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dostoevsky. in a sea of colors you visit. us the girl that everyone loves to send. this person that is not very popular to say the least able to say a russian born woman whose book shed light on corruption in norway's immigration system is facing deportation of those on the u.s. terror list of being given asylum in the scandinavian country the report tonight also. fresh files from wiki leaks show russia's opposition turns to the u.s. for help but frequently gets the cold shoulder from washington. and chinese and american leaders agree the two superpowers still differ on the sensitive issues beijing's growing influence in the u.s. is making making people there look east again the report coming up.
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this is r.t. work and if you just joined us it's now ten pm here in moscow my name's kevin though in our top story tonight for you a woman who was voted norwegian of the year is being deported from the scandinavian country as an illegal immigrant born in the russian region of north korea came to norway in early teens and then published a book revealing corruption in its immigration system after that the order came for her to be kicked out laura emmott's picks up the story. this is a girl who is now known as maria amélie but riginal name was muddiness alarm of a she was born in body cars the capital of an office that the family felt when she was quite a young girl that they had to leave russia arrived in norway around about two thousand and two where they applied for asylum but their application was refused as
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the family decided that they would prefer to stay as a legal immigrant what seems to have happened is that she learnt to speak norwegian which is not a very easy language within a period of weeks and she was going to school here and she eventually gained most a degree and then she wrote a book which she has now had published which published publicizes the plight of illegal immigrants here in norway and she applied in her own right for asylum and the first that her lawyer and she heard that her asylum application had been turned down it was last week when police turned up to a lecture that she had been giving a restaurateur outside that let just about the first she knew of her application for having been refused well it seems certainly from speaking to people here on the street and of course to her lawyer that really all of norway is behind they've been turning out on to the streets to protest her arrest and to demand her release from detention that has now been achieved she has been released from detention as she
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was able to return home for a short while and then here in norway there is also quite a gruesome paradox between who the person i've just described well integrated intelligence access or clever and another asylum seeker who also lives here in norway a man called mullah krekar now he is a former leader of a kurdish terror group he's been declared a threat to state security by norway and he's also on the u.s. and the u.n. list of terrorists he cannot be to deported from norway because there is a threat that he might face the death sentence if you returned home to iraq i spoke to. about this about this paradox that exists here and he told me how upset people in norway are about that the most popular political thing to say is we should get out of the country and and of course it's a terrible paradox for ordinary people to see. this fantastic girl that everyone
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loves. this person that. is. not very popular to say the least a constant nuisance to norwegian society is able to stay this is part of a wider story really of the use asylum policy which has come under fire recently for turning a blind eye to terrorist suspects and people linked to al qaida in fact there was at the end of last year a europe wide investigation in twenty six people arrested in belgium and the netherlands and in germany in connection with a terror plot plot essentially raising funds for and recruiting for jihad and for chechen terror groups so really it seems desperately unfair in a situation like this that someone like maria amalie who has who is fighting to remain in norway the country that she has come to call home should be forced to leave where people like that are. turned a blind eye to an european countries so europe correspondent laura reporting for us
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the. poppy cultivation in afghanistan is increased dramatically after foreign troops invaded the country in two thousand and one and it's most rampant in areas that are under control of foreign forces that's the view of afghan president hamid karzai he gave us an exclusive interview with afghanistan was. incomplete. poppies were not so much when the poppies were not but when the majority been left and the taleban came poppies went up but then there were crushed and stopped how come when the entire international community sort of canister would have so much talk of the war on drugs and all that there is such a rise in the cultivation of poppies where we are in charge. but we have reduced poppies in twenty two provinces of afghanistan in some of two spots is completely
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eliminated. we are not in charge we want to province who are there as the taliban or with more foreign forces and those provinces of course poppy's of entries and that's a question all of us together afghanistan are the size including russia in a very important significant we must help afghanistan get treaty and get in charge of its all affairs and to defend our own country and to run your own country so by twenty fourteen. we are not in need and there is no reason for the international forces to continue in afghanistan well i mean karzai is here in moscow to seek that help is to to hold talks with the meeting the better than friday russia is one of afghanistan's key allies in fighting drug trafficking in the country in october last year russian special forces help the afghan troops destroy several labs that produce terror when another self is karzai said he hoped afghanistan will be able to take charge of its own security by twenty fourteen when u.s.
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troops that will be. the russian political opposition has many internal squabbles but one thing they all have in common is that they frequently visit the u.s. embassy here in moscow fresh files from wiki leaks published by the newspaper komsomolskaya pravda reveal they often requested financial and political help but washington's officials got tired of the constant pleas as artie's nataly never covered. authority kul talks about the inability of the russian opposition leaders through law be their interest on the domestic level and having to reach out to the third parties to achieve their goals in this case the third party being the united states of america now they believe that harsh criticism from the u.s. would ensure a healthy human rights ad most fear in the country but the response from one of the top ranking u.s. security officials who spoke to the opposition leaders was that it shows the
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incompetence of the current opposition in the country and that they have to learn to negotiate with their thirty's on their own in achieving their goals and that even though during the bush administration the u.s. has shown support to the countries opposition the situation has changed nowadays it is up to russian activists to build up their relations with their administration with very true lying on america so much has changed in the relation between russia and the united states since the bush administration of especially after the so-called resets of the relations between russia and the united states but ever had of the presidential election in two thousand and twelve russia's opposition wants the united states to side with that in order to lobby their interests but the response from the us ambassador to russia to that's was that it shows the fact that russia's opposition do not have at the same understanding of democracy as americans do. first we're going to have
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a special investigative journalist webster tarpley is joining us from washington d.c. mr top are you going to you know these leaks purport to show norm pall of entry opposition to the kremlin pleading with the u.s. for help almost a throwback and it's a cold war. it is and generally speaking the u.s. intentions are not realistic there they are trying to organize an anti putin campaign let me say most importantly at the cia and at the state department right now you have a manic fit which is generated by the success of the united states and overthrowing the government of tunisia with the help of wiki leaks and julian asuncion the world at langley in foggy bottom is that thanks to asuncion weiqi leaks the united states has been able to capture the attention of a new generation of media lists across the world and that with this you can bring down every government in the arab world but of course why stop there color revolutions had been losing their v.m. they had failed in iran they'd failed in lebanon they were discredited and rolled
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back in ukraine and in georgia of course also discredited but now they think they can relaunch the model of the of the color revolutions and i'm afraid what we see in these papers is the russia director of the national security council michael mcfaul who is interested in grooming boris nemtsov as a candidate to stop putin from becoming president again in two thousand and twelve which befell obviously thinks is is what's going to happen and it seems to me the gaggle of people that they have working for them are are not going to be adequate to the task but these latest cables also showing that washington may have cooled his boots a bit with respect to what you just said no. no i think i think that would be a superficial reading we look at mcfaul mcfaul is is someone who goes back quite a ways in russia his history in the in the one nine hundred ninety s. was to support everything that yeltsin did because the us was supporting yeltsin it
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was shock therapy that was democratic it was sending tanks to shoot up the parliament that became democratic in ukraine when you had these kleptocrats coming in you shan't go to go for. that was also democratic and now he looks at this this group of opposition which includes skinheads and national bolsheviks a neo fascists in every way he says we're going to somehow get these people together and do something in the two thousand and twelve presidential election thanks to the fact that we have weekly leaks and our son john our side because that's what we've proven in tunisia i would read that is the mentality in the middle where in the age of that reset button being so off the press too in the age of the start agreement coming in why do you think the u.s. is still doing business with the opposition what is washington have to gain. well of course this i think in many ways was was illusory i mean what we see here is that this is the usual interference in the sovereign affairs of independent states
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and another one of those wiki leaks things shows that there's still a military war plan essentially for a war with russia based on the on the baltic states and the the area around colleen and brad so really not that much has changed but what has changed from the point of view of these people is is the idea that they can they can get a second chance just a word about soft this of course was one of the young wolves of the chernomyrdin yeltsin era and if you look at what he did every conceivable disaster in the in the book of economics even hyperinflation a bubble a crash moment clint or a privatization the coming of the oligarchs all of this is the handiwork of soft and who now thinks that he should make a comeback and really fall in themself maybe the only people who believe this is possible but again in this new post tunisia atmosphere foggy bottom and the state department and the cia believe that everything is possible we haven't got long
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following on what you just been saying that what you think the future is. position here in russia what you think is going to go. when you look at this opposition you have to say what do they stand for they seem to be a group of people who are united only by their hatred of prime minister putin they have. deep puttin ization is the only thing they have to offer they seem to wait around for murders to occur and then blame that on putin kind of a knee jerk reaction i don't see an economic program i don't see anything constructive i don't see anything that could help the future of a great nation so therefore i don't see why people would be interested the difference i think is in russia the opposition is an embarrassment sometimes here in the u.s. we think our government is an embarrassment but maybe the russian opposition needs to to to retool to get some actual positive ideas and not simply be the. the long arm of a foreign power websites all the really good to have your take on it tonight thanks
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for joining us a line from washington i do you see as you. say that our web site so we've got for their dot com tonight it was plenty to amuse me to take including this. i think it first he created and then if i am now those charges that i put forward in the card against vick to boot don't relate to those accusations that the american press was talking about one in ten years find out what to expect from the forthcoming trial of a husband who has been extradited to the us from the deal she believes his case is simply propaganda her excuse if you want our website. and it was all a bit much should have a busy day. master class that's more like it was next part instructs r t how to quote to. shake off the stress of the big city sounds good if you care.
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for those big stories as the chinese leader visits the u.s. the two global powers can define their relations in terms of being partners or rivals with china on the rise american officials are getting nervous about losing their grip over global affairs but some say there's much the u.s. can learn from china rather than washington simply focusing on losing its role as global top dog in forward reports i went into burger king. and i. think it's a z. z z z h u z h u and recognize the that is chinese for seven americans the word china elicits fear recognizing china's rise means recognizing america's decline and now we are getting. our toys there are things that are a little happy meals which should be banned there so dangerous. not just our toys
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in the bag made in china. but the image and everything else culture coming from china. or others china elicits feelings of inferiority according to the pew research center forty seven percent of americans think china is the world's leading economic power only thirty one percent think america. that's certainly the opinion among students at millinocket school in maine which will welcome paying chinese students to close its budget gap next year i think the chinese are going to be total shock i think about high tech in a way more advanced than us but ten times more money alike and a better society and then you look at eisenhower like a whore and nuffin as hu jintao towards the u.s. capitol american officials are eager to quell fears about what a rising china could mean for the world's only superpower still some analysts say that the united states should be focusing on what it can learn from china rather than merely containing it china knows how to develop it they're doing it we are
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expanding going and consuming rather than saving and investing for the future a sentiment echoed by many we spoke to a lot to learn terms of productivity organizational resources and also having a culture that values hard work and i think they're trying to develop their economy and cheer some of the wealth with the folks economically politically militarily china is on the rise and while the u.s. put education on the chopping block this year china invested four percent of its g.d.p. in primary and secondary schools in poor rural areas chinese universities are mushroom all across the country and increasingly attracting prestigious foreign professors and even american students like philadelphia native zachary franklin seem. just a better decision to be in the country learning about economics where so much is happening economically getting a master's in shanghai doesn't mean crippling student loans chinese students
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themselves you know not plane absorbing amounts of money food or in education in this country. china is also speeding ahead on high speed rail lines in massive infrastructure chinese officials say they will complete the first eco city by two thousand and twenty which will be home to three hundred fifty thousand as u.s. lawmakers squabble for years over who will fit the bill for every high speed rail link bridge or metro expansion america just adds sure aims to rebuild the old interstate highway system we built a gigantic infrastructure projects in u.s. history the city more unified as a people are moving in a positive direction and i wish we could say the same president obama has plenty to put on the table as he hosts his chinese counterpart at the first u.s. china state dinner but will the white house be equally eager to learn from its gas and ford r. t. washington d.c. . well to talk a bit more about the relations between these two global giants let's bring to the picture now rick ross offseasons national affairs commentator manager of the engine
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called stop nato good evening thanks for being with us once this visit done for elations do you think would it help ease long running tensions or help keep the status quo. i mean it's a very good question i suppose it's to be to decide to be decided but i think we have to recall if we were speaking a year ago we saw a worsening of us chinese time shuns arguably low ebb. at the lowest ebb brother and several decades referring of course to the decision by the white house in january of last year to complete a six point four trillion dollar arms deal with taiwan which included interceptor missiles i for one remain skeptical about whether a better state to state in geopolitical. interests between the united states and. we're going to improve in the in the year there's too much at stake and i think washington is hasn't to give up what it sees as its dominant role in the eastern in the western pacific you know we'll talk a bit more about that in a minute but i guess both the u.s.
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and china of course are expansionist as we know do you think that is the main source of tension between about the end of the day who wields the most power. i'm sorry i wasn't quite sure where you were stating the try no was expansionist yes china on the us. is i would urge you did. i mean i would i would no i didn't say that i would seriously contest the fact that trying i was expansion and so i would say that the united states which is going to talk to the good half dozen naval maneuvers and other war games in the journal neighborhood of china since late last july you might be accused of being militarily more assertive and aggressive in the region you know just a series i was developed around the world is really make trade it is keen to expand it is keen to see its place in the world and to expand that isn't it. i mean if you if you believe that china like any other country has a right to secure and. carbons for its for its economy and to expand trade
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then yes i don't see that as being aggressive i think it's normal trade that expansion is not aggressive there is a bit of a difference like i mean beijing's worry does need about the u.s. expanding its clout as you mentioned just now in the asia pacific region that could potentially target not only north korea but china as well do you think any of those fears could be justified. well i mean let's. defense secretary robert gates who when he was in tokyo on the thirteenth of this month stated that a continued u.s. presence in japan was necessary to contain it in so many words to prevent increase chinese aggression as well as being used against north korea and to negotiate a desoto. promote. of the concept of selling japan advanced u.s. jet fighters you know so-called fifth generation stealth jet fighters like the f. thirty five joint strike fighter but you know immediately after gates his visit to japan there was discussion about japan relaxing its constitutional ban against
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what's called collective self-defense to enter into an arrangement with the united states to provide what are called standard missile three interceptor missiles to eastern europe i mean. near russia's western borders as a matter of fact in countries like poland and romania and then we saw of course last week the meeting of the defense ministers of japan and south korea in seoul where for the first time ever japan and south korea negotiated two military agreements and this was done largely on the prompting of the united states of course so i would say if i were sitting in beijing i'd be a bit nervous about the u.s. engineering some equivalent of what's been called in over the last decade and asian nato to contain china one quick one i just wanted to bring in we want about thirty seconds china's reiterated many times it wants the u.s. to respect its coal interests do you think it will go to protect said coal interests. i mean there are a number of core interests there economic their security their territorial
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secretary of state hillary clinton on october twenty seventh reassure the japanese foreign minister that the u.s. would on article five of a joint defense treaty with japan over contested islands and. japan which is a in my view my understanding that the u.s. would be willing to use military force to back japan in a territorial dispute with china you know four or five days later the philip crowley the spokesman for the secretary of state said he backed japanese territorial claims on russia referring to the south cure islands as the northern territory's so i believe that china had best prepared to defend itself because. u.s. military presence in areas like the yellow sea the east china sea and so forth ok rosso from the start may two organization thanks for your comments on all t. tonight. stay with us we've got business coming up next.
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for the full stop we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. which brighten if you are about song from stupid. t.v. don't. welcome to a business program i'm sure on a. russian bellerose have reached an agreement following their route over oil
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prices which led moscow halting supply to its neighbor on the first of january prime minister vladimir putin met with a counterpart. to trying are not the conflict our correspondent peter all over has the story. it's taken quite a while but it seems that russia and belarus have come to terms over the recent oil dispute that's come between the two nations a proposal has been put forward is accepted there's been no oil sent from russia to bellary since the first of january now it seems that we will see the resumption of oil transport from russia into bellerose following the meeting between the prime ministers now this has threatened to affect the production of diesel oil in belarus that could be shipped into europe due to the fact that belarus wasn't receiving the oil that it was supposed to get from russia because it refused the initial deal
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that the big oil russian oil companies put forward no for the prime minister vladimir putin and his brother russian counterpart seem to have come to a deal in which russia will give a subsidy of four point one billion dollars to bellary to ensure the crittur of oil and the distribution of oil can continue between the three nations used to put it. there are of course questions regarding the details but we have reconfirmed our position and we will get this approved to soon as possible so that the dealers economy will receive a subsidy of no less than a full billion one hundred twenty four million dollars in return for cheap russian oil deliveries usually. that wasn't the only thing that was being discussed by prime minister vladimir putin and his bellow russian counterpart bellerose will also receive a six billion dollar credit from russia to build a new nuclear power station that's something that's also been on the table for
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discussion and the meeting between the two pm. alice take a look at the stock markets stock markets closed lower following a downswing in international commodity equity markets energy majors mainly gas palm and look while the most on the back of lower oil prices. these. although both of them have the potential to show better dynamics gas polman lukoil both closed down on the day at around two percent but the biggest loser was come odds down close to nine and a half percent. and russia's small businesses are still struggling with the consequences of the economic crisis the exception are those in the service industry which has weathered the storm small businesses just starting out have been having trouble getting loans and have have to rely on micro funding leasing and state support programs experts believe small and medium sized companies will find their feet but warned that changes in russia's tax policy could damage investment and lead to more
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salaries being paid under the table. and that's all business news for this hour but you can always find more stories on our web site that's archie dot com slash business thanks for watching.
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