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tv   [untitled]    January 13, 2011 3:30am-4:00am EST

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spoke there and summits he said most of it supernanny said system should be based on the terms of the quality. and there should be no problems created three. or if we began this work we believe. it's will be conducted in honest and straightforward manner. because even. if it goes through the wrong way your looks like thief the dialogue with russia will be conducted in the suburbs people go to distract our attention from the. missile defense systems for not take into account our interest just what are you work its will be the wrong approach. to do. if we take the rights way we could get treat of the cold war weary stereotypes will reach a and breakthrough a new benchmark in relations. you know recently released and to
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balance the relations with the water you want any of the top diplomats in the european union can go to the transatlantic. a real it security agreements they say ok can let's put it in scientists let's make some specific city and. central take listening to steps visible and. trans nice it's a nice test who missed the four of these isuzu rushing in european security but was there with the group probably are prepared to do anything. with the journals nice to. have a movement a sure yes and we need both sides to come to the table and we need to understand who is behind the foreign policy able to be both of the talking of the serious it's such a good servant the ability to. creates the joint missile defense system the star
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your sweet natured russian is a much more profound. serious interview with. richard we hear a lot of remote statements that security isn't divisible but. people know. this now apparently. proofs advance anyway they are. joining work with russia next accounts only because of the very important platform that you have of well way seize all city link records through all of the books that states are there. not trans needs to also the transfer case. which we are usability at the last summit in there see. a lot of west european countries were prepared to see. your honesty provide their
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drafts statements on conflicts in the caucasus and trans needs to be learned used and. possibly we have discussed. these drafts for a long time. but we have it once noted that. have. been very flexible fortune with legal. american partners. moved. to such wording. agreement sort of word with what if. that really does. qualify the territories doesn't suffer said she as belonging to you will join you for what is more we don't think that such approach. works or rationals be good.
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search. druggists and such wording in the barents sea. the traces of big politicized and that's why jesus of the american proposal would not been able to pass a joint declaration but despite this i think it was a very productive ways for some it was for the first time. that. leaders gathered in central asia where it was really needed. still we had some other very important declarations adopted there but it has confirmed that in the principle of invisibility of security. says the new so what is up with. this story a community of security. here atlantic region of most russian and the concepts. in this three minutes or so of course reflects the initiative which coincide with these days we've. provided by russia so we're seeing the
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steel blade say to be the move usually remains the platform for using more consideration of. matthew. and now the situation has changed we will be with us expects that so we see where you got him we'll go back to its roots to its origins. becoming was asian as. c.v.s. by charging the valley father father says it has been conceived through the woman platforms multiple before it's too much or a result of the she is so lots of issues depend on whether we ever see you will remember before restore its structure of lvalues we believe the more than year. it has the adult and you charts will need to look through. new rules for its
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subjects of elitist for its field work and where also submitted our proposals all of these. struggles with consensus is still a major freedom spills over see and. that's what brought us major achievements to us see. any attempts to undermine consensus with consensus principles. at a time and straight it's that it will be a failure but thank you very much. more. but one. so we give the floor to buy see what her three fish. for ria novosti news agency of them might be up if we've talked about the at the apec countries but. i thought the ways to improve got
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rush movie are visiting asian pacific but miss talking a vis reach of abuse of course we also. see that security issues are all simple little there when you're a bit different if you could you of course we have to bear in mind the specifics of the region so the principle of the indivisibility of security as universal it is applied to all regional is and it's still relevant it's not like these. pacific asian region and last year we had some initiatives together has lived out. again they've just conversation with the hercules communicate because now the reason no universal. with them what they are but just one platform obviously there is no such place as you know is seeing. in the asia pacific region. while
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mr various was in china looking at. both leaders dr the declaration. and their much joint initiative to. start a dialogue with this on the security principles based on the principle of human quality of indivisibility. peaceful settlement of. the use of violence confront the use of. known you richard. but you can not use a confrontational and any other me. being to get countries. if you sure can spin them of course there is nothing to you but just that i would like all of the countries of the regions to you confirm their commitments their cheer instead of such principles of this for the very crucial work is
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a reality many of the countries deny these principles but russia china. parts of the system and the introduction of such news it was very. crucial to another partner india who has attacked this proposal and gerry mr medvedev seized. on the like. a. similar proposal. has been included a russian agent declarations the principles we have. a problem with proposed as we discussed in the sci. and the idea of. architecture regional detection has been backed and approved by the rebels and many
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countries we will continue this dialogue even so if you are because these initiatives have been discussed in depth. but you haven't because. of a stray you seen progress. but it regards we will. elaborate is and always will be marching to see us in the same preserve. all of the platforms. where the now and he's moved to take part in asian pacific summits and the u.s. is. looking. so now that these issues are going to get some it will involve most of the. major countries. removed from the bill and he was most personally i've mentioned this isn't a summit is. reduced to we have a lot of the person who can pull disagreements the same or that.
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we've talked about security in that we get to know also energy just choose that response to emergency situations. is one of the keys to go to be pillars of the new architecture from high school is the. globe rationing is a shift this. before decisions have been so good interest of that onshore facilitates us. not to have said some very rational been interesting proposals in terms of fighting trafficking terrorism and transporting the trial to shanghai called rationalisations but there's also been active in many other border areas. between his members i'm sure terry and cultural ties. this year at least to the
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universe or some as it has astounding we will. mess inclusions. we're focusing on a class for further cooperation. talking of the commissioner. corporation the. parent forum to me. the most representative form of. two thousand and twelve rush was. to do a stock for thirty six schools. it's also part. one of the federal programs to develop the social economic. aspects of this far east region removed. by your question is this all these tied together that are mushroom the foreign policy to move. proceeds is very much a ration of the pacific region will boost. social skills economic condition it's
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in our country has. said that if the construction you mean for structure to move you know and we are also. developing the bracing the agenda. we know you. will as so use out. about a hundred. various events as the host of the on the. chairman of the architecture but. it's will give us the opportunity to show the potential of the far eastern regions we will these events very region this is it will produce. more investment which i need to develop. with the preaching of the year growth of these remote regions. but from the
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asia pacific summit so russia last year became. part of the forum. h.e.u. regulators we're going to future through this story julie rushes of being with. a major change my future will link between russia and asia and before most of. the congress will pass some specific proposals its national will share that with pass this. this is. your energy krikalev publicising energy strategy is to fundamentally she is response to nigel situations and if you look in the film. working on the joints of the first employer investor project so we have a lot of projects. in this asia pacific region so one of the faster your developing regions in this incident one of the most
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promising regions and we are there geographically so we have to benefit from this development. so. between now this will be. no way television but a lover of. during the cold war but it was there this being serious. confrontation in the bering sea. if not for that i think about hugo she process russian no way but from what has been able to get real. delimitation the. barents sea this is such an example for the international practice with your move. before well think of the question of who. talks a lot about this you have explained
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a lot of the ones before the more months agreement we were but was signed and also after it was signed. i believe this is a historic historical breakthrough but the preparation of this agreement took forty years to prince workable and the principles laid down in a bottle of liquor in a parameters for the loop limitations. which correspond to the norms of international law the model of. such a criteria justice balances and balance of. legal rights both parties. should. pretty much all of these has been demonstrated and basic training. it's also an example as he said vets to choose any problems that exist in the north including where the.
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north. be legally and politically we sold the most mission of the way without any. speculation that there will be a war for the use of resources just a provocation such approaches is wrong we show that we can. resolve issues in a businesslike manner if we have the good will. it's crucial for us there. have been a series of circumstances around this. maritime experts. sailors. those who are fish in this area. so there are excuse me on to mind but it didn't happen the agreement says
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that remark for all of the actions that you will because you take it. to right comply with the supreme and swilling. will not decrease the conditions of fishing nets neither for the russian was. fishing companies nor for the well you. know we chin was russian and. any of these issues will be resolved through existing institutions through a reliable. way so there is a joint russian norwegian. just existed for one year. would agree with philip it's been a. result with a number of technical issues which will make fishing in these areas even more profitable. little. fishing in this region in the barents sea.
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bass in the green lights that we have with no way. is believed to be one of the most effective in the human school as compared to many other regions. and now. the question from. money money from the fiction finish to enrage a company. like just mr lover of. new regionals for more new areas. of the forest cannot by land. territory. close to the war why. why do we need such a limitation and why do i need this really. we don't have such truth in finland
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what's happening. with. the tree structure in karelia with infrastructure that has been built but. thanks for the question the decrease sun by the president. since the decree signed by the president several days ago does not. introduce any changes in our existing legal norms limitations on the purchase of. by foreigners in transit border areas. where we need to gain two thousand and one in the. woman. federation and it is a law it's a creel by the president was signed to conform. to
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the modern english to please article the scum of the. land. you know the. visits that the presence. of blood the sign you need to cream. post so this. has been agassi's since two thousand and one and the president has just simply. has just provided the least of the territories that fall under this code so you must know what we believe that. we're going to be sure but this limitation. but it could be put on our knees. and such and tastes exist in many other countries it does not contradict this international organisation but i was stopped on the third of the. year has been renewed.
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for the ministers such a right. existed some in the. youth which was declaration of ninety five the un general assembly. according to this agreement before and as you have the right to. look women are going to own land woods in another country but. accordance with the. laws that exist in this particular country so. that's it. and now the question from associated press on for the fifth got for the governor but. with big things what are your prospects of the creation. of the. tactic of the. moment. was a major blackout all over what's the russia's position. to move in this thing of
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the question we have voiced opposition more than once is of course most secure in sea world. a much more multifaceted issue a much more complex issue. you know rather than the middle ages or even jury in the first or second world war companion there are more and more components that are needed to be taken into account while reviewing the strategy for these policies with security strategies of course is security can be an equal and in divisible this is a major principle so we have. this sort of strategic a non-strategic. we must match. with that. component but it's also a new trend of the military use of military and there's also
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a problem of military zation of space dimitris a short space. of use nicotine replacement of weapons that could have conventional weapons as well. and there are a lot of issues with conventional weapons so before we get. any. further. argument we go word dimitris ational we have to. fulfill the start treaty that were signed with the us and as soon as this agreement. has been fulfilled we'll see. steps need to take you further. in any case it's a complex complex measure you. know you're going to. have to take into
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account all of the aspects that i've mentioned. plans to space and we have if we think. china and russia. conclude an agreement on that. such attempts should be. tonight. there are also geographic aspects to this we'll have to look at other countries that have. potential so you can't underestimate any of the opponents that would needs to be taken to how that's why. we're working out further steps. it's impossible to. not to take into account any of these components. and
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now the question from. iranian agency like. you do to actually. explain russia's position. of boys to the youth of his upcoming visit in ankara who. was also hurts their children clinton urged countries to strengthen their position in iran influence the upcoming. iranian nuclear program a. serious. problem. it's one of the most pressing issues. the most at birth because we don't see russia we don't see enough. rain in.
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response iranians do spatial and leaves the eye and secondly because. a lot of speculations about food and you've mentioned hillary clinton talking about toughening. position and so on iran we hear more alarming statements. or israeli partners publicly say they don't. only need to step up sanctions to force with the use of the two threats with the use of force to iran we believe that it's counterproductive for none of the problems to be solved with the use of force there's been a lot of examples in the history that in contemporary history to look at so many cases there to go even when all this force was used to go it and even after that you still have to sit down to the table go she has done is one of the examples iraq
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. i hope. well they say history doesn't teach anything so we like. to see an exception to this rule and we hope that the decision makers will or could take responsible steps because you know any because any use of force will have catastrophic consequences in these very in this region very much disturbed by the recent conflicts and as for the upcoming. meeting. with iran turkey we will urge the parties to put to start to go she ations to work out a schedule of these negotiations. and of course there should be an agenda would be to do wish to people with good we believe that this agenda could doing the
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comprehensive one because it should include the aspects all of these issues. also removing a blind spot saying we are a new nuclear program which of. the i am a corporation or against war with iran needs to be more effective this agenda should also includes all other aspects that are of interest to the participants as we were including iran with its. security issues is pretty much over to another he she seemed to be resolved and is not only a soldier for two years they must go for the run to. become an kenya full fledged member of the international community but. of course iran. yet might have similar concerns about security but it also has to comply with the i.a.e.a. regulations.


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