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tv   [untitled]    January 12, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EST

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in the czech republic he's available in a hotel and science central hotel prima vera. most full stop by you to which i am a taste in bosnia and herzegovina available in. the children of each. but you know who to put you know peer to. peer a boutique hotel in times. in serbia multi-user very little in the hyatt regency. pilots air a psychological pressure on the crews a lack of experience and blame for the plane crash that killed the polish president as the official investigation delivers its day. as the world's most notorious prison in guantanamo bay and its tenth year protests are held in the u.s.
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calling on president obama of planning to deliver on his promise to shut it down. also an ops. in the u.k. the country that's been pumping huge sums to fight the white plague of broad brews on able to tackle lawmakers spread. seven yet another energy dispute with one of its closest neighbors join business tsotsi in twenty minutes time for more. very warm welcome see this is all t. live from moscow. the end media to cool the polish presidential plane crash last. what was the crew's refusal to land at alternative airfield the investigative committee has presented its final report on the atherton which killed the late
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polish leader lech kaczynski and ninety five others he's an ace and now we have that he's hells. for the first time the last seconds are heard before polish president lech kaczynski his plane crashed near smolensk turn on one board. the crew ignored warnings from the aircraft automated system to pull up and advice from air traffic controllers to land at an alternate airport plus were inexperienced in flying in bad weather the interstate aviation committee highlighted what they found to be the main causes behind the tragedy in their final
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report less revenue earlier to make a timely decision to land at the reserve airports based on multiple we coming day sions of our poor weather conditions at smolensk airport descending lower than the safe minimum height necessary to make a second landing attempt failure to react properly to its magic amongst those are the reasons which led to the tragic crash of the aircraft into the land and the death of those on board. the findings also claim passenger pressure on the crew to land as soon as possible played a vital role in the incident here is evidence the crew was afraid of disappointing someone if they didn't land. it's not clear whether the navigator was referring to the polish president or the commander in chief of the air for. in the cockpit and later alcohol found in his blunt poland was not satisfied with the draft report compiled by the i.a.c.
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which found pilot error was to blame and insists various factors at play caused the accident but aviation experts have confidence in the findings my experience with the russian investigators has been very good they're very high quality organization that i believe that it was the investigation was generally carried out in accordance with the international civil aviation organization and which is the international standard for accident investigation who did russia have a turbulent history and it was hoped politics one car of the investigation i think what the what the polish government wants to be able to present to the polish people is that this was not purely the fault of the polish crew and that russia take some blame for it as well i don't think this is very much to do with the facts i think it's all to do with politics the case is far from closed as the next chapter to find those accountable for the tragedy is open and. the
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committee concluded that no single person can be blamed for the accident but now that the final investigation report has been delivered a criminal investigation can be launched and perhaps more light shed on the cross that killed the polish president his wife and most of the country's political elite and he's now a r t moscow. went on the spawn of the voice of russia rating station believes internal politics is pressuring the polish leadership to blame russia for this tragedy. the current prime minister and president of poland are under her brochure from the right wing i think they're embattled because they're told to be not tough enough for russia so they have to maneuver to show they're not making too many concessions to russia and will try to push their own vision of the air crash including trying to find the share of the blame of the russian air controllers you
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know there's a tidal wave of compassion that we saw after the crash was unprecedented in the polish russian relations and i hope the two sides will try to try to find a compromise on this issue and the two so scientists will not be in a state of. hostility. from the voice of russia radio station. the tragedy that shook the world. because texture which you have expressed that. the truth. should be glowing in the kitchen ski plane crash.
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and album lowest notorious prison of the twenty first century the kuantan them obey detention center wrong by the u.s. in cuba has entered its tenth year it still holding inmates despite president obama's election promise to close it the prison has become synonymous with human rights abuse and as john office reports he was far from happy at having america's dirty work carried out on its soil. it's a place forever immortalized by images of torture known by its abbreviation get america's notorious detention facility in guantanamo bay cuba has been the source of world condemnation abuse lack of legal recourse and indefinite detention is the norm it's also been the subject of decades of strife with cuban authorities who argue the forty five square mile military base violates cuban sovereignty and amounts to a military occupation the agreement under which the u.s.
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has to be on cuban soil the kuantan a military base. from earliest earliest years of the twentieth century the plot amendment was imposed following the us occupation of cuba after the spanish american war in one thousand nine hundred three was extracted from the bench you've been governing under under threat under dress and in. clear contravention of international laws like the vienna convention the us government threatened to continue its occupation of cuba unless cuban authorities agreed to lease the land for america's military base indefinitely or for as long as it paid the cubans its yearly runs after the cuban revolution swept the island nation one nine hundred sixty its revolutionary leader fidel castro cashed only one check and he insists it was an accident no checks have been cashed tents in protest no such as he would never be signed today knows the treaty signed today would never be internationally
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recognized the united states. will hunt down. and punish those responsible after nine eleven the bush administration swiftly turned its military base into a detention facility declassified documents show the u.s. government used cuban soil to evade national and international law to interrogate terror suspects a strategy journalist pepe escobar argues is convenience you can't ship to cuba and never bring them to the u.s. mainland and they are going to live there for ever in a state of legal limbo most of the remaining one hundred seventy three prisoners at guantanamo bay have been detained there since the facility opened nine years ago awaiting a trial the afternoon president obama recently signed away his right to bring detainees to u.s. soil making it unlikely that any of them will see
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a trial or freedom any time soon some argue the u.s. violates cuba's sovereignty for this reason because this is the only latin american country for the past over this past fifty years has said you know then you straight to the eye of the american government or as they would say the american empire a country cubans believe should give rights to its detainees and give back the land that's right fully there is to handcuff this r t washington d.c. . well human rights groups that held a rally of the white house calling for contango bay prison to be clones they march to represent three hundred seventy three men still being held captive christine fastener was that. there's a list. of all they call themselves the anti torture on to this is now with a group called witness against torture and made its yearly pilgrimage here to washington d.c. to bring attention to the fact that the detention facility at guantanamo bay is
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still open there are in fact one hundred seventy three men still detained there and they're represented by people here in jumps you know they started the rally in front of the white house the home of u.s. president barack obama who started off his presidency with a pledge to close down the detention facility at guantanamo bay and yet two years later it is still open and nearly fifty of those one hundred seventy three men inside are considered too dangerous to release but too difficult to prosecute so what that they stay until they die more they've come out here for the last several years there is a slight change this year to the prison uniform many here are wearing stickers with the image of private first class bradley manning he's accused of leaking those secret documents to whistleblower website wiki leaks he's being held in solitary confinement we hasn't been charged and a lot of people here say this is torture in the same way that the prisoners being
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held at guantanamo bay are also tortured reporting in washington christine for sound. morris davis a former chief prosecutor says he does thought it was his job because the u.s. military justice system is hypocritical. my policy for two years had been we would not use any evidence obtained by waterboarding or any of the other enhanced interrogation techniques were building the cases independent of anything the detainees said while they were being tortured suddenly i knew officials appointed above me that said look president bush said we don't torture and he said we don't know who are you to question the president so you should be using that information to prosecute these people and that's when i said enough's enough it's been a real disappointment for me with the obama administration you know he said in january of two thousand and nine within one year will close guantanamo that was two years ago so he needs some backbone as well to stand up to congress and tell him that
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he's the executive that is his decision and to wrap this problem up it's been nine years which is far too long there are one hundred seventy three men at guantanamo you may have seen recently as secretary of state hillary clinton criticize the russians for prosecuting the yukos executive for a second time he's been in court twice you've got one hundred seventy three minute guantanamo they've been there for nine years that have never set foot in a courtroom so we're hypocrites you know to condemn others for upholding the rule of law maybe not the way we would but we've got one hundred seventy three people that we have to an opportunity to plead their case. well you can call it moral the current debate surrounding guantanamo bay prison or mall website altie dot com he's also online you right now on the controversy surrounding the tensions that into the human rights lawyer courtney bush was there the torture techniques all used on the majority of inmates her interview is available online right now.
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well there's also the all the needs to find out why these sixty files are designed and seekers will be left in the u.k. and what it actually means for the security of the country and europe as a whole. portugal's breathing a faint sigh of relief after raising over one and a half billion dollars in its yearly bond auction but it's come at a price with investors demanding high interest rates for risking their money in the debt strained country it's being seen as a test of whether portugal will need a years in bailout like a struggling currency part is greece and ireland total market cap is applicable scientists from palin university says portugal would cave better with its problems
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if it wasn't. today portugal is totally trapped by the situation. if we if portugal were not in the tribune you know the country would simply devaluate in order to gain some time in to reorganize to the economy with the current parity for all for you it is almost impossible. portugal to put the country together all the poles of growth this is the problem we cannot solve by new gay louts by funding portugal was probably needs a more fundamental treatment and i don't know where this treatment can be given within the eurozone. well later this hour we'll talk to a british a year m.p. who says no matter how all the eurozone pavel's to stay afloat the prospects are bleak. person i think the euro will collapse and soon i think it
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could be january february could collapse its always been a political project and that is dangerous because you cannot throw billions or hundreds of billions even after a political project the markets aren't interested they see through it they will bring it down and that's what's going to happen you cannot push water uphill you can't make pigs fly you cannot force all these countries and economies together and force them into this this your oh it doesn't work. now tuberculosis is known as the disease of poverty and dirt it was widespread in europe in the nineteenth century passed in the u.k. it's on the rise again as the country's been named europe capital and while the u.k. is one of the world's major aid providers to fight the disease there are fears it won't be able to tackle it at home or any reports. it's a fatal illness most common in the victorian era as
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a result of badly ventilated damp living conditions but tuberculosis is alive and kicking in twenty first century london a recent study shows tb has hit a thirty year high in the u.k. with more the nine thousand cases diagnosed annually the reasons for this increase is largely due to the number of people who arrive in the u.k. with infection tb infection who usually would have acquired the disease because of their association of have believed in a country with a high incidence of t.v. . and also because of trouble to those countries britain has become known as the tb capital of western europe pull some of felt from tb and. which aims to draw attention to the threat of tuberculosis thinks that's a bit strong but still it is the one country in western europe where the numbers are continuing to rise it can affect everybody but most commonly it affects people
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who are poor and that's to do with perils ring when you're in close proximity of living poor immune systems and so on it's a shocking indictment of the way poor people live in the u.k. particularly those who originally come from abroad but unlike in other countries where tb is a problem in the u.k. it's no longer limited to the poor or those with chaotic lifestyle stemming from drug or alcohol abuse or homelessness sharma pereira is a middle class journalist who's lived in the u.k. since childhood she was ill for five years we can tired with debilitating night sweats before doctors finally diagnose tuberculosis deep in my heart i knew something was wrong i'd stopped working i'd stopped doing all the things that i normally do a movie of all of energy. but i've become a sort of rather tired grumpy middle aged woman doctors aren't sure where pereira picked up the illness but say she could just have been standing next to the wrong
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person on london's public transport network i was so ashamed because tb to me maybe because i come from sri lanka originally was a disease of poverty and. not deliberate but a lack of cleanliness a lack of hygiene in iran due. to me it was because it was consumption it was what mimi dies of in la you know it was what it was to do with sort of dampness it was d.h. lawrence it was not comfortable me in my nice little northwest london home pereira now has to take antibiotics for six months and will then be well statistically she's much more likely. to take the whole course of treatment than someone poverty stricken or addicted to drugs or alcohol not finishing treatment leads to drug resistant tuberculosis already on the rise in the u.k. in the late one nine hundred eighty s.
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the us had a similar upsurge in cases of tuberculosis the way they solved that problem was by pumping barfed sums of money into it ironically the u.k. is one of the world's largest foreign aid with huge investments in fighting tb abroad but in austerity hit britain it's unclear whether the money will be available to stop the spread of the disease. it's r t. a rescue operation to free a final ship stranded in the i. take another few days to icebreakers the making a second attempt to tow the canning factory ship to safety experts say deteriorating weather conditions white house or rescue efforts the three hundred people who remain trapped on board have all said to have enough supplies of food and water well the rescue operation has saved. well the vessels the three russian ships became trapped in the sea of
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a whole school almost two weeks ago. while the major headlines from around the world the suicide bomb blast countdown capital hall has left eight dead and over thirty six others injured the attack is said to happen while in motion with our alongside of carrying afghan intelligence offices the taliban house claimed responsibility for the attack of demonstrating its resilience in the face of last year's nato troop surge. police in istanbul have arrested a turkish surgeon nicknamed a frankenstein who is suspected of carrying out dozens of operations for a kossovo trafficking ring the fifty. doctor is among at least nine others indicted in the case the group used false promises of money to entice impoverished people to give up their organs a separate investigation recently implied the cause of those prime minister terje
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was directly involved in organ trafficking during the one nine hundred ninety s. . haiti is marking the one year anniversary of the massive earthquake that devastated the country over two hundred thousand people lost their lives and more than a million are still homeless the country's president the ceremony which was held aside spray for the u.s. president bill clinton attended the commemoration on top of reconstruction efforts a large part of which is overseeing. what is haiti's struggles to recover from the disasters and quick march of the aid promised to the popular stricken nation never materialized people of elle's across to discuss who's to blame for the situation one year on that's coming up later this hour. problem the real problem is that we have a system where the united states in the international financial institutions have
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decided what is development for haiti and they're using right now what we call this. interim haiti reconstruction commission to bring force policies they haven't been able to do for a long time right now this interim reconstruction commission has basically taken over i want to focus here. i am not. here he needs someone trees have room as an ideological problem because he is problem not ideological the point is is a failure you should tell now you sure you know the world that you have here all you need is now that. you need to tell them to. vote. or do you want to peter viles cross talk about that next hour here on asking
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apologies i want time now for the business of. yes that's right and russia and belarus may be facing a new world dispute will have one that just a second well basically we can have that more and more and that now russia red heads again with russian oil producers halted deliveries well prices go see actions drag on the companies want to raise the price of oil after men said it would be hiking transit tires for world in the breeze to europe is not only have about the details. gershon oil producers are insisting on a price rise by forty five dollars per tonne of timmins and also a twelve percent tariff rise on russian oil transits to europe russia annually delivers about twenty million tons of crude to ballerinas at a preferential price but minsk refined exports most of it to europe at a higher price in response last year russia imposed on its soil however last december of two mins gratified the agreement on the creation of the single economic space of russia belarus and kazakhstan moscow finally agreed on duty free oil
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deliveries for bella ruse on condition that minsk would return all the duties it received from reselling the russian oil at least one analyst is saying that the russian companies have reacted disproportionately to the hike in transit. the increase of transit fees not significant and that means expenditure will rise but only one dollar per turn clear when russian companies are increasing their prices by forty five dollars and return it seems the companies are trying to compensate the losses they suffered from losing income from exporting oil products from bellew's the negotiations between russia and belarus are underway and in the meantime the russian oil transits to the european customers remain unaffected. deposes interest rates continue to decline and russia has people to the bank savings here just rates among the country's top ten lenders is now a point two five percent on average bank deposits grew to more than
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a two hundred ninety billion dollars last year russia's ten largest lenders called seventy percent of all deposits. look at markets now european stock markets are high after portugal succeeded in getting a keenly awaited debt auction away in the u.s. futures are looking positive shares in. among the strongest performers rising two and a half percent after us announced an order for one hundred eighteen new jets from indian budget carrier indigo h.s.b.c. considers its winning streak taken from tuesday its shares are up well around three percent after analyst at citigroup lifted the recommendation to buy from told. us stocks followed european equity high over a positive reaction to a closely watched portugal's debt of strong import price data the dow gained around heart of percent the sell of nasdaq is slightly lower than that financials are among the top performers with j.p. morgan chase and bank of america advancing two point one and one point seven percent respectively here in russia final minutes of trading the r.t.s.
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m i six to continue to rally supported by gains in europe and a high oil price the embassies of jumped more than three percent this week already analysts to expect this trend to continue although a short term correction could of course fall after the strong gains gas problems burbank are both bouncing back as are most of your chips this hour in more detail. eleven percent on the my six eleven half as garden braybrook offering to exchange their ten percent stakes in national telecommunications for shares in telecom and this merger deal the price of oil continues to advance helping producers like for snap among the top gainers free point three percent this hour also returned to pre-crisis levels and is now trading near historic highs on expectations the company will buy back up to six point two percent of its stock at around two hundred fifty dollars a share.


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