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tv   [untitled]    January 12, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EST

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you. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images called world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are all day. and i see some of these entering its final stage the last of five ships with three hundred people on board is being towed just a day after almost two weeks stranded up russia's far east coast. also reporting that the world's most notorious detention center at guantanamo bay has
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turned nine years old this part of his pledge to close it down the prison still holds almost two hundred inmates in a legal limbo. plagued returns to great britain of being diagnosed annually with tuberculosis but signs the infection is spreading to high risk groups into the population. and in business the ruble has jumped to a twenty two month high against europe and one its target more in twenty minutes. around the clock around the world this is r t live in moscow good to have you with us. so the end is inside for the final ship that has been stuck on russia's fall east coast more than three hundred crew members have enjoyed
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a two week ordeal and are now being escorted through the frozen sea used by two. that already led a smaller ship to safer waters well up the country to show is following their progress the ships are now in the final stage of the rescue operation when will we see an end to this breaking saga do you think. it will be a live press conference held by russia's specie agency has just wrapped up and they say that the two vessels the two ice breakers have entered a final stage of the rescue operation but are still working very hard to battle the stream weather conditions that have made these. missions so incredibly challenging all the two ice breakers we know now in the sea of a whole it's rescuing the last of the two the largest ship the supply vessel with some three hundred people on board earlier they had towed to safety to an area with dinner ice the smaller of the two vessels with some thirty five crew members on board and now to fulfill the mission they need to get the largest ship to pick up
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the refrigerator the smaller one and then go out to open waters but russia's fishing agency says that a lot of challenges this still had the operation didn't proceed as smoothly as they wanted and the two eyes break has experienced some technical difficulties. more there. we are expecting the ice breakers and the supply ship to reach the refrigerator vessel within the next twenty four hours if you go on the vessels who then continue towards the open are suited to do we will have to be stationed i believe we should consider creating the systems before they would help counter such emergencies in this case we have to wait for several days used for the operators of the ice breakers to coordinate their actions that will slow you ice sheets or grew dramatically over those days before told you that. but we also know that weather might be worsening throughout the day which will of course make the mission definitely harder well just a recap of policies
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a rescue operation had proceeded so for two days ago the cross an icebreaker reached the smaller of the shapes and join the admiral mccarthy rise breaker already working at the scene together they tried to help but get the two ice breakers on top of the icy out of the icy trap to get through this incredibly thick layer of ice which normally is from fifty centimeters to two mistakes but this year it reminds a slice of pie with slices of getting on top of one another and in some places ice is as big as we need to fool meters. and of course it's really hard to break it down the shapes the eyes breakers had been maneuvering trying to make up the route the hardest of all it was to rescue these larger largest supply ship as it's wider than the two eyes break there so they had to join in their efforts to make up the channel symbol tenuously now as far as the crew of that ship was concerned we are
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talking some three hundred people there is no immediate danger to any of the crew members so they have enough supplies of food and drinking water on board the ship yes but nevertheless we're still talking about quite a long time out with the ships have been stranded what for two weeks now although they're not in danger how are the actually coping with all of this the crew. well indeed it's been almost two weeks and of course the most got the word is that the local authorities have more new tool this rescue operation closely despite the spirit of all the days which has been in russia for some ten days and those at firs have been tremendous of course though the the transportation ministry and russia species agency had long ago want to say let's not to had into icy waters this year the sea of a horse can discipline be at this period of time in winter a very difficult place for sailors to be to navigate and the freezing temperatures of this year have complicated matters further. the temperatures have fallen below
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twenty seven degrees celsius and there there is strong northerly winds and at the moment local authorities are covering up very have to price tag of this rescue operation but of course once the crew is back home and dry it will be the private companies owners of the vessels will have to pay out. thanks very much indeed for that update all over there in moscow. because you live from the russian capital twenty four hours a day more news to come up for you including the imported illness that belongs to britain. and show. because tb to me maybe because i come from sri lanka originally it was a disease of poverty and. tb is back and spreading through the u.k. ranking it worst in western europe victims of doctors give us their story. but first the twenty first century's most infamous detention center still holding
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inmates despite president obama's election promise to get it closed guantanamo bay has become a trademark for human rights abuses since taking its first prisoner nine years ago and as you have these reports it cuba's far from happy at having america's dirty work still carried out on its soil. it's a place forever immortalized by images of torture known by its abbreviation get no america's notorious detention facility in guantanamo bay cuba has been the source of world condemnation where abuse lack of legal recourse and indefinite detention is the norm it's also been the subject of decades of strife with cuban authorities who argue the forty five square mile military base violates cuban sovereignty and amounts to a military occupation the agreement under which the u.s. has to be. on a moment let's hear a piece. from earlier the earliest years of the twentieth century the plot
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amendment was imposed following the u.s. occupation of cuba after the spanish american war in one thousand nine hundred three was extracted from the den tube and government under under threat under duress and in clear contravention of international laws like the vienna convention the us government threatened to continue its occupation of cuba unless cuban authorities agreed to lease the land for america's military base indefinitely or for as long as it paid the cubans its yearly runs the rent check four thousand and eighty three dollars after the cuban revolution swept the island nation one nine hundred sixty it's revolutionary leader fidel castro cashed only one check and he insists it was an accident no checks have been cashed tents in protest no such he would never be signed today no such treaty signed today would never be
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internationally recognized the united states. will hunt down. and punish those responsible after nine eleven the bush administration swiftly turned its military base into a detention facility declassified documents show the u.s. government used cuban soil to evade national and international law to interrogate terror suspects a strategy during this happy escobar argues is convenience you can ship to cuba never bring them to the u.s. mainland and they are going to live there for ever in a state of legal limbo most of the remaining one hundred seventy three prisoners at guantanamo bay have been detained there since the facility opened nine years ago awaiting trial. president obama recently signed away his right to bring detainees to u.s. soil making it unlikely that any of them will see a trial or freedom any time soon some argue the u.s. that violates cuba's sovereignty for this reason because this is the only latin
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american country for the past over this past fifty years has said you know then you straight to the eye of the american government or as they would say the american empire a country cubans believe should give rights to its detainees and give back the land that's right believe there is to have after this our t. washington d.c. . human rights activists have been holding a symbolic demonstration in front of the white house calling for them obeyed to close for good they wore black hoods and orange jumpsuits to represent its inmates christine. they call themselves anti torture or with a group called witness against torture and made its yearly pilgrimage here to washington d.c. to bring attention to the fact that the detention facility at guantanamo bay is still open there are in fact one hundred seventy three men still detained there and
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they're represented by people here and jump you know they started the rally in front of the white house the home of u.s. president barack obama who started off his presidency with a pledge to close down the detention facility at guantanamo bay and yet two years later it is still open and nearly fifty of those one hundred seventy three men inside are considered too dangerous to release but too difficult to prosecute so what that they stay until they die although they've come out here for the last several years there is a slight change this year to the prison uniform many here are wearing stickers with the image of private first class bradley manning he's accused of leaking those secret documents to whistleblower website wiki leaks he's being held in solitary confinement we hasn't been charged and a lot of people here say this is torture in the same way that the prisoners being held at guantanamo bay are also tortured reporting in washington christine for
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sound arts he. was going to publish these stories of detainees and what he calls america's illegal prisons quantum of solace to hold people indefinitely while flowing below the human rights radar. people should always have cared about guantanamo bay because the whole point of setting it up by the bush administration was to create a new category if human being in detention who had no rights whatsoever the problem is that there's still this novel cats agree if human being neither criminal suspects no prisoners of war held in this open ended detention which now because president obama has found it so difficult to close it is really looking like arbitrary detention one hundred seventy three men still held and it's looking like for the foreseeable future very few of those people are going anywhere and i'm going to have trials they're not going to be released that's a profound disappointment because the whole existence of guantanamo really remains
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offensive to people who believe in the law and in justice what they've actually done was rounded up people in such a random and haphazard manner that they had so many innocent people that they had people who knew nothing about anything but they felt that they had been trained to resist interrogation by al qaeda and so they introduced a torture program that's like their kind of mediƦval which. journalist and author worthington the. international investigators of hundred poland their final report on last april plane crash which killed the polish president lech kaczynski and ninety five others the document is due to be made public later today and is expected to shed light on previously unknown facts about the tragedy well lotty will bring you full coverage when it happens. the tragedy.
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the texture of which president. will be. sitting in the kaczynski plane crash. known as the white plague in nineteenth century england tuberculosis is now increasingly a modern day menace for those living in the u.k. if you don't the capital of western europe the illness outbreak in britain has been connected to both poverty and immigration but as. it discovered the infection is now all spreading beyond those high risk groups. it's a fatal illness most common in the victorian era as a result of badly ventilated damp living conditions but this is alive and kicking in twenty first century london a recent study shows tb has hit a thirty year high in the u.k. with more than nine thousand cases diagnosed annually the reasons for this increase is largely due to the number of people who arrive in the u.k.
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with infection tb infection who usually would have acquired the disease because of their association believed in a country with a high incidence of tb. and also because of trouble to those countries britain has become known as the tb capital of europe pull some of felt from tb alerts which aims to draw attention to the threat of tuberculosis. i think that's a bit strong but still it is the one country in western europe where the numbers are continuing to rise it can affect everybody but most commonly it affects people who are poor and that's to do with paralyzing when you. close proximity of living poor immune systems and so on it's a shocking indictment of the way poor people live in the u.k. particularly those who originally come from abroad but unlike in other countries where tb is a problem in the u.k. it's no longer limited to the poor or those with chaotic lifestyles stemming from
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drug or alcohol abuse or homelessness sharma pereira is a middle class journalist who's lived in the u.k. since childhood she was ill for five years we can tired with debilitating night sweats before doctors finally diagnose tuberculosis deep in my heart i knew something was wrong i'd stopped working i'd stopped doing all the things that i normally do i'm newly a pool of energy. but i've become a sort of rather tired grumpy middle aged woman doctors aren't sure where pereira picked up the illness but say she could just have been standing next to the wrong person on london's public transport network i was so ashamed because tb to me maybe because i come from sri lanka originally was a disease of poverty and it's. not deliberate but a lack of cleanliness a lack of hygiene in iran due. to me it was because it was consumption
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it was what mimi dies of a lot. it was what it was to do with sort of dampness it was d.h. lawrence it was not comfortable me in my nice little northwest london home pereira now has to take antibiotics for six months and will then be well statistically she's much more likely to take the whole course of treatment than someone poverty. or addicted to drugs or alcohol not finishing treatment leads to drug resistant tuberculosis already on the rise in the u.k. in the late one nine hundred eighty s. the us had a similar cases of tuberculosis the way they solved that problem was pumping money into it ironically the u.k. is one of the world's largest foreign aid with huge investments in fighting tb abroad but. it's unclear whether the money will be available to stop the spread of
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the disease. and you can head online for updates and analysis on the story with. us. through some of. the no holds barred story of the first man in space fifty years after you get gallons pondering floyds a british comic book tells of the turbulence in making history. behind the scenes of the big two gives you a ringside seat at the most. to see how one of the great shows on earth makes its magic those stories and all the. portugal will try to raise much needed cash on the bond market on wednesday while
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trying to convince the world it doesn't need a bailout to solve its debt problems it's a critical period for the country at a time of year when governments raise crucial funds by getting investors to buy in but it could come up quite a price portugal is likely to pay high interest rates for just as jittery over the country stability and still says it won't need bailouts like we saw in ireland although it's thought the major euro currency countries of france and germany want to plow money in that's because they're worried the debt crisis will spread to neighboring spain which is by far a larger economy and where a collapse would be deeply destructive but financial adviser marco says of portugal rescue wouldn't solve the fundamental flaws in the euro zone concepts. this is not in any kind a way a final solution for the european debt crisis it is just buying time for these countries so that hopefully they will be able to get control of their fiscal
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situation and the markets will start to to believe in them again that they are able to service their debt moving forward in reality what's happening is burden in this country with these countries a lot more debt to service and the jury is still out on whether they can actually turn their fiscal position around over the next few years you can't save all the banks and save all the countries because at some point someone's got a fire or all which is the other option which we've been pursuing so far is that we just carry on printing money and everybody carry on printing money and we end up with hyperinflation and most currencies then become worthless so at some stage someone's got to fail but what we're doing is patching up patching up patrick up hoping that the issue's going to go away pushing the can further down the road now the europeans have to start thinking about complete reform of the european structure. well as we'll hear later. a british m.p.
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has been telling us that no matter how much the eurozone circles its wagons the prospects are bleak. it is extremely dangerous as we've seen with the euro to force such divergent nations together i think the tensions you create economic and political opera fairly dangerous i think personally i think the euro will collapse and soon i think it could be down really february it could collapse. i mean really you cannot i saw the exchange rate mechanism the forerunner to the euro you cannot buck the markets as mrs thatcher said at that time and affectively what's the use trying to do with this massive bailout package seven hundred fifty billion euros is to try and buck the markets but you can't do that you national governments never have enough money to actually out maneuver and out bid. or
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private markets they have more money available. and it's not going to work. to some other world news headlines a suicide bomb blast in afghanistan's capital kabul has left eight dead and over twenty seven others injured the attacker is said to have been riding a motorbike when he sayd a bus explosion happened close to the parliament building and offices run by foreign companies. and over forty people have died in one thousand missing in the country's worst flooding for a century thousands of residents in brisbane the capital of queensland evacuated their homes of massive floods hit the central business district with water levels expected to reach their peak in the region by thursday many residents stocked up on food supplies and headed to emergency shelters. haiti's walk in the one year anniversary of the massive earthquake that devastated the country over two hundred thousand people lost their lives and over a million are still homeless the country's. president led the ceremony which was held at the site of a mass grave on the island and former u.s.
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president bill clinton attended the comanches and took a tour of the reconstruction effort part of which he's overseeing. for one year after an earthquake devastated haiti the country is still struggling to recover from the disaster that left the capital in ruins however many believe there's little progress to be seen for international aid efforts and in about an hour from now crosstalk guests will be discussing who is to blame for the situation one year on and here's a taste of what's ahead in the program for you. just like all of the others that are that are employees of usa idea or international republican institute these are folks haitians that are used to be the face of imperialism in haiti and mr lucas was was part of that back in two thousand and four i want to focus here on what. i am talking. trees here room but eyes and ideological problem because he is
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a problem not ideological interest is a failure you should tell now if you show your country the world that you have zero you know that. you need to tell them. you need to. show you and you need. to look at all the resources of the. band right here. in. europe today for the moment this is our t.v. life here in moscow next it's the business with you. hello and
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a very warm welcome time to delve into the world of business while prices have risen to a row ninety dollars a barrel the highest for more than two hears alex record can assume that well and gas and oil seeps us a third the price hike could happen in the coming weeks but it's likely to be short lived there's a chance. through the rally my continued and even. when we see a short term. spike to one hundred dollars per barrel. by somewhere around ninety maybe it's a much more weeks. i just don't think. this is playing well in the short term obviously could exporters benefit from this but if you extend this beyond. three to six months the high prices are centrally
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a sort of net tax on all major all consuming. russia's reserve declined by forty percent in just one month as the country tries to cap its budget deficit the thought now accounts for twenty five billion dollars that's higher than government expectations with a strong price supporting the country's budget but russia still expected to spend all its reserve fund this year. there were ball has jumped to a twenty two month high against the euro and to one. its target basket carson was up more than two percent against figure only the first trading day of russia after the long new year holiday analysts just local investors are petrified money and concerns that debt crisis will worsen the ruble was little change against the dollar. it's not so much story about the rule boards for the main.
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book on systemwide door in europe. so while one one one can speak away the door is going to be weakening at least the first quarter of this year on the back of that will get into going to get stronger to the point where russian central bank upgraded to appreciate. well some people called thirty or even twenty and i am serving today as a benchmark for the first three months. deposit interest rates are continuing to decline in russia as people add to their bank savings the average interest rate among the country's top ten lenders is now eight point twenty five percent bank deposits current to move in two hundred million to billion dollars last year russia's ten largest lenders hold seventy percent of all deposits. but look at the markets now asian stocks are higher on the rise day following the gains on wall street banks saying is up over percent to make a straining flat in tokyo the gains were limited by investor concerns ahead of


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