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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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for a warm welcome this is our t.v. life here in moscow top stories this hour two of the world's oil giants russia and b.p. join forces to explore the potential energy treasury of the arctic sea that the companies have longstanding business ties have now sealed a stock swap worth millions of dollars. as government workers enjoyed lavish mansions and gourmet restaurants in washington d.c. it's the private sector that's bearing the brunt of the recession the peak of the crisis federal workers received a pay rise of double the national average. and schoolchildren in india run kashmiri swapping the traditional winter break for classes in defiance of separatists violence playing catch up after curfews forced their schools to close in the summer
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. when a few think life in the u.s.s.r. was all doom and gloom all moscow out team is here to prove you wrong as we explore the soviet era through the music and culture of that time. sure. sure. turn on her. hello and welcome to the program on this week so we'll be going back to the u.s.s.r. and even with its tumultuous history it wasn't all about politics and suppressive sevi it's how i was brought about amazing technological advances music octets or
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soto we mustn't under is as we take a look at culture and life as it was inside it. on top of the museum is the famous statue the look and collective farm women old and how much the sickle almost twenty five meters high skilled she was made by vir most enough for the nine hundred thirty seven welsh in paris the sculpture is an example of the socialist realistic an object of style division pervading and passes almost twice as long as the feature length which runs into the shit buster along innovation the sculpture was returned to his place of the old russian exhibition center in the summer two thousand and eight is that it of this culture was restored in absolute shambles go from finesse original some fragments however were made from scratch and they were more or less destroyed over time has no way to the soviet exhibition area used to be a display of achievements of socialism could excel in istanbul and office there are several exhibition holes in the museum that teaches he highlight the busines
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progression to its current location is also impressive why collection of all that was created through out the soviet union from cup again that's a soviet there are many holes inside the museum here a large pots on. and even though most aspects of culture was under government control. pieces are reaching the highest amounts at various options around the world. and moving on let's take a look at this week's entertainment news. to become the place to shop to many of the capitals. with. high street fast fashion as it's. being sold.
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to a fast food restaurant on top with views of. the complex. exhibitions of contemporary art. world of richer kipling's jungle book inspired an exhibition which is currently under splayed at the state and. it features hundreds of illustrations to famous books by the british writer providing a glimpse into the amazing animal world there editions of kipling stories provided by the state library or also showcase the world a collection is highlights of pictures drawn by the author himself. with a menu comprising of a wide range of traditional russian dishes the city a cafe on two. square is this is the center of. the experience of life in the soviet union in sixty's seventy's. various of the posters barons murals and statues decorate the cafe which because of think it's all
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under took it feels more like a museum meets a fiend restaurant. with its traditional service sounds playing this grow back a tree is the place for cheap for various serviettes says. back to the us a song well i think we found out. many. times they come here that bunch of bricks and remember the past in turn we try to keep the soviet atmosphere the reality here. and there we have it's come to me a few hundred and fifty rubles that's around five dollars gold price of land slightly worried about the quality and how it tastes well i'll find out soon enough . this place is amazing the sound. is for i mean music well i can't say the least but i thought my soviet meal here you try this say it's all
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sounded through several tradition and i've got both of the largest dollop of. lies like a cranberry juice drink and that's just like i said it pastry is trying. this is a decent size. actually it's not bad at her reminds me of a cornish pasty which you have. experiences and you find in moscow today located next red square room number one is of rebuild version of the prominent soviet food store founded in the one nine hundred fifty s. fascinating architecture and style to me the new shop opens at the same place and has the same glamorous serviettes design however you may now buy food from almost
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any possible and any time as the stores open around the clock. reopen you claim seven six inches high rise buildings traces during the staff. and finally the place full of the spirit is the hotel. suite by gandy and margaret thatcher. this is his most traditional restaurant
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located in the same building. from. this week's gets. to me. thank you very much. and you. like. i would say it wasn't.
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no signs of anything nor advertisement in the streets or anything i can tell you for one example but there was a big billboard in the city where first lived in the eastern ukraine a huge billboard saying eat ice cream it's nutritious and tasty but no brand mark it we. stayed on there. there is only one brand of ice cream you could buy just as there is only one brand of beer you could buy it was a most of it was draft beer there wasn't any bottled beer at that time but as far as i can remember. is that anything that you miss about the seventies you i'll be honest with you martin i can never forgive the taste of the ice cream that was sold
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in the new department store in red square it's called jean which means department store and i understand that people from all over the country who would come in to visit moscow. by all means go to this department store and taste the wonderful ice cream i can still taste of. it as well joyce it was lovely to meet you thank you. thank you and we look forward to hearing you more on all three. final location it was the answer. and friends been scouring the country to rescue these next machines. dozens of them doing their best to bring them back to life in that cold war grapes. this next location will bring out all of the museum of soviet occupation games and there are dozens of. space invaders to ceasing
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galleys they range from nine hundred sixty five all the way to ninety ninety one and best of all is that they're all in working order you just need a fifteen piece from the same as the museum. provides. movie theaters train stations and recreation centers across the u.s. the staff packed with these games sales to go after the first soviet arcade machines appeared in the mid eighty's quickly becoming popular with kids soon growing up the noise listening to people queued up in game we lose knows we ran out of cooling so i could stay and watch other people play like i could get away with a supercomputer live and also i think people had new it's a good time at least attractive millions of soviet people died to. face a largely on japanese or american designs factories produce some seventy different video game models however the productions of the game ceased but the collapse of the u.s.s.r. . and from say the arcade games to museums cafes and shops there are many soviet
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themed experiences still to be found in modern day moscow and today many aspects of the shoe culture are still influenced by the shadows of soviet life fusing such a vibrant past with the capitalist present delivers a unique historic culture social diversity and present a deep rooted russian style well unfortunately that's all the time we have in this space must go out to the us so i'll see you again at the same time next week for more cultural events is around the russian capital to them from a crew inside the crazy well it's a soviet octane games by now. going to have to have another go.
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i am playing. pool. there were times filled with joy. with parades and marches. inspiring people with enthusiasm. but it was everything really that good and was allowed to speak out. though she shared her thoughts only with her diary
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in old became evidence in the trial for counter-revolutionary activities. police the evidence which condemned to a label. in. the diary of a soviet school on top seed.
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for this are not true of the world's oil giants russia has. joined forces to explore the potential energy treasures of the seabed companies of business. worth billions of dollars. because enjoy lavish mansions and gourmet restaurants in washington d.c. it's the private sector that's bearing the brunt of the recession the peak of the crisis federal workers receive the pay rise of double the national average. and schoolchildren in india run. winter break for classes in defiance of separatists. curfews forced their schools to close in the summer. but up next to all the sports highlights with natasha.
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hello and welcome you're watching the sport news on archie and we kick off without top stories homecourt heroics lleyton hewitt complaints the plavix a warm up for next week's australian open by winning the creole classic in melbourne. also in this program we'll take a look at some of these opening rounds of the divisional an f l playoffs. and freefall its ninth straight defeat for them all school in the cage losing this time around against the second worst team in the league. let's begin with english football though when the city have gone top of the premier league off debates in wolverhampton on hold home soil again finishing school three columns to have as with a brace while ya and kolo to rest school the other couple of girls. elsewhere chelsea have moved from fifth to full thanks to a way to a blackburn is on the pitch and on the cognate scene for the blues there are still
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schools to without reply against bolton the west brom game for a one down to be blackpool three two and we're going to settle for we want to draw with full and finally also have just started the late much west ham neil neil de lay to step. into his lleyton hewitt will enter next week's australian open hawke form off to clinching the classic title he'll be hoping that's all set to change the season off to doing everything right at the opens traditional woman in melbourne the first sad against going down to the wire but here it was able to finish when it mattered most french priest has been suffering with a back problem problem recently and the second set that was was testament to that but he would himself just recently returned from a three month injury layoff seven five six three a boost of confidence for the local hero meeting the odds shorten just silly. on the first home champion in thirty five years at the aussie open. the main
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favorite to win the men's crown however is rafael nadal a stunning run of form so rough a way in three of the four grand slams in twenty sand and overtake roger federer at the top of the rankings. though that federer and djokovic and soared to link all have decent chances of winning k.c.'s tournaments i feel relief if i play at my best level. i have a chance to be in the second week and there will see what every month will be really difficult so i have to be ready for for everything but for sure i'm feeling less favorite than him and not more than one joke which more. so than being this kind of player is not that's the that's what i think the way it is titled seems to be even more wide open with defending champion and five time when a serial williams missing they have found due to foot injury rushes for much champ
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marty a shut up of us as the competition i had could be tougher than in recent years and sixteen say it will start her campaign against thailand's tamary in town a cigar and i guess you can say it's more are open. than some other years from other fields. you can approach them first rounders and have a chance to go there and the best time to go and when the tournaments. open or not i don't think you. to american football now where the business and the matter is in the n.f.l. get going this week and the divisional playoffs start off with a bang on saturday of baltimore facing off against pittsburgh while green bay have a of st top saints atlanta company looking ahead to both clash. for another bruising round of the n.f.l. heavyweight matchup the ravens steelers rivalry the team split their north match
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ups of one game apiece in the regular season with each win three points the ravens showcase their patented self defense and an improved passing off thirty to seven victory over the chiefs in the wild card. the steelers watched their four home enjoying their bye week. in the playoffs. every week after week after week. and come back to work it's great and while the thirty four year old veteran enjoys the extra days off his teammate ben roethlisberger can always go for a few more practice reps. we want to. have an aura. that teams are virtually mirror images of their. physical top ten
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defenses not quarterbacks look forward to facing. ed reed and troy polamalu scoring here on an interception return are two of the premier players in the free and strong safety positions respectively. should play despite an ankle. through a family tragedy veteran receiver derek mason meanwhile knows there's no love lost between the sides. fans. the green bay packers travel to the top seeded atlanta falcons in the n.f.c. divisional playoffs the visitors battled adversity all season overcoming injuries to keep personnel and prevailing in a wild card game beating philadelphia twenty one to sixteen packers defensive
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lineman desmond bishop however their rankings go out of the window at this time of year. talk about the seed and what. we don't really feel like we're in a playoff just like everybody else you know the packers against a fellow. you know. the packers face their toughest test yet as they head into the rowdy ga the already lost. five of green bay six that feeds the. third year quarterback matt ryan has only lost twice at home in the past twenty two games but he also has something to prove have never won in the postseason a tough test for ryan with one of the league's most feared pass rushers clay matthews the third just one of his. two pro bowlers probably could have been three . you know. a really good cover guys but also really good at playing the ball so
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it's a good defense yes that's one thing that hasn't changed. so anticipation is building for exciting hard to predict divisional games kicking off a great weekend of postseason n.f.l. action. she now with a k. shell of on guard have strengthened their lead in the table after winning at struggling with the book is now it's. three to how it finished and that was the fixtures out there on the screen as well came out for two winners at. worst far east three want. the time to be long anyhow attended and fought. thrashing them six while on home ice and also victories for you bra and next to him. and. respectively. staying with a k. shell and things just keep getting worse for it's not a moscow a superb start to the season now
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a fading memory with the team going down to their ninth consecutive defeat and it is the lowest place and the western conference adding to their pains on friday as about the ban on reports now. three points that's all due. to grips is the twenty second of december twenty. eight games in the room with though the wind truly shocking stats for the club still waiting themselves as one of the main favorites for the glory of this year the visit of the cape chose side just look like a good chance for the must go through cover however despite their lonely status to visit their response to recent record the number. with food in the games. you know will quick to get down to business bringing a number of good goal scoring chances early in the first period one of them by the blue and white ladies signing the two thousand and nine stone like a winner show. but they did manage to open the scoring in the second period.
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rushing home from the blue line to make it. six minutes later grant extent of the same size lead. to new. i bought the just bored back. bills of turning this one one chance into guilt to make it two one by the second their mission i know went to a head in the final period but their opponents managed to goals in life including the slap shot from said give this new cane to level turns in or do a short time i was goal was in overtime meaning the game went down to a shoot out and it was down to no phenomenon as the only man to find the net was the visit there was three simon getting victory to be just i didn't get the result on him i think. overall i think he had more of the game played by
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a truck just trying to score and. there was a chance his anything to win this game so i think that this side of his game. here would like to apologize to our funds we could have decided the game in the first period we created so many chances but most of them were wasted i know are still in the verge of place in the playoffs but we'll know wissen chances there will be severely punished i know but but in their own party. and europe today for this hour we'll watch some of those stories in our you tube channel which is our team sport news coming up after this as the weather stay with us. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia.
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we've got the future covered. wealthy british style. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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repairing a broken ancient. highway construction and humanitarian aid. buses shady officials will get the spoils of war it's the people who pay the price. profiteering here is no longer just down to drug trafficking. afghanistan on the dollar.


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