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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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i've. tonights russians across the country are on cloud nine with one paul on their mind . twenty eight thousand feet for both ladies and gentlemen will be organized. also to come from us tonight russia will never provoke an arms race unless it's pushed to extremes prime minister putin sets the record straight on missile defense and his relationship with the president during an interview with veteran talk show host larry king. and washington lands itself and hold water up for a new leak exposes its true colors opinions of a so-called corrupt russia raised questions over u.s.
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politicians and their stereotypical view. hello i'm kevin i welcome it is now nine pm this thursday night and great news for russia tonight one story dominating our coverage of the seating is only one story that russia cares about it's the country's becoming the new host of the world cup in twenty eighteen lots of excitement in moscow of course but it doesn't stop there let's check in with our correspondents now find it was around the country we've got peter all over in the russian capital and sarah ferguson the northern cal but all the calls from papers to cities that will be booming with fancy eight years' time peter to you first it's only three hours of course since that big announcement i guess the verdict still kind of sinking in is. well it is worth noticing it's a bit worth noting it's
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a bitterly cold night here in the russian capital but people have still been out in about celebrating the news that russia will host the world cup finals in twenty eight c. and i'm still. just in front of the lish nicky stadium here we've also which will host the final in eight years time and earlier on here they were gangs of children schoolchildren around here setting off hundreds of chinese lanterns setting them off into the cold winter night here in moscow some of them bearing the russian flag in celebration of the news that that result coming see that russia will host those finals also see many cars driving around with russian flags out of the windows beeping their horns seems somewhat reminiscent of when russia was playing in the best football of recent memory at the european championships last time out they'll be hoping the team can put forward a similar kind of display in eight years time when the world cup finals are held here but the celebrations say remotes go cause not be able to tell those that we've seen in zurich. twenty eight hundred feet from both ladies and
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gentlemen to be organize. a great scenes there in syria come sure that party going on along into the night a job well done by the russian bidding to exactly ok well thanks but actually the second pay to sarah let's bring you in now learn some pages by a construction of course already underway there on the senate stadium and even more money now than guaranteed to be heading that way too or at least part of that huge four billion pounds it is going to have a huge effect on the city and russia as
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a whole isn't it at silly. about this that celebrating tonight i'm actually getting it's they kiss on this construction. getting the infrastructure in place for the twenty eighteen world cup the infrastructure and transportation really one of the things was at the heart of it so that construction actually already underway here in st petersburg the needs and stadia is currently being worked on and there is still that that will be completed in the next couple of years in that state of the arts arena thought to probably be the case to the semifinals of that world cup tournament in twenty eight say over the course is not just st petersburg that's going to benefit from this winning this there's getting many many cities throughout russia the really going to fill the positive effects of this we know that concern is currently building a stadium as well rants in crowds to do or areas of course already gearing up its infrastructure ahead of the twenty fourteen winter olympics we were talking today
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earlier to at fifa referee and he was saying at the this is really very very important for cities across russia we as we said here the stadium being built but there are many other areas that are going to be feeling the effects of that the some of the stadiums across russia over one hundred years old and that's really going to have a very positive effect on football at a grass roots level pretty nice throughout russia he said lots of people celebrating tonight over the fate of still getting everything in place as a team promise ahead of the twenty eight in world cup all right let's bring in peter again now russia was widely seen was known as the underdog in this race was a view shared in russia for the russian people quietly confident all along. with the whole bidding process has been something of a roller coaster ride you say russia just before the vote was given viewed as an underdog by some if you'd said i asked a couple of months ago you would've said russia are the favorites but a late resurgence from the english period just in the last few days sold them
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highlighted as perhaps the potential host to the storage in twenty eight c. it is worth noting just who. rush it beats in order to take this on and take on these world cup finals in twenty eight c. mentioned the english bit there of course football very much at the heart of english culture they already have stadiums in place like new wembley stadium old trafford the stadium of light in the northeast also that beats all things from from spain and portugal also made to footballing world powers from belgium and the netherlands also yet again major footballing world powers that as well so the fact that russia were able to do when they said we were able to beat off those nations shows just how strong that bid was and i think it was always the belief here in russia that their big was the strongest and it was the one that would say that it would could come through and win in the end it was so fantastic presentation from the russian delegation earlier on today the final the final at spin if you will that the final shot roll of the dice to try and win over those judges that seems to
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have done the trick when it clearly has done the trick they are hosting the finals in twenty eight teams and that's something that prime minister vladimir putin is very pleased about. it is to ensure public i want to thank the fee for executive committee first decision for trusting us to host the twenty world cup this decision is in tune with people's philosophy to promote football globally especially in regions we needed the most with full of my feet and russia's victory was based on the fact that russia is truly worthy of hosting the world cup even during the second world war in besieged leningrad people were playing football with will do this says a lot of decision means russia is trusted. prime minister vladimir putin there talking about the decision that will see russia host the twenty eight c. fee for world cup finals so they are very happy they're looking forward to the event itself and also talking about the trust that fisa has puts in russia by
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giving them this bit to give in the midst of these finals get exactly more comment for you in moscow a little bit later also serve further in the northern capitals some petersburg thanks for bringing us your thoughts and all this great news tonight for russia ok well we're talking about getting thoughts on the great news russian's president dmitri medvedev has expressed his delight at the country's win this is what he had to say. but argue the. additional bills that are. really all with this brilliant extreme rush to see if they're right to host the world championship. this is a large small simulator and i congratulate you know those who have been dealing with organization. and those who protected our interests but now what we have to do is to prepare we have to prepare series and we of course will have the experience of the olympics in two thousand and fourteen but nonetheless it's see
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a large and significant contest everybody will be people hearing to feel the sport infrastructure and our football players have to be here as well because we cannot be so far both with the brilliant success at their world championships but since we have won these right to host the championship and. this really places a larger sensibility on our ceiling and i'm sure that our guys all our football players will do their utmost to. present brilliant results here in moscow this is really a really nice event and i can hardly again less support our players and less prepare for the championship we're bringing a lot of coverage this breaking news story tonight of course is going from inside now from what the world cup is likely to bring russia from even today that he's a football analyst from moscow's lokomotiv football club ivan thanks for coming you see as well this is a bit of history being made the first time the world cup going to be held in this part of the world in eastern europe what's it going to do and we're going to put it
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on the global football rankings do you think now i think is going to help a lot in terms of development in the eastern europe and if europe because you know . i was never hosted by european country and i will definitely provide a big boost in terms of the infrastructure. and in terms of. the interest in general interest people personally if you saw what was it like to hear this news tonight we're really expecting it quietly or you were skeptical about it i was expecting to be down it was a shock when it really happened so you're a happy man what about the other teammates not looking what if everybody's happy because we've got a real big. or we've got the world cup coming to russia. the russian football markets of course a lot smaller than the larger european ones could russia hope to reverse this now through through hosting the world cup is going to see much more of an impetus
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a lot more younger people joining in in the game i don't think it's going to turn around that much but it's definitely a great boost much more money a lot more money is going to be put in. into the football clubs we're going to going to build new stadiums and the infrastructure is going to improve you'll have more people going to watch the actual football stadiums not on t.v. but the tourism side of it what's your take on the. obviously going to see huge influx of tourists for the games well i think tourists usually were interested in moscow and st petersburg for now they're going to visit cities like sorties around samarra. out of any of the world cup you know russia is really on a roll isn't it at the moment of course for those twenty forty lympics and all that development going on there down there in sochi because also a formula one. really to pull up at the starting grid the same years it's almost really a hat trick of sporting events there but it really is good news for sporting fans here in the countries now it is going to be a great eight years in russia and hopefully will provide
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a big boost so we'll catch up with all the you here in country sports why do you think russia is able to pull it out the bag obviously favor things it's able to pull put it out the bag the big team thinks they can pull it out the bag the government saying the money's there and those four billion dollars worth of investment is now going to start are you absolutely confident russia's really got what it takes definitely sure we will provide everything that is required by. the big question now is whether will be will russia be able to win the world cup because anything is possible but looking ahead with such a big football footballing calendar dates coming up surely it's going to inspire a lot of young footballers male and female no doubt to come and join the game you're expecting more of an influx knocking on the door saying look we want to be trained we want to join the team we want to make it through the lower ranks we want to get in there and maybe even be the face is on the pitch in to in twenty eight
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always actually hope so. i hope we'll see football schools being opened all over the country. trying to bring up new stars like our civilian casualties and other russian players you know we are. watching earlier on when i. gave that speech it was a really heartfelt. speech and obviously was one of the panel over at the end of the day the secret panel of twenty two that voted earlier on tonight what were your thoughts about what a shoving had to say i thought it was quite a. personal story told us. to resign because the russian application the world cup because we didn't have a long many chances to win we won it and we're going to do. the best we can just like he does you know good horrible things occurring in the system have been in. a football analyst to get that right for moscow's lokomotiv football club thanks very much good to have your thoughts on the program appreciate it or just remind you how the announcement on russia hosting the world cup was made by famed for the football
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governing body in switzerland just a few hours ago a team of russian sports people officials and celebrities were there to back their countries but there's more on reaction in see reckless cross live now to our feed andrew farmer a long ball with this story it's a great great night isn't it really for russian football fans and russian sports fans generally. it is fantastic news and i tell you what is also fantastic news was the size of russia's victory of just found out that they got thirteen votes in the second round of voting it was all we were all expecting it could well go where third round of voting and the only needed a clear majority of twelve to win this decision was made in the second round of voting and england who we considered to be their main rivals went out in the first round with a lead to votes that was a huge surprise also so i think what it does show is that russia's bid was extremely strong and i think it should please generally a lot of football fans because i think this decision was made largely to two
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reasons firstly russia has never held a world cup before in its history in other bids the iberian beat spain it held the world cup in one thousand nine hundred eleven it held one by. nine hundred sixty six so i think favre has the ideal of wanting to spread the world cup around the globe we saw that when africa received it for the first time when south africa hosted the last world cup which was held just last summer so i think that definitely works in russia's favor and secondly it will see a huge amount of investment if used as you've been talking about him russia i think that can only be a good thing one thing for has one thing faith or has talked about it was using football and the world cup as an agent for change now that is certainly the case for russia it wouldn't it wasn't quite so much the case for england and spain and portugal bid and even holland and belgium for that matter because they have the stadia now they were saying in their presentation we can almost hold the world cup
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some more in a strange way i think that works against them another issue here that might be worth thinking about is the role the media has played the british media has been very critical of the for executives. assisting in the british press that led to the suspension of two feet for executive committee members who due to votes today they were not present in three more who actually did vote were accused of bribery by b.b.c. documentary which you said just last monday so maybe maybe we saw the thief executive committee taking a stand on that now. prime minister place in was not there everybody was expecting him to be here and many thought when we hear the decision he was going to stay in moscow. many thought that maybe that's a sign russia won't really well because he says obviously they have one and mr putin will be here shortly to give a press conference at this media center in the meantime the deputy prime minister.
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has said thank you to faith for putting faith in russia. dear mr president. all the members of the. executive committee dearest friends and colleagues and everybody who is here. you haven't chested us with. fifa world cup for twenty thousand. i just can't promise we all can drummond's you will never regret let us make history together. i. am making history was certainly in the message in their final presentation which took place earlier today in front of the thief executive committee which i think personally was very strong and obviously did the trick. hundred s. not just of course the whole sporting world here in eastern europe clapping their
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hands at this tonight also of course the business community quite interesting quote here from chris we for of euro will simply put in a note this week importantly the twenty eighteen world cup will dominate the agenda of the next government and to a much greater extent than the sochi winter olympics will impose a strict deadline for modernization plans there's a heck of a lot that's going to be done now in time for twenty eight in the four billion dollars worth of investment underway some of it already underway but it is a real marker mcmullen there that hey this is going to be done so many tourists are going to be coming here it's going to attract so much world attention it really is almost a kick up the bum to get it done isn't it. it will do i think we should stress as we have been doing they do have eight years to do this and faith does have a number of government guarantees it wants from the hosting nation all those have been given plus a few more on top by prime minister putin so i think they did a good job in convincing the committee obviously that they can do this you are
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right it will take a huge amount of investment and when the fee for inspection team were in moscow and in russia over the summer when they left one of the things they said is yet everything looks good it is an excellent bid but work has to start immediately russia no. i think helping them is the fact that they actually won the right to stage the sochi limp. nixon twenty forty they've had a few years to start developing down there in the i.f.c. is very happy with progress made say they've learnt a bit if you like it don't think it's a really steep learning curve to try and get this thing off the ground they can look back at the experience of what they're doing in sochi to try and help them but you're right an awful lot of work needs to be obviously everybody thinks they can do it tory do a child just now before talking to you an analyst from of moscow's locomotive football club was trying to get ahead what's it going to mean to develop talent football talent do you think we're going to see a lot more young boys and girls teenagers knocking at the doors of the clubs lower
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level saying hey look we want to be on the pitch we want to be playing for russia in twenty eight and you think is going to be real impetus and will inflow to the clubs now of new talent. definitely for a couple of reasons we've talked about a legacy that's going to be left in russia we've talked about roads being built airports looking good and new rail networks well another part of this legacy is investing in grassroots football the russian government is already doing this to a large degree at the moment but you all know as everybody knows when you see something on t.v. if you're a youngster you like football you see a world cup being played in your own country that inspires you to try and do something perhaps that was one message that the russian captain gave today in the final presentation see the three executive committee say i think it has to immediately i think it's generated so much excitement just in the last few hours since you know in this announcement everybody is talking about it everybody in russia is excited about it that doesn't just include adults who are talking about it and she will be talked about in the playgrounds around russia tomorrow morning
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so of course i am sure will have a bigger impact but also there's a financial backing from the russian government to make sure they've got the facilities across russia to promote this town and this new enthusiasm for it and reform pleasure bring us up to date there from about one hour forty minutes we're expecting our media conference as well. maybe but even a potent the prime minister will be there as well we think he is jetting his way across there now to put everyone on the back and to thank the faith of pamela's well for awarding this great honor to russia tonight or i will thanks for that is pretty shaded but so one the core part a little bit with the when it decided we can now look back to now that glorious moment for russia a few hours ago tonight when it was granted its golden ticket and its name was revealed to the world here is the moment now without suspense of course but nonetheless with all the joy of the result enjoy twenty eight hundred feet for both
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ladies and gentlemen will be organized in how you. thank. you. thank you. thank you let us make history together. it was thirty eight thousand. twenty. was the moment we all witnessed earlier on you're watching r.t. live from moscow on the night that russia won the right to host the twenty eighteen
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world cup and of course i should expect much more from us about that just ahead but before that but a business coming up for media. we'll . bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered in some petersburg multis available in hotels a story an. ambassador. hotel. hotel a true sports hotel.
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congress even if. allow time to delve into the world of business the world's major soft drink producer pepsi co is buying control of russia's juice and dairy giant bimble down foods the price three point eight billion dollars for six to six percent represents a premium of about a third of the company's recent chip price that cost its shows to jump shopping on moscow changes the deal comes in a week month to normal from sold its eighteen percent stake in the window down to the russian company pepsi co will take control in a staggered jail buying six to six percent of the restaurant terms mandated by russian law wimble down controls around a third of precious drinks and dairy market and house thirty eight production
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plants across the c.i.s. this here in both down profits rose fifteen percent to over one hundred ten million dollars david pew from b g c partners think stick with mission is strategic. initially obviously that when there's a takeover bid put in the aggressor nobody loses a little bit of value which puts because doug but i think when you're looking at the strategic deal looking forward i think there will be a recovery period you know because when you pay sixty percent premium to sixty six percent of the company it's an awful lot of money but i think everybody agrees that cross border deals are very much the way forward in order to get or started to show so in a new country and then with a new company it's very often necessary to make them up by paying quite a premium to the existing share price i think that in the long term the big stream is happy about it i mean food is something that is going to be in short supply for many many years to come so when healthy foods the big target for
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a big international catering company such as pepsi cola you have to sit up and take notice. in the markets not rush to stocks send it there rally for a four day. high oil prices and speculation europe's debt crisis will be contained boosted confidence in the global recovery down shares sixty percent up to pepsico said it will acquire its controlling stake in the russian dairy company added about three point seven percent and brosnan have gained two percent on the high oil prices. and european markets ended the day high in c.b.d. has extended the window on to wichita and then to european banks until april to stop simply euro drop turning to stocks to trouble is among the top gamers up more than seven percent. and you have stocks on the rise thursday after weekly jobless claims rose more than expected after its biggest single day jump in three months the dollar johnson is gaining point eight percent this hour. ministers of the gas
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exporting countries have bucks russia's push for more discussion before the e.u. approves a third energy charter their amendments would ban energy producers from distribution all correspondent to china pretty cool reports from the gas exporters forum in qatar. the main message of the meeting was that gas producers want to work on long term contracts. and with higher gas prices which participants should include environmental premium as gas is the most logical fuel compared to all the car bombs only work in these terms will secure a long term investment into new fields and will help ford possible imbalances in supply and demand in the future consumption recalled. to. this to say. we've discussed the current situation on the markets and agreed that the base price of gas should be linked to the oil equivalent and should take into
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account the advantages of gas. and its byproducts very happy that ministers have. discussion. before the e.u. approves its energy trying to my mind that's a serious political decision. for him participants back to russia to discuss the european charter which is preventing and. also being. implemented this rule will obviously be russia's interest and gas from plans to move. downstream i guess. the main challenge just for the sector. as little as one per cent which is much lower than in previous years on the
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positive side of the gas exports. region which will remain. with demand growing by six percent a year such definitely bring exporters presence here. but you know people the business are to you from doha qatar. and that wraps up the business bulletin but you can always find us on our website. in india multi is available in the move go hard man joint the hotels the elevators .


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