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tv   [untitled]    January 30, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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most of. it's down here in moscow our view of the week now russian investigators identified the problem committed the deadly suicide as time almost pays domodedovo effort which killed person to find what they say he was from the north because it is in the wake of the blast a new terror alert system is being considered. a key nuclear carts deal between moscow and washington has to come into force within a day itself was approved by the russian parliament this week the start treaty was rather surprised by the u.s. congress last one. on the world is calling on egypt to put
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a stop to violence as a hundred people have been killed during the anti government protests the country's shops in support of little gods and john local transmission and he's just hearing news that the. problems with security deep rooted corruption and the difficult investment climate president dmitri rivetted tackled all of these topics as he discussed his plans for modernizing russia and its view with bloomberg television he also spoke about the fate of the kosky on the twenty twelve presidential race that interview coming up next here on. the. president could affect you very much for joining us you want to rush into a modern country you've got mcdonald's you've got shopping malls you've got through she. what's missing and what. was missing will call in things
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like infrastructure business infrastructure and legislation to properly regulate business activities missing the official establishment leaving the bureaucracy lack of proper legal consciousness and the world develops system is missing honestly most we haven't learnt provided there is no corruption fletch it would mean that russia is ready to steam ahead a long. track of what we can with it and as i think nearly all of the companies that are traded in russia are either controlled by the state or controlled by billionaires or also known as all other minority investors foreign investors often find that in these circumstances they are not treated fairly all investors talk about it and yet the regulator does nothing. do you think the regulator should do more about. the commodities you can get around any law including corporate american or british the question is whether there is an effective control over the way the
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relevant legal regulations are applied that that's the reason it is always looking to avoid the toughest and. unfortunately as regards compliance with legislation you know countries on the situation here is as follows now businessmen often try to strike a bargain with public officials civil servants and among themselves in order to get around a legislation which is not underdeveloped in my opinion and trying to close deals contrary to law. but that is not only a question of the legislation itself it's a question of legal coach or a question of effective compliance control and the question of effective workplace by nancy monopoly agency let us look at the way things stand in the united states where noncompliance with anti trust legislation is often a violation much more serious than a minor criminal offense because the consequences of this would be disastrous for any businessman so we have a lot to deal with here a lot to work on when. you talk
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a lot about corruption and the need to clean up corruption you've taken some steps but you yourself admit really you haven't accomplished a lot why. if corruption is total as. you say it is you know russia wide out go after some really senior government officials. is this a crime i would like to say here that we do need to speak legal language or muse someone knows or somebody is. well we can think that way about any governor and not just in the russian federation. but if you don't but if you are going to let me just stop you there those are so you have said that corruption is nearly total it's not just singular cases many people are corrupt so theoretically it shouldn't be very difficult to find people that you are where the evidence is there so why not do that. but i think i believe we should act as follows for corruption has indeed
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penetrated all branches of power and it has spread far and wide after the emergence of a market economy and the political system which is only natural let's be honest there were no such corruption levels in the soviet union why because there was no freedom and no market economy unfortunately all state officials are now businessmen were not ready to communicate in a civilized way from the start and corruption group let me tell you the situation is difficult but not hopeless when the last year alone several thousand high ranking state officials have been you were prosecuted for corruption and bribery in two thousand of them that were sentenced. when mchale of course he was arrested the first time. it said this signal to all of the oligarchs that the state was in control and one thing that happened was everybody started paying taxes. so wouldn't it wouldn't you have the same effect if you went after one of
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your own wouldn't that send the same signal to everyone else that this is no longer tolerated and should. blow up and well as regards payments of taxes not just by. businessmen in general yesterday i had a look at statistics last year alone one thousand private entrepreneurs and some three thousand employees of major companies were prosecuted the tax this is a big number i didn't expect it to be no high up in the law and i had to look at certain cases and if a mission was provided to me by the prosecutor general's office some of the people under talking about the well known case. ten fifteen year sentences in the back so i would say it's not exactly correct to talk about the solicits even use of justice you know. let me let me talk here about. a little bit more depth. every december russia's biggest investment bankers brokers get together for an informal
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chat this year at that chat one of the investment bankers raised his glass to me. not because anyone in that room liked me because i was told but because they all believe that what happened to him the second conviction is devastating for russia's investment climate don't you want the story of mikhail khodorkovsky to just go away don't you want to stop it. let me expand on this for it is indeed of certain interest to everyone first of all let me say once again that last year alone several thousand private entrepreneurs and employees of major business entities were sent to prison for tax crimes secondly i've always believed that the president of any country including russia should not talk about individual cases just because that would be an interference with the judiciary system thirdly as regards mr porter course and some of his colleagues prosecuted by law and the
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respective sentences it has not entered into legal force and fourthly believe that all talk about the shortcomings of our judicial system as well as any attempts to bring pressure including on me as a president destructive in this context because they make everyone else thinks it's the judicial or legal system in russia is so imperfect the simply tell the president or someone else in which a sentence will hold of course someone else and then will believe that your legal system is not that hopeless that it is kind of working but that would be unacceptable. how can investors be sure there won't be another hundred cause i think that any investor be a russian born american investor you should have bought by laws otherwise he could get a term but in the way happened with holder corsican personal and as was the case with bernie madoff he got a longer sentence because you talk about the deed for more political competition to
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modernize the russian economy. how can you fight corruption in the government if there is no real opposition if the opposition political opposition in russia isn't allowed to exist. by the national right to political position in russia does exist the question is how strongly to us but there are four political parties represented in the russian parliament which sometimes really do when the government has been formed by the leading political force for the middle and then they criticize the government clamor against it and so on and it just the way it happens in the rest of the world another thing is that we currently have just one powerful political force which controls the situation in the parliament and i mean there are negative side but it's obvious that there are positive sides to even. in the ninety's president boris yeltsin could not adopt any because the communists or other parties were blocking we have been able to adopt
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normal legislation but that doesn't mean the united russia or any other party she gets a mandate to really and once and for a lot of up all the cheap money. well that's exactly what i'm asking about i'm more interested in the opposition leaders that are outside of the parliament that's what that's what i'll ask you about why is it that an opposition leader again russia. can be arrested at a peaceful demonstration. just because he's at the demonstration no he was accused of provoking a policeman but a lot of people so that was. again i wouldn't want to interfere with the proceedings but if you mean the administrative rest of small opposition party's leaders then this issue should be addressed in a lawful manner no country in the world allows violation of its laws on meetings rallies and demonstrations to you can see a police by committing acts one against those who maintain order. your very popular president the opposition is very small why create these situations because they're
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just bad press for the investment climate outside of russia where these opposition leaders are getting arrested were demonstrations whether they were officially sanctioned or not are dispersed why not just let them demonstrate they do that so you time i hear something at dozens even hundreds of demonstrations a man only one. there was just one problem with holding a demonstration on a specific day up in a specific place of the. square that's about once the city administration in. these demonstrations was sanctioned they gather there but it's impossible to file it doesn't application to the same location that it wasn't sure the way opposition leaders got the sanction of. the problem is that they can't work with each other that somebody said we'll be someone else added but we won't be there but we'll take you to another location when you look why don't we need to observe the law. are you
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going to run for president two thousand and twelve. i'll see how things will go as what's up with you if you do run with prime minister putin continue to be your prime minister. he starts elevator but it will depend on a whole number of things and circumstances as regards me i won't speak about mr putin right now ok he's another person my friend my colleague so i won't speak on his behalf that's for me i will certainly make my own decision and i'll do that this year but it will i mean a decision what to do next if i think it will be right for the country but for our political system and first and foremost citizens for me to participate in elections i don't do that i think the other way i'll state my position openly appreciate that and i will say that this is for the good of our society and our state but if i decide to participate then i will of course make a subsequent decision regarding prime minister which is obvious but is it wishing it to me i mean east in my final question obviously the terrorist act in moscow was
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a tragedy. that aside. do investors need to worry about the security situation in russia you've got. the olympics coming up you've got the world cup coming up is russia's security situation something that needs to worry investors as. well i would like to start with something else bissett you ation definitely concerns first and foremost russian citizens and me as the president and this is the most important thing because only by consolidating all public forces can we vanquish this evil consider that we have no right to get hysterical about terrorism and spread out with this will make terrorism stronger look at the way americans came together after the events of nine eleven even those who are not very fond of president bush said yes he's got to be at the helm he's got to be tough but it's got to be the same for our country the only way we can defeat terrorism as
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regards fears and concerns for our investors and all those who want to come to russia rest assured that we will ensure a high level of security we will ensure the proper level of security for the winter olympics and the world football cup and all other sporting events this will be a task for the whole of society and for law enforcement agencies and special services of course and we will do that as effectively as possible. thank you very much i would appreciate that fund was set up by super. wealthy british scientists it's time to.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. was a report on our to. our view all the week here on russian investigators identified that you can make a deadly suicide attack. which killed people they say he was from the north pole in the wake of the blast in. that system is being considered. making new clear accounts a deal between moscow and washington is to come into falls within days after it was approved by the russian parliament this week the start treaty was ratified by the u.s. congress last month. and the world is calling on egypt to put a lot of. people are being killed during the anti-government protests the country
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now shops in all this and jams like the transmission of the al-jazeera news that. you can see now live. to see that it was a day to figure out was and i found the australian a indeed it was you'll remember this in a hurry losing in straight sets in the final down in melbourne the way. for. us it's i think seventy five years since the great fred perri well it's going to be a while on the way they were playing today was on the murray didn't have a hope we'll have a look at the latest pictures in just a minute. pretty happy with us this is sports today i mean these are some of the stories we're having a look at. don on her down the blitz is on the murray in the final of the strain
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open for his second major of melbourne park in four years of trying. all score among chester city salvaged a late tool against notts county in the fourth round of the f.a. cup. pacific trio phil mickelson and bill haas leave the with the farmers insurance open with one ron left to go. let's get the ball rolling with tennis from novak djokovic who was once again able to rise to the occasion in melbourne the serb torching britain on the murray to lift his second straight and open title overwhelmed from the start at the rod laver arena clash continuing in the form at the tournament said taking it six for the twenty three year old who defeated four time winner roger federer in the semi is never living up against the man hoping to end a seventy five year british law i'm drawing six four six two six three the final score murray still feeling the same age
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a final djokovic should want to stomach three years but what a way to get back to winning ways the world number three also helped clinch the davis cup for serbia. the second i did what i intended of doing tactically what i talked with my coach when i prepared for physically i was very fit i had three days. two days of between the semifinals and finals match which was important at this stage of the tournament because i was aware of the fact that i'm going to bring it. because. of the fact that. because baby. will have long rallies and i will have a player who doesn't miss a lot anyone who played in the finals would have loved to have won one. of them. i mean i just i just need to keep working hard and you know trying trying. but you
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know i would have preferred to have won the last three. i dare earlier in the women's final kim clijsters fought back from a set down against. her fourth grand slam crown of beating clijsters just a couple of weeks before the sydney international and was gearing up to cause another upset in melbourne and even though she suffered a break early in the final twenty two all kept her cool a spectacular course court for her home seeing the chinese take the first said six three the per exchange breaks twice early in the second before not pulled herself in front in the fifth game but it was all clijsters after the belgian leashing of. the rowing stroke to keep her opponent running all over the court third seed clijsters reeling off seven straight to the second set six the week before claiming the decider on the championship by the same scoreline so plenty of reasons for clusters to celebrate the comeback queen winning the second stick i should just be
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sure she's yours on the you were a little too. w.e.t.a. rugby. they're all emotional. you know i think what overwhelms me is that it's so intense up until that last shot and then all suns finished in and it's just like that big new leaf and. yeah and the this believe me who had to dance over and i was able to turn it around i think is what kind of just makes it all so so special i think great tennis shoe craig bellamy so as a national bank no longer imagine maybe joe the panthers should only play one so. i mean now still have hockey with ideas in the. soul of culture myself all right let's turn our attention to football where to pile up being busy celebrating after the blue samurai poster the noro win over strictly on saturday
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the claim their fourth asian cup title the victory making him the most decorated team in the tournaments history. the socceroos well they created a string of openings in the first half but could not find a way past japanese goalkeeper how ashima normal time couldn't separate the sides of the score no mail after ninety minutes so the extra time where with eleven minutes to go down or really finally broke a deadlock with this fact that our efforts are even more i think what a finish to twenty five year old striker who made sense to you in japan so in an off the bench ninety ninth minute to grab the glory making sure to point out afterwards though when i was asked. in this tournament i was in a little mood as it only was sent to the field as a substitute in one game in the group stage. is very unified and we really attach great importance on team construction my team mates have been encouraging me and
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helped me maintain a good spirit today's game showed that substitute players can also make great contribution to the team and can also play a key role in the win i'm really happy but to want to say that this goal doesn't just belong to me it's the result of the hell japanese team we had no opportunity to sign and what it's always encouraging is the way we play and we create opportunities however. it's crucial to convert them and later on in the game we do it to big for that's a problem we have to do. we have to be more clinical you know finish. basically it's not enough to win a game if you don't score. but brings us to the f.a. cup now where one of the world's richest clubs munch city normally avoided the spent of an exit to third tier notts county on sunday a largely our first office for about ten minutes before the hour mark and neil
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bishop heading home supporters and the from dallas corner disbelief from city but they live to fight another day ten minutes from time because richard's fine. he promptly fires home his first sky blue jersey one one. i elsewhere and they are still. sent off but still managed to get the better player still to on the score at the emirates another premier league side west brom ended nottingham forest participation in the competition after a five goal for wolves went on to stoke at home while in another all top division clubs currently ongoing former cruising spurs with a draw and how often are left it is the cottagers who lead by four goals to. lefties and righties truck over at the torrey pines golf course phil mickelson sharing a one shot lead with fellow american phil haas after three rounds of play tiger
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woods he hasn't lost this course in seven years but maintaining that run will be problematic tiger falling eight strokes behind one of the rivals. in the flea playing a more conservative game with a safe saw in ways good enough to tie house at the top the twenty eight year old willing to share his one shot lead on the final hole to tie with the fourth day bubba watson the hunter monday closest challengers for that didn't you. for one finally were scuderia ferrari are the first squad to unveil their new car for the upcoming season the italian teams to start drivers doing the honors there headquarters and marinello last year's europe fernando alonso and. pulling off the coverage snow there. call the f one fifty. three of the police station it features a new movable rear way on the energy recovery system the lover it was bombed last year but makes it turn into an eleven ferrari bosses hoping the improvements will
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help along to ensure their title or not is first of course so do the men but i knew . i was has been done in this car a lot of months of water and now finally we see the car physically so. with us and eleven season with a lot of challenges for us challenge a new year with new groups again pirelli tires and some new modifications so you know will be interesting to watch on food on the world. that wraps up the sport for this hour i'll see you soon where the weather is coming up in just a tick. this is not a theatrical set. this is a real correctional facility. is there any cultural life behind us.
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