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to sift through good and build a magickal. ilk a real sweet. pacific resulting. in this room look he's available in some of the. hotels or recently. have you with us here on our t.v. headlines are russian born woman devoted norwegian of the year faces deportation from let's get it maybe after she publishes a critical book about the country's immigration system having lived there openly but illegally for years by contrast some on the un tara list are being given asylum in the way. newly released wiki leaks show russian opposition groups are regularly seeking u.s. help but often getting the cold shoulder secret diplomatic cables suggest u.s.
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embassy staff in moscow have grown tired of frequent visits looking for cash and political aides. at a meeting in washington chinese president hu jintao has told us business leaders that his country is ready to help them out of its deepest prices in years despite continuing differences with the u.s. beijing's growing global influence is encouraging some in america to look east to make money. next interview show spotlight host asks russia's chief hygiene inspector on the health dangers facing the world's largest country and the ways to combat them stay with us. for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. hello
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again or walk into the spotlight the interview on our t.v. . today my guest is. epidemics have always been a big threat to the existence of america even in today's medicine sophisticated drugs they do suppress but don't eradicate some infection in haiti for example thousands have died from cholera and many more. all of it any other threats and can we feel safe to ask the chief hi jean inspector. when there's a danger of infection old bad quality products getting into the country the russian consumer inspection rate is always on guard the criticism from the service was enough to start the so-called war with ballerinas two years ago. from. the most recent food scandal happened in germany where thom's of meat and eggs with
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found to be contaminated with the poison dioxin but the. russians will not suffer explains why on today's spotlight. mr initial again thank you very much for coming to a show below. my first question i have wanted to ask you since i celebrated the new year after your interviews about your instruction to russian citizens so they don't buy national third trees at homes so they could cause at least your mention to have said so is it really that serious. this is true that some people may have allergic reactions. but speaking in a more general way. what i meant is that we need to protect. it is not appropriate for a tree only to discard it ten days later fourteen days later as in russia.
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now let's proceed to a more serious and even horrifying thing is burst of swine flu the first reports of which have appeared about georgia and your recently visited tomes. is it a fact and really so threatening. well first of all i should say that when the h one n one two thousand and nine last year we doctors were extremely honest with the public. our u.s. counterparts from the atlanta center for disease control and prevention who first involved the stream said dick then. gas was condemning troy mean which would soon concrete the entire planet which did happen actually and
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that almost all the countries more than two hundred countries have reacted but they said a very important thing they said this train key says it would predominantly proceed mildly and exactly that way during the past season of two thousand and nine two thousand and ten russia went through the first wireless attack of the new stream there in december two thousand and nine. well what you are seeing differs from what was reported in the press back in two thousand and nine you may recall the panic about the swine flu and that all would die but it was indeed a panic which undermined the trust to epidemiology justs said to be excessively intimidating the public. is now you're saying mild cases. so there must have been grave cases as well. all right there have been grave cases and unfortunately that if it could mostly pregnant
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women and elderly people. when this flu arrived to russia's regions in november and december of two thousand and nine because of. the trials by col region and he crossed one your screeching and tomsk region we have to urgently rearrange charm. asher's to address in grave cases but most of the cases were. there will actually be european union and its recently launched a legal offensive against the world health organization and threw the book at them . you mean after they were recently they published their report saying actually there had been no pandemic as a matter of fact there has been a been damaged however there were two dogs or factors involved first when the
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w.h.o. announced that there was a pandemic it found itself a hostage of a number of pharmaceutical companies which began to insist through mid-level w. chill fishel is that there was only one preparation that could be affected do you mean those officials were corrupt i don't know if they were corrupt or what lobbying officials to put it this way at least they were apparent signs of lobbying for it was a fact but it did not overshadow the seriousness of the problem we had and secondly. when it broke out in russia and the first case was registered in moscow reaction was sharp but why was nothing special. in that case all our domestic pharmaceutical companies were behind the reaction they were also they were purely political forces and what the e.u. did although medical specialists my colleagues took part in there was politically
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motivated but i have no interest in going into that. all this means the new strain is a fact and it has its effect. season for example six more million russian citizens fell ill with that then usually it's on disputable at the same time some forces interfere. distorted the picture of the sword that way this is something that we including us doctors have to take into account in our work and to be resilient to pressure but again and that a democrat was a fact. ok let's proceed from the human flu to the animal version. we haven't any magic death of birds taking place in western europe and america. because it's really swine flu. which we do the birds catch it what do you think
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people you know in terms of birds it's more likely evian flu that is suspected something that did take place some time ago. several years ago although some of us may have forgotten about it as the first reports of birds deaths in the us as we see on this screen appeared. turn myself to the south or forty's east control in the us and they told me there was no problem on their side and it would be years to be so indeed for a simple reason you may and must to remember this situation we had with evian flu so there was too much hype about it those cases involved waterfalls mostly since they are the main source of the disease in the wilderness and they were supposed to suffer first this time either in turkey nor in the us or in europe
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there have been any cases or waterfalls and also recent cases have very little in common in terms of the way those birds who died this is another factor that gives us reason to believe that evian flu has not yet returned. however you let me give you only one example in egypt. there have been six cases of avian flu registered this year with three. camps. as a whole since the evan flu epidemic began. deaths yes i mean humans i'm responsible for humans only so since the epidemic began there have been more than five hundred cases in which more than fifty percent have died but so far in this. matter how long it is it's not the disasters and it is only passed from bird to human it is not passed from human to human and this is what
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saved the situation should have developed this capacity the situation will be very serious rules next question is about cattle and eggs in germany which are reported to be contaminated with dioxins which may have been caused by poor quality or elles and fats used how big is the probability that those meat products and eggs may have found their way to russia where the market to for them is big. during the past decade the first decade of the twenty first century europe had two situations in germany related to dioxins what really happened there was apparently criminal as biofuels that were manufactured not for food were sold three thousand tons of them to companies engaged in forder production about one hundred thousand tons of forder were made. when this problem was
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revealed in germany and they believe that these house between november eleventh to december twenty sixth twenty ten forty seven hundred companies were shut down those manufacturing puharich poultry meat angus and even milk in some cases no as of friday january fourteenth. the e.u. director general for health and consumer reports. action told me there were fewer than three hundred companies left. for what is most concerning for us in russia where we recommend our citizens to eat domestically produced poultry meat of which there is plenty in the same applies to eggs and you'll be one hundred percent protected the second we are concerned with the. we cannot
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have the full picture ask you how much meat was contaminated how much it was taken out from the market how much of it was more keep it. and taking into account that this is the second such case in germany we have reasons not to trust german national regulatory agencies so we have been asking the european union to send an independent commission there from other countries in this way we can to help our colleagues in germany because they may be under political or economic pressure so we suggest that there should be an independent commission. so for and there has been no onto what i'm going to discuss this matter we are to be. specific i will talk to music. who is the head of the european commission's directorate term for health and consumer protection. says good idea.
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chief hygiene inspector spotlight who did that shortly right after the break so stay with us we'll continue to. download the official placation. i pod touch from the. life on the go. video. live broadcasts and says feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of kenya that. giant corporations are today. welcome back to spotlight i'll do you know of in just a reminder that my guest in the studio today is. mr nation we have discussed the me grow about dioxin contaminated meat and your biggest concern that that needs it might reach shops in russia your agency has more
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than once imposed bans on imports of various food products from different countries . a few minutes ago you say and that apart from merely medical problems in the e.u. there was politics involved. has your agency done anything politically motivated or have you been guided exclusively by medical scientific or consumers issues. well let's take some specific examples from my biography first for the benefit one for a model dog. after the collapse of the soviet union. to something entirely independent asked to mit's. could manufacture twenty three to twenty five million dekel leaders of wine. at the moment then the
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russian market again according to x. ports asked amounts to the volume of wine sales from old dog are was about fourteen million liters so we have a conflict in figures here twenty three to twenty five million decorators and forty million or so nearly half of it was counterfeit wine. counter feet. which you know is counterfeit and it was actually a very flagrant counterfeit of liquored then there was the situation with georgia before we introduced to bear georgia itself for three years have been fighting counterfeit wine on its own using a law enforcement and taxation but without much success and when we first introduced the ban on imports from the georgia struggles will still yet far from being over russia's restrictions on imports so foreign products are often
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criticized as being politically motivated let's take a look at some of the cases in the report from spotlight. in two thousand and six moldova wind small band in russia the country's consumer rights watchdog. claimed the winds contained pesticides and much of it was fake the ban on wines was very soon followed by a ban on the input of popular brands of georgian manual water because it was claimed they didn't. purity standards both. in court restrictions as economic blackmail as the bends the worsening relations between russia and the from the soviet republics the same year came the ban on letterman canned it was claimed to contain bans a pirate in a hazardous substance. and producers saw it as an attempt to force them out of the market to do way too in the russian canned fish producers in two thousand and nine
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inputs of belorussian milk and there were told it's for a band to move to at a time when relations between russia were read the lowest scores upset with rising prices for gas and the lead to a politically charged dispute between the countries the restrictions on imports of foreign goods so often common made russia stanchion with the countries in question they've been labeled by moscow screw dicks visit to a political influence. well the one from moldova did return to russia about a year after the ban imposed yes yes whereas the wine from georgia hasn't yet this is it because the quality does not conform to the norms. are you still fighting counterfeit wine along with georgians. know what really happened was that in two
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thousand and seven who won from old dog did return but on special terms and those terms still applied today our market is not fully open to moldova and wine perhaps to the report out of business there. and it is now up to the new zealand government although i don't think it has been definitely formed one exports being the main source of revenues for the moldovan economy as for us we are ready for talks and i should say that ones have been very persistent the. did a lot and as a result the one from old always returning to the russian market although not in the same volumes as before us for georgia they have not applied for a new license. they're not showing interest in their submitting no obligations and why should we do anything are so sure that when the parts of it ok one more thing rather controversial that you are dealing with is vaccination not long ago speaking
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to a radio station you sad that even your opinion the actions of the mothers who are against vaccinations are criminals. and you said you were ready to initiate a bill to make vaccinations to children mandatory disregarding whether their parents wanted to not. do you think it is normal that parents don't have the final word for their responsibility for the health of their children and. forest let me point out that the russian legislation for immuno prophylaxis he's the most advanced one in the world but i'm saying this based on two principles declared in the russian law first informed consent for a vaccination and a second economic responsibility of the state in case of any complications before in other words this deed three tune laws admits that vaccine he's not the safest
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thing at the theatre as it is a serious immuno biological operation and shoot complications developed with the state takes responsibility. and nobody's going to go beyond these two fundamental principles. was the point in your initiative that this initiative is necessary because the more removed the danger becomes the more complications we have. have with people who you fuse to get that sunni to you know the difference between a vaccine to medication or god when a person is ill he or she can be easily persuaded to take cyanide napsylate poison because the patient is ready for anything however when a person is well and when he or she stalled. let's get you back as
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a preventive measure but please remember that there may be complications including high temperature allergic reaction or something even worse he or she would see why should i am well this is the difference then when i was beginning my medical practice and if i had sat to mother let's not get your child vaccinated against. turton us measles she would have been reached with me. because she could see that children develop reversible complications like polio for example if there are children that died before the very eyes of their mothers so it used to be a reality now that we have not had it for many years it's a usual reaction however when we face the real pollio last year due to an outbreak
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until you stand the biggest dog break in the twenty first century the biggest on the planet perhaps the last twenty years following the discontinuation of vaccination after to stand with true from the us a saw art which resulted in seven hundred cases including five hundred cases of paralytic poliomyelitis let me tell you when i was a student which was a long time ago. if you were told that disease had been dealt with there was a problem to find even one example of that infectious disease last in a very brief question that doctors have everything upside down and most of them smoke especially in our country you say you have very strict when it comes to performing the duties but why are you not to staunch fighter against tobacco smoking the situation with tobacco smoking in russia is catastrophic no.
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you'll fight with new year thirty trees it was more active you know you're on the go ask the whole trans continental tobacco lobby and they will tell you that on among their top three anime is why is the situation russia was smoking so bad it's very simple when the soviet union collapsed and we did not have proper legislation and transnational companies iran would. you know i think president clinton is one of the most prominent presidents in u.s. history for one simple reason he forced what american tobacco companies to be responsible for the outrageous situation that existed at the time in he succeeded prelim plea. we can turn became trouble for us for all those transnational companies came to us. today russia manufactures four hundred billion cigarettes a year with the population being
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a hundred in forty two million russia is among the most tobacco addicted countries in the world. today it's my professional does greece that we have the biggest share of smokers among doctors then among the rest of the population i was a staunch opponent to tobacco legislation passed in russia two years ago it's a nice grease for russian norms a set for tobacco to have with nicotine and taurus are one point five times more permissive than in europe on average. the requirements for the intimidating warning messages are absolutely ridiculous. i was an outspoken opponent of that but the bill was backed by serious forces in our country. they tobacco lobby using extremely strong in russia and this
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is one of the biggest drawbacks perhaps of our country. thank you very much i wish you success in this cause and i'm on your side it's more than a year since i gave up smoking thank you very much for being with us and. i guess today in the studio. in short chief. and outside russia stay on our t.v. . wealthy british style the stock.
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