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michael brooks are told what karl rove the two who told mcconnell that would be sure marco results will result in the same. new a cold. would result from a cold that really pulls the tomac review of the tone with citrus potomac wrong. on award winning a right to shed light on corruption in norway's immigration system is facing deportation while both only un tara list of being given asylum in the scandinavian country. a town in eastern ukraine is in a state of fear all for a double blogs are identified terrorists are demanding off by better home million dollar ransom or else they'll thousand more bombs a comparable story line. pressure falls from wiki leaks how russia's own position turns to the u.s.
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to help put frequently gets the cold shoulder from moscow. as chinese and american leaders agree that so used to power still differ on sensitive if you beijing's growing influence in the west is making people look eats . very warmly welcomed see this is the line from moscow i'm alice had but a woman who was a. norwegian over the year is being deported from the scandinavian country as an illegal immigrant born in the russian region of north a thirty year career and then became to the country and her early teens and published a book shedding a light on corruption in the norwegian immigration system will alter that the order came for her to be kicked out of the country well for more i'm now joined live by
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aussies laura emmett laura this sounds like a fascinating story doesn't it what does that. it is a fascinating story and part of it you've told obviously a list this is a girl who is now known as maria amélie but original name was muddiness alarm of a she was born in the capital of an office that the father there was a successful businessman she was also interesting in the niece of old she is rather the niece of the last defense minister of the soviet union a man called shop portion of her so there's all sorts of connections there that we don't know very much about now but what is what we do know is that her family felt when she was quite a young girl that they had to leave russia whole sibly in connection with her father's business activities obviously at that time particularly in north set it was quite easy if you're a successful businessman to get in with the wrong type of person so they felt that they had to leave logic of cause they went first to moscow where the family apparently still felt under threat from whatever it was that had been bothering
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them when they were in north of setia they then went to finland where they applied for asylum but their application was refused and then they arrived in norway roundabout two thousand and two they also applied for asylum here in norway but their application was again refused as the family decided that they would prefer to stay illegal immigrants now apparently. maria really was about sixteen by that time and what seems to have happened is that she learnt to speak norwegian which is not a very easy language within a period of weeks and she was going to school here and she eventually went to university it's not quite clear how because it would you would have thought that she would have had to present papers to be admitted to university which she eventually gained most as degree and then as you said she wrote a book which she has now had published which published publicizes the plight of illegal immigrants here in norway but now during that time she also found a lawyer and she applied in her own right for
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a cite them that was quite recently and the first that her lawyer and she heard that her asylum application had been turned down. on was last week in fact when police turned up to a lecture that she had been giving and arrested her outside that lectures about the first she knew of her application for asylum having been refused and we are really clearly has quite a high profile in norway so what's been the reaction to the decision to deport her well it seems certainly from speaking to people here on the street and of course to her lawyer that really all of norway is behind her they've been turning out on to the streets to protest her arrest and to demand her release from detention that has now been achieved she has been released from detention as she was able to return home for a short while and of course she is a person who has become very well integrated into society she's been here since she was sixteen she grew up here essentially went to school here went to university here speaks the language perfectly feels more norwegian than she did russian and then here in norway there is also quite
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a gruesome paradox between. the person i've just described well integrated intelligence accessible clever and another asylum seeker who also lives here in norway a man called mullah krekar now he is a former leader of a kurdish terror group he's been declared a threat to state security by norway and he's also on the u.s. and the u.n. list of terrorists he cannot be to deported from norway because there is a threat that he might face the death sentence if you returned home to iraq i spoke to a lawyer about this about this paradox that exists here and he told me how upset people in norway are about that let's just listen to him. the most popular political thing to say is we should get a look at a lot of the contrarian and of course it's a terrible paradox for ordinary people to see. this fantastic girl that everyone loves you so i'm told this person that. is. not
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very popular to say the least you say constant sort of nuisance to norwegian society you see able to stay. and in fact it's just in the last day or so has volunteered to return to iraq but it still of course to people here in norway seems unfair that he should be essentially permitted to stay when maria rambling is being thrown out on her air having spent a large part of her life here this is part of a wider story really of the use asylum policy which has come under fire recently for turning a blind eye to terrorist suspects and people linked to al qaida in fact there was at the end of last year a europe wide investigation in twenty six people arrested in belgium and the netherlands and in germany in connection with a terror plot plotted centrally raising funds for and recruiting for jihad and for
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a chechen terror group so really it seems desperately unfair in a situation like this that someone like maria really who has who is fighting to remain in norway the country that she has come to call home should be forced to leave where people like that are. turned a blind eye to and european countries meeting story in the playing out there in norway are scenes that laura emmett many thanks for updating us from. our public has swept through a town in eastern ukraine which has been wrong to blast in the morning and identify a terrorist of promising more attacks today if they don't get five and a half million dollars our visa legs here to share ski reports for us live now from ukraine. far as we heard the town is now is in full panic everyone is panicking mothers are taking their children away from schools and kidan gardens that is because in the middle of the night two blasts rocked this four hundred thousand old town of my cave in eastern europe east of ukraine something very and typical for
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this country terrorist attacks don't happen here but too often so everyone now is in panic and especially because the unidentified terrorist group said that they would explode five more bombs if the government doesn't buy four million euros to them or more than five million u.s. dollars this so far has not happened we are waiting to see how this story will unravel in the meantime the whole city as i said is in panic and we managed to acquire some thoughts from locals let's listen to what they had to say themes of us have as we ask here because they're promising more glass later today we're very nervous we're all shocked we just don't understand why this is happening to us as we know that interior forces troops are now disparaged to this little town and they are now in full alert the special order was given from kiev for the forces to be ready for any any developments in this story and we're waiting for any news to see
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whether the terrorists will keep their promise and explode more bombs in any moment now. they're reporting for us or for me. now the russian position have many internal squabbles but one thing that they all have in common is that they frequently visit the u.s. embassy here in moscow fresh fall from wiki leaks published by the newspaper. where will they often requested financial and political help but washington's officials got tired of their constant. reports. the article talks about the inability of the russian opposition leaders through law be their interest on the domestic level and having to reach out to the third parties to achieve their goals in this case the third party being the united states of america now they believe that harsh criticism from the u.s. would ensure a healthy human rights ad most fear in the country but the response from one of the
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poor ranking us security officials who spoke to the opposition leaders was that it shows the incompetence of the current opposition in the country and that they have to learn to negotiate with their thirty's on their own in achieving their goals and that's even though during the bush administration the us has shown support to the countries opposition the situation has changed nowadays it is up to russian activists to build up their relations with their administration with very true learning on america so much has changed in the relation between russia and the united states since the bush administration of especially after the so-called resets of the relations between russia and the united states but it had of the presidential election in two thousand and twelve russia's opposition wants the united states to side with that in order to lobby their interests but the response from the us ambassador to russia to that's was that it shows the fact that russia's
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opposition do not have the same understanding of democracy as americans do. director of studies at the institute of democracy and cooperation says the normal parliament position retains a cold war mindset. the american view judging from these documents is one of disappointment. the opposition leaders are attacked and criticized for being hopelessly divided divided essentially by personality rivalries while the human rights activists derive a does being basically superannuated and marginal figures. we see a sort of disappointment really on the american side on the side of the american strategists with the people who they've been supporting for so long it's very clear that these groups both as i say the political groups and the theoretically nonpolitical ones are pursuing indeed what one can rightly call
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a cold war mentality to the extent that they are going beyond the boundaries of their own country and seeking help from foreigners. you can always find out more on that story and all the stories that were compromised our website r.t. dot com they will also find other news blogs and much more here's what's online and they meant. russia could also insist on its position in stopping the settlement activity in its relationship with the u.s. and israel and on getting back to the negotiations table i think that russia is ready for that the. palestinian problem that would about how rough so you could help in bringing along the way to peace so the rest different job. and joined an online yoga class for greg athens drugs r.t.r. how to attain in there and shake off the stress of the big city.
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as the chinese leader visits the u.s. the two global powers can do. fine their relations in terms of being punters were rivals but with china on the rise the american officials are getting nervous about losing their grip over global affairs but some say there is not the u.s. can learn from china rather than washington simply focusing on losing as well as global top dog. i went into burger king with my son and i. think it's a z.h. users who. choose eat you and recognise the that is chinese for seven americans the word china elicits fear recognizing china's rise means
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recognizing america's decline and now we are getting. our toys and our things that are a little happy meals which should be banned there so dangerous. not just our toys in the bag made in china. but the image and everything else culture coming from china. or others china elicits feelings of inferiority according to the pew research center forty seven percent of americans think china is the world's leading economic power only thirty one percent think america. that's certainly the opinion among students at millinocket school in maine which will welcome paying chinese students to close its budget gap next year i think the chinese are going to be total shock i think about high tech in a way more advanced than us like ten times more money in like in a better society and then you look at eisenhower away whore and nuffin as hu jintao towards the u.s. capitol american officials are eager to quell fears about what
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a rising china could mean for the world's only superpower still some analysts say that the united states should be focusing on what it can learn from china rather than merely containing it china knows how to develop they're doing it we are expanding boring and consuming rather than saving and investing for the future a sentiment echoed by many we spoke to a lot to learn terms of productivity organizational resources and also having a culture that values hard work and i think they're trying to develop their economy and cheer some of the wealth with the folks economically politically militarily china is on the rise and while the u.s. put education on the chopping block this year china invested four percent of its g.d.p. in primary and secondary schools in poor rural areas chinese universities are mushrooming all across the country and increasingly attracting prestigious foreign professors and even american students like philadelphia native zachary franklin seem.
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just a better decision to be in a country learning about economics where so much is happening economically getting a master's in shanghai doesn't mean crippling student loans chinese students themselves you know not pain absorbing amounts of money for an education in this country. china is also speeding ahead on high speed rail lines in massive infrastructure chinese officials say they will complete the first eco city by two thousand and twenty which will be home to three hundred fifty thousand as u.s. lawmakers squabble for years over who will foot the bill for every high speed rail link bridge or metro expansion america instead of stream so we've got the whole interstate highway system we've got gigantic infrastructure projects in u.s. history the city more unified as a people are moving in a positive direction and i wish we could say that president obama has plenty to put on the table as he hosts his chinese counterpart at the first u.s. china state dinner but will the white house be equally either to learn from its gas
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and ford r. t. washington d.c. . or the sculls the relations between the two global giants are not doing. right from the chicago council on global affairs. joining us here on mr right so do you see this visit more as the long awaited reconciliation or is it simply about trade ties between the two giant. thank you thank you for having me i think it's much more than a summit about trade ties this treaty follows on from president obama's visit to china in november two thousand and nine which is generally regarded as a great sort of disappointment or a visit the fell short of expectations in a number of respects and since then there's been a year of pretty robust u.s. chinese tensions and geopolitically in the asia pacific region ranging from everything from north korea to disputes over. the south china sea. china
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japan and shipping. and variety of other things so this summit in a way follows on from from all of those events and it's really an opportunity for president obama and president hu to sit down and to talk about the future of the u.s. and china relationship not sort of promising anything or are offering up the hope of a major sort of did it were a little like a major communique that would that will really offer a breakthrough on some of the core disagreements but really to try to lay the groundwork for for you know for the relationship to be more predictable and to have fewer surprise us maybe to manage the tensions over the next year or two when you talk just through some of the tensions this of really dominated the friendship in recent years that both the u.s. president and asian talent said that america and china have an enormous stake in each other's success but it is the u.s.
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really it's in this sense of beijing and vice versa during this this is. what i think the visit the visit went quite well given the constraints that i mentioned earlier there was nobody was expecting a major breakthrough and also this is a president whose last visit to the united states it's a transition in china pretty soon and he will he will finish his term you know as president so even if he wanted to deliver sort of a major breakthrough there were questions here about whether or not he could so i think in that way you know in that way the visit did much better and more guarded it's much better than president obama's visit to beijing in november two thousand and nine that you version recently that america has to find a new sign a strategy what the basic elements of such a strategy be. yeah well i wrote that i think in last summer and i think there have been shifts in u.s. strategy in that it. period and i think they've gone sort of in the direction that
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i would have hoped and basically what i was what i was writing then was that the united states needed not to just focus purely on china on a quote about asia but really deepen its relations with allies and partners in the region because the best thing the united states can do for a china is to promote a stable sort of vibrant order in the asia pacific region of our other countries are confident that they have the friendship and alliance of the united states and they that they do not get nervous by the rise of chinese power because the greatest risk i think in u.s. china relations over the next decade is that china's rise unsettles not just the united states but all of its neighbors in the region and that they they are respond in such a way that you know that leads to sort of further problems and there are tensions that the united states will need to you know manage and they cope potentially get
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out of hand you know an example here is you know if the korean crisis got considerably worse over the next over the next twelve months or so as i see it the united states would be moving in a direction you know that is pretty clear to china about what is non-negotiable about part of would like to see you sort of print region but is willing to cooperate and listen also and i think we've seen that with secretary clinton and president obama over the last six months for instance. last summer secretary clinton intervened in the disputes in the south china sea and made a declaration that the united states would like to see those disputes result multilaterally but it's upset beijing at the time but i think it's been a force for stability sentiments ok thomas rides executive director of studies at the chicago council long playbill affairs many thanks for talking all three as some of the finer points of the china u.s. relationship many thanks thank you. i want china and the west the vibe for the world's results as wall street is the city. lidl kaiser and states they have it in
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spain how these behind the us financial crash of two thousand and eight i had it again and this time with government help the less the kaiser report coming your way in about ten minutes time. this psychological profile of jamie dimon lloyd blankfein goldman morgan this guy daily is that of the arsonist the arsonist likes to burn things down their pyromaniacs here on wall street you've got debt maniacs they like to destroy things with debt and they like the price of debt to be as cheap as a pack of matches. if the price of dead is a cheap as a pack of matches as it is now they can continue to burn things down to destroy the economy like they're doing at this very moment and what is the obama administration doing they are giving the pyromaniacs and the arsonist more starting fluid more lighter fluid more matches whatever they need to destroy the economy so you have to
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ask the question is obama in the pocket of the financial terrorists yes he says oh . ok you know in some other international headlines this hour the south korea excepted a fresh proposal from the north to hold high level military talks an offer by pyongyang earlier this month to hold discussions was rejected by so much criticized . here tensions have been high on the korean peninsula since last november's deadly artillery exchange between the two countries also on thursday so welcomed an agreement between the u.s. and chinese leaders on the need to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula. the prime minister of ireland has the knowledge that he intends to dissolve the parliament and cool and general election in march it comes after four ministers resigned from the company it overnight bringing the total to five in just two days
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and leading the p.m.'s happen if you fail brian cowen government is the the poor free for all since agreeing to an international aid package for the debt ridden country belongs to you. this is interim the leaders are abandoning the field moving parsing of the several ministers which he tried to use the government intended to leave the country to the electorate has been under intense criticism the retaining of many of the deposed president. despite the resignations protesters throughout today are demanding the ruling coalition do more to distance itself from the regime that was overthrown last week. that's where the news is this hour on l.t. a business update now with. hello welcome to our business program russia and bella russa reached an agreement
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following their rout over oil prices which led moscow halting supply to its neighbor on the first of january russian oil firms insisted bellerose must pay more due to rising global prices and an imminent transit tariff increase by minsk prime minister vladimir putin met with fellow rusin counterpart yes nicole which to try and iron out the conflict our correspondent peter oliver brings us the latest from the meeting. it's taken quite a while but it seems that russia and belarus have come to terms over the recent oil dispute that's come between the two nations a proposal has been put forward is accepted there's been no oil sent from russia to bellary since the first of january now it seems that we will see the resumption of oil transport from russia in the bellary following the meeting between the prime ministers now this has threatened to affect the production of diesel oil in belarus
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that could be shipped into europe. belarus wasn't receiving the oil that it was supposed to get from russia because it refused the initial deal that the big oil russian oil companies put forward no for the prime minister vladimir putin and his brother russian counterpart seem to have come to a deal in which russia will give a subsidy of four point one billion dollars to bellary to ensure that crittur all of oil in the distribution of oil can continue between eighty nations used to put it. there are of course questions regarding the details but we have reconfirmed opposition and we will get this approved to soon as possible so that the bill is economy will receive a subsidy of no less than a full billion one hundred twenty four million dollars in return for cheap russian oil deliveries usually. that wasn't the only thing that was being discussed by prime minister vladimir putin and his bellow russian counterpart bill aris will
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also receive a six a billion dollar credit from russia to build a new nuclear power station that's something that's also been on the table for discussion and the meeting between the two pm. ellis look at the markets starting with the u.s. now american stocks are trading down for a second day as concern that interest rates will rise in china way down come on a pretty serious overshadowing a bigger than expected drop in jobless claims. the dow is down close to two hundred thirty percent and shed over one percent. and in europe stock markets are also losing ground mining stocks banks and pharmaceuticals are mining the heavyweight fallers britain's footsie is setting close to one to thirty percent and germany's dax is down point five for said carmakers dialer mer and volkswagen are all losing around four percent this hour. and russian stock markets closed lower following a downswing in the international community in equity markets energy majors mainly
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gas power lukoil loss the most on the back of the or lower oil prices. both of them have the potential to show better dynamics gazprom and lukoil both closed down on the day at around two percent but the biggest loser was down close to nine and a half percent. and that's all the business news for this hour but you can always find more stories on our web site that's our t.v. dot com slash business stay with us.
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right. if you knew about some move from funds to pressure. these firms don't salty. wealthy british style decide it's time to cut. the. market wine.


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