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biggest shelter in a war that has a mosque or metro system the station is. constructed as a bunker and it can see through eyes of people who is. inside at the time of the strike the museum prides itself as being very hands on encouraging visitors to reach out and touch the past which means. it's not like an ordinary museum where nothing can be teched here on the contrary everything can be taxed is just going to hold in the hands or where the equipment used when the bunker was operational. the complex extends kilometers underground creating a rapid war and below the streets jump packed with people comes here deep underground visitors to the bunker get a chance to experience what it would have been like if moscow would ever being hit by a nucular time and this facility in. the red lights are seeing out the sirens wailing and a voice over explains that moscow is being hit by a ten megaton you kill
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a bomb decimating most of the city of the say even though you know this is just part of the visit to the bank at seven feels very real to peter all of the moscow and for those of you who are concerned we are told that peter over did indeed survive the attack i'll be back with the headlines in a moment and i will also be discussing russia's image abroad with a leading french historian as well.
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direct from our studios in moscow this is r t where it is six thirty on a monday morning. let's take a look at your top headlines. two vessels remain stuck in the ice off russia's far east coast as extreme weather delays rescue efforts powerful icebreakers are now nearing their position to help guide the track ships to safer waters. death
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of millions of fish and flocks of birds across the globe sparked a media frenzy as doomsday speculators say it hails of the end of the world meanwhile scientists investigate possible explanations and such as changing climate and poisoning in an attempt to solve the mystery. critics argue lenient asylum policies are to blame for the growth of islamist extremism across europe. say they vote for several serious attempts and that the wave of recent arrests is proof they're coping. a leading french historian who predicted the breakup of the soviet union says europe will struggle to keep its place in the international arena without russia's help she tells r t why russia is so misunderstood by the west.
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everyone got out of the course structure of history and humanity is one of the secretary of the french science academy and the woman who predicted the breakup of the soviet union in nineteen seventy eight in her book pickle laps of an empire is here with us today by super bowl. thank you very much my dumbed down course for your time. in your recent book between two walls you talk of russia can we presume from the title that you think russia still hasn't found its place in the walt. since was looking is not exactly what the book says is that russia has made these kind of decision but over the past ten years it's been pursuing two different paths rather than one is what i've been trying to explain is that others saw it in disintegrated russia rushed to europe but as you have did not offer a woman welcome since the beginning of this century or russia's foreign policy has been focusing on two directions rather than on one on the one hand and fall courses
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on the west on the other hand because it was joe graphical position and decided to position itself as an asian country it gives a greater priests and influence in the world has been pursuing this policy for more than ten years now and has broad great success as they're out of the twentieth century russia's international reputation around the world was not very good but now after the past decade it's obvious that it's been reckoned voters it's a big change russia has taken a very important step forward and in my pin in this process is irreversible russia has become a world power at the flipper will it be there in your introduction you raise the question of whether russia should be feared do you mean that the imperial russia and then the soviet union which. europe used to be afraid of are still alive. i think that people in the not only in europe the collapse of the soviet union was
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not anticipated it happened overnight many countries primarily those who are to solve it influence the eastern european countries and countries that used to be part of the soviet union but are now into balance states did not understand russia and are afraid of it as eastern european countries have become e.u. members they have to show this years and pass them on to the you saying that russia used to be an empire so why should it seize being an empire and can't be trusted now that is imperial past has been forgotten by now people have already understood it russia is pursuing its own path but time has shown that georgia for example which is always being say that it wants to save itself for russia that's why it wanted to access nato it feels that russia will dominate georgia again in york i think that's a few years originate from some kind of misunderstanding of the breakup of the soviet union because it was so sudden no one could adjust themselves to immediately
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all the european and pires have collapsed but they collapsed after decades of preparation you were in russia itself was not ready but there was no you don't believe in russia's imperial ambitions just a right i don't believe it or i'd rather say there was some kind of an astrologer but that's a completely different saying look at what your country can forget overnight that it's used to be a powerful empire but russia has common sense despite the fact that some russians say used to be so good and that is a shame is forgotten about it for a still russian people and specifical isn't our have common sense and they're to stand too well that it's over and it's russia's future is not to be an empire but rather to build up its reputation and via satellite our rather than. by force. this will be sky king as well they would fit what are the main areas to europe types of
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russian places today. except of course russia has the legacy of this of it here in n.z. and it will be marred by the stigma for a long time i come from a country in which the collapse of the empire was a difficult one but bloodshed in the fifty's and sixty's yeltsin sad to take as much and as you can swallow it another day he said you are free to get out of here many things about fashion of a garden the people for godly subjects is to was dominating under still fear and then got scared of the country or what it was or how or not ability to speak as doggedly with other countries as all this was forgotten it and these new russia was not interested i see it what engine your country are people suspicious of russia i don't know what to say to that boy of the thoughts of your current president nicolas sarkozy said in his election campaign it's better to shake hands with than with putin who would you shake hands with. in there and then you have to
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all i feel uncomfortable talking about my president has changed a great deal in he was in love with america it was an example of how to believe a word that he did not know russia has a hunger an origin and hungary it was a factor but the soviet union to a certain extent and even by russia has come a long way to he chose russia's and i agree with him it's in europe's interests and in france's interests for cross has always had its interest in relations with russia. and why has the course changed what is these changes related to. simply because he realized what's right he's a very smart guy really i should not be calling my present a guy well he's a very smart person or chairman he's very active and he thinks something over he got to. understand things correctly and he took a look at the world and has realized a lot of things only two years what you realize trust that russia wasn't
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a terrible can tweet it was a country to be spoken to not let the georgian answer didn't help him to he stablished close relations with the russian president and prime minister he realized the dial o'gara european country is the most important thing to build relations with russia he also realized russia was a european country or at least he didn't understand very well it for us he also realized that europe was no longer strong it was falling out of the history of global relations always going to fall out of it was to be completely cv it from russia his current position which i think is very smart is not the trash should be part of europe russia is too vast for europe it would not adapt what we need he thinks is a model for all asians but for what why does europe yet russia now. or russia is needed because the entire history of international relations is moving away from
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europe it's played out in asia even the u.s. . is refocusing its foreign policy on asia where of the huge countries that will play the big roles located here in asia or latin america but that's a different question now what is the current state of european asian relations europe is of no interest asia it would view europe as a landmass that tweets used to pacific ocean with russia and europe and not a whole but if a picture there was an alliance then we can say europe reaches the pacific if this is the reason europe needs russia and i'm not sure if russia is europe but europe at the moment needs for russia what i want that. for in one of your interviews you spoke about the role of poland and said it could become a great. between europe and russia what kind of bridge and what are the current
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dynamics of russian polish relations machine door until very recently it seemed like a great idea but now represent between russia and poland has actually happened i think however that some politicians use smart politicians for soldiers even prime minister donald to he was bringing poland closer to russia before the plane crashed the fall and has always been the final frontier of europe russia began after that france here is also in close contact with ukraine the question of ukraine is very delicate given it e.u. accession without exception russia would upset russian you know poland is a bridge of sorts between russia and europe it's a bridge to russia because it is at the same time a slight it and a european country which could serve for bream's kind who is closer russia and europe holiday russia and ukraine and russia so poland could play a historical role if it in the stance the situation saying well of course so if my
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damage on course at one point you predicted the collapse of the soviet union any new forecasts for more than russia. that's the fear no i don't email forgot it's just what i was writing about the solving i didn't see it as a forecast i looked at the country and saw so many negative and elements but i couldn't help but ask myself how long will it last i don't make forecasts as a rule historian if i look at the past and try to figure out what's happening in the present i think russia has come a long way over the past twenty years it is having some difficulties as countries do it's not easy to introduce democracy capitalism it to western europe's a choice to do that or do. it within twenty years isn't so easy that i think russia is following the path he chose in one thousand nine hundred ninety one there have
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been ups and downs but i don't see any decent u.t. so i think we can become a future it's totty until ignoring the like you know one country yes it was before if somebody asked you to describe more than russian just three what's what would those words be. the frost one would be mighty which it wasn't ten years ago that was a this second important aspect is that modern russian makes small time nationality actually work multiple nationalities was what killed to solve it you know. that it . would be dynamic. by the time time goes thank you very much thank you. wealthy british style. writers.
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brussels remains stuck in ice off russia's far east coast as extreme weather delays and rescue efforts powerful icebreakers are now nearing their position to help guide the ship to safer waters. the sudden death of millions of fish and flocks of birds across the globe to spark a media frenzy as doomsday speculators see it hailed as the end of the world meanwhile scientists investigate possible explanations such as changing climate and
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poisoning in an attempt to solve the mystery. critics argue leading to asylum policies are to blame for the growth of islamic extremism across europe authorities say they've been several serious attempts and the wave of recent arrests is proof that they're. right now natalia is here with the sports update. hello and welcome you're watching this for years an hour to you good to have you with us and look at the headlines for. bad begin a little balls for australian continues as the resolute game on the new coach getting dalglish going down to man united in the f.a. cup. spoiled comebacks with. international open. and all the hollywood spartak st petersburg didn't all my
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involve sunday's basketball league highlights. will begin in england where little will continue to struggle losing the fast match on the new coach kenny dalglish the reds going down a bit in rivals manchester united to the third round of the f.a. cup the time was barely thirty seconds old when danielle agora fouled suburban to the box and ryan giggs converted from the spot to prince and i did have the match also saw lupul captain steven gerrard sam tall for diving in rationing on michael carey just off to the hof. burying the reds hopes of a comeback huge frustration for attending hero dalglish while for united be one no one is enough to progress to a full round where they will face league one side southampton. elsewhere told them easily defeated and now the league one club charlton's first scoring three without reply jermaine's to full with a brace and this one while davidson and dressed down school open up chelsea how by
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and they've switched goal scored six more against the final score of seven nailed frank lampard netting twice for the blues which set up a last sixteen meeting with adverts and in the late game manchester city drew at last the underdogs open the scoring in the first minute city then pulled a habit last and that is an equaliser in the sixty fourth minute the two. all draw meetings there will be a week late. in tennis with through to the second round of the c.b. international as preparations continue i had of the australian open the russian faced wildcard you know in the dark each was playing in this tournament for the first time in a decade former world number four dark and sure looking at a long way short of a best against the russian going down in straight sets so he's also far from her best at the moments but still and these are winning this one six two six two she will take on novel style in some style still in the second round.
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him clusters is also then out of beating remain an alexander clause does open the year with a straight sets win over world number one caroline does not speak in a new year's day exhibit match in thailand and the belgian was in good form once again wrapping up a sixty six one victory in just over an hour the reigning us open champion sounds just great he'll be ready for g.m. since returning to pro tennis in two thousand and nine. total is a good bonus i think also for your mental state of mind as to know that you've been able to improve things that were still a little bit weaker and that's a you know it's always it's a confident feeling knowing that you've been able to you know play really good tennis last year but i feel physically after that i'm still you know become a little bit better now in goal for louis all stews in the line to the home crowd at the east london golf club by claiming the africa open title on sunday open champion holding his nerve in
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a three way playoff with england's chris woods and spain's man in. two thousand and eleven and the career you're looking for the title. going into the final round and pretty strong stuff with three zero finished on sixteen on the floor of south africa holding from fifteen feet for birdie on the first extra hole wildwood of only managed pars. moving to basketball now west part of st petersburg be denied the eighth week of the p.b. ale regular championship spartak framing of their tall paul physician in the league table with the wind. watch the action. it was youth against experience and elites may choke the weekend one of the most talented sides to be bailed the nominee to conspire doc from cindy just go ahead if you feel need any in their school work in one of the key players from the russian national team and don't put the pressure off said in the early base and it is game day now in the woods trying to play their firm bans basketball was
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a lot of three pointers and if seizure financial made in a free people in the high scoring first quarter well points for another russian international indies. the visitors were replying with the big shots of their old sledging unicode group and make into each of them in the first off as part that finished it leading by nine points in on the stage in the game for the sea org meet it was called one of the most gifted going darts in europe he had it seven a c's to his fifty two points and been match but every time because scott the gaps bardach were coming up with some big plays and i shall bet it for starters also was an impressive fifty seats that night in denominate were down by eleven after these jump away with an ankle coffee in the final quarter they can express in but some schoolboy errors in the final stages cost him dearly and sparked out game. their stuff game we played against a good team always hard to play the first game of the break we had about two weeks
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without a game so we really need to be focused and we did everything we said in our locker room played hard all the way to the end and this is an if a lot of close games so i think a lot of guys on the team a started to get a feeling for the time we need to make plays in a time where we need to actually make big shots so hopefully as the season goes on we'll be better and better at that. with almost what we get we want to play fast musket ball which will be interesting to see for the crown's but to beat teams like spots on would have been to school kids who need at least seven as a class to be their best not to miss fullness of what is was today was. if you could sit into. egypt one. week. over to indisposed now and russians have on school but have house claimed gold in the man's big combination at the european speed skating championships in the lake that also sounds thousand meter distance with
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a time of thirty minutes thirty nine point eight seconds already has also won the five thousand meter as was second in the fifteen hundred and came fifth in the five hundred metres to dutchman with the all day. silver and bronze respectively. and by all flown the chairs of has claimed wrongs in the mounds of mass start adding fooled world cup stage in germany the russian missing just always shots at the four shooting ranges and eventually lost four seconds to do when i boiled the way the silver went to his fellow we just found out it was able to outsprint charizard despite missing three targets and russia so also came third in the women's mall star race. on the slopes if it's accustomed to the top honors in the men's world cup slalom ray said this was a result of. the creation also moving to the top of the overall slalom rankings after the victory style each opened up a big lead in the morning session and was able to hold on to finishing with
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a combined two lead time of one minute fifty point nine seconds or so here she came in second twenty six minutes of a second behind the while another all strain on defending world cup slalom champ and ryan prepare settled for the place. a bit of speed jumping now where tamasha morgan stanley continued his remarkable ronald results with a seventh world cup win of the season the australian storming to victory at the ski flying event in the czech republic mortgage down school with a combined total of four hundred and fourteen and a haul four installments to jump the finish ahead of swiss stasi among. local favorite along came in third securing this area whom do you think is. and snowboarding canadian. o'neil evolution models in doubles peeping fellow north americans mark morris and harry reid to talk on the podium to bring you the fifteen thousand views the real prize money was the last of the event while
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american jamie anderson won the women's event top trick most battle with the czech republic's. any. third. and do the continental hockey league final bars have regained top spot in the overall standings following a solid performance on sunday the two time champion. three two on home ice moved up to the top of the table pushing like a mighty of back to second elsewhere on guard needed time to defeat the bottom is. a little what good dogs or risk claimed a three want anyway widow bob barr reese trucks are soft and if he makes six five inches and soon be the left no chance rushing down by four goals. that's all they distance balls for now you can find some of those stories on our you tube channel which is r.t.s. sports news coming up shortly after this is the weather stay with us. hungry for
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