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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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bloody protests all rampaging through around the opposition is coming down on. the ex g.p. and sam's atomic ambassador. but very few exceptions know mohamed el baradei raising questions of who he is and who's behind him join me portis near the point update in a few moments. ukrainians are trying to solve the case of the missing mayor here top official in the public come up. on a deadly shooting sprees hit u.s. streets once again there are a strong but it's not a government control but many say again in every household it just seems to be the
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american culture. very warm welcome to you this is also a long way from moscow with me alice had it the egyptian opposition has come together as a united force all of the six days of bloody anti-government riots yaks chief of the international atomic agency mohamed el baradei is no negotiating on behalf of opposition groups and internationally popular candidate is viewed as the man who could else president hosni mubarak. has the latest from cairo. de as the opposition leader here is an interesting choice because most egyptians really don't know him he has his fame much more on the international stage now what is remarkable is that he's managed to bring together very opposing views here in
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egypt particularly with very in here to the muslim brotherhood which has been after order egypt for its extremist views now but today is a secular man and he will be a choice that's very much will be supported by the united states and by other western powers he has in the past avoided direct confrontation with the egyptian government and at the same time he has been criticized by some for simply not being a good enough leader what is interesting though is that he is calling for regime change but he himself has not even egypt for the past three decades he was the head of the international atomic energy agency for some eleven years and then he was criticized for the way he dealt with the iranian nuclear issue he was also criticized by some of his colleagues for being self-righteous and arrogant the curfew went into effect but like we saw yesterday and in previous days the simply does not make any difference to protesters out on the streets and they've been arriving by the thousands to hear the square in downtown cairo now they are calling
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for a general strike they're also calling for a million man march to begin tomorrow tuesday and if they get the figures that they're into supporting they rule get the numbers that will turn up would be more than what we saw last friday on the streets of cairo during that day of rage now some analysts fear that this could lead to violence and that the protests could escalate from tomorrow having said that though the army here is still very much in control the police are nowhere to be seen and the army for their side has been meeting protesters in and out of here we square that we have been hearing reports of they've set up barricades on the outskirts of the city to stop traffic from entering and leaving cairo we're also hearing reports of people despite the trying to find supermarkets where they can stock up. goods the first businesses if not all businesses are closed to the egyptian president hosni mubarak appointed a new interior minister now he is a retired army general and he has very much the backing the background in the
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support of mubarak as have the other two appointments the that of the vice president and that of the prime minister in recent days so egyptians are not really in any way satisfied with what has been made on a government level also nancy he's in the cabinet his new government and most of the ministers there are the same so with this kind of standoff showing neither side actually prepared to meet halfway people here really are saying that it can only result in violence it can only escalate in the coming hours and the coming days. first he sent in his army then he reshuffled the government next came the air force . people's voices here are louder but they're being drowned out by f. sixteen is that mic twenty one is flying overhead mubarak is not going down without a fine. sank you or mr obama this is your friend barack this is your friend and the american involvement reminiscent of earlier revolutions
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in eastern europe. no question about it what happened in georgia with the orange revolution or rather the rose revolution in georgia ukraine with the orange revolution two thousand and three two thousand and four was part of a long term strategy orchestrated by the pentagon the state department and various us financed n.g.o.s like freedom house and national endowment for democracy and like those early revolutions people mobilized around a common goal abdel nur came all the way from us wanted to get rid of a dictator it's right to beat us with the police he failed he tried to beat us was army. of middle class is an engineer qualified and jobless but he says he can't find work because of corruption we can't find jobs he paid two one is inside the company sixty thousand is if you both so you can walk is a company and as a result europe because most people want to go to italy want to go to greece want
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to go to england so people in egypt want to leave this country because they are very frustrated and they are looking for better life for a better future and for us that means mass immigration and the problems that come with it may cause shared lives abroad but got caught up in the violence on a trip back home i don't think that there's something there's enough momentum at the moment that people just continue to just go out and protest until something is done i think people are just fed up the casualties keep climbing young faces victims of an aging regime. mohamed el c.b.i. was with his cousin when he was shot did he took a bullet. in his head. the last word he said before he got here was. may god protect egypt for ever but whether they're protecting will be with or without
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president mubarak is still unclear nighttime in cairo brings with it the fear of lawlessness the fear of armed gangs that are literally controlling the highways walking the streets and trying to break into people's homes and as we've seen in previous nights people will be for me what can be called a neighborhood watch groups using kitchen knives and sticks and anything that they can get their hands on to protect their property. paula thier reporting from cairo there well for more on this i'm now joined live by after she runs the land journalist who's in london for us may that's of being with us here on ars he now mohamed el baradei is well known internationally as we were just hearing from that report there but not so much inside egypt itself so how can he successfully challenge for the country's top job well i think. a belated attempt at getting in on this opposition movement well it may be too late is part of the international crisis group
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a murky elite group with close ties to western interests i think of the leader board two different lines of the people of egypt which are of such courage with face of such us backed terror that is occurred in egypt for the first thirty years i'm not sure i really stands much of a chance senior analysts to say but what you say that the former u.n. nuclear watchdog with something of an ideal candidate is seen by the u.s. for example he's tough on iran and he took a hard line with george w. bush she that makes him a very attractive prospect for the current u.s. administration. very much so i don't know who the obama administration is trying to kid they supported mubarak in the first days after the wiki leaks jasmine revolution and the self-immolation of course and the obama administration closely allied with mubarak through the pedestrian brothers closely allied with the
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democratic party and now the american slowly turning to someone else so they think that they can presumably buy off i'm not sure what your correspondent on the ground seeing in terms of the views of the people themselves there are big crowds there will cheer different opposition figures but do the people of egypt want mohamed el baradei i think that's doubtful at best or looking at the the wind up risings themselves now they've drawn some comparisons by some but the so-called color revolutions that the post savior states if the u.s. has set things up any more on its next step and do you think. my feeling is this isn't a fake us engineered revolution like the one in georgia or a fake revolution like the us set up in yugoslavia this is very much a perfect storm of different factors most perhaps most important of all showing the failed attempts of the international monetary fund and the world bank as they
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deliberately through their own theories destroyed the gyptian economy or made it worse than it already was so this is a storm very much of the americans own making and i think people will remember that the bullets fired at them were made in the united states that president obama has close ties with all these companies raytheon boeing general electric lockheed martin these are the companies that have the air of president obama and those jets flying over cairo alexandria so is another cities there are american so if this is a sudden switch by the americans to suddenly think well maybe we can baradei and i think it may be too late but as you say this is a genuine uprising genuine grievances and with events in egypt still very difficult to predict what do you think would be the possible outcome of this compromise thing . i think it's always difficult to tell in egypt after all that in seventy seven there were bread riots we've had different different types of rioting in the two
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thousands and the egyptian people's desires were thwarted this time it could be different we're hearing that there'll be more leaks from wiki leaks about the mubarak regime perhaps they're not even needed now because the people are speaking critical is now the next twenty four hours and whether they can get those million people on the streets of cairo to protest to counter any attempt at a curfew given today's what's really happening today it is amazing that people have such courage and go out of doors when they're told to stay in the curfew so things are looking up can the americans now hold any power brokering here i'm not so sure and as for where i'm speaking to you from alice a couple of miles away mubarak son gamal is supposed to be holed up here in london not a very good sign i think for the supporting mubarak now and of course the worry for
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countries within the region is that the scenes that we're seeing inside egypt could spread throughout the area and what impact do you think that this revolt could have on some light of north africa. the not really worries hopes of the people that of so been forty eight for so many years they want revolution from algeria right to jordan and i think most of the developing world most of the global south will be on their side and hope that the u.s. backed and european backed dictators will now fall like dominoes whether all that military equipment can stop the people is another is another point but it seems the tide is turning in all one has to do is to look at the statements of hillary clinton or joe biden these bizarre figures you got it so wrong just see as they change their tune as the e.u. changes it's true and. perhaps perhaps we can actually be optimistic but but it's
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still everyone's hedging their bets even even some of the cleverest analysts out there. many thanks that was actually in their towns the author journalist talking to us from london that many. now three million frustrated ukrainians living in the capital kiev are looking for just one man the mystery surrounding them missing mayor the eccentric millionaire the chair of the viet ski deep in this is how distant from public life and this month even the prime minister is demanded to know his whereabouts r.t. their legs yet a share ski vest against the disappearance of the city. many if agree that over the past six months ukraine's capital has become a better place to live in but locals are bewildered as to who should take the credit as the man in charge of the city has gone missing. the mayor i am definitely. in five years as city's top dog and each and maybe a ski has been
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a journalist delight from singing at a press conference. taking a dive in front of cameras to prove he was mentally sane the eccentricity of key of smear earned him the nickname spaceman and when locals yes i am a spaceman absolutely true if he had gone to space it might at least explain the mystery of where he actually is that's because the last time should not be askew was seen in public was almost six months ago it is troubling not just ordinary citizens but those at the very top as well. as the authorities defined in tell him that the people of kiev miss him and want him to return to work. after an avalanche of criticism was dumped on gives mayor following a devastating winter in two thousand and nine the city's snow clearing gear was
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overhauled by the government chill of its key caps you supposed but the real man running affairs is thought to be the city hall of ministration boss alexander popof he's giving nothing away about the mystery may. villa looks deserted only his mother in law was captured by our camera security guards say they have not seen its principal resident for quite a while but. i saw him last year six months ago. even his. often. we are told that he is a. this. whether it is from a luxurious resort in france or italy or somewhere else the location of where exactly and you should maybe it's queue runs the city from remains unclear but with the prime minister inquiring for his whereabouts the long vacation could soon be cut short for gives me your looks your share of ski r.t. reporting from key of ukraine there's always that more news and views and videos on
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our website r.t. dot com here's just some of what they're waiting for you right now one line down of the economic forum has all wrapped up in switzerland and you can get a detailed analysis of all the outcomes online plus. a russian space freighter successfully delivers its cargo to the international space station with a special message to check out our website to find out what is it. the batteries president has been barred from traveling to the european union e u foreign ministers have agreed upon sanctions against alexander lukashenko with a response to a crackdown on protests after last month's presidential election hundreds of people were detained during a rally against the vote which the opposition in european losses say was raped one hundred sixty other batteries officials have had their bank accounts frozen along
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with a visa ban as part of the european sanctions minsk has already pledged an adequate response to the measures. following the recent shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords americans are once again for the right to bear arms critics say although part of the constitution gun ownership has become an obsession in the country with almost as many private weapons as people are used or list to report. unlike many other countries in the united states guns can be found everywhere from retail stores this particular want to six hundred dollars my personal a springfield x d forty five two rallies it's a river ten twenty two it's easy to air you to the hands of politicians running for office commodores and john mcmillan because he gives a rip about alabama and auburn to not care to new code to the criminals the. many readily cite the country's second amendment that allows for this right to bear arms the vast majority of level headed americans was
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a constitutional right and as such they probably don't have a problem with it. but with a population of three hundred seven million people and roughly three hundred million firearms owned by civilians in the united states with a constitutional right is now feared by some to become an obsession in the twenty first century. thing that people do in the urban areas the machine guns and forty seven and so on is preposterous an obsession that can't be ignored considering recent acts of gun violence and the ease of access to firearms so in the united states for the average citizen like myself to purchase a gun i need to go through a background check with the federal government looking for anything from criminal history to mental illness and if i pass that you get anything from a handgun like you see here to a semiautomatic weapon which these are over here and even an automatic weapon like
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a machine gun that they're. semiautomatic weapons like those you see here in the catskill mountains of new york. were jewish americans argued their firing off their second amendment rights to guard against the threat of terrorism we need to express those rights we need to own weapons we need to protect ourselves handguns like you see on the hips of store owners from just near the nation's. capital. to move to a southern town where gun ownership is actually mandatory in the south a gun is just part of the household just like a hammer isn't a tool box. a tool a sporting good a means of self-defense or murder however you describe it gun owners say it's more than a firearm it's a symbol central to american culture and identity coming from minutemen stemming from our revolution. to cowboys to any of that kind of thing i mean the gun is actually
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a centerpiece of american history. a piece of history that critics say continues to warn the country what is the percentage of people who should say they were which way is it go maybe five ten percent why did this five of ten percent is a believe harm that can be very dangerous for the social peace of the nation. lauren lyster r.t. and chamber another washington d.c. . free speech on its face he's been on trial in denmark a critical remarks he made about islam has been acquitted loans they had to call the president of the danish free press and could have faced up to two years in prison if found guilty the activist was prosecuted after his comments about domestic violence with an islamic family culture although he later admitted he's kind word and the entire as the population they initially refused to drop the case after the verdict r.t. managed to speak to lars had it also he told us the problems created by months the
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culturalism in europe can only be solved by speaking openly about. it seems to these days that anyone who stands up against. the ruling ideology is talk of it and. stands to be dragged in front of a kind of a course for the policies that failed and failed utterly i'm a free speech at its i don't have the solutions suit to true to this problem created by our politicians i can only say one thing the prerequisite for even being able to solve the problems is that we maintain free speech because without free speech there is not a chance in hell but we could ever solve any problems in the country. more and more. about now it's time. ok
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a quick look at some other news making headlines this hour now and a man a second in command to paul paul and to all that can live through this have appeared in court in cambodia the elderly defendants lawyers called for the immediate release as they've been held on pretrial detention by the un but court since two thousand and seven the three men another senior figure faced charges of genocide for their role in the deaths of around two million cambodians between one hundred thirty five and nine hundred fifty nine. a senior police official and for all the says have been killed in two terror attacks in the pakistanis to do with peshawar local officials say a teenager blew himself up outside a police van carrying the deputy police superintendent and two policeman more than adults and were also wounded by the blast and a separate time one police officer was killed by an explosive device detonated near his vehicle no group has
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a fall claimed responsibility for its time. so all is reportedly rejected thrown the allens proposals to move peace talks forward according to south korean news agencies north korea had called for defense talks with the south to be held tuesday two weeks earlier than planned last week seoul agreed to take pasta negotiations in a step towards ease intention on the peninsula relations between the two countries are decades following a skirmish between the neighbors on the south east in wargames near the maritime border. a sign clone hazel strait is a flood ravaged state of queensland on monday morning but caused a minor damage the storm up rooted trees and not sound power lines and no injuries were reported the country's bureau of meteorology registered winds reaching one hundred eighty kilometers per hour attention has now shifted to a larger cycling gathering strength in the pacific that cool cos is expect to hit
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a. day. just a few minutes we invite you to attend on the usual performance behind balls but first let's check out the prisoners. who are welcome to our business program. k.b.p.s. russian shareholders have decided not to approve a one point eight billion dollars dividend for the fourth quarter of two thousand and ten this comes after an extraordinary board meeting of the a.r. consortium which owns half of the joint venture with b.p. archie correspondent sara first has the details. of this of course the gates of
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b.p. and they way things used some of that money to stave off the coast during the gulf spill now this is the latest twist in the feud between the russians and b.p. they claim that b.p. breached the times of their contract with. the right the first refusal on the very contract any new activities that b.p. has to be run three the russian shareholders and despite that that wasn't b.p. signed that it would roll so that now we know the conservative voice taken to the high court and decision is going to be made some more over whether they'll be able to get an injunction to block that deal going ahead it's. analysts say however that a consortium is not likely to block the disputed deal. the main aim of. russian holders of ten k.b.p.s. is not to stop this deal because this is the extremely important for russia and i am sure that people as you know mr friedman only succeeded beyond don't want really
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to stop this very important deal that is why in this case the main aim of the russian stock holders of think i believe in my opinion is to have some small benefits in other questions it can be the problem or for example dividends it can be the problem of and so on. and brant crude has hit the one hundred dollars per barrel mark for the first time since two thousand and eight on worries of growing instability in egypt on monday moody's rating agency changed the country's outlook from stable to negative in the second downgrade since mass protests erupted last week the egyptian economy is relatively small but it's home to the suez canal a key shipping route for oil over the weekend a dusk to dawn curfew across egypt brought on warnings of potential delays to shippers in the canal however so far traffic has continued unhindered despite the protests. and the under arrest in egypt started to unsettle markets in the wider sphere as russia also showed signs of
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strain the r.t.s. and my sex closed down on the day as they tracked global losses. rising oil prices did not push russian energy shares higher as oil and gas companies still lead the drop off of my sex nor cynical was the biggest loser in the sector down over two and three quarter percent banking shares were also in the red with spare bank down half a percent while the t.v. fell under two percent all because of the t.v. capital highlights the main factors weighing on the russian stocks. obviously continue to tensions in the middle east which can see you know the weekend also drove the markets a bit lower. for the russian and this is. a couple percent well nurul cynical leading the way minus three percent that particular name as. was the coalition for a stock in obviously its way in the speaker. and that's all the business news for
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this hour but you can always find more stories on our web site that's our g dot com slash business thanks for watching. this is not a theatrical set. this is
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a real correctional facility. is there any cultural life behind bars. could transform a criminal into your body citizen. and can performance really revolutionize the penitentiary system. prison. t.v. . news today violence has once again flared up the film these are the images.


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