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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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bloody protests rampaging throughout egypt the opposition is coming together under a new figure but the international atomic war stalled mohamed el baradei. ramadan baradei is a figure not well known here in egypt causing many to ask questions who is he and who supports him join me points here in a few moments before an update. ukrainians are trying to solve the case of the missing meyrick here the top official hasn't been seen in public the six months. his deadly shooting spree u.s. streets once again they're all strong but time for gun control but many say gun in
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every household is the centerpiece of american culture. a very warm welcome to this is a lie from moscow with me on this have it the egyptian opposition has it come together as united for softer a week of bloody anti-government protests the ex chief of the international atomic energy agency mohamed el baradei is another go cia to go behalf of opposition groups an internationally popular candidate he's viewed as the man who could oust president mubarak let's get the latest now from the who's inquiry for us a pool after a week of art rising the situation in the country remains tense what's happening now. well i guess it's already been
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a number of hours since the curfew was put into place and yet thousands of demonstrators continue to defy it by gathering in downtown to here square becoming always will be extremely telling in this unfolding story in egypt in history because early tomorrow morning is when the so-called million man march begins now here demonstrators say they will be making their way to going to be egypt's president hosni mubarak's prison and see towards his palace and handing over some kind of memorandum of demands the army says that it will not interfere but that is not what we're seeing here on the streets on sunday we are hearing reports of the army barricading all the roads in and out of cairo we know that the trains of the have been disrupted you know that buses have been stopped and people are finding it very hard to come and lend their support to the residents of cairo from neighboring cities so having said all of that it has the ingredients for a showdown with some analysts saying that we could see violence on
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a par if not larger than what we saw last fine day in the so-called day of rage now also on sunday the new vice president omar sort of a dress a press conference and there he said that he was calling on the opposition to engage with a government informant for fairness but these kind of moves are not going down well with protesters they say that nothing short of mubarak himself stepping down will be satisfactory what made to choose a better day is the man to challenge hosni mubarak's position. well that's an extremely interesting question because i have spent the day talking to protesters on the streets as well as people barricaded in their homes and it's not clear that the majority of egyptians in fact support the appointment of mohamed el baradei as an opposition figure leader many of the people i spoke to had the criticism leveled at him there for the past thirty years since mubarak has been in power he simply has not been in the country i mean as one protester put it to me it's i wanted it he arrived back here last thursday and course it will change when he can self was
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not here to experience there about he is a figure that is well known in the international community but he's not that well known here in egypt and he's very much closely associated with the united states with western powers some protesters telling me if they don't really see the difference between him and mubarak as one person put it to me it's not so much that they support our baradei it's rather that they hate our direct international observers have also been weighing in they simply say that all baradei does not have the the wishes the support and the backing of the jetsons at hamas. except what we have our business traced because he is not the tool but i think the problem is for the egyptian public she doesn't really have the credentials and the career path to make a pretty or populist because he said to call to so many years she's very much part of this market international westernized elites but after all one of the criticisms
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on the ground we hear a crowbar is precisely that she used the interests of foreigners who had to be chipped so el baradei has to in a sense to distance himself from what makes him credible to us in the west but he says he's at international cricket in order to get credibility with the chips. now other observers have gone one step further and said that the united states has essentially made our baradei not only does he have the support but he really has their interests at heart. a belated attempt at getting in on this opposition movement well it may be too late he's part of the international crisis group a murky elite group with close ties to western interests as the people of egypt are shown such courage in the face of such us backed terror that is occurred in egypt for the past thirty years to the people of egypt one. i think that so doubtful at best this is a storm very much of the americans own making and i think the people will remember
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that the bullets fired at them were made in the united states and those jets flying over cairo alexandria su is in other cities there are american so if this is a sudden switch maybe americans to suddenly think well maybe we can do it while ago baradei and i think it may be too late as side from the protesters in our to here square on sunday and monday night the streets here remain yearly quiet there are still neighborhood watch groups keeping guard of a properties in the homes and they still reports coming through of armed vigilante groups so the north's miss the chaos the uncertainty remains here on the streets of cairo all of any chance that update that was artie's paula there talking to us from the egyptian capital cairo. three a million frustrated ukrainians living in the capital kiev looking for just one man the mystery surrounding their missing mayor the eccentric millionaire the chairman
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of a had skied deepens as his absence from public life and his ethic among even the prime ministers demanded to know his whereabouts. gates the disappearance the city chief . meaning if agree that over the past six months ukraine's capital has become a bad place to live in but locals are bewildered as to who should take the credit as the man in charge of the city has gone missing. the mayor i am definitely. in five years as city's top dog he has been a journalist delight from singing at a press conference. to taking a dive in front of cameras to prove he was mentally sane the eccentricity of kiev smear earned him the nickname spaceman among locals yes i am
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a spaceman absolutely true if he had gone to space it might at least explain the mystery of where he actually is that's because the last time should not be askew was seen in public was almost six months ago it is troubling not just ordinary citizens but those at the very top as well just like you would like the authorities to fine tune events in tell him that the people of kiev miss him and want him to return to work. after an avalanche of criticism was dumped and gives mayor following a devastating winter in two thousand and nine the city's snow clearing gear was overhauled by the government chile cap he supposed but the real man running affairs is thought to be the city hall of ministration boss alexander pop off but he is giving nothing away about the mystery man a. villa looks deserted only his mother in law was captured by our camera security guards say they have not seen its principal resident for quite a while. i saw him last year six months ago even his.
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post. this whether it is from a look at serious. resort in france or italy or somewhere else the location of where exactly and you should maybe it's queue runs the city from remains unclear but with the prime minister inquiring for his whereabouts the long vacation could soon be cut short for gives me your looks your share of street art see reporting from key if you crane. coming up later in the program afghanistan's bank all the legality of a car being of the people column and we look at a whopping done just made this will all based on the street. when this native american man moved to a remote russian village he calls quite an adult among the lead to find out what blurred him thousands of miles away in the u.s.
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in just a few of. the batteries president has been barred from traveling to the european union e.u. foreign ministers have agreed upon sanctions against alice on the ticket in response to a crackdown on protests last month its presidential election hundreds of people were detained during a rally against the vote which the opposition and european monitors say was rigged one hundred sixty other than everything politicians would have their bank accounts frozen along with a visa ban as part of the european sanctions washington is also extended its list of belize officials barred from visiting the u.s. has already pledged an adequate response to the measures. now following the recent shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords americans are once again torn over their rights to bear arms critics say although part of the constitution gun ownership has become an obsession in a country with almost as many private weapons as people. to report.
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unlike many other countries in the united states guns can be found everywhere from retail stores this particular want to six hundred dollars but there's still a springfield x.d. forty five to rallies it's a river ten twenty two it's a busy eighty two there you see the hands of politicians running for office commodores and john mcmillan because he gives a rip about alabama and auburn not care to new thought of the criminals the. many readily cite the country's second amendment that allows for this right to bear arms the vast majority of level headed americans was a constitutional right and as such they probably don't have a problem with that. but with a population of three hundred seven million people and roughly three hundred million firearms owned by civilians in the united states with a constitutional right is now feared by some sixty to become an obsession in the
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twenty first century. thing that people do in the urban areas the machine guns and the forty seven and so on is preposterous an obsession that can't be ignored considering recent acts of gun violence and the ease of access to firearms so in the united states for the average citizen like myself to purchase a gun i need to go through a background check with the federal government looking for anything from criminal history to mental illness and if i pass that you get anything from a handgun like you see here to a semiautomatic weapon which these are over here and even an automatic weapon like a machine gun for their. semiautomatic weapons like those you see here in the catskill mountains of new york. were jewish americans argued their firing off their second amendment rights to guard against the threat of terrorism we need to express those rights we need to own weapons we need to protect ourselves handguns
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like you see on the hips of store owners from just near the nation's. capital. to move to a southern town where gun ownership is actually mandatory in the south a gun is just part of the household just like a hammer is in the toolbox. a tool a sporting good a means of self-defense or murder however you describe it gun owners say it's more than a firearm it's a symbol central to american culture and identity coming from men stemming from a revolution. to cowboys to any of that kind of thing i mean the gun is actually a centerpiece of american history. a piece of history that critics say continues to warn the country what is the percentage of people in the short side who were which way is there but those that go maybe five ten percent but if five of ten percent of the air believe i am. very dangerous for the social peace of the nation i guess
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laura mr arty and chamber and out of washington d.c. afghanistan's president has convened in the parliament as he attempts to stop the fight over a new legislature but the man who has come and calls live backing to become the new speaker has stirred controversy. has been accused of war crimes and mirrors human rights violations just in the sea of the pollen is what self is on the question as september the elections were carried out and with allegations of rampant fraud in a country rife with corruption gripped by the u.s. led campaign has so far failed to make a breakthrough against the taliban are going to contribute he says it's time for washington to change its strategy in afghanistan. the former us ambassador to india robert blake will. came out last year we have a very creative and innovative idea that is to partition afghanistan his
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proposition where some merrily dismissed all across the board by afghan pakistani and american analysts as totally on rally stick and harmful goals to the afghan and american interests in that area however this year robert black will repair kits to his proposition and published in foreign affairs as plan b. for afghanistan and this time i believe it stands a good chance to be taken seriously because though it talks about the effect of separation over again a state in reality it implies how to separate the united states from afghanistan and to minimize the afghan exposure to the us foreign policy well it's another issue where the white house will accept this idea but for the time being the reason no other better option or solution
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onto the current circumstances for the u.s. policymakers in afghanistan. that was all. come you get a crush on a quick look now at some of the news making headlines. and the money is going to come on to pol pot and to all the khmer rouge leaders have appeared in court in cambodia the elderly defendants lawyers called for that immediate release as they've been held in pretrial detention by the un body court since two thousand and seven the three men and another senior figure faced charges of genocide for their role in the deaths of around two million cambodians between one hundred seventy five and nine hundred seventy one. a senior police official and for all the officers have been killed in two terror attacks in the pakistani city of peshawar local officials say a teenager blew up the fall of
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a police van carrying your jeppesen the superintendent to come and spend more than a dozen or so did that last in a separate time one police officer was killed by an explosive device detonated we his vehicle a group to say fall claimed responsibility for your town. so all is reportedly rejected pyongyang's proposal to move peace talks forward according to south korean news agencies north korea had called for defense talks with the cell to be held tuesday two weeks earlier than planned last three exalt agreed to take paul to negotiations and steps toward easing tensions on the peninsula relations between the two countries are decades following a skirmish between the neighbors in the south hosting war games near the mouse on. a side plane hit australia's flood ravaged state of queensland on monday morning we've called a reminder dot age the storm trees
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a not sound power lines no injuries were reported the country's bureau of meteorology registered winds reach of one hundred points or kilometers per hour. it's engine has not shifted to are not as likely to gather all stay in the pacific the full cost is expected to. stay. for one native american high unemployment and bleak prospects were a fact of life in his u.s. hometown but a chance encounter with the woman of his dreams for him land on his feet in a remote russian village he may have to draw water from a well but he says life has never been so they think of its report. welcome to slots of a population not so populated like many small russian towns it's to one league as young people head for opportunities in bigger cities so imagine the surprise of locals when just an irwin left his home on the lakota indian reservation in south
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dakota in the us to begin a new life here in their quiet in trying to village a more of the country kind of person considering my culture and our background and our ancestral ways this is connecting with nature for me like slice of life on the code a reservation is not easy economically blighted despite stimulus package funds the unemployment rate is among america's highest with a quarter living at or below the poverty line justin had resigned himself to struggling there indefinitely that's until he met an italian but are not just a lot of the women who come around and try and stay with the light and don't happen so. i got the woman of my dreams and i'm going to hang on to her interest in native american culture sparked a friendship between the two on an online forum justin was there debating the lakota future while natalia was hoping to learn more about traditions hugely
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different from hers their friendship grew and six months later just invited natalia to volunteer on a project in the us. they were raising is that at first i hesitated but then i decided that once in my lifetime i could do what they really wanted most of their lives people are affected by convention so i decided to bring the convention and i plunged into venture so for me to tell you a single mom at the time the adventure led to love marriage and a second child and for just it it inspired him to pack up his bags and as he put it follow the great spirit but it's more the love of a woman that keeps him here now you can tell the village is picturesque with its wooden houses covered in snow but as you could also imagine village life can be difficult people still draw water from the well or chop wood in order to stay warm but justin says what the community lacks in conveniences it makes up for in warm.
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people who actually care about each other. actually help each other and think about other people before themselves once locals got over the initial surprise of a distant newcomer among them they quickly accepted this interracial and cultural family over. the rug i'm very happy for this young couple i communicate with them i'm always glad to see them at my place and i'm trying to help them with what i can. just in hopes that life on the reservation in south dakota will improve so he might return one day with his family but for now there is no place like his new stacey didn't r.t. . or there's always more news of views and videos on our website dot com this is full of what's waiting for me right now want to lie down will be coming in all of this wrapped up with switzerland and me getting shelled analysis of all the out plot. in
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a russian space race and successfully doing business cargo to the international space station with us message check our website to find out what it is. now a free speech has been on trial in denmark a the critical remarks he made about islam has been acquitted love that of god the president of the danish pre-press society could have faced up to two years in prison if found guilty the activist was prosecuted el to his comments about domestic violence within islamic family culture other related claims that was aimed at the end timers the population of danish forty's refused to drop the case. and ahead of his verdict as he managed to catch up with lars had to go on to talk about his views on immigration i'm also culturalism in europe that interview coming up in just a second. your
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organization defends freedom of speech your site details attempts to curtail speech freedoms particularly related to multicultural policies would you prefer there be no immigration to the e.u. . no that's not what we're about we have we have no position on immigration as such. we simply insist on our ranch to describe the problems associated with for example immigration so we hold no position on that you've been
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a supporter of kurt westergaard since his publication the publication i should say of his depiction of mohammed caused a global scandal what effect did publishing such cartoons have on media censorship in europe i don't know if it's had any effect i think it's clarified to watch that the issue is. it has made those who are in favor of free speech more vigilant determined to protect it and it's made the furrows of free speech more determined to crush it so i think it is it has heightened the conflicts between various forces in europe so many people associate europe with liberal values with freedom of speech your website though depicts pressure details i said they pressure of critics of radical islam and how they've
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been pressured by authorities to curb what they want to say about it but you did tell some of these cases well we have highlighted for example the case of villages as you mentioned we have very much highlighted the case of cote westacott the swedish artist los vilks recently the case of elizabeth seventy should voles from austria. and if you take all these cases together you can see that regardless of what you think of each individual's positions or politics they all have this in common that they are not largest in fact hated by the. the ruling media and the ruling class the politically correct plus it seems to these days that anyone who stands up against. the ruling ideology is
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targeted and. stands to be dragged in front of a of course and why do you think the authorities are so focused on curtailing speech freedoms i think for the reason that the policies have failed and failed utterly. for thirty to forty years we have been told. by our leaders and practically all put all of all politicians and political parties that unlimited immigration is really a good thing for the country it is a good thing for for denmark to have for example a sizable minority of muslims in the country we now have a lot of course a million forty five percent of the population. even though. most of these immigrants muslim immigrants have refused to integrate into our society become part of us. we've constantly been sold that
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this is an enrichment of the country. problems do not really exist problems only exists to the extent that people say there is a problem so in other words they want to they want to silence critics because they think or claim at least that if they could shut up some people like me or some of the other people i mentioned or. many others in the country problems would go away it's if you cannot solve the problem then at least you can silence those who say there is a problem i would say most people most immigrants integrate wonderfully in this country we have no problems with russians or people from vietnam or from china from india or from sri lanka or most of these people. create absolutely no problem they are indeed an enrichment a country when there are other people who are not what is the problem i'm i'm a free speech advocates i don't have the solutions. to this
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problem created by our politicians i can only say one thing which is that. the predict receipts for even being able to solve the problems is that we maintain free speech and protect free speech because without free speech there is not a chance in hell but we could ever solve any problems in the country and you claim that the media elites willfully ignore the ever increasing problem of immigration yet german chancellor angela merkel and it was reported all over the world stated that multicultural policies in germany had failed yes and what to do about it. when she also came out and condemned to a scene who published a book about the. dissolution of germany and he was then widely criticized and condemned as
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a matter of fact. i'm going to merkel came out and said she would never read the book she condemned the book and hadn't read it so i think that is a very typical reaction. but of course you're right the fact that she even would even come out and say multiculturalism is fails of course is an indication that things are not going as smoothly as she would have liked but she still. she and others would still need to do so the population what are we going to do about this problem thank you very much for your time.


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