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is that similar. to. our promotion in. what is america's track record in the. booking security. trumbull's beneath the feet of thousands of angry protesters who have now been united in opposition against their president. after a week of violence and more than one hundred deaths have finally chosen a figure to pose pose new mubarak join me for this new if you moments for an update . the latest streak of deadly shootings in the u.s. because the issue of gun ownership in the firing line once again americans are still defending their constitutional right to bear arms. ukraine's prime minister orders a search for the eccentric mayor of the country's capital q the about the you need
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china best ski has not been seen in public for six months now. you're watching our t.v. nonny of the morning here in moscow welcome to the program how the egyptian opposition has come together as a united force after six days of bloody anti-government riots the nationwide demonstrations to remove president hosni mubarak from power have resulted in more than one hundred killed and thousands injured our correspondent paula sleazier is in egypt for us. it was late on sunday evening when baradei addressed the hundreds of thousands of protesters who've for seven days now have been demonstrating in downtown tokyo where he said that he had been chosen by opposition groups by the political organizations that have organized these demonstrations he said that he was prepared to head an interim government of called on to do so and once again if
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you waited the rallying call of thousands of egyptians for hosni mubarak to stick down now the mayor this was not a major surprise i mean mohamed el baradei has been a name that's been bandied about here in the last few days as a possibility in terms of unifying this very fragmented opposition party opposition force it is worth noting that it took protesters six days to appoint him and this is largely because hosni mubarak since he came to power thirty years ago has been intent on suppressing opposing views and as a result these demonstrations have been slightly chaotic now about today is a name that is well known to the international troops but here in egypt he is a relatively small player he is much better known on the international scene where he is the family head of the international atomic energy agency and he's also a noble peace prize laureate but certainly the opposition voices here getting a impetus with this new appointment last night as we saw in previous nights the
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protesters out in downtown cairo defied of curfew thousands of them gathering in taking every square morning putting is that have already happened no doubt that as the day progresses there will be an increase in calls for mubarak to step down and the possibility of growing violence it is worth noting that the main problem that people here are facing at the moment is that of nor dismiss the army is in full control and they have been allowing demonstrators to come and leave the protests the police on the way to be seen and what this means is that ordinary citizens are having to protect their properties against vigilante groups some of them. people who broke out of prisons on sunday some of them are people who simply raided police stations and stole weapons and ammunition from there and they've been parading the streets in some and some neighborhoods they are in control of the neighborhoods and that is really the major concern that people here particularly in cairo and other cities are facing the sense you get is one of unpredictability the same sygate is
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instability and really a situation that can flare up at any moment it does seem at the moment as if violence is on the horizon just how long these demonstrations will continue and just how that violence will end remains to be seen talking to protesters though what many of them say is that if mubarak does not step down overseas particularly who are their concerns and i filed this report and with respect. first he sent in his army then he reshuffled the government next came the air force. people's voices here are louder but they're being drowned out by f. sixteen is a mic twenty one is flying overhead mubarak is not going down without a fine. sank you are mr obama this is your friend barack this is your friend and the american involvement reminiscent of earlier revolutions
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in eastern europe. no question about it what happened in georgia with the orange revolution or rather the rose revolution and join ukraine with the orange revolution two thousand and three two thousand and four was part of a long term strategy orchestrated by the pentagon the state department and various u.s. financed enjoy your freedom house and national endowment for democracy and like those early revolutions people mobilized around a common goal abdel nur came all the way from us wanted to get rid of a dictator it's right to beat us with the police he feel he tried to beat us was army he failed the russians must admit a bus is an engineer qualified and jobless but he says he can't find work because of corruption we can't find jobs he paid two one is inside the company sixty so isn't so you can walk is a company and as a result europe because most people want to go to italy want to go to greece want
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to go to england so people in egypt want to leave this country because they are very frustrated and they are looking for better life for a better future and for us that means mass immigration and the problems that come with it may cost shade lives abroad but got caught up in the violence on a trip back home i don't think at this second there is enough momentum at the moment that people just continue to just go out and protest until something is done and i think people are just fed up the casualties keep climbing young faces victims of an aging regime. mohamed el c.b.i. was with his cousin when he was shot did he took a bullet. in his head. the last words he said before he die that here was. both. may go for ever but whether they're protecting will be with or without president mubarak is still unclear well as the seventh day of demonstrations gets underway
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here in egypt no doubt the international community will remain focused on what happens here as well egyptians themselves i'll be bringing you more updates from today a recent spike in fatal shootings in the u.s. has reignited the debate over the right to bear arms while some politicians are calling to restrict what americans consider a part of their freedom but in a country where the number of private guns almost equals the population cowboy habits die hard artie's lauren lyster reports. unlike many other countries in the united states guns can be found everywhere from retail stores this particular want to six hundred dollars my personal a springfield x d forty five to rally it's a river ten twenty two it's easy to air use the hands of politicians running for office commodore john mcmillan because he gives a rip about alabama and auburn not care to new thought of the criminal if they do
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charge so many readily cite the country's second amendment that allows for this right to bear arms the vast majority of level headed americans was a constitutional right and as such they probably don't have a problem with it. but with a population of three hundred seven million people and roughly three hundred million firearms owned by civilians in the united states with a constitutional right is now feared by some sixty to become an obsession in the twenty first century. thing that people do in the urban areas the machine guns and forty seven and so on is preposterous an obsession that can't be ignored considering recent acts of gun violence and the ease of access to firearms so in the united states for the average citizen like myself to purchase a gun i need to go through a background check with the federal government looking for anything from criminal history to mental illness and if i pass that you get anything from
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a handgun like you see here to a semiautomatic weapon which these are over here and even an automatic weapon like a machine gun for their. semiautomatic weapons like those you see here in the catskill mountains of new york. were jewish americans argue their firing off their second amendment rights to guard against the threat of terrorism we need to express those rights we need to own weapons we need to protect ourselves handguns like you see on the hips of store owners from just near the nation's. capital. to move to a southern town where gun ownership is actually mandatory in the south a gun is just part of the household just like a hammer isn't a toolbox it's. a tool a sporting good a means of self-defense or murder however you describe it gun owners say it's more than a firearm it's a symbol and central to american culture and identity coming from men stemming from
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a revolution. to cowboys to any that kind of thing i mean the gun is actually a centerpiece of american history. a piece of history that critics say continues to warn the country what is the percentage of people in. side who were which way is there but there is a go maybe five to ten percent but if five of ten percent is able to. be very dangerous for the social peace of the nation i guess lauren mr r.t. and chamber another washington d.c. . and don't mark a free speech campaigner is on trial over racism charges lars hedegaard the president of the danish free press society will be handed his verdict later today well hedegaard was prosecuted after drawing attention to the trend of honor killings and sexual abuse in the song muslim families this trial has been criticized by human rights activists who say denmark's authorities are trying to
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suppress free speech head guard told r.t. that the problems created by multiculturalism in europe could only be solved by speaking openly about them it seems to these days that anyone who stands up against . the ruling ideology is the talk of it and. it stands to be dragged in front of over a corpse the policies failed failed me on the free speech because i don't have the solutions to choose to have this problem created by our politicians i can only say one thing the predict received for even be able to solve the problems is that we maintain free speech because without free speech there is not a chance in hell that we could ever solve any problems in the country. or you could watch that interview in full here on our t.v.
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in just over an hour's time. now a local government official in q. has reassure the public that the mayor is alive and well it's been months since anyone saw leonid geneviève in public and many ukrainians are worried even the prime minister is demanding to know where his whereabouts artie's alexei to investigates the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the eccentric mayor. key if twelve months ago snow fall paralyzed the city with practically no snow clearing vehicles on the roads and this is ukraine's capital today clean streets with gorgeous decorations many in kiev agree that over the past six months ukraine's capital has become a better place to live in but locals are bewildered as to who should take the credit as the man in charge of the city has gone missing. the mayor. definitely. in five years as city's top dog and each year maybe it's he has been
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a journalist delight from singing at a press conference. taking a dive in front of cameras to prove he was mentally sane the eccentricity of key of smear earned him the nickname spaceman and when locals yes i am a spaceman absolutely true if he had gone to space it might at least explain the mystery of where he actually is that's because the last time should not be askew was seen in public was almost six months ago it is troubling not just ordinary citizens but those at the very top as well. urged the authorities to fine tune about ski and tell him that the people of kiev miss him and want him to return to work. after an avalanche of criticism was dumped and gives mayor following a devastating winter in two thousand and nine the city's snow clearing gear was
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overhauled by the government chimney cap he's supposed but the real man running affairs is thought to be the city hall of ministration boss alexander pop off he's giving nothing away about the mystery may first. why don't you ask him self as to where he is but i can only tell you that we're keeping in touch with him . villa looks deserted on the. his mother in law was captured by our camera security guard say they have not seen its principal resident for quite a while. this whether it is from a look at serious resort in france or italy or somewhere else the location of where exactly and you should maybe it's queue runs the city from remains unclear but with the prime minister inquiring for his whereabouts the long vacation could still be
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cut short for gives him a year. looks your. reporting from kiev ukraine well you're watching r t and coming up this hour love without reservation tell the story of one native american finds true love and a new home thousands of miles away from his homeland. a rescue operation in russia's far east has officially ended after two ice breakers have successfully towed to safety the last of five ships that had been stuck fast and solid ice the vessels with over four hundred crew found themselves trapped in the sea of a hotspot the end of december a rescue operation began straightaway but the thickness of the ice as well as severe weather hampered progress on several occasions the mission had to be halted as the rescuers were in danger of becoming stranded themselves. now two days of debate and voting in the afghan parliament have failed to yield
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a chair meant to help steer the country forward the legitimacy of the problem itself is under question the results of september's election doubtful by observers well in a country ripe with corruption and gripped by war the u.s. led campaign has so far failed to make a breakthrough against the taliban artie's military contributor says it's time for washington to give up and get out. the former u.s. ambassador to india robert blake well came up last year we have a very creative and innovative idea that is to partition afghanistan his proposition where some merrily dismissed oh across the board by afghan pakistani and american analysts as totally on the rally stick and harmful goals to the afghan and american interests in that area however this year robert black will repair his proposition and published in foreign affairs as plan b.
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for afghanistan and this time i believe it stands a good chance to be taken seriously because though it talks about the effect of separation of again a state in reality it implies how to separate the united states from afghanistan and to minimize the afghan exposure to the us foreign policy well it's another issue where the white house will accept this idea but for the time being the reason no other better option or solution. to the current circumstances for the u.s. policymakers in afghanistan. that was artie's military contributor colonel you have guinea crucial of a now let's take a brief look at some other headlines from around the world korea is called for defense talks with the south to be held tomorrow that's two weeks earlier than last
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week seoul agreed to take part in the go see asians in a step towards easing tension on the peninsula relations between the two countries are at their lowest for decades after the sinking of a southern warship last march and since then the south has engaged in a large scale military drills close to the maritime border. both ortiz and oman say they have uncovered a spy ring working for the united arab emirates the network has reportedly been spying on the country's government and the military own state media said several alleged agents have been arrested while the united arab emirates which is a close ally of the us is denying the accusations. to cambodia now where two of the most senior surviving leaders of the camaro rouge regime are due to appear in court they want she and q. saw congo attend a preliminary hearing at the un backed war crimes tribunals to request ahead of
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their trial they've been held since two thousand and seven and both men along with two others face charges of genocide and crimes against humanity during the brutal regime which claimed the lives of nearly two million cambodians. now lack of opportunities and high employment levels in the u.s. so force the one native american to leave his home love behind and seek out a new life in russia although living in a small village isn't easy here he found a real home to be with the love of his like artie's stacey vivants reports. population not to populate it like many russian towns it's too late and young people had for opportunities in bigger cities so imagine the surprise of look. when justin irwin left his home on the lakota indian reservation in south dakota and the us to begin a new life here in their quiet in trying to village
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a more of the country kind of person considering my culture and our background and our ancestral ways this is connecting with nature for me like slice of life on a makoto reservation is not easy economically blighted despite stimulus package funds the unemployment rate is among america's highest with a quarter living at or below the poverty line justin had resigned himself to struggling there indefinitely that's until he met an italian but are not his the woman who come around trying to leave. and don't happen. i got the woman of my dreams and i'm going to her interest in native american culture sparked a friendship between the two on an online forum justin was there debating the lakota future while natalia was hoping to learn more about traditions hugely different from hers their friendship grew and six months later justin invited
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natalia to volunteer on a project in the u.s. . there will be a thing is though that at first i hesitated but then i decided that once in my lifetime i could do what they really wanted most of their lives people are affected by convention so i decided to bring the convention and blanched into in adventure. for me tahlia single mom at the time the adventure led to love marriage and a second child and for just it it inspired him to pack up his bags and as he put it follow the great spirit but it's more the love of a woman that keeps him here now you can tell the village is picturesque with its wooden houses covered in snow but as you could also imagine village life can be difficult people still draw water from a well or child would in order to stay warm but justin says what the community lacks in conveniences it makes up for in warmth. people who actually care about each other actually help each other and think about other people before themselves
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once locals got over the initial surprise of a distant newcomer among them they quickly accepted this interracial and to cultural family. i'm very happy for this young couple i communicate with them i'm always glad to see them at my place and i'm trying to help them with what i can. just in hopes that life on the reservation in south dakota will improve so he might return one day with us family but for now there was no place my kids knew stacy didn't r.t. . and we have a lots more waiting for you on line including all the latest videos features and blogs well let's take a look at what's available right now i need market survey on the financial crisis reveals that russian stop buying in new properties and instead improve their old while spending any spare cash off mobile phones will get all the details of consumer spending of the past two years on the line. and in our
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journey through time we explore how almost three hundred years ago peter the great and bad a young man from getting married before finishing their studies well you can get all the details at r.t.e. dot com. well business days with yulia is up next after a short break. hello
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and a very warm welcome to the business program and as the dallas economic forum is over we continue to see what's been done i'll call it the world's top producer says world demand for the light to measure will double by twenty twenty with asia to be the main driver who lived in pasco c.e.o. of the russian elenium giant roussel spoke to business archies daniel bushell at the world economic forum about how that might affect the industry in russia and shed his views about the roles chemical in which he has a controlling stake. japan korea and china would be the key area where our customer demand will get will grow and again to russia and i want to really improve not just an image but the real situation is for the west eastern siberia russian forest not just because it's so close to china but also because the infrastructure already developed you know would be very important area in our fold
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natural resources how much do you expect demand for result to grow but say with. our expectation of next year in the global demand for the world grow both six percent if north nickel offers you sixteen billion dollars for your state will you accept it and we need to have a not just a formal commitment to new reality in russia corp but we need to have an auction to you soon how successful was herself in the risk nikolai going behind the so-called line with some. words or state got peroration in all this practice do you think with the stars like us he is the right man to run the world's nickel i'm an investor that i represent for sell and not just every you have a result which company and deliver not just an aggregated financial. but.
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in a technical result in company. behind to work through need to do as soon as possible what they have agreed. to i believe the star search will have a great future. time top look at how the market's doing both in the hands saying in asia down point more than a percent at the moment losses for asian markets followed a selloff in the u.s. on friday as antigovernment rising in egypt from teach investors to shun risk yes it's how weather related stocks gained brant crude surged to a twenty eight month peat near one hundred dollars a barrel on worries that the unrest in egypt could spread and just worship through the suez canal. is close to a negative note last week overall the my six ended almost a percent lower but trade uneasy as could find new reasons for growth while r.t.s. actually editor not energy shares believes in the form of the mice its investors
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were cautious as conoco phillips plans to sell the last two percent of its shares in the court. this week we're going to see. a couple of major russian companies reporting their results i guess probably going to report their third quarter results with two thousand and ten which people are looking forward to also ross nafta is likely to report its two thousand and ten results. there are also a couple of corporate actions. colley. participation special general meeting regarding the potential mergers these companies are going to be involved in the so these four stocks. were all called invisible comma likely to be in the spotlight of investor attention. stephen the shouts kid can't patna about what we can expect from russian markets this week and that brought wraps up the business bulletin but you can get most or a small website r.t. dot com slash business.
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penitentiary system. prison. world. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the huge earth covered. download the official anti up location on the phone i pod touch from the. life on the go. video on demand parties mine gold comes and says feed now in the palm of your. question on the dot com wealthy british style it's time to retire the shuttle.


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