm not a bigot you know the kind of books i've written about the civil rights movement in this country but when i get on a plane i've got to tell you if i see people who are in muslim garb and i think you know they're identifying themselves first and foremost as muslims i get worried i get nervous. now n.p.r.'s vice president ellen weiss told williams that his statement was bigoted and crossed the line so williams now joins the ranks of helen thomas octavia nasser and rick sanchez what's his statement really bigoted or is this an attempt by media outlets to pretend that double standard and who you're
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allowed to criticize and who you aren't doesn't exist and joining me to discuss it is christopher chambers georgetown university professor and author of the blog not turner's revenge chris thanks so much for being here q. now a raft about do you think that juan williams should have been fired you know how do you because first of all whatever you start a statement with with i'm not a bigot but all right first red flag second red flag his body of work writing i was on the prize about the civil rights movement so many other things the man should have known better and he does know better because i'm saying that because what he said fit into the context of the models of the fox talk shows which highlight conflict which highlight fear which set it up as a discussion point and then they dial it back a little bit just to show the so-called balance so he so he did know better and he said it in a way i mean i agree it was a stupid thing to say right because if you think about it it's unfortunate right
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that probably eighty percent of americans agree with him that they think that if they see someone you know in muslim garb that will probably get scared on airplanes that make it right but at the same time the man was he was expressing his opinion on the matter and then went on to say you know that i don't think it's right to say that all terrorists are muslims he went on to criticize bill o'reilly for his inflammatory. said timothy mcveigh after that people didn't say that all christians are now terrorists so i think that you know there's a number of issues that i see a white hand this is part of our soundbite culture right not that's true i mean but see. you're right but you're wrong in a way it's part of our son culture but this feeds into the context of these shows these shows are very heavily scripted talking points very well nailed down to fit the issues of the day to fit their demographic that they're going after especially in this election year you know it's almost like shadow boxing bill i'm going to
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criticize you after a set up the statement kind of thing that you're it's or what i don't know is that they are the person is rosie why you know i'm going to sit here i can easily criticize bill or ali and fox news but i don't know if this man should've been fired for i mean to be honest my opinion of the i don't think that helen thomas should have been fired i don't think octavia nasser should have been fired rick sanchez i mean you when you talk crap on your boss that's just stupid what i'm going to say you are going to get i hear you this is the that's what i think because of his body of work because i'm african-american too he should have known better number one number two the statement in and of itself was pointless and stupid because the knowing a little bit was there or there was a bigoted when you're basing it on somebody who's ethnicity and religion yes it is ok greene and the word they say isn't the word you say all terrorists are muslim i think that is wrong bigoted statement and then you're stating as fact when you have someone saying you know i don't want to play this role but i'm going to go ahead
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and admit that i have feelings like this and i'm going to admit that they're not right but i can't help it that sometimes i have these feelings i mean that's what what brings up this oh sure is the fact that a lot of americans probably are scared of muslims in our islamophobia these days i see is a serious problem but then you need to address it you need to address it by just wasn't but this was a forum for that this was a. a panel where people get together and they have muslim leaders and they have civil rights people and this and that was that it was the o'reilly factor and these and these are scripted shows each show each evening show after the news the new setting up the issues that they will talk about this wasn't a forum on discourse and tolerance i mean and i get it back i mean is n.p.r. supposed to check the script every time before knowing the army's if he's he has a first amendment right to say what he wants the government cannot come after him that's the first amendment his employer on the other hand that's a different story but if i his new employer is going to fire.


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