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tv   [untitled]    January 7, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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think that god came down from heaven and stopped. a. mormon in a faith. makes the pill easier to swallow. everybody loves come.
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we report on how immigrants. free speech which they say has been killed off by tolerance to criticism. millions of. christmas with the holiday season in the country.
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and in our business program find out what the global. business program. around the world around the clock this is. of the american dream but for many immigrants it remains just that hundreds of thousands go to the u.s. each year looking for a better future for their families often highly qualified but as lower enlisted found out they end up in low paid work to try and make ends meet. in the united states and here in new york every year countless people play the lottery.
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and touring for a chance to win or a mega million dollar fantasy believing a few dollars and a dream could buy them so for the life of a ticket that could change their lives every year more than ten million people also play a different kind of lottery and fifty thousand when i meet one of them my name is owen gemini and her husband teenage son and seven year old daughter you see here. are immigrants from nepal they entered and won the united states diversity visa lottery this lottery is a congressional mandate it's supposed to be an opportunity for people to come to america from countries with historically low rates of immigration the jackpot with permanent residency the prize is not cash but green cards and this startling experience was due to a lot of us we had to start from scratch from zero once we got here two years of struggling with joblessness after finding their education in nepal doesn't count in
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the u.s. setbacks they never expected this we didn't know people used to say you're educated it will be easy america's a big country with a lot of facilities life will be better but in reality it within the food and. yes to hire. experts who work on immigration issues a lottery winners really are given no resources from the government that invited them here and the struggles of jimena and her family are not unique for most people we have and counted it's been very difficult they reflect a group of immigrants who come to the u.s. not because of a job lined up or a family sponsoring them but for many because of the vision of what they can achieve they really have that american dream and edge of coming to the u.s. they know that they've invested in their education and they. i think that the united states is the place to put that skills those degrees and that ambition to work with the greatest possible return. when many find is maybe something no year
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already have an ethnic neighborhood like this one that has southeast asian music restaurants and fashion but many struggle with is finding economic opportunities that are any better than what they had in their home country or even finding jobs that allow them to survive here we're seeing a lot of this downward mobility of immigrants and often very highly qualified goods . finding foreign degrees and experience don't count for many u.s. employers these immigrants end up taking anything it means engineers and business managers and up his cab drivers and cashiers according to a study two out of five foreign educated immigrants are either in this situation or unemployed all together it's an american dream they want to wake up from if you got if we had known this we wouldn't have come life was much easier in my country people who see their plight firsthand argue the government should help more i do think it's a state department's responsibility and i think that the united states is going to
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lose out relative to other countries taking that step possibly losing out to countries such as canada and germany unless they make sure winning the lottery actually pays off lauren lyster our new york. and there is plenty more to come this hour on the way roughish existence we report on the wrong how many children that are forced to make a living from rifling through other people's discarded trash. activists in georgia have state of the media freedom of speech in the country journalists say it's under threat but they have come under heavy pressure to have a pro-government agenda in their reporting in a country which markets itself as a free and open democracy. and went to see for himself. the death of free georgian media that's the message of this mock up funeral being held in tbilisi the mourners are lamenting how lonely their struggle is. the problem is
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that society is so intimidated by the authorities people aren't ready to react the right way to l'isle ations of human rights. one of these alleged violations happened to join in and is really one of the coding brothers of trinity t.v. an independent regional station that isn't afraid to criticize government policy they claim he was stopped by police on troll and beaten it clips they don't like criticism they want us to cover news which is good for the government's p.r. and they don't want to answer harsh questions or meet the population's needs. trinity's owners also claim that one of its camera crews was beaten while covering the removal of stalin statue in the georgian town of gori earlier this year but not all media outlets in the country agree that free speech is under threat i don't don't get it when they're saying about the. lack of freedom of speech in georgia we all know that there are two television stations here in georgia which are strictly
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strictly positive that say government critics is precisely the problem if you're not for the government you're considered against news service and there is no independent media there is either pro-government or opposition media we have no media source in georgia which has its own pulse is a balance and is not subordinate to any party in the form on woodsmen as that this situation a ride with the new government of mikhail saakashvili another got all those who came to power after the rose revolution loudly speaking about freedom of speech human rights and democracy started tightening the screws very quickly the whole georgian t.v. industry quickly changed basses and they can totally controlled by the new authorities meaning those trying to follow an independent line here on an ever narrow path it's a hazy day the georgian capital really missed you can make out the city's telecoms tower through which most of the region's telecom signals pass but like the mist the
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fear is that media freedom here is becoming harder to see from martin r.t. to b.c. . the u.s. is pumping billions of dollars into regenerating iraq but with thousand thousands there still living under the poverty line many say they're yet to see a difference to the standards of living and as artie's sebastian meyer reports some are forced to live in dumping grounds scavenging through waste just to a daily wage. at seven am every morning fatima crouches outside her house and along with her sister and cousins begins to sort through garbage displaced from southern iraq that most families too poor to send her to school and so she works eight hours a day sorting through baghdad's landfill collecting plastic and metal that will be shipped abroad for recycling a reward for carting forty pounds of trash around two dollars and fifty cents behind me six acres of baghdad's trash to many this is just waste but for the families here this is not only their livelihood but also their homes over two
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thousand people live on baghdad's landfill. making their homes out of the garbage that the rest of the city throws away there's no running water or electricity and certainly no access to medical treatment if someone gets sick they have to be taken to hospital the same way they get drinking water by donkey cart can you believe it to be a rock you would live in a shack made from garbage people who threw the chain so we could see if it's iraq is still a wonderful place leased by government the old regime is gone and we have a new government but look at the situation reliving it shocks america spending fifty three billion dollars on the reconstruction effort in iraq but the residents of our jet haven't seen a dime of it what they have seen though is the sectarian violence the drove them from their home five years ago. we used to live in abu ghraib you know then america came the war increased in iraq people started killing each other and so we fled because we were freed in two thousand and five names family moved to the landfill
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and has been living there ever since too afraid into play. who are to return home and get out of the media as american occupation turned iraq into a battlefield as well as sowing the seeds of political corruption how can americans stand back and watch without intervening in the situation everybody knows about the fate of the iraq economy has fallen to seventy if not ninety percent of what it used to be this is having terrible effect on the ground both socially and economically experts worry about the children who grow up too poor to go to school without an education and they're easily preyed on by criminal gangs and terrorist organizations who lure them with money and promises of a brighter future so how can i fulfill a dream when i leave in fear i can't accomplish anything nothing good security is really want to go back home there's no work we only need security that's it iraq remains a very dangerous place where kidnappings and murders are part of daily life for
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these families living out of trash and still better than living with sunni neighbors back home but until that is possible until american reconstruction dollars reach the quarter of a rexx population that lives in poverty children like fatima will continue to collect trash in order to survive sebastian mire r t in baghdad. it is now at ten minutes past the hour here in the russian capital and now with christmas day for orthodox believers all across the world to stay as we were for how these holy day is mocked in russia almost two decades after it was resurrected from soviets on the ground it was ignored by the official calendar. all right to russia's far east now there has been a success in the massive rescue operation to free three ships stuck in ice for the past week one of the vessels has been freed and now is being escorted to warmer waters the rescue is being hampered by snow and strong winds in.
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trying to free the two remaining vessels officials say the people on board are not in danger as they have plenty of supplies a more powerful icebreaker is on its way to help with the rescue operations it's expected to reach the ships late on saturday. from the federal fishing agency says the rescue mission is far from plain sailing. the weather has got worse a chilling snowstorm a sort of live with winds of up to twenty meters per second the temperatures well below minus twenty degrees celsius visibility is low it's difficult to see how long the take to get back to the remaining two ships it might take eight or ten hours the path forged by the ice breaker through the ice closes back up quickly and this makes the risky operation even more difficult. for the family of alleged russian
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arms dealer viktor boot have spoken of their outrage at the way they were treated on arrival in the united states his wife claims they were question for hours and treated like terrorists for no apparent reason he spoke to boot outside j.f.k. airport after she was released. not so young as long as the traveler would see. that we have spent two hours in some strange premises they turned our luggage upside down and took away all the personal things from my bag they told me just switch off my cell phone and didn't allow me to get in touch with the russian consul in till this interrogation or question in session whatever you call it was a that there was a person that when she just himself especially and to terror agent he told me he wanted to talk to me about the purpose of my visit and my plans and intentions he had a long list of questions that she wanted to ask however i told him that i was waiting for a russian embassy representative my lawyer and an interpreter and i would talk to him only in that presence and immigration officer i think also asked me whether i
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knew that my husband was a terrorist and why i had been arrested i answered that i didn't know why my husband was being kept in new york because no one has yet proven that he was a terrorist or somehow linked to terrorism with victor boot is currently in custody after being extradited from thailand he was arrested in two thousand and eight during a sting operation by u.s. authorities after two and a half years behind bars in bangkok he was handed over to the u.s. where he faces a number of charges that include conspiring to supply arms to terrorist groups moscow has criticized his extradition and the conditions of his arrest it said russia was not defending him but protecting the rights of a russian citizen who they hope will have a fair trial pretrial hearings are set to begin next week. now let's look at some other headlines right now the taliban has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing which killed at least seventeen in afghanistan's kandahar province twenty three people were injured the blast happened busy bathhouse in
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a town on the country's border with pakistan. morning. say the bomber was targeting a police official who was inside the building. u.s. the defense secretary robert gates has announced a seventy eight billion dollars from the pentagon's budget over the next five years the reductions include slashing administrative personnel costs. systems and follows the one hundred billion dollars. previously when republicans in congress are expected to oppose the. defense of according to south korean media north korean units that have been on special standby now appear to be on a routine operations also says it's ready for unconditional talks with the south to fears of conflict on the. korean island in november which
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killed four people in the north claims the attack was in response to south korean military exercises in the area. almost five thousand farms have been shut down across germany following. contamination which. officials in eleven states and. any businesses involved in the production of the animal feed at the center of a dioxin level that exceeded legal levels in eggs was found in late december because of the contamination remains unclear. take a look at our web site for the stories we're covering on.
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christmas day. with. much of the world. turkey. explained. the. thirteen days later the difference in dates is because russian christmas builds on the seventh of january following the old julian calendar but it wasn't always this
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way sergei's parents celebrated christmas in much the same way as the rest of the world on december the twenty feet but the bullshit revolution changed it all they simply moved the christmas tree on to new year's they moved the gifts on to new years they moved the cost to your ears and they banned christmas ciggies a child of the soviet union which slapped a ban not only on freedom of speech and freedom of fleet too it's only after its collapse in one thousand nine hundred ninety one that christmas was against the liberated publicly i don't really know what we could learn the shows on christmas eve go to church and never decorate a for a tree for new year it took a while to explain it to our child that a christmas tree is that great on christmas only for god and not for santa. their family has traveled a lot they've lived in canada and in brazil but no where they say screw is most
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recognized so solemnly as it is back home definitely less capitalistic because christmas in the west today i believe is essentially buying gifts having a good time while in russia. it's becoming more and more is purchase thing russians believe you can start your festive deer the food the first star appears in the night sky marking the birth of christ a strict diet cruelty days no animal produced preparing yourself physically for the special event on christmas night vigils are held in thousands of churches across russia but the main service takes place here at christ the savior cathedral which is symbolic because just like christmas itself it saw a rebirth only after the collapse of the soviet union religion is the opium of the
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people the communist leaders declared and leveled to the ground the country's main cathedral for many years there was a swimming pool on the site thousands of other churches felt a similar fleet today this child of emigrants is happy to be back in a country which has returned to its roots in the west churches are causing down. they don't know what to do with their buildings they cannot grade them they cannot maintain them they are selling down their town or burning them than two apartments this complex here it's the other way around since that is integration of the soviet union almost twenty thousand churches have opened up the real shippers that's around three churches and dean and with the country's new senior think this leading by example it's clear the christian tradition now and. it's the community. it's in grant your martini. time now for the business news with xara.
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hello welcome to our business program i'm sorry. global call production has generally seen a rebound from the recent economic downturn this accelerating growth of our should say some historical changes on the global as well as the russian auto market we did a cost of a has the story just ten years ago the production in the developing countries accounted for just twenty percent of global output twenty eleven it's expected to reach parity russia is one of the principal drivers of that trend it's projected to supply six percent of the global market in the coming twelve months and the fact that the growth in the domestic sacked and was due to the government's cash for clunkers program that locked the way for increased consumer spending however for the first time the majority of beacons produced will not be domestic brands it's
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just modest and vulgar instead russians will be making renos full time gangs and foods stock that the growth of the economy as a whole drives the market the further development of bank loan programs and the recent car utilization campaign run by the state has been the fact is for increased consumer spending. world car sales have accelerated an impressive nineteen percent in two thousand and ten rebounding strongly from the financial crisis the growth was driven mainly by the bric countries brazil russia india and china analysts believe china will take over the global center of car production in the next five years we're predicting ridiculous amounts of growth in china it really is going to take over a century of co-production in the world but also india brazil and russia will also play the part of growth with predicting that during the next five years over the next five years the whole the growth in production and come from the bric countries
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and six percent coming from russia manufacturers continue to view russia as a particularly attractive market car ownership is still relatively low compared to the developed markets in the west but the market has quickly been playing catch up and is now the second largest in europe and with its population advantage is slated to capture the top spot from germany within few years might in the question of business. l. us look at the stock markets now in russia the bosses are close to the eleventh of january for the russian and their holiday break they're going stocks to fall it involves trading on friday as investors await us labor market data do later in the session. and seventy percent of the first line of the north stream gas pipeline which will connect russia and germany across the baltic sea bed has been laid that's according to georg north stream agee project manager for germany eight
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hundred fifty kilometers of pipes have already been laid out of a total length of twelve hundred kilometers the plan for the us offshore pipeline is to build two parallel legs each with a capacity of twenty seven and a half billion cubic metres per year with the first gas delivery scheduled for late two thousand and eleven when finished it will be the longest subsidy pipeline in the worlds. and the stockmen gas field is home to one of the world's largest natural gas deposits in the world was discovered twenty years ago but production has yet to start despite numerous attempts by various companies that are science however that things could change for the better in two thousand and eleven corresponded to a fair question has more. one of the biggest discovered natural gas fields in the world the stocking fields hidden deep in the bering sea why an estimated three point nine trillion cubic meters of natural gas despite being discovered two decades ago the gas still remains untouched these combine of these two factors that
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it is number one it is arctic and number two it is offshore makes is. globally unique i don't think there is. there is such a tough weather such a tougher environment conditions stop one but it does have its advantages the field is located significantly closer to its main consumer europe russia's gas giant gazprom partnered with french to tao and norwegian stat oil in two thousand and eight to have a go at developing the fields various attempts have been made since the ninety's by both russian and foreign companies but no significant progress was made however analysts say this time gas from has what it takes gas from has. enough power to. propose and to push with the development plan that gets from considers to be the right one but it's more about
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the actual demand and. the returns on this project the stocking project is heavily tied to the global oil prices low prices in two thousand and ten were one of the reasons that the project was virtually put on hold due to low profitability however by the end of the year oil prices went back up gas from start now to two can see. talk one as its next priority project as the next priority project again. but at the same time on our hand just a month ago gas from has caught up its program by more than one hundred billion rubles for two thousand and eleven another major issues logistics there's an ongoing dispute between the partners about how to transport the gas and what type of pipeline to use but in the midst of all these control over seas ahead of stockmen development bubbles of confidence. by two thousand and sixteen we plan to
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start producing gas there are no problems with the schedule which has been determined by the shareholders. analysts say those hopes are inflated most expect only a modest pick up in demand over the next five years and little reason to accelerate the pace of development timothy cross business archie must go and that's it for this hour but you can always find one business stories on our website. stay with us.


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