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tv   [untitled]    January 30, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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in total. our review of the week here on the russian investigators identified the man who committed the deadly suicide attack on the airport and say he was from the north caucuses in the wake of the blockbuster new anti terror alert system is being considered. considered. consolidating public forces. to reduce. the key new player on the cards deal between moscow and washington is to come into pools within days after the start treaty received the final seal of approval from both sides. of.
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the world is calling on egypt to put a stop to violence of the anti-government uprising kills over one hundred protesters with clashes and lootings are raging across the country. the death toll in cairo keeps climbing as mubarak simply refuses to give in to protest its demands join me in a few moments from cairo. a very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow with me i said that they've identified the bomber now investigators of the deadly terror attack on moscow's main airport are stepping up their hunt for the people who organized it it's almost a week since a twenty year old man from the north caucuses set off the bomb adama did it claimed thirty five lives one hundred remain in hospital. back on the day terror returned
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to russia's capital. four thirty pm on the twenty fourth of january a suicide bomber blaze apart the packed arrivals hall at russia's busiest airport. my first thought was to get away a lot of people willing motionless even more people were being piled up near the first day the area some well ready dead they were dragged away a horrible picture. i looked at my watch and then flash and i passed out when i woke up there was a ringing in my ears it was a sour smell everything in nash's everyone is groaning three or four men were piled up on top of me and want to regulate above me it was wounded in the chest you took all the shrapnel. amongst the thirty five dead people from any nationality. added when the father's golden koos then his due to marry the mother of his child correll bhadra shelves wife watched him die in front of her on the airport floor
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around the world families now grieving for they say precisely calles. some very serious just. very close to the start paralyzation to the work of god it really was for there was a two way street. car parts of. investigators say they've now identified the man responsible but haven't yet released the name of. russian investigators and security services have identified the suicide bomber who detonated an explosive device stuffed with metal elements at moscow's domodedovo airport on monday it was a twenty year old man from russia's north caucasus although investigators know the terrorists' name we're not going to disclose it now as we're currently working to establish the organizers and accomplices of this crime north caucasus separatist
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groups and extremists have been responsible for similar deadly attacks in russia the twin bombings at the mosque a match a less than a year ago they carried out by a terror group in dagestan. this attack has once again raised serious questions about the counterterrorism methods in russia and the airport and transport authorities and the police have come under heavy criticism yet the russian response has been one of resilience just hours after the attack flights. and people have been visiting the hospitals today nate blood's sears rick dorsey were sure that. those who committed these terrible acts targeting citizens of different countries expected their actions to bring russia to its knees but little wrong with russia's aware of its place in the world russia will fulfill its obligations towards its citizens and the world community unfortunately no state in the world is immune to terrorism terrorist attacks like this one in russia unfortunately can happen at any
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time anywhere in the world there's no universal remedy against this evil but one thing we can say for sure our success in tackling this really depends on solidarity . and the official day of mourning both president medvedev and prime minister putin attended services all religions uniting to commemorate those he died in the attacks. continue to be laid at the site of the blast is a poignant reminder that in the war on terror it's once again ordinary people here on the front line in a scene of tragedy. and of mourning now it's time for action and that's the international community to stand united away together now to fight this global terrorist threats so. there's been a huge reaction to all around the world the u.k. based aviation expert chris hayes says it was a deliberate attack on foreigners coming to russia well of course this is the way
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for international airline flying into moscow it is the favored airport. one house to ask question. because. because many international visitors to to russia through the airport. you know that the question has to be whether this was primarily the target in other words targeting the economic well being of russia as well as those people who are traveling on the aviation assets or rational forces are now looking into security lapses abdullah dead of at that let the suicide bomber reach his target but as another bennett reports monday's glass also triggered a wider debate on whether such attacks can actually be prevented. as the dust settled the blame game began diamond dead of
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a took the rap from russian authorities with a number of airport officials sacked but international observers made more worrying conclusions the awful truth is is that there is no way to stop terrorists in any cattle on a constant basis you have to there are certain things you have to do especially after attack but ultimately it's very very hard protect all transport hubs in the capital city security at domodedovo has now been increased mandatory metal detectors and baggage x. rays accompany every entrance to the building this answers one question but poses another we're not actually allowed to film inside the airport anymore since security's been stepped up but one of the problems with the new stringent checks here is that a queue of people build up just inside the airport presents exactly the sort of targets at trying to avoid these pictures were filmed covertly around fifty people
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are packed into a tiny space with queues ten minutes long before the explosion security here was no different to most other international airports only israel's ben gurion airport is considered more secure than any other with vehicle checkpoints fingerprint scanners and compulsory passenger interviews but such resource intensive measures aren't possible at larger airports domodedovo handled twenty two million passengers last year double that of ben-gurion so what's the answer in the first call if you want to promote security the second objective you want to facilitate the flow of commerce and the third is you probably want to protect individual our privacy and the question and i would pose is where in the middle of the triangle do you want to make a law in or for russia's parliament it's about security this week the state duma gave preliminary approval to new anti terror warnings they modeled on the. a u.s. system of color coded alerts created post nine eleven. just look how much we needed
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this system in light of the dermod of attack what everyone is seeing is that there was no relevant information and now according to the war we will have to inform the society about the threats facing russia's determination in fighting terrorists has never been questioned but its methods. now enhanced the system you must make sure it works either then it's r.t. moscow. or the diamond head of a tragedy the first issue addressed by the russian delegation at the world economic forum in davos. for russia the meeting of the world's financial power players we've got all those details coming up. in the wake of the violent protests in egypt could there be a link with the college revolutions of former soviet countries are to look at who might be benefiting from the global unrest. and the
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u.s. are about to begin casting atomic arsenals the new start agreement between the world's biggest nuclear powers is due to come into force within days after it was approved by the russian parliament this week. could not explain. after more than a year of hard line negotiating and ten more months of internal dispute it's finally done moscow and washington are stripping down their nukes first the state duma and then the federation council gave the bill the green light now that it's signed by the president only a formal exchange of ratification documents is left before the new start comes into force for the next ten years many hope it will not only restrain the two nuclear superpowers but become an example for others to follow this first of all is about the security of the united states and the security of russia this is about unwinding the excesses of the cold war this is about bringing both countries back to the same level of nuclear weapons because we reached really insane levels during
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the cold war i think it will have a real international implications and affect other countries as decision making as well managed to become the symbol of a restart of the delusions between moscow and washington the deal was initially backed by both presidents but it didn't come easy most of the u.s. republicans fell into opposition demanding amendments and the internal disputes stretched for months before president obama finally pushed the deal through the congress ended up making two so-called special statements securing washington's right to modernize its remaining strategic arms and insisting the deal would not affect america's missile defense plans but the statements are non-binding meaning they will not affect the actual implementation of the deal the original text remained untouched but unfortunately for the first time to the republic all of us are in a war against it three d. which is the rather strange but i think it was. a bomb
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and in most of the obama administration and basically i don't think that was so much of a debate three d. russian deputies also made non-binding special states. illegally linking offensive and defensive weapons which was one of the main stumbling points in the negotiations secured moscow's right to step out of the agreement if it feels threatened by u.s. missile defense plans in europe and stressed statements previously made by the us congress do not free washington from its obligations they hope that the coming years will show that both americans and us russians show responsibility in fulfilling these obligations and that will create a new spirit of mutual confidence and trust the new start is not the first such agreement between moscow and washington the first two were signed in one thousand nine hundred one and in ninety three but neither managed to bring russia and the us
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is close it's expected the leaders deal will open many doors of opportunity also moving forward on the russians w t o accession america is very supportive but it's not enough we have to have more time as we have to have more docking mechanisms we have to have more bridges the more into dependent we are the better it is for our future a future which has become a little clearer the exchange of the ratification documents officially enforcing the new start could happen as soon as the fourth of february even though the treaty is set to reduce the number of strategic arms by over one third it still leaves both the nuclear superpowers with enough warheads to blow the entire planet into a different solar system so perhaps it's not numbers that the new start is all about but trust by reducing the number of strategic arms russia and the united states are in forcing their strategic partnership at least for the next decade
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you've got us going off r t moscow well joel rubin an analyst from the national security network in the u.s. says the new start treaty turns a new page in international relations and will lead to a safer world. it's very beneficial to all involved the u.s. and russia have now fully engaged in the restart of the relationship and put substance behind it a lot of good rhetoric over the last year and a half now we actually have an agreement a bipartisan agreement from capitol hill also is a very unique moment and so we see an american russian consensus around the key issue of security for both countries there's a interest in moving past the cold war and security threats are dynamic now we have terrorism in. moscow on monday these these threats coming from a very long arm of potentially from countries outside of nato and outside of europe
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the hope is that this will create a new dynamic and create new opportunities now that everyone who cares about arms control and is looking at nuclear weapons as a serious issue sees that the u.s. and russia can make progress it does give an opportunity for new thinking about how to dress in two thousand and eleven when i was joel rubin and unless from the national security network in the u.s. anti-government protest is in egypt are ramping up the pressure on the battle of president hosni mubarak violence has been raging since tuesday more than a hundred and fifty people are believed to have been killed in the uprising which losing spreading across the country struggles to restore. what if airports from the egyptian capital cairo. the protesters remain in the city center into here every square now they have been joined by hundreds of judges at the same time and joined by opposition figure mohamed el baradei he is the former chief of the international
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atomic energy agency and he says he will be prepared to head an interim government i've asked to do so i spent most of sunday at chickaree square and i can tell you that the mood there is very hard to talk we were busy interviewing people who have been taken is that changed from talking to one of anger and we ran to the car we jumped in the com people were banging on the windows and how we were in on the car as we tried to get away so that situation a very very volatile at the same time though there are fewer protesters out on the streets then they have in previous days and this is simply because they formed themselves into what can be called neighborhood watch groups during sunday thousands of prisoners escaped from these prisons around the country and really if they were broke into police stations they managed to get any mission and weapons they managed to arm themselves and they have really been patrolling and controlling the highways throughout this country and terrifying the people so people are using whatever they can kitchen knives mitchell was sticks to protect their homes and no
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one is prepared to entertain the fact that they will be in egypt with mubarak the protesters simply saying that they will not move until he steps down but that doesn't seem to be likely so anytime soon the latest word we have is that his army has moved into sharma's share foreign nationals have been urged to leave the country the american embassy saying that from monday morning it will be torturing flights out of here the turkish government has sent a turkish plane in the turkish citizens from here and the vice president omar suleiman has been meeting for half a day sunday with the face officials to apply and deal with the situation now the international community particularly with communications what is the united states have. to show restraint and to implement some kind of reforms we. demonstrations throughout the world in those demonstrations in both here in cairo the anger directed at the united states who of course has propped up mubarak and this is supported by wiki leaks documents
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a cable going back to two thousand and seven but interestingly enough that cable also talks about the fact that while the united states has supported mubarak it also in private supported opposition leaders to the united states playing a game of double standards here the big question on everyone's mind is whether or not these protests will result in the same way that resulted into this year with the overthrow of the president but it is still too soon to say whether mubarak himself will go. reporting from cairo. and while we're hearing this that points to the u.s. is hand behind the current uprising in egypt it's not the first time i washington's been suspected of involvement in regime change many believe the so-called college revolutions that took place in former soviet countries have been initiated and sponsored by the united states and as r.t. that reports they're not the only parallels with the current unrest in north africa . georgio two thousand and three.
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and ukraine two thousand four. killed just on two thousand and five. and egypt twenty eleven i think these are all completely different revolts well think again and not only because they're raised fist was one of their symbols if you look more closely you look at the so-called people who are leading those are being coached in the they're being coached by u.s. intelligence services the same way the orange revolution was in the roles revolution will saakashvili and in georgia a string of revolutions some bloodless some not broke the post soviet space at the beginning of the twenty first century there were a number of common factors in the uprising against the regime rooted in a popular dissatisfaction with standards of living hence the collective name
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colored revolutions amazingly the outcomes have been quite similar to six years ago key of independence square was the birthplace of the orange revolution it promised a new dawn and major changes for the country but ultimately all aspirations came to nothing. lawyer grigori sudan is one of those disenchanted with the outcome of the orange make over he says the bright promises of the revolutions leaders have in reality pushed the country into an ad. this power and corruption in greece the country became divided on ideological issue was nothing changed to the better it changed only to the world's victor yushchenko the next elections revolutionary hero received only five percent of the vote the lowest percentage for acting president in the world it was a similar story in georgia where they had the optimism of the rose revolution soon gave way to disappointment and eventually to mass protests their anger with
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president saakashvili was met with a response that was all too familiar as gas grenades and water cannons were used to quell the unrest and then killed just on the revolution of two thousand and five or so quickly turned sour last year so yet another popular revolt but those full storms and bitter lessons are far from the minds of those clamoring for change in north africa. or no danger emerges when the power overturning the government which they thought illegal and autocratic like in the case of tunisia and egypt does not have a political platform and a government apt to put things in order in the country the danger lies in the personality of those who would desire to use the revolutions which happened in the arab world we have to take care that the far right or any other forces with an increasingly stick mood will not take advantage of the situation if those are really people's movements they should not have let anyone into the wood death
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theirs and that will artist experts agree that it may take some time before the world will see whether the revolts in tunisia and egypt will change things for the better in these countries just as they have a common opinion that if these uprising flow europe will be the first to suffer from waves of immigrants let's hear a chance to see. where you can read more on all our stories on our web site of course that's all call hazels online to run now here in the know me as. therefore large corporations dominate t.v. news in the u.s. viewers are beginning to down where they're being given unbiased coverage find out where else they're turning to stay informed. that say petersburg is renowned for its architecture and history so why does the local mayor want to strip the city of its historic state. dot com.
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russia has reaffirmed its ambition to set itself up as a global financial center the country's leaders also promised a better business climate in greater transparency at the annual world economic forum in davos which is now wrapping up the russian delegation and presented members of the global market with a detailed plan promising to share risks and costs the head of the world trade organization said he believes twenty eleven will be the year russia joins its ranks building a common economic space with the e.u. is also among moscow's top targets many of the world's largest companies are already operating in the country and the regulators have approved pepsico takeover of the country's largest dairy company. into the c.e.o. of pepsi co the deal help the company widen its range mix and companies into other countries. using wimbledon i think we can expand into introduced in europe because we want kids can all be so the start of wimbledon and russia we have to decide how
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to take the technology develop a whole range of products that we can in other parts of the world so we can leverage the roomba the only way to do it with a partnership which is how do you really been dairy company and figure out how to bring the expertise of both companies together to build a platform for the company becomes very interesting because russia. and russia can be a great source of fruit for us so one of our goals is to develop russian culture to be the hub for fruit stall foods in particular the rest of the world. a quick look now at some other international headlines this hour the passengers have collided head on with the goods trade in eastern germany killing at least ten and injuring dozens the accident happened late on saturday evening on a section of track scheduled for overnight and. more than one hundred fifty five of
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the police and rescue workers were dispatched to the scene police say the rescue operation is ongoing the rule of the death toll may rise because of the crash is not yet. provisional results of a referendum on southern sudan's independence almost everyone who voted wants a split from the north more than ninety five percent of those polled voted for independence however reports showed voter turnout exceeded one hundred percent in several areas despite the enormities the referendum commission defended the outcome of the landslide victory the final results of the january vote are expected next month. sporadic demonstrations continue in that. interim prime minister in all that african nation how students closer than two weeks ago following massive civil unrest on saturday people shopkeepers clashed with protesters accusing them of jeopardizing the country's tentative steps towards
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democracy or rights police used tear gas on the streets is we've been throwing stones and calling for the resignation of the newly appointed interior minister. and a fire. in the venezuelan city of qom i triggered a series of explosions with one dead on three injured an estimated ten thousand people have been evacuated from the surrounding area according to the country's information minister it's not yet clear what caused the blaze and firefighters are waiting for the explosions to subside before approaching representatives. a russian space afraid to have successfully docked with the international space station in the first event of its kind this year the spacecraft has delivered over two tons of supplies including fuel food and presents for the six member crew it also brought a mini satellite made by students designed to transmit greeting messages in fifteen languages photos and data is we put into orbit in two weeks there are six of
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scheduled trips to the i s s this year as russia celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of solve its cosmonaut to give a good god and be the first man in space. that is all of you have the week's top stories all back with the head live in just a few. wealthy
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british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports.


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