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tv   [untitled]    January 11, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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in fact roughly eighty percent of the u.s. population so you don't have to go looking for poor people in india to see how this beggar thy neighbor policy is going to affect the people you just have to go to the middle classes and lower middle classes of the united states to see how it's going to hurt them back in bel-air thanks so much for being on the kaiser report it's a pleasure being on thank you for having me all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i think my guest comes on the lira if you want to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser reported r t t v are you until next time this is max kaiser saying bio.
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the top stories from r t the wiki leaks founder julian assange has appeared in the u.k. court as he fights extradition to sweden over sexual assault allegations which he claims are politically motivated. portuguese authorities refute speculation the country is going to ask for a multi billion euro bailout but experts say it will do little to shore up the faltering single currency plus. a breakthrough in the rescue mission to
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retrieve the start of russia's far east place with the icebreakers now close to achieving that final say. hello this is r.t. it's eight pm here in moscow when i was kevin i win and our top story tonight for you the wiki leaks founder has briefly appeared in london court as he continues his battle against extradition julian assange just wanted in sweden to face sex crime allegations which he claims have been fabricated in order to eventually prosecute him on espionage charges in the u.s. what is the average keeping a close eye on developments. it was essentially what they call a case management herring today which is when they set the date for the main herring and just check that all the evidence is in course of being prepared in a timely fashion we do now know when the full extradition extradition hearing is
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going to be that's going to take place on the seventh and eighth of february so we've got to wait another sort of three weeks for for the full herring to happen and julian assange has appeared in court on tuesday for this case management hearing after it was over he made a short statement to the media outside let's hear what he had to say we are happy about today's outcome. i have a record to make available to members of the press. skeleton argument which we've had to produce in very short time over christmas what happened before christmas was that julian assange is was released on bail that happened around about the middle of december after after a fight really to be released on bail in the end the the bail sum was set at over three hundred thousand dollars and he's been staying at a friend's house in the east of england ever since then waiting for this
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extradition to happen and that of course follows the issuing by sweden of a european a rest warrant on sexual assault allegations made by to film a wiki leaks supporters i'm joined to talk more about the details of this case by gerald batten who's a member of the european parliament for the u.k. independence party he's also a valium and opponent of the european arrest warrant which is of course the legality under which students ourselves his extradition to sweden is being requested joe barton thanks very much for talking to us so we now know that the main hearing is going to be on the seventh and eighth of february what what do you expect to happen that will you see if the lawyers on mr sanchez so i try to challenge the evidence against him which i might do and say well it's not sufficient to justify extradition on judicial surrenders and now it's all the charts. to consider the evidence i'm not allowed to take into account the only grounds that you can oppose extradition very narrow you have to be enough to committed the crime it has to be not
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a distant past you know twenty five years or something and it mustn't be because you're being processed persecuted on the grounds of your sexual orientation very narrow grounds. and of course i have sat through a case where it seemed fairly obvious to the coup and indeed to the judges hearing the appeal that the evidence had been manufactured by the police but of course another important element in this particular case is this pressure that we understand is coming from the us to eventually extradite sas are there to face espionage charges what do you think that will bring oh yes i'm sure there's lots of political maneuvering inside the powers that be a very difficult position the americans want to get their hands on a sign of sorties now think the game's up people can see what the european arrest warrant. know what they're going to do fairly confident that they're going to come up with some kind of cynical fix that will allow him either to go back to australia or possibly to go back to sweden if some kind of deal is done
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about what charges will be laid against him but i'm sure put this whole. media publicity about the european arrest because this is just this there are other legal instruments coming through which remove our freedoms in other areas of life down in the name of integrating europe's legal systems in a member of the european parliament talking to. next the portuguese finance minister says he doesn't expect lisbon to ask for a bailout to resolve its economic problems senior officials from the country though been resolutely denying media reports that portugal is being pushed to ask for a hundred billion dollar package but member of the european parliament really to viruses that portugal is likely to be next in line to suffer from the curse of the eurozone there are mixed messages there everywhere on the back or on the background of great instability of the eurozone and of the great
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institutional weaknesses of the eurozone that are automatically the causes of all of this so all. certain stage it reports of all goes to the fore know either portugal manages to lower its deficits right away or make it in the medium or long term what happens that is that still the euro has institutional weaknesses that haven't been solved. even if modern america misses a horsey have told us in december that they will do everything to save the euro that is that the union has not done its homework from december to january and now the pressure is back again possible throughout all center of a looter virus the work of the u.k.'s border agency is being slammed in a report by british m.p.'s the documents suggest at least sixty thousand asylum seekers will be left to live illegally in the united kingdom because the agencies lost all trace of them let's find out what that means for the country's security talk to robin simcox now he's a research fellow the scent of
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a social cohesion simcox evening to you so how can it be that sixty thousand solomon seekers just get lost in the united kingdom which will take. well clearly this is a really terrible situation the government should be held this government and the previous one before should be held entirely to account for this britain is essentially lost control of who is coming into the country and once you can secure your borders you can't secure your country once you can't secure your country i think you're being remiss and you should not really be allowed to carry on in power i think this is this is a outrageous situation that's allowed to develop there's a focus on the impact that might have on security if the authorities have no idea who these thousands of people are this may pose a very serious and real threat absolutely i don't see that there's a new or the way around when you look at for example a lot of the al qaeda related terrorist offenses that happen in the u.k.
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the majority come from british nationals but you do also see asylum seekers people who are in the country for example bogus colleges which is increasing their problem in england of fake college has been set up purely to allow students for example from pakistan to come into the country we've seen a lot of arrests related to that it's there's a very clear security imperative in this issue which is why the government needs to correct it as soon as it can what are the authorities let these people into the country if they simply cannot deal with the timeframes that they've put actually deal with them. why there's a huge problem with the britain's inability to deport generally. being part of the european union we often can't deport people but country of origin because it may contravene the european convention on human rights on top of this there's a systemic problem where the huge backlog of cases and we have something like a half a million backlog of cases simply can't be processed and can't be dealt with quickly enough so you have a lot of people and that's the migration last year into the u.k.
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was around two hundred thousand people more coming to the u.k. than leaving it to any of that on top of the asylum seekers and the backlog and of course we're going to have a massive problem so i look at the situation being resolved. well i think britain has to be a lot more stringent on who are allows in the country for a long time now the perception is that britain has become a soft touch on immigration now of course there is a a decent way of dealing with immigration control in an immigration but the problem with statistics like we hear today is that it impacts everyone else the genuine for example refugees and asylum seekers are often tarred with the brush of just being a wave of all immigrants coming into the u.k. so i think we just need to be much much stricter criteria on who should be allowed into the u.k. and i don't think we've got it in control in anywhere near mount enough as it is all right robyn simcox such fellow at the center for social cohesion could have run a program through i think speed with r.t.
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. live from moscow this is r t coming over the program we look at how a country bent on fighting terrorists appears to be sheltering one instead. the u.s. is accused of protecting a former cia agent who's wanted in latin america for deadly terror attacks got all the details on that for you in just a few minutes tonight. china's confirmed is conducted a successful test flight of its new stealth fighter following on the heels of the u.s. and russia it's now the third country to put a stealth prototype into the air for more details on this new jet this talk to an office director of russia's sense of the analysis of strategies and technologies thanks for coming in to see us but a lot of noise made today about the successful test flight we hear come this chinese jet really been called a very successful and competitive fifth generation jet the talky weather and for all of us what is a fifth generation to be ready for the non-technical side you know or generations.
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this is the aircraft which but to be adopted by the national armed forces of the second world war like for example make twenty one it was second generation. phantom it was for a generation and by the way. a new one being a second generation aircraft was successfully able to face for a generation front on. normally every sense falling generation should be much different in capabilities from the previous one what do designers these days have to take into account what do what i designing for what i'm more famous stealthy characteristics these aircraft should not be one mission ground attack or it should be multi-functional multi-role the aircraft which is able to be reconnaissance aircraft intercept that arkansas and so forth so multi-functional second point these aircraft should be already. kind of part of the
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system since the from the system not a single aircraft but some part of the big and they could see into the bigger and of course the parts for this plane the majority of it made in china but it's also using parts produced from russia as well what's the deal there what's the percentage both american and the russian generation aircraft the indigenous all largely indigenous probably some components are made old of us or by closes the wires or japan we don't know but i should probably also have some components which we take from the. open market as far as the chinese we are sure that many subsystems are taken from russia and from some other countries both legally and illegally or bar illegally that's why this aircraft is not. indigenous and even if the would be successfully tested it would be there are difficult to light your mass production because what you can steal by procure for
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a single prototype or for a couple of prototypes it will be difficult to do it from our serial production i'm going to play an expert before of you is it something against the russian stealth s u t fifty bomber it's up against the the stealth f. twenty two raptor on the american side how does it as you see it scale up towards these full metal ball american the russian aircraft this is the real future generation even the russian ones you have some some problems because the engines which i use they are not the engines from the future generation aircraft they are still under development but it's much closer to american the real food danger if you generation aircraft the chinese machine we should probably call demonstrate of technology or brought prototype because we already had it in russia both because. they had a lot of pipes which they used to work on sort of technologists but they never
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starts your production. the current aircraft which is under the test in russia is it's already kind of for the what we call the generation of the real world because the previous ones what we tested at the meat and ninety's and beginning before two falls and heroes were not the real. future generation aircraft and i think these chinese machine they are comparable to these demonstrator of technologies of the worship design gurus the only real current american the russian fugitive actually a craftsman book of thanks for coming in to give us your insight on this development in china today thank you. a former cia agent alleged to be one of the most notorious terrorists in recent history has gone on trial in the united states luis posada is wanted in cuba or in venezuela for masterminding a number of deadly terror acts including the one nine hundred seventy six bombing of a passenger plane which killed over seventy people but none of these episodes are among the charges he faces in the u.s. as artie's john harvey is explains tonight. miami florida
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white sandy beaches miniskirts and bikini. this vacation spot is also home to a convicted international terrorist luis posada could be less coined the bin ladden of the americas the anti castro cuban was the cia's dirty secret in south and central america trained as an explosives expert at the natori a school of the americas posada's acts of terrorism spanned five decades and impacted half a dozen countries. over seventy people were killed when cuban airliner four fifty five was bombed in one thousand nine hundred ninety six a terrorist act posada plans from venice and according to cia documents the agency was aware of it before it happened. mastermind of the.
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flight and still he's here posada was convicted in absentia and been a swell of masterminding the bombing however not only did the us government refused to extradite posada to venezuela to serve his term the cia continued to employ him as a key element of the country wars which plane winds of seventy thousand civilians in nicaragua. with a leading figure in the iran contra affair in the one nine hundred eighty s. had the cia stop assad in his tracks just off my shoes my brother was killed in libya the still most brother fabio would still be alive put yourself in the place of the us of a victim of the family victim of terrorism and it's absurd distil know an italian businessman was murdered in one nine hundred ninety seven bombing orchestrated by posada it was one of a string of hotel and nightclub bombings in cuba and it wasn't the only acts of terrorism pasado was involved in there was the two thousand assassination attempt
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on. cuban leader fidel castro in a series of attacks across latin america after jailing posidon upon entering the u.s. illegally law enforcement agencies warned the justice department a poseidon's terrorist past but he was set free and he was now proceed is on trial in el paso texas the charges against him not international terrorism but immigration fraud and perjury we unleashed him on the world peter kornbluh of the national security archives obtained dozens of documents pertaining to provide his involvement with the cia he says the case is about whether the united states truly can hold real terrorists are though in this case a terrorist who was once our terrorist accountable livio acknowledges the importance of poseidon on trial but insists it's going to be too little too late the legacy of luis posada is that he is a cia created frankenstein and he went out and committed murder and mayhem the cia
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once described posada as a reliable asset to the u.s. government a man of good character pro-u.s. who would make an excellent official in a post castro government half a century after posada karela began doing the cia's dirty work in latin america his bloody legacy lives on for the countless victims and as the u.s. government continues to fight the so-called war on terrorism extraditing kidnapping and assassinating suspects in other countries it continues to harbor one of the hemispheres most notorious terrorists are t. washington d.c. . refrigeration ship the spring stuck fast and i saw russia's far east coast planes transported not a safer waters by two icebreakers they're now heading to the final ship that's been stranded for almost a fortnight with more than three hundred crew on board to sarah ferguson the details of this rescue operation. welcome to the crew
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a large supply vessel as the two ice breakers. crosses and heading back towards no it's a slight change in strategy that we've seen in this final stages of this rescue operation we saw in the early hours of yesterday morning they managed to free up the refrigerator and they started throwing that all of yesterday and today tools. but what happened earlier today was that they mounted a helicopter picture just from the album micro icebreaker and they managed to see the area idolize the ice layer and they managed to find distasteful to leave this refrigerated vessel and that's freed up these two ice breakers to now pay back the same way they've come down which means they can avoid having to break free further ice coming back making their way back to last largest supply vessel we had sten a press conference a federal fishing agency say the final part now going of freeing up this large ship
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is going to be the most difficult. recognizance helicopter to send by the emergencies ministry was observed to the canals which before would regularly freeze and i'm clear unstable. because compton's have decided to turn around and come back for the supply ships leaving the refrigerator vessel for now to try and get the supply ship out the operation has now entered its final and most difficult stage according to our calculations it will conclude within forty eight hours to get both ships. were know the estimate as to when the final operation is going to be finished still very dependent on these weather conditions that we see we know about the whole operation that is really being very tricky for these icebreakers they come up against very late temperatures incredibly because. they've now been able to continue back along the path they do not so it's now entering the final
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stages and it's. so for reporting for us there they were postings expressed his condolences to us congresswoman and others caught up in a mass shooting in arizona the prime minister was visiting russia's mission control center where he spoke democratic giffords brother in law is currently aboard the u.s.s. . i want to assure you that everyone in brushes sympathizes with the situation i know that mrs giffords is the wife of your brother he's also an astronaut who visited moscow just like you we're very sorry about this and hope that she will get well we give our condolences to the families of those who were killed in this shooting. the shooting rampage took place outside a supermarket in arizona it left six people dead and fourteen others injured on monday suspect jared lochner made his first court appearance on five charges including attempting to assassinate the u.s. congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot in the head remains in
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a critical condition tonight the shooting spree once again ignited the debate about stricter gun control in the u.s. . more world news from r.t. this tuesday night queensland's capital brisbane is bracing itself for its worst flooding in decades after heavy rain swept through the australian state with the brisbane river overflowing its banks officials warn that the country's third largest city may be inundated in the next few days affecting some fifteen thousand people it follows a violent wave of flash floods the deluge a town in queensland killing at least ten people two thirds of the state has been declared a disaster zone. up to fifty feared dead as riots over high unemployment continue to rage throughout the north african state of chin is here in the west of the country police fired live ammunition at a crowd of protesters killing several and injuring many more in the country's president called the unrest terrorism to create three hundred thousand jobs in response to his ears unemployment rate is believed to be around forty percent. this
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choose to use since the opening of the u.s. prison in guantanamo bay cuba detention center for toto suspects is notorious for its use of torture on inmates discusses the controversy surrounding it with human rights lawyer courtney bush. these methods of interrogation the enhanced interrogation techniques as they are so referred did not happen to the minority they happen to the majority so what happens is you get instructors who are interrogators and guards who are trained in these techniques that are actually used in military training to help army men and women in interrogation being used on these men in guantanamo bay so the majority of our clients have had at least one of the techniques used on them while they're illegal under the geneva conventions the geneva conventions afford prisoners of war their right to be treated humanely and without degradation but unfortunately in two thousand and two after the prison
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first opened george bush declared that these men were not prisoners of war they were enemy combatants and therefore did not fall under the geneva conventions we still hold that this is a legal and if it's not illegal it's completely immoral it anyways. it's come up in ten minutes time first it's a business suit to meet the demands of the first business day back after those are your holidays going russian well there was a bit of a volatility in the russian market but it's always the case because global markets are trading and russia has to play catch up on the tenth day of the year the ruble for example jumped to a twenty two month high against the euro and is at a one year high versus its target basket the currency is up more than two percent against the euro on what is the what was the first trading day of course in russia after the new year holiday and the suggested local investors were repatriated money and it concerned that europe's debt crisis will worsen the ruble with little
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changed against the dollar. mergers and acquisitions activity in russia more than doubled in twenty ten and thomson reuters study says sixty seven billion dollars worth of deals were done making the country the elevate leader in eastern europe telecoms chemical energy sectors were the main drivers the global m. and a market began this year with the new highs with eighty three billion dollars worth of consolidation signed in the first ten days of january that's a twenty one percent increase from the same period last year. bellary says raising the transit tariff for russian oil by twelve and a half percent starting from next month the increase was agreed upon by both parties at the end of last year following months of talks bellerose expects eighty million tons of oil to be pumped through territory during twenty eleven that's roughly the same as in twenty ten while prices had twenty seven month highs near ninety dollars a barrel at the moment alexey corkin senior oil and gas and those from what else it
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says the rally is partly being driven by speculation. well since we can't identify in fundamental drug was strong enough to cause a rally of this magnitude. all we can do is describe this to financial speculation not unless the prices actually translate into end user prices which are. consumers worldwide have to have to pay for fuel. and so this is going to have a real impact on. the economy is. going to the markets now u.s. stocks are rising on optimistic reports they're also be given a lift by china and japan they're saying they will buy bonds in the european bailout fund the dow is up hoffer percent with bank of america head of the trend with a two percent increase the nasdaq is in the black to a point four percent european stock markets were closed the session in the black in
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london the footsie was up a percent with a strong financial rally after tensions over the euro area sovereign debt eased in frankfurt the dax was one point two percent higher one point one shares and siemens gained three percent of t.v. electronics and engineering groups chief financial officer said the company would report higher first quarter earnings and sales. and here in russia the markets reopened after a ten day break for new you're going to see is traded in the black driven by metals and mining stocks and on the back of those stronger prices and the ruble the audience m i six climbed over a percent off russia's oil and gas major sort of would have to go as opposed to the biggest gains in the my sex after to now is the purchase of a fifty six percent stake in one of the country's largest airlines you call producer met show gained after coal prices raised to what two year high as heavy floods disrupted mines and cut transport in australia and stronger crude prices boosted right.


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