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tv   [untitled]    January 9, 2011 12:00am-12:29am EST

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in the czech republic he's available in. central europe.
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most will stop. in bosnia and herzegovina. to the beach. towns. in serbia is available in. a rescue operation is under way in. the end maybe in this very difficult and drawn out saw god will bring you all the details in just a moment. about the week's news the unexplained death so.
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it's still sensation hope. you have. extremists. even read it will help for that. you're watching our weekly news review the first. more than three hundred people stranded on board a ship in the freezing waters off russia's far eastern coast are still awaiting rescue since the last five vessels that became stuck on a week ago and they became trapped in the ice but let's get more on the rescue
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mission from artie's tom barton know at what stage is the operation right now tom. as we speak kerry to a russian icebreakers a hard at work in the frozen ice found waters off russia's far eastern coast that's the scene as you can picture it right now they've been working there for a long time now few days to try and free the last two or three ships that became stuck in the ice there on the thirtieth of december last year so they've been there for over a week now one ship has been freed the second is currently being towed out by the first icebreaker which arrived there and the third ship the largest of the three is still stuck in the ice they're going to need a second icebreaker to help pull that out and that this is just miles away now so it should be entering the final stages of this rescue operation very shortly tom why does it appear to be taking so long to free this ship. conditions have been
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very difficult this part of the sea the sea of our hearts. as far east coast is known to be difficult for ships especially in winter but this winter it it's been complicated a lot by the difficult weather conditions high winds very low temperatures for that for the region minus seventeen has helped to create ice sometimes eight meters thick and some ice chunks up to twenty five meters thick that the ice breakers have had to try and push away through so conditions have been very difficult that's the reason that the same as shit got stuck in the first place and that's also the reason that this operation is taken so long yes you mentioned the conditions there what about the people on board are they on any day. so as we know no there is no immediate danger the second of the ship is being tied right now the third of the ships has three hundred people on board it's like
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a floating resupply ship all the ships see a lot of people on board but as we heard from the captain of that ship earlier which our team managed to get in contact with. plenty of supplies. everything depends on the weather when the wind comes down the rescue operation will become quicker right now the cross an icebreaker is on its way here twenty five miles away we have enough water and food supplies that can last us for four months. so it looks like the final stages of this operation should hopefully be able to begin. has finished touring the second ship both will then prepare to try and smash their way around the ship to free it from the ice ok and to keep us updated tom tom bottom reporting there thank you. live from moscow this is r.t. and later in the program a report from iraq slums the underprivileged being forced to scavenge for meager
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life in junkyards touched by the billions of dollars being pumped into the country's reconstruction. and wearing. the nation remain unemployed and struggling to feed their families despite israel's claims it has eased the region's blockade. a series of mysterious and moved deaths around the globe have been baffling scientists and staring speculation the first incident to be noticed was when birds began forming from the sky in the american state of arkansas newsies then flocks of birds dying in sweden and italy as well as the use of fish from resume to new zealand. far fetched online guesswork. there is a with a cause range from pollution to signaling the beginning of the end but filmmaker and blogger. media sensationalism taking the focus away finding real scientific closes behind the mysteries. when one set of incidents happens followed by another
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set followed by a third said suddenly it becomes a trend then it becomes a much bigger story in the media but it's still sort of a mystery it may be that each example is actually specific to a particular local set of circumstances we don't know they're calling it. you know for a flock of birds coming up with new catchy words new ad lives and the like obviously it's it's just something that intrigues audiences even if there isn't a lot of explanation it seems to be a pattern of this sort of thing where you go alarmist headlines followed by a few examples which then you know lead to sober conclusions about the dramatic events no religion then there's no follow up for so you know if we really never find out what really happened and this is the in attention of the media maybe even the amnesia of the media the refusal to speak to the people who are most in the
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know because all of this is sort of tittle asian for the public and yet it could be a very serious. security is being tightened britain's a major transport hubs it's the latest in a series of measures with european nations increasing fearing imminent terror attacks authorities say they foiled several serious attempts at the wave of recent arrests is proof that. reports wallstrip people are wondering what terror suspects to walk straight through the front door. like many other small you would be a new. year seems quiet and peaceful while never judge a book by its cover one of its residents is now under arrest. specter of being the brains behind. recruiting extremists and plotting attacks in the heartland of the european union and the ethnic chechen that's one way it was detained at the airport in vienna as. to mecca news about the incident went around the world all the
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streams really none of the locals seem to know much about it. we didn't hear anything about it. i'm afraid i wasn't for this. i know nothing about it and i don't care some didn't want to be filmed at all but was it really because of a lack of information. and the deputy chief of one of australia's biggest newspapers has been personally following this case or and with only a voice recorder. he was more successful in getting the locals to share. his with a really big population become unity with. so that people are sinking what what what comes next i mean this is just my neighbor he was here with me and now he has his arrested because of suspect. terror plot with his
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wife and children really appear to be leading an ordinary life one of the more striking facts about this latest case is that the suspect has. he claims he lost the after being caught up in violence in chechnya well investigators are looking into or no other version whether his hands off well handling explosives this is raising questions all austrians hell well asylum seekers are checked before getting it as one of the most liberal asylum policies in the european union last year alone the country received over fifteen thousand refugees from across the world with such an inflow of newcomers is becoming increasingly hard to find out who is who we want to know from the government how many. cases actually did background checks to make sure that this people are not criminal or dangerous second in how many cases austria has received. information from their countries of origin.
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and search in how many cases asylum seekers actually have been refused the latest arrest is part of a massive police operation targeting an alleged extremist network in late november twenty six people were detained in belgium germany and the netherlands all suspected of recruiting so-called jihad just can't get it in financing terrorist organizations it can be here in one. hand it can be in any other town in in europe in an effort to get more information asylum seekers the e.u. is know making deals with countries of origin including russia but many experts warn with hundreds of thousands of refugees already living in the union because it's occurrences of liberal asylum policies of some of its member states still ahead. r d vienna austria. so the head dive
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for cover the outskirts of moscow. red light to go the sirens wailing and a voice over explains that moscow is being hit by a ten megaton you kill a bomb that's amazing most of the city of the say even though you know this is just part of the visit to the bank it certainly feels very real to. us is it pumping billions of dollars into regenerating iraq with thousands they're still living below the poverty line many have yet to see any improvement and living standards so the best in their reports forced to live in dumping grounds scavenging through waste just to earn a few dollars. at seven am every morning fatma crouches outside her house and along with her sister and cousins begins to sort through garbage displaced from southern iraq that most families too poor to send her to school and so she works eight hours a day sorting through baghdad's landfill collecting plastic and metal that will be
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shipped abroad for recycling a reward for carting forty pounds of trash around two dollars and fifty cents behind me six acres of baghdad's trash to many this is just waste but for the families here this is not only their livelihood but also their homes over two thousand people live on baghdad's landfill. making their homes out of the garbage that the rest of the city throws away there's no running water or electricity and certainly no access to medical treatment if someone gets sick they have to be taken to hospital the same way they get drinking water by donkey cart can you believe it's iraq you would live in that shock me from garbage people who. change so we could see that iraq is still a wonderful place at least by fuel. and we have a new government but the situation room living in shacks america spending fifty three billion dollars on the reconstruction effort in iraq but the residents of
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haven't seen a dime of it but they. have seen now is the sectarian violence that drove them from their home five years ago. we used to live in abu ghraib you know then america came the war increased in iraq people started killing each other and so we fled because we were freed in two thousand and five names family moved to the landfill and has been living there ever since too afraid and too poor to return home. the american occupation turned iraq into a battlefield as well as sowing the seeds of political corruption how can americans stand back and watch without intervening in this situation everybody knows about the failure of the iraq economy this is having a terrible impact on the ground both socially and economically. experts worry about the children who grow up too poor to go to school without an education and they're easily preyed on by criminal gangs and terrorist organizations who lured them with money and promises of a brighter future. how can fulfill
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a dream when they leave in fear i can't accomplish anything nothing good security if you every want to go back home if there is no work we only need security that's it erect remains a very dangerous place where kidnappings and murders are part of daily life for these families living on a trash heap is still better than living with sunni neighbors back home but until that is possible and until american reconstruction dollars reach the quarter of a rexx population that lives in poverty children like fatima will continue to collect trash in order to survive sebastian meyer party in baghdad. thousands of immigrants who when the u.s. green card lottery see it as their ticket to a new life to taste the american dream but even those who believe they've got the education and experience to make the grade are finding it counts for nothing in their new home that they're in the store explains it's leaving many condemned to no paid jobs to make ends meet. in the united states and here in new york
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every year countless people play the lottery. and train for a chance to win or you will be a mega million dollar fantasy believing a few dollars and a dream could buy them turn for the life of a ticket that could change their lives every year more than ten million people also play a different kind of lottery and fifty thousand when i meet one of them had my name is on one gemini and her husband teenage son and seven year old daughter you see here. are immigrants from nepal they entered and won the united states diversity visa lottery this lottery is a congressional mandate. it's supposed to be an opportunity for people to come to america from countries with historically low rates of immigration jackpot with permanent residency the prize is not cash but green cards and this startling
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experience was due to a lot of we had to start from scratch from zero once we got here two years of struggling with joblessness after finding their education in nepal doesn't count in the u.s. setbacks they never expected this we didn't know people used to say you're educated it will be easy america is a big country with a lot of facilities life will be better but in reality if you think the food in. us to hire. experts who work on immigration issues a lot of the winners really are given no resources from the government that invited them here and the struggles of jimena and her family are not unique for most people we have encountered it's been very difficult they reflect a group of immigrants who come to the u.s. not because of a job lined up or a family sponsoring them but for many because of the vision of what they can achieve they really have that american dream of coming to the u.s. they know that they've invested in their education and they think that the united
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states is the place to put that skills those degrees and that ambition to work with the greatest possible return. when many find is maybe some familiarity of an ethnic neighborhood like this one that has southeast asian music restaurants and fashion that many struggle with is finding the economic opportunities that are any better than what they had in their home country or even finding jobs that allow them to survive here we're seeing a lot of the downward mobility of immigrants and often very highly qualified and. finding foreign degrees and experience don't count for many u.s. employers these immigrants end up taking anything it means engineers and. his managers and up his cab drivers and cashiers according to a study two out of five ford educated immigrants are either in this situation or unemployed all together it's an american dream they want to wake up from if you got if we had known this we wouldn't have come life was much easier in my country
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people who see their plight firsthand argue the government should help more i do think it's the state department's responsibility and i think that the united states is going to lose out relative to other countries taking that step possibly losing out to countries such as canada and germany unless they make sure winning the lottery actually pays off lauren lyster r.t. new york. it's been two years since israel's military offensive on gaza that little has changed for the better for its residents with unemployment around forty percent people there are forced to come up with as many ways as they can to make a living and even despite israel's easing its blockade last summer on the job is no easy mission he's poised to reports. a group of gaza women are breaking new ground literally. they've signed up to workers ditch diggers to help support their families. the work is very hard and with life is even harder these women are the
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families breadwinners and with two out of three people unemployed in gaza the burden of responsibility on their shoulders is heavier than the shovels in their hands of the news that only my family has no one to take care of us and we need money and that's why i'm forced to dig plans. three hundred women have signed up their dig holes for water reservoirs on farms in gaza and the pay little more than fifteen dollars a day hard work for private construction game and better than my has been tested provide for two families seen people if i don't do this work and what will i be left with probably not very much which is often the fate of thousands of gazans left disabled from israeli operations they too have no choice but to work in order to survive. i have a family of twelve to feed and there is no other way for me to meet grieving besides using this route with a multitude futurity so i scream. they survived by selling cigarettes sweets and
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mobile phones madhu abu wider makes a living repairing watchers. with got both found this job and i prayed for it i mean. the non-handicapped people have trouble finding a job in gaza today at the end of december it was two years since the last israel gaza war since then border controls in and out of gaza have been eased and more goods allowed to pass through but many gazans complain it's done precious little to improve their lives in the next few months the number of trucks going into gaza is expected to reach four hundred four times what it was two years ago but gazans still cannot cry. israel and their economy remains i don't. see israel. update now on some of today's world news a u.s. congressman has been routed after being shot in the head outside
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a grocery store in a state of others in the six others were killed in the rampage as democrats giffords was meeting voters she said to be a critical condition one of the aides who was killed in the carnage as well as a nine year old girl police have arrested a twenty two year old over the shooting. in southern sudan are costing there about it and a referendum that could see one of britain's poorest and most troubled nation split into the christian dominated south is widely expected to choose dependents from the mainly using more deadly clashes have mounted the run up to a week long bout it is part of a two thousand steel which ended decades of civil war that claimed two million lives and displaced many twice as many of its. two frenchmen inducted in being killed by their captors after attempts to rescue them. and then with. clashes between security forces and the kidnappers the hostages were
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seized on friday from a bomb in the capital by four men no group has admitted the crime speculation that an al qaida shoot was behind. police in mexico found fifteen headless corpses outside the shopping centers on. among more than two dozen bodies found in what's being linked to drugs related violence and written signs were there to buy the case of the deaths were because of the intrusion of the content and the victims were all. now it's only a few decades since some. much of the world fear total annihilation of the soviet and the american atomic superpowers hovering over the red button today many countries including russia now the need to charge to get rid of nuclear weapons but reminders of those dark days to exist on other reports.
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ah it's a door like no other designed to stop a nuclear blast is it here doris was a protection against a shock wave or one of her strike but here's a way to both want four and five drones or the same interest will score it was a mess of myself was it has a war sickness about six meters or fraying force of concrete if you had been lucky enough to escape the initial explosion inside or enough food in end to last about two weeks it was to command and control all the. surface forces and nothing more. but you know what sixteen days later nuclear war all fires in the radiation level decreased of the level where when you can walk and breathe in special protective suits those stationed at the shelters would have had
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less the ninety seconds to put on their suit should radiation be detected inside and i could tell you that they aren't easy to get on in a rush stock nor are they particularly comfortable where. it's not just these purpose built facilities they were designed to protect in case of a nuclear attack one of moscow's iconic landmark is also there to protect biggest shelter in a war that has a mosque or metro system the station is. constructed as a bunker and it can save the lives of people who was. inside at the time of the strike the museum prides itself as being very hands on encouraging visitors to reach out and touch the past which. is it's not my can only museum when nothing can be teched here on the contrary everything can be taxed is just going to hold in the hands away the equipment used when the bank was operational. the
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complex extends kilometers underground creating a rapid war and below the streets jam packed with people comes here deep underground visitors to the bunker get a chance to experience what it would have been like if moscow would ever being hit by a nucular tide and this facility in. the red lights blasting out the sirens wailing and a voice over explains that moscow is being hit by a ten megaton bomb decimating most of the city the say even though you know this is just part of the visit to the bunker it certainly feels very real peter all of a moscow. consensus have taken the word out of the classic novel briefing the word was deemed offensive to them african-american community critics say the book is a work of art a product of its time i think to gauge feelings in new york. sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never harm so no name is ever been offensive to you
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because you know what you have to be emotionally disturbed to have any me thank you i mean there's something more deeper than me. so it's ok for anyone to call anyone anything. it depends on how you say it it is the pens on in the context that use the word. yes more from the resident in about an hour's time you take me back with headlines a couple minutes.
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hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on. russia's.


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