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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EST

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we'll. bring you the latest in science technology from the realm. of the future are covered. in our t. live from moscow russian president dmitry medvedev has promised action against those responsible for a lax security at moscow's biggest airport after a terror attack there killed at least thirty five and injured one hundred eighty dozens of people remain hospitalized in a critical condition a suicide bomber is believed to be behind it and experts say international terrorists want the straight of the attack. the new russian american strategic arms reduction treaty is in the homestretch the state duma in moscow prepares for the final reading to ratify it after months of discussion can a man with. an organ trafficking accusations against the highest ranking officials
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of costs of all are to be discussed in the council of europe as it sits down to the beta reported by swiss investigator. artie's correspondent spoke to the cells in a iran's and void to the international atomic energy agency and he has called on international powers to supply a fuel for iran's nuclear reactor otherwise it will use its own enriched uranium which will prove a bare euro for further talks watch the full interview right now here in our. you characterize sanctions imposed on your country as illegal is there any proof of that you have the. heart of that is. based on the four pieces of evidence announced in vienna i mean the team that the reason they opposed international sanctions on us is illegal i ask international lawyers to correct me if i'm wrong because in proof number one they impose sanctions the not comply with
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clos twelve seat of the i.a.e.a. charter international inspectors have visited the reactors they have documentation and samples of the tests if they found in consistency they would have sent a report to the agency's director director would have presented the report to the i.a.e.a. management team which have presented the report to the security council that never took place and iran in two thousand and three would discuss these issues with the i.a.e.a. director and inspectors and none of them said they were and when consistencies more inspections were performed with three european states france the u.k. and germany with the assistance of the usa put pressure on the i.a.e.a. here and report was given to the security council that's not of accord with the decision of the i.a.e.a. and its charter secondly a report is presented to the i.a.e.a. management team in case there is evidence of changing of the nuclear program work for military purposes but in reports presented by the agency over the past eight
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years there was always a phrase stating that no proof of their iran nuclear program pursuing military ams has been detected and i appeal to dish team viewers to read the reports on the website on the internet iran does not violate any laws and reports should not be presented to the management team thirdly if a state does not let inspectors onto its territory and the reactor stereotype. or interferes with their work the issues you would be the security council like a was with north korea but it's a different situation with iran and iran inspectors did their job and agency's director confirmed this but they were not truthful and lastly and the decision of sanctions prepared by three countries before it was sent to the un there was a very important phrase the discontinuation of uranium enrichment was voluntarily and not obligatory by law this phrase appeared in the decree under pressure from
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the countries which is not joining so how can they say that we're going against the law will we stop the rhenium in richmond and there is fuckin reactor but they want us to stop their nuclear research. there were many reports about a virus found in the reactors and bullshit and natanz and how could it get into the computer system of iran's reactor is how did you fix it and who did you blame saw me not. you was that you know that they have been speaking about her virus on her computer system for several years some invented viruses either find ways to resist them our computer system continues to work and uranium enrichment continues without any problems this fire is did not affect anything even the centrifuge an american ism which easily makes one thousand revolutions per second in the bush air power plant are france specialist from russia together with their rain and scientists control the process and protect the system it's possible that the americans and
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there's rarely is or trying to stop or nuclear program they fail to do so by the means of sanctions and other china to do it with the help of viruses or by means of terror actions and attempts on the lives of the scientists the entire world condemned it because everyone respects scientists for the world's wealth this only strengthened the determination of the iranian people our people carefully check on their rights for film and and we continue to corporate with the i.a.e.a. . in iraq. about the tehran react you need you kill fuel to continue working with this power plants what are the details of this reactors operation which you are allowed to share about model that the muscle. is for the to kron power plant which was built by the americans before the revolution back then i mean before the revolution i worked for the i hate the agreement and the new fuel production was signed back then but unfortunately the u.s. did not allow the correspondent company to pass just fuel to us although we already
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paid over two hundred million dollars for the did not give us the fuel or return the money twenty years ago i was iran's representative in the i.a.e.a. and i asked the director general of their organization to ask other countries to help us get the fuel but none of them agreed at that time argentina announced that it had succeeded in the uranium enrichment on its own we signed an agreement and ever since that the crown reactors been working on argentinian fuel received with the i c as assistant in two thousand and nine we submit an application to mr by day the director general of the i.a.e.a. and ask for fuel and then the go she was with russia france and the us we agreed on receiving the fuel but they put forward a condition that apart from my need we were to give them a low enriched uranium in their equivalent of the sun and so we worked under the supervision of the i.a.e.a. and were prepared that russia would give the fuel to france in order to transform
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it into nuclear fuel bars but they did not agree to that before the signing of the to contradict in the presence of the heads of state of iran brazil and turkey who are ready to resume talks it was a huge plan and we agreed to give turkey one hundred kilos of low enriched uranium to receive back from one hundred twenty kilos of twenty percent enriched uranium when russia was to give it to france so that it would transform it into nuclear fuel buyers that could. i've become a greatly conciliation we had to enrich uranium up to twenty percent on our own fortunately and now we have forty kilos of highly enriched uranium and we can form a nuclear fuel of ours but i said in my words were misinterpreted by some reports that in the kidneys we produce nuclear fuel on our own talks will be useless time flies by fast so before it's too late let's gather the negotiations table provide us with the fuel for that to iran reactor which is designed for medical human
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tarion purposes it is designed to cheat one million cancer patients this fact is to be a stimulus for russia america and france to show their political will for talks on the basis of that to crohn's agreement but that the contrary is still on the table at the what i have to be some arabian officials point to the fact that the west does its best to prevent iran from possess and nuclear technology including nuclear arms and all the other nuclear power stations on iranian territory and your opinion is that so and if yes how can you comment on the position of the west to be mad well of on a yank. say i'm an expert in nuclear power and i tell you that the nuclear technology is an indicator of progress at every level if a country wants to enter the sphere of nuclear technology to build a reactor or obtain a nuclear program and must use the best professionals and engineers this country will develop and work using highly precise parameters and figures the development
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will go fast day by day that's the reason why i'm not surprised by the fact that the ron lived amid satellite and space yes iran is a country of developed nanotechnology and that's the food of obtaining nuclear technologies a country is entering the new players feel will have high tech industry and that universities will be at the higher level to the country will become the leading more some countries do not want to iran to be among the leaders and be strong in a sphere of technologies they know that we do not want to have nuclear weapons but they do not want us to. become strong in the spheres of technology. if you know what future of the iranian nuclear program do you see what's around to do and the end all be. you know we hope that the countries which committed a historic mistake then involve the year one and that will admit to this fact we demand that they should stop talks in the north soon as possible so that we'll be able to continue corporation with the i.a.e.a. the topic they're discussing there is a fiction about
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a laptop aligning with the us we hope that our friends including russia will assist freezing the talks and will not let the us take their eye prisoner and that america will not make. its path political organization as a responsible state we are ready for all kinds of corporation talks are not clear from for that to ponder will become a new way to diplomacy we hope that they will listen for advisors and then move from confrontational sanctions to constructive for precision and compliance with the i love us. thank you very much. was the strangest attempt of a military takeover of. the us president trying to overthrow
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a foreign country's government but his strategic game was lost. and america recognized its defeat. if cuba managed to cope with its victory at all don't. forget odd. i live in a q i you go but the rajab either live in the cuban missile crisis games in reality .
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the close up team has been to the home stranger to the land to do. by cossacks in ancient times. now wattie goes to the center of russian defense production. with christianity and shamanism existed side by side for centuries. people in remote villages a cut off from the basics we take for granted. leave food tea and republic russia
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close up on r.t. . me it's easy to. believe. it's. a failed state this is not a provocation but a warning of. a forces that machetes steverson are you sure to support retreat speaks of they have no idea about the hardships to face. one it businesses are open to new systems for any army to life level using them is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice
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and heroism with the those who understand it fully but you have to live us from real life stories from world war two most of. the to nineteen forty five dot dot com. intel analyses available in the. square photo so it's a luxury hotels bangkok saw on the landmarks are told bankole amole watergate hotel and. princess hotel marriott courtyard hotel panko by okies suites hotel one called the imperial queen's. results in order to. spawn. golden cliff results and spoke. to a one year old researcher and. the church of children. to see mantra peer resume. barracuda a magickal her. children result.
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in israel is available in. jerusalem. russian president dmitry medvedev has promised action against those responsible for lax security. after. thirty five uninjured one hundred eighty dozens of people remain hospitalized in a critical condition as suicide bomber is believed to be behind it and experts say international terrorists or the attack. the new russian american strategic arms reduction treaty is in the homestretch the state duma in moscow for paris for the final reading to ratify it after months of discussion and a man. and organ trafficking accusations against the highest ranking officials of cost of art to be discussed in the council of europe and sits down to debate or board by investigator. was you know neal.
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a very warm welcome this is sports today i mean only let's take a look at some of the story for covering this hour. full steam ahead defending champion roger federer politicize way into the screen open semifinals at the expense of some pop three. putting the. final cantante russian football champions in need to move within a game of the year for silverware following up to no win over persepolis in the by . ice is age she has come all school secure the first two and run this year in the cage seeing off of this being the nominee after eight. let's start up the australian open though where roger federer remains on track for his twenty third major final after dispatching compactor. in the last eight federer him to become
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the only player in open history to win five melbourne titles a couple of swiss funds in attendance delighted to see the first ever grand slam quarter final clash involving their can pop three it's the finding champion federer an eighth straight semi appearance was at stake and struggled the country be looking for. more of the same in the ensuing sets with the maestro orchestra to his way to the one sided win six one six three six three how it ended fade but for the most part one league with the brink in the teeth of the make. over in the women's side of action became the first player to book her semifinal berth with victory over andree at petco of which the chinese thus the chief in her best ever result a grand slam long rallies par for the course in this one but not always look sharper against the player who had knocked out and reassure off of the in the previous draw and a straight set scoreline of six two six four. for sending twenty eight year old not
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into a life for plush with topsy carline wozniacki. while the woman was the alkie showing her car her two birds with a plum donna set against francesca schiavone the day and bottle superb lead to take the next two sets on the win to spare a thought for schiavone though the italian playing just a day after being involved in the longest ever women's notch some four hours forty four minutes against russians for planet close knit still. moving on to football where is the need some petersburg are gearing up to challenge for the first piece of silverware an offer this year the reaming russian champions qualifying for the final of the bike cup. knew exactly what was necessary going into their last group game against persepolis when they were in the side very and so do you really is that allow things started brightly for the russians. alexander kershaw call food slot so must
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a little help from the percept pulis defense. one became two eleven minutes from time a dreadful shock passed from shay's resigned finds us on the rosina it into the profit service and not on the substitutes is thanks very much the first title of the season on ninety minutes away. moving to bring this game or chelsea are breathing a sigh of relief after seeing off both in four nil on monday it marks the first time since october the blues have managed to string together two straight wins in the premier league spites are going out this well run of form recently chelsea went into the clash with high hopes of the top and last that the reebok stadium in fifteen years to be a drug literally nerves and eleven minutes in with a thirty yard scorcher before florent eluded double the visitors advantage four minutes from the break a similar pattern followed in the second half with goals from nicolas anelka over a mere is putting the tie to bed and chelsea remain fourth four points. and
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manchester city but they do hold the game in reverse too much. in. cities cross-town rivals united will have the chance to move five points clear of the summit later and choose the they take on the block pool side who will have charlie adam in their starting line up the spine the team captain and in a transfer request and then the. trouble to. make it four wins in a row of a d w. getting up to date with modern children spain or athletic bilbao his quest for a first champions league qualification in thirteen years picked up some pace on monday at the start of the season hercules their opponent shocked the league by beating boston in the two nope but that result is a distant memory now with alec looking like a second class side for that must be said on the night martin is fifteen minutes strike without you right before the hour marked by spanish international and. the three final scoreline came about just moments after that car listening. to race to
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the rescue needs the fence and finished. in the top six place. in the continental hockey league the struggling c.s. scott got a much needed lift with a shoot out for three or the visiting dollar rico on monday the army men thus getting revenge for last week's loss to those last fins to win from both sides during the second period but the two minors that just about enough to keep their team in the game. with a brace for the most bites during regulation. were caused off again conferred of the key effort by. an american goalie for. one more chance for the visitors but alexander came up short with his attempt so fine for the funny looking to build a winning streak after the second victory in their room. both in the teens and actual feelings on the night that fitz shot by third. from bottom to overtime with proper
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off with a crucial strike some forty one seconds in should be extra session to seal the four three. good news all right. in the big easy their new orleans hornets not only beating the thunder by two points but the long term future of the franchise in the city is looking brighter as well the league bought the hornets from its owners for more than three hundred million us dollars your earlier this season about the necessary to your attendance marks have been met the team of stick around for an hour. to celebrate. a home victory against rising star kevin durant's company chris paul home side fifty forty five off the end of the opening a crucial steal by him in the fourth quarter with the game tied. up and showing everyone just why the twenty five year old is among the n.b.a.'s point guard elite david westin even more clutch seventeen foot jump shot with just a fifth of
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a second left on the clock ninety one eighty nine the final score the big smile it's. elsewhere. for an injury but he recovered to see his son and twenty you beat golden state they came in as well they won only the game away from their court able to improve on a five game winning streak in houston rockets being too much for the wolves. for a thirteen straight time. loaded with young talent it was veteran cursed thomas who shined against the bucs thirty eight twenty two points his highest scoring i put in exactly what i. continuing on that was it seemed to take their money with them on the road washington haven't won on the sports at all this year and twenty one tries the raptors suffering there if st last currency of the grizzlies philadelphia temple play paying off against phoenix the seventy six. there's fourteen home when
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the season is up detroit finally saw for london after months of weight tracy mcgrady tayshaun prince and austin date with twenty points apiece for the winners. conferred of the last second boss to get the help the new jersey nets schooled on against the cavaliers. ok let's stay stateside a little longer where we know you know who will be thrashing it out for super bowl honors this year pittsburgh and green bay will go head to head on february the sixth in arlington texas after winning their respective conferences the reports. but. other. than. his. test. fourteen. the defensive captain. the.
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tackle in the imposing linebacker. intercepting the ball. twenty. hany also. taking. down field. that proved to be the final. back aspirations back.
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before to forget for the. break mark sanchez. sanchez visibly shaken. the. second half. forced half hamstring injury making the score twenty four to nineteen that was the final difference however as antonio brown made a crucial first down catch which allowed pittsburgh to kneel out the clock so another lamar hunt trophy for the a.f.c. winning steelers and a chance now to win their third super bowl in six years. archie. that wraps up the sport for this hour i'll see you soon world weather is coming up
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though in just a tick. wealthy british style. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kinds a report. home
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