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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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the latest news on the week's top stories here on. our investigation concludes that pilot error was mostly to blame for the plane crash that killed the polish president last year but also internationally findings are incomplete. the p c l a multi-billion dollar deal to the. ground breaking. and approved. deal with washington. before the end of the month counterbalancing changes are made
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by the u.s. senate to the new start treaty coming into force it should slash the country's. musicians. protesting against the music being used as torture next we talked to grammy award winning guitarist tom morello of rage against the machine who bring about social change through his talent to stay with us. he's the face behind the guitar. hard hitting grammy award winning guitarist tom morello strength his beat to the sounds of social justice. from his early days as lead guitarist of rage against the machine.
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to the street sweeper social club tom morello incorporate social issues of the past and present to mobilize his fans toward political change. r t sits down with tom morello tom morello thanks so much for joining us and happy to be something out the press question now you were a member of the class of ten seventy what's you give your voice to integration today while i was happy to join the immigration debates and the boycott of arizona through the sound strike which is founded by zach to show the singer of rage against the machine and it was a simple matter of him texting me asking what i thought i said i'm all in what can we do to help so rage against the machine reached out to many of our friends other artists to ask them to join in the boycott so it's a law which basically. makes mandatory racial profiling and as someone who's been you know i spent a lot of my life being the victim of racial profiling i was that i was i literally integrated the town of libertyville illinois i was the first person of color to
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reside within its borders and so growing up there regularly be pulled over by the cops even recently a couple years ago i was walking home from a bar at night and i got pulled over and put a hand up the side of the road so i looked like i might be someone who was stealing cars in the area so i thought firsthand visceral experience with racial profiling so i know what what that law would mean to the daily lives of brown skinned people in arizona worried and acted. and so. what. we were asked by. i organizers within arizona who are fighting against s b ten seventy two lend our names to the international boycott which goes beyond music its unions or boycott the city of los angeles with boycott to stay until the law is that awful racist laws thrown out once and for all what do you make of how bahman the banks have been handling our economy as expected you know while obama is a african-american president he's also would member of the democratic party i was
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for two years i was the scheduling secretary for us senator alan cranston who was a very progressive about as progressive as any member of the you know us u.s. senate during his tenure but most of the time that i spent with him he was on the phone asking rich guys for money and there's a there's a certain. forfeiting of one's soul that has to occur in order to achieve higher office and the compromises that have to be made you know there are no dr king's or. malcolm x. or gandhi's that are going to make or you know rage against the machines or don't make it that far because of the compromise that has to occur so it's basically what i expected i mean it's you know maybe to a less egregious state to the you know during the bush administration the economy has been in the hands of hands of wall street but it's certainly in the hands of wall street tom what do you make of international organizations like the u.s. you can be absolutely live up to their objectives of helping developing nations and ending world conflicts or do you think that they actually cater to the benefits of the more wealthy or developments well i mean if the question is has the you know
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how successful is the u.n. been the u.n. security council is basically in the hands of the united states and its closest allies you know that. one hundred fifty countries you know around the planet can vote to that this has been a war crime the u.s. just says no it's not and that's the end of the discussion so it's not really so much a united nations as it is a. body of countries that is beholden to the interests of a few and so it behaves. much like you'd expect president obama has been the commander in chief now for two years and everyone hoped they would assurance a new wave of multilateral negotiations that policies toward the rest of the world and some would argue that that's actually been the opposite stance he came into power how would you rate obama's u.s. foreign policy i mean i think that obama's foreign policy is wanting but again it's not it's obama ran on a policy of expanding the war in afghanistan and that's one promise that he's followed through on in spades you know and you know continuing that illegal and
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immoral war as well as still being gauged in iraq not closing down guantanamo bay. what the obama has done. which just by virtue of who he is like i've traveled in the middle east in the last in the map last year and previously you travel millis people like you're from the usa you guys suck now it's like all anyone says is obama so at least the face of united states foreign relations has had a rating effect on some parts of the some part of the world i think the underlying problems like that it's a democratic president it's not a socialist president it's a democrat you know it's like he does the things you expect democrats to do you know the u.s. government you know your music as a form of you know worst techniques that some people consider torture blasting your music for seventy two hours nonstop so you essentially convince detainees to give information how did you feel when you found out that the u.s. government had used your music to torture people when we learned that the united
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states government was using rage against machines music to torture people in guantanamo bay we sued the state department to get him to stop and we were unsuccessful in that suit and pursued over the course of a couple of years and i think it's a thing of the crime my only hope is that they hopefully at some point not too distant future when the war criminals of the bush administration are brought to trial in our one day wearing their yellow jumpsuits and black hoods it will be the music of rage against the machine that is pumped into their cells twenty four hours a day. tom you used to be a member of a very well known group of rage against and i'm wondering how would you categorize what would you believe the machine to be today do you think people should be outraged people should people be outraged they certainly should be. but i categorize as the machine of today i know the the i think the overarching message of all of my projects whether it's rage against the machine street sweeper social club or the night watchman is that it's every day people who have their hands on
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the wheel of history that you can't just wait and cast your ballot into the void every four years and cross your fingers and hope for the best that some magical president is going to sprinkle fairy dust to make everything all right that's not how progressive radical or even revolutionary change has ever occurred change happens because you and me and people watching this and listening to this act and stand up for their rights where they live in their time that's how we know in this country how we got the eight hour day how we got children out of coal mines how we got. how we got to weekends you know how we got the segregated lunch counters that didn't come from the pontification of some brilliant supreme court justice that became that came because the people forced it to happen how would you say capitalism has affected the worlds. it's omnipresent you have had the opportunity to to tour in many countries around the planet. even over the course of my tour in history which has been about eighteen years now. you know perth starts to look like lisbon starts to look like berlin start to look like mexico city they all the same
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dunkin donuts the same benetton shops you know capitalism and job is to remake the world in its image and to create. and to create wants to create unnecessary wants so there's products to sell to newly dissatisfied consumers that's why you have to have the right pair of jeans to be attracted to the right beer to be have your thirst quencher the right you know buy agra pill to succeed in romance and you know these things are you know so in that regard capital is very successful. well i would say is also successful you have to. say that there's a there's there's a balance to that and you look at the progressive change that happened a lot of south american countries of the course of the last last decade while u.s. while u.s. aggression was pointed at the middle east but there really has been. a resurgence in. people's democracies that are not that are not dictators but you know you're seeing sort of indigenous people in power you're seeing economic domestic policy of south american countries geared towards helping the poor like saying out loud
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they're helping the poor some you can never say in the united states an election and so there is some some reason for hope what do you make of what's happening in latin america right now you're seeing a lot of the developing nations collaborate with each other to throw these very strong influence to us and you know hide in that region for decades i think of the movement in south america towards a. the people democracies and and a democratization of those economies really was able to occur occur because the you know the eye of sauron was pointed at the middle east you know and the the it was the wars in iraq and afghanistan to divert the united states attention which i'm sure they would have been twenty four hours a day trying to put the hammer down on you know the spawn of venezuela and all that you know as it's as that virus spreads or south america but really both economic i think political capital was so invested in the middle east that there was this window of opportunity for south american the people of south america to make their
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own choices free of the normal dominating u.s. influence where the name street sweeper social club come from street sweeper social club is the name of the group that i share with we have a new record out called the ghetto blaster e.p. and we're currently enjoying our time on the rock the bells to where the name derives from all the street sweeper is a is a firearm and it's like a machine gun that shoots shotgun shells the idea is that our music is. a weapon for social change the reason why it's a. club is one because we're a very social unit and there's a very low bar for entry into the social club all you got to do is listen enjoy our jams or come to show when you're in all so we're trying to avoid litigation because someone else on the name street sweeper what role do you think musicians should play as far as social justice and political change. take on a more like role and work towards different. on the ground to work with movements to implement that's. what i would say first of all i would never what musicians
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need to do is is what is honest to themselves you know i would never suggest that musicians to do not have a social conscious but adopt one because i suggest that you know me but on the other hand i think that not just musicians but people in any profession whether they're journalists or cameramen or you know groundskeepers but they don't divorce their lives from their politics and their beliefs and that's you know what i didn't choose to be a guitar player that shows me i'm stuck being a top player so it's my job to weave my convictions into my work into my vocation and so i try to do that through you know the music that i create my interaction with the audience and the nonprofit you know groups and organizations i support you know through my music so that's why i recommend just don't do musicians at whatever level whether you're playing stadiums or whether playing in basements to not be afraid to weave your convictions into what you write about and what you do with your art tom morello member of the st super social club and international activist
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it was great to have you thanks so much thanks very much for having. military sixty six i don't know because it's the same you say things i was doing in this reason we were given for doing it was a personal protest. during the. war movement emerged that altered the course of history this movement didn't take place on college campuses but in barracks and on ships to penetrate italy military colleges like west point and it spread throughout the battlefields of vietnam. today few people know about the g.i. movement against the war in vietnam. after the army we always said free the army or fun travel and adventure but it really meant to be.
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the latest news on the week's top stories he. led investigation concludes pilot was mostly to blame for the plane crash that killed the polish president last year but was. incomplete and has now launched its own probe. into the no. both as all jars of b.p. to seal the multi-billion dollar deal to extract the untapped riches of the arctic together the two companies have a swap shares in what they're calling a groundbreaking historic venture. and russian lawmakers approved a key nuclear arms reduction deal with washington ratified before the end of the month after counterbalancing changes are made by the u.s. senate to the new start treaty after coming into force it should slash the
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country's nuclear arsenals by a third. all right time now for the sporting news with you. thanks for joining us this is sports today i'm you know these are some of the stories we're covering this hour. hardwood hopes to move joint top of the newly established b.b.l. reigniting hopes of a ninth straight russian title. three kings bloodier chagnon winter record breaking seven in the car rally in the truck section. colma secure the car by crunch respectively. and brett who green bay show they can do it without far wrong playing to their divisional playoffs against top ranked atlanta.
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going on the hardwood where sask in moscow have at last lived up to their preseason billing in the new p.b.s. the army men topped the table alongside unix following an overtime win against luck motif may have had twenty ten to largely forget but as the team reports things are beginning to look on the up in the new year. it was the peak of saturday's action in the b.b.l. was like a mighty from curse of the reasons to the seventeen time russian champions boasts a sky and local how the same record entering the splash and on paper at least the home side should have no one expected an easier life and there is the gist of the match just to find their expectations were desperate in defense getting five steals in the opening want to be with decent at taken says guys basket as well and finished the first count leading by four points but to find a recipe against their man is just home of the deal you have to play this game throw the whole match and says came in with
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a different team in the second half they started it was in the eleven neil run but i mean this just goes because lead his side was for free. winters and eventually to begin the top score of the night was twenty six the visitors stayed in the game court to see of mike wilkinson going to two points for them eric and in the match and it was started with scuffle for minutes remaining in the fourth quarter just costas fail to meet his short in a committee for the last possession was free seconds to go they didn't score as well and the game went into overtime where it was very close again and jeremy managed to level the game it eight each after these three point play. hold and then to the army man too with this three pointer and local had the ball was trying to say against a goal in overtime but they turned it over feeling to pass it out of bounds misses garber of the game to win in hand. forty minutes and. it's
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impossible. to stop after the. little bitch from. the game was tight all forty five minutes so it was a tough play hard we. played special in the second half and. unfortunately. eighty nine to eighty seven in charge in week three of what say is scott who seem to be starting to stamp their birdie in the domestic league but a mystery rock are. all right let's move on to international football in the asian cup where iran has become the first side to qualify for the quarter finals in qatar they are rainy and seeing off north korea by a single goal in their last group d. encounter pay money or even on finishing off a lightning move just after the hour mark so one will the final score
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a run into the last eight. iraq avoided an unwanted piece of history on the night a loss against the usa he would have sent to the offending. the first time a title holder of the part of the couple at the first round but a wall of us own goal right up the death left iraq to fight another day. it's becoming almost pretty billard but nonetheless an amazing achievement. not stop his seven car rally title on saturday a record tally the russian virtually unstoppable throughout argentina and chile winning eight of the thirteen stages on offer remarkably chargen also heading home a one two three for his country with come. second third it's a cool. so gratian time as well for the former clay pigeon shooting a limpy in notching first a car title behind the wheel a great event for volkswagen with
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a german manufacturer sweeping the podium south african was second while stage winner twenty ten champion carlos suns finished in third spot while in the bikes mark his third victory in five years respond seeing off an ever present rival dupré by fifteen minutes overall. to the greens where it's set to go to the wire the first full field p.g.a. event of the season in hawaii will be. maruyama sharing the lead after run three at the sony open some pitch perfect efforts on the day especially from the front per maruyama kneeling at forty two foot putt here one of four birdies on the back nine for the japanese but overnight leader appleby beverage with a monster effort off the rough on the seventh both men said ten on the par ahead of the final round which will be over thirty six holes because of a rain delay it starts at the honolulu tournaments. the first half of the hard
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hitting n.f.l. playoff weekend is in the books two thoughts in the next super bowl champions the pittsburgh steelers on the green bay packers producing knockout punch is moving on to the a.f.c. and n.f.c. conference championship games respectively evens of course watch the action unfold . two thousand a defensive player of the year james harrison and the steelers holding down the fort in pittsburgh often miscues in the early stages of the game the ravens score in reading the only one realizing there was no stoppage of play returning a fumble to make the score fourteen the seventh steelers coach mike tomlin challenged but to no avail side he put baltimore all twenty one seven in the second short field for the ravens thanks to another steelers turnover the steelers collected themselves at half time keith miller cutting the lead to twenty one fourteen after ray rice fumbled the drive away for the ravens in the third baltimore quarterback joe flacco. moore and his counterpart ben roethlisberger
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found the fiery temper veteran hines ward to tie the game. once again that pressure situations are his comfort zone a fifty yard bomb. putting the home side into favorable territory rashard mendenhall got to score the forest and the last down of this game running in and here for the thirty one to twenty four final score either the jets or the patriots nextel for pittsburgh in the a.f.c. title showdown the n.f.c. divisional game wasn't as even the mashed on paper with a top seeded falcons hosting the packers the six seeded visitors struggled on the road while atlanta excelled at home there eric weems shining the spotlight on the often overlooked special teams the longest kickoff return in playoff history seen the back of receiver cover one hundred in two yards in no time at all that second
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quarter effort made to score fourteen seven and send the local crowd to its feet but it also awakened the beast in the packers aaron rodgers the quarterback first set of john kuhn for a short one to tie the score he then found james jones who made it twenty one to fourteen. the twenty six year old using his hide as an advantage to elevate smaller . failed to silence those criticizing his post-season play tramon williams speaking of the quarterback making it twenty eight to fourteen green bay and the break the found. a much needed breather but the relentless had more to offer in the second half the twenty seven year old reminding everyone he can make plays with his legs to forty eight to twenty one packers and an even bigger underdog in seattle or the chicago bears are up next for green bay.
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seahawks. continue. to take. on the new york jets. to describe. the first grand slam of the tennis year meanwhile less than twenty four hours away they australian open getting underway as usual at melbourne park. short odds. but nidal who won three of four majors last year says he doesn't see it as a two horse race. for sure i'm feeling less favorite than him and
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not more. than a joke which. so the this is kind of play is not so that's the that's what i think. the ladies side of things the bookmakers are treading more kerf after five time champion stringer williams threw herself fight to a foot injury but two thoughts on the need winner maria sharapova says it's more about who comes good on the day rather than the favorites tag i guess you can say to morrow. and some other years from other fields. you can approach them first rounders and have a chance to play in their best tennis and go and win tournaments. are now open or not i don't think it. is. a big fortnight of tennis lies ahead with all these all your sport phil i'll see you soon the world weather is coming up in just
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a tick. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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well. the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've done a few jerks covered.


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