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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world.
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we've got the huge earth covered. the. russians and on their arrival twenty eleven with celebrations taking place over two continents and all nine times out and so on new year's parties are spreading with two thirds of the world having already joining the festivities. from we can leaks revelations about two aspects of it is a brawl to international spy scandal strained you need to concentrate even between the glass and russia trying to turn had no shortage of historic political abed. and hundreds of thousands of people in europe took to the streets and trying to tear as governments and using public money in a scramble took a big business upload from massive student demonstrations in london to police and strike in prague russia's gave us a look at what to expect in the eurozone in trying to level. those are the
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headlines up next the best of the i don't know show from twenty ten everything from the years hot has debates in the u.s. senate to the most shocking wiki leaks revelations. but can the loner show real get the real headlines with none of the mersey now
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we're going to finish off our week of the best of the alone a show from two thousand and ten and we've shown you everything from the hottest debates to the funniest skits we've looked at what it means for america to be at war and today will end it with a look at what didn't make it into the other shows what are some of my personal favorites some of the topics that i felt most passionate about and have the most fun cover whether you support what we feel it does or not no one can deny that we can leaks taught us a thing or two about our government corporations and educational institutions but if there is something of the government doesn't like which in this case is its secrets being divulged they'll turn the pressure on fall for auto to contain it to suppress it almost to the point where they want people to forget that it ever happened and although many universities later took it back the reactions we initially saw shocked me. the uproar over wiki leaks continues last week the obama administration and the d.o.d. ordered hundreds of thousands of federal employees and contractors not to view the
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secret cables and other classified documents published by weiqi leaks and news organizations around the world unless they have the required security clearance or authorization now universities are warning students that they better not read the wiki leaks documents or post links to them or even mention them on social media because they could prevent them from getting the necessary security clearances to get a job you know letters from both b. you and columbia university were made public however columbia has since reversed their position but is this kind of intimidation and that's what it really is intimidation is that really the best way to go about this is asking people to close their eyes and pretend that the leak never happened really what america is resorting to well joining me to discuss it is christopher chambers georgetown university professor and author of the blog turns revenge chris thanks so much. being here but it just seems absolutely absurd to me and tell me if you think it's
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crazy idea that i think that the new york times actually probably put it the best way when they are referring to the obama administration telling federal workers that they can't look at them is shutting the barn door after the horse has left i mean these documents they've been leaked there are it is published online in every major newspaper it's silly i mean first of all i mean it's one of these weird issues where academic freedom civil liberties and journalism all seem to intersect in a year ago when you were interviewing julian assigns or when you and i were talking about it i never thought it would come to this but you know a year later the world changes i mean i could tell you with confidence that at georgetown there are students and faculty there and informally talking about this and looking at ways of pushing back there are local home university in the columbia itself because this is this is ridiculous when you're telling other people you know potential. not just really state department workers but you're sending the message out there as a senator joe lieberman when he pressures private businesses that you know we're
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going to go after a certain new source and that's what they are really is a new source their news source because they publish information they also there's no nexus that has been shown that this information has resulted in somebody getting killed or about to be killed it's an embarrassment especially if you're a gulf oil monarch or a member of the state department the that's what the state department should be doing is training its employees not to violate the law because there's no protection for illegally obtained information under the first amendment so if you want to stop this train your people better well that's what i find so hilarious about it too because essentially they're saying to the students that everything you do online if you like i said if you even mention the word waking or if you want to write on someone's facebook law that will be monitored and that will come back to bite you but. i mean how many times have we talked about the intelligence and i'm sorry it's failing because there's no way that they can possibly even know you know
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this is this is designed as it's as in terms of the chilling effect what senator lieberman is doing it's the same kind of thing and again i mean you know if you if you if you don't like the man if you don't like julian and his eccentricity tricity except her that's one thing but you know focusing on one news source like this are you going to do it to the new york times or c.b.s. or fox news because you can real this could escalate this is this is the classic cliched slippery slope so what if you're fox news and you want to dig up stuff on barack obama and michelle maybe there's some things there that they you know maybe they're having an affair or maybe michelle is secretly a communist the government can then just can say well this is this is a state secret this is a good thing our national security so it's all right you know and you know that if private people especially students start looking at this so we can come after you to you know we can pressure private businesses to defund you know pay pal the
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pipeline the pay pal i mean this is the. the slippery slope the cliche here it really is real not to mention i mean i feel like this is you know the thought police i feel like we're living in some kind of orwell novel here because they're essentially i mean why would you want somebody working for the government that doesn't watch you know the t.v. news that doesn't read them a publication is that doesn't know anything that was variation we hear there's a dumb them down there is a gradual basis you know that the old hatch act and things like that i mean there are certain things federal employees can't do but i mean this is an organic process i mean before they didn't want gays working in the government or people who read kurt vonnegut or d.h. lawrence maybe a hundred years ago and they actually carry us that is exactly exactly but they exactly mean that they have that ability to set certain parameters and there are some reasonable basis for this. even under the hatch act which has actually gotten more liberal in terms of what federal employees can do in terms of political
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affiliation i mean freedom of speech and freedom of filiation but there is that and this is gone totally beyond the pale well you also you know you're a professor you teach students and how how does that and you know infringe upon academic speech when shouldn't this be something that that is being discussed in universities that you know that allows us ironically alone or there are safe harbors even if you're you're studying something like kiddy porn say in our program or in the law school where you know there are so there are certain they're very narrow and they're very shallow but there's still safe harbor here there isn't even that safety valve there will we can we study wiki leaks and we can we look at how this happened if we don't agree with this maybe we side with senator lieberman you can even do that under these blanket very very weird stand up like anything like that don't exactly exactly it said and that's that's what academics are worried
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about and i hope people out there regular people who aren't students are worrying about i mean where is the tea party that talks about saving us from our government very remarkably silent here when i have some very conservative thought and i have some very conservative students who are bringing that up and they seem to be braver than their their older counterparts and you know another thing that i find disturbing to you is you have to think about the economic climate that we're in right now right now when unemployment is at nine percent coming out of college you know way are guaranteed to find work so i mean this probably will stare said exactly it will i mean it and again that i think that's very calculated and i think that's that's that's a really good comment and commentary on how certain norms certain policies certain ways of thinking continue from one presidential been straight on to another or from one political party to another. other because there's a remarkable weird amount of solidarity here on this and again i mean why is that
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and why or gulf oil monarchs given a pass you know they're the ones who a lot of their communiques were. exposed they seem to be the ones who don't have any problem they're there they're insulated but we're going after our own people on this including students it doesn't make any sense and i think this this is a this going to backfire very seriously when you compare it to statements of the president and secretary of state clinton have made on freedom and on the internet of the freedom of speech on transparent way on everything and i hope it does backfire because this really is scary like we say it's not just a slippery slope i mean this is happening now is really it's censorship it's thought police it's free but we have. opened up this pandora's box and it is amazing as thanks so much for being here coming up after the break we'll take a look back at when janko leader of the young turks came to town to protest in front of the treasury building and the tale of thirty three chilean miners trapped
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underground for sixty eight days captivated the world but it also sort of the debate as to whether or not it was capitalism the ultimately save these men my discussion with anthony randolph who is next.
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the bailout of wall street spurred the creation of the tea party drew the ire of americans directed at the government but cenk uygur of the young turks he decided to direct his attack on one man in particular treasury secretary tim geithner is on
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a cold and rainy day here in washington d.c. he staged a protest in front of the treasury building and since were young turks fans around here and because our office is only two blocks away from the treasury building in the white house we decided to step out of the studio to catch the action now today janko eager of the young turks held a protest in front of the treasury building to tell tim geithner that the american people want their money back and they want to back from goldman sachs twelve point nine billion dollars worth and they think that it's tim geithner's job to get it for them now despite the rain the spirits were high and the chants were creative to say the least you know. oh you know you don't. understand anything. at the. end of the now after the protests i caught up with jang to get a clearer picture of what this really was all about for him jane that we just
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finished up here protesting in front of the treasury department it's raining it's cold outside but are you still happy with the people that came out with the support they were amazing of course the weather turned out etc but i love the people who came out of magic i mean it's some of them came away from switzerland somebody took over twenty four hour bus ride from minnesota other people flew in from the sky also from all over the country to come and make a statement here and it just shows you the level of passion involved here and they were great or you're here and part of the treasury department you're talking to tim geithner but at the same time you're picking on goldman sachs and i want to know why it is you're starting with goldman sachs and why just twelve point nine billion dollars why not go for all of that because we've got to start somewhere and i want to see. very specific right because we know this twelve point nine billion dollars was a side bet and we know they should they got paid on it and they said they didn't need it ok and they had rigged to explode so it's the perfect place to start now what i
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love the whole whole hundred eighty two billion dollars back absolutely what i love to do some protests are goldman yes but this is a good place to start because tim geithner and hank paulson and ben bernanke they were the ones who made the decision to give the money away in the first place you think they're going to listen. not not today but one day yes one day i believe i believe ok now i got to ask you this because you know the idea that signing that could bring down the economy seems always so simple but is it really that simple anything that's a really hot fire. in combination with the root cause absolutely the root cause was the the trigger as it were was the sub prime meltdown but the real problem was the amplifier which was all the side bets that were made on it if it's if you lose a dollar ok that's bad but if you made one hundred dollars worth of bets on the dollar well that's disastrous and that's what happened alll about that yeah ok. you know i want to ask you know why don't you think people are angry and why aren't
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there more people out here i mean you said before even the tea partiers that they've been protesting against the wrong guy this whole time why haven't they going to any of their protests against him going or do you think well the tea party guys got totally missed or acted so they begin this directive that freedom works americans for prosperity their large right wing think tanks all they do is they actually take money from corporations koch industries that cetera and they send buses to people and they say all right now get in the boss and go to the procope rally it doesn't make any sense but they're so angry that they just want to lash out and they don't know who they're lashing out at i think they're a natural ally for us i really think that once they find out the truth who's against getting their thirteen billion dollars back are they going to say no no. i'd really like goldman sachs to keep that money instead of me nobody's going to say that we just got to get the word out to any of them actually come out saying now that you spoke to them and you know that please that left the team or you should join and we had one republic. that is a start it's
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a start you broke it down the party tell us again if indeed that point nine billion fixing during times like how much that goes to you know every individual person forty three dollars or thirty three cents for every man woman and child in the country so me and my wife that's eighty six almost eighty seven we're about to have a kid hey that's not bad we're going to have a rotter twenty dollars an hour buy gets gold and gives it back and what do you think you know old man has become a bit of a global state right now china is talking out against the very saying actually goldman heard us might need us you have bring you some also that's up in arms saying that goldman was hedging bets against their debt how much money globally do you think. that's a great question i can tell you that they made twenty three billion dollars in bets that they knew were toxic because they bet against them so that's at a very minimum twenty three billion dollars they knew were set to explode that borders on fraud and they should be a real investigation of that when you talk about all the other bets that they made
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and they got paid by taxpayers and by european taxpayers and german taxpayers as well it's astronomical so that's why i say let's get started now let's do a real investigation let's find out a bit in reality how much they are ok so you investigate goldman sachs that would stop everything else from continuing. no no no no no we need real financial reform this is this is the tip of the iceberg we need ok and i don't believe in what's done is done i don't believe that they should take our taxpayer money and bonuses but at the same time of course most important is what's in the future and in the future we need to make sure that they can rob us again so you need to make sure that there are limits on leverage which is not in this bill and and and so many other reports of the reform that just didn't make it through the senate. house i just think that effort is way too weak right tell me about these weiqi protest ideas here is good that's interesting and unique in the free yes as far as i know it's a first and idea is to open up to the public and say hey listen help us figure out
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how to get that money back hate are by ourselves we're not likely to be able to get it back think of enough ways execute all those different ways to get the money back people say that's unrealistic i agree right but if we all work together it's amazing what can happen right so i want to open up to ideas i want to open up to actions that could be tim from milwaukee has an idea and joe from philadelphia excuse the idea as long as there's nothing physical and they you know no don't go to their house don't you know nothing harassing like that we don't want to rioting or no no no but it's very no normal and acceptable to go if you see somebody from goldman sachs to say hey please give us our money back or to go buy their offices just to put up a simple sign please give it back and i think eventually that will build into enough momentum that they'll think hey maybe if we give it back we won't have this much trouble i don't know it's kind of hard really believe i mean you can put tons of pressure on the bank like unless you put a gun to someone's head we don't want to do i couldn't care i'm not saying we don't
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want to do that or figure it eliminates any of the excuse me somehow these guys have to learn how to pay you know at the end of the day you walk up to an average american you say you get thirty three dollars back if you hear about this i would be here for forty three banks and he did i'm not talking about the people that need that money but every with the one thing that will make the average american care and really take it to heart but everybody gets it that it was in their money that maybe they were going to win the bet it's if a.i.g. had won the bet it's not like joe in sacramento would have gotten paid and it's everybody gets the fundamental and just so that what i hope happens is that people realize because the mainstream media does not cover it like this you see outrage your stories on on c.n.n. about oh here's where the money from a i.g. when here's how much it is per person. and here's why you should be upset about it or not missile would be upset about it but here's the reality of the right so part of the effort here is to educate people to say no i swear to you it wasn't that complicated they made a bet they lost we paid them and we should know we should get our money back now i
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mean i agree i think everyone is lacking a little bit of reality here last question did you bet against the lakers last night. i made that part up but i'm glad you got that but i bet against the lakers or for the overall series luckily if i lose i'm just going to from the taxpayer the story of thirty three chilean miners trapped underground for sixty eight days captivated the world i know that i sat in front of the television for hours watching as they pull them out one by one and especially craft a capsule and not only did this story show the human will to live and to survive and also showed global cooperation and rescue efforts and that sparked a debate some asking if it was capitalism in the end they had saved these miners. the story of thirty three miners trapped more than two thousand feet below ground for sixty eight days and the tremendous worldwide effort to rescue them got everyone watching it's the feel good story of the year it showed the human capacity
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for survival and for charity but according to the wall street journal's daniel head injury it was nothing more than a smashing victory for free market capitalism and an op ed published yesterday he said it plain and simple the thanks to the center rock drill bit created by a small private company in pennsylvania thanks to a flexible fiber optic communications cable from japan and a high strength cable winding around the wheel to top all innovations created by companies whose sole purpose it was to make money that's why the miners were rescued forget the fact that the rescue was funded by the chilean government because the mining companies going bankrupt or that nasa u.s. government agency also played a fundamental role or that deregulation of industries is exactly what creates dangerous working conditions needless to say and in. argument has quite the heated debate so we're going to hash out all the points to see of capitalism really did save or quite the opposite do these miners joining me to discuss it is anthony randolph director of economic research at the reason foundation anthony thanks for
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being here thanks for having i think our you know your answer to this but tell me do you think that capitalism saved the miners absolutely capitalism save the miners and more specifically a key part of capitalism free trade so the maters the as you mention your opening what actually helped save these miners were materials technology and innovation from all over the world whether it's from the united states south korea japan germany the simple fact that we have three tree that we have in so many parts of the world capitalist spirit free market that inspires innovation the terrible profit motive that inspires companies to come up with these great ideas all of that is what allowed us to be able to save these miners whereas we never would have been able to do that twenty forty years ago well that's part of progress now twenty four years ago we can do a lot of things i mean my problem here is that you know free trade isn't really so free it cost a lot of money to free these miners and it was the chilean government for the most part that was paying for it because as i said the mining company which normally you
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would think that you know like b.p. supposedly it's it's their fault so it's up to them to cover all the costs while they're going bankrupt and so now the government has to step in and cover all of this and then a lot of the innovations a lot of the help came from other government programs that like nasa like the u.s. well here's the thing if this was all the government if all we had was you know use the word socialism here the government controlling the means industry of controlling the way that we develop in determining what should be produced and that's all that we had in society for the past twenty forty years we never would have had any of the technology that went into being able to save these miners that i don't have necessarily that is that we can see how many things has the government actually invented because the government usually on the launch. if these programs ever look at darpa you can look at nasa i mean thanks to them we have the internet you could say and then what happens is that private business takes over and they start expanding upon it you start finding different ways to use it but it's normally the government that begins these projects it's not true the government
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begins all projects in if you we're not going to as i write i mean everything that's going to society it is an all star with the government sure if you have the government they can throw a lot of money at a lot of projects and a few things are going to stick and hit the wall and all you have to do is point at the one or two success stories instead of the thousands of unsuccessful stories but here's the thing you learn to think fast what you're going to the private business that you do you know only thing. which if you look at. for instance the socks that the chilean miners war ok where there are. the health ministers like i didn't even know these were out there i didn't even know that someone would come up with this stuff not only did they did they exist and the government not know about it but the government never could have dreamed of creating that there was no government anywhere in the world that had the ideas to come up with the specific drill that was users only one place in the entire world that have a drill that could be used to save the miners in this specific scenario and it was something was created from private innovation from private sector guys sitting
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around thinking we're going to put our money on the line we're going to take a risk in developing this technology and it's worked out for them but that it was not government would never do that you would never have. congressmen sit around or even nasa sit around and say we're going to throw our taxpayer money at this really random idea i'm going to go ahead and say that they do that kind of stuff all the time but also let's talk about the fact that why do we need these new drill bits they can dig two thousand feet below ground well that's because of the markets that's because there is a need for it for gold and copper which is what they are mining here and you know so that's why all of a sudden you have to take more risks that's why workers are put into more dangerous situations they have to be farther underground and in the case of this company to me they were completely anti any type of regulation at. union which is what keeps workers save can't there be some kind of a way to to make it all work together but i would say that regulation is what makes worker safe. mines in the united states are very heavily regulated and we have
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mining accidents on an unfortunate almost regular counseling them away and we had twenty nine miners die in west virginia earlier this year. you can pick out all sorts of different potential failures sometimes regulation works sometimes regulation doesn't but it wasn't that we have a capitalist society demanding copper and gold and that's what caused the problems we consume things we have a seems like glasses that you have so i don't even know if that you know if you have you have a government that is manipulating the markets is forcing banks to hold on to all their cash or not and they're not investing anything anywhere and so people are looking for some safe place to put their money and so they're buying gold so there's demand for gold so really how do you really are kind of right around like every hundred million dollars worth of gold up in the new york fed man you could blame this all on the federal reserve because the federal reserve is skewing monetary policy and they're forcing banks to keep all their money and not invested it anywhere and you can blame it on the obama administration for threatening taxes and regulation on banks so they don't want to bet.


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