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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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and literally using whatever they can get their hands on to throw at the other side the army is there but they're doing nothing soldiers are standing on their tanks observing what is happening all of this happening in front of the cairo museum which houses priceless antiquities so a lot of concern over whether or not that museum will be broken into again at the same time we have heard gunshots and as i'm talking to you i can hear military helicopters circling above the square is just a short distance behind me it's on the other side of the river and there are fears that protesters will spread further because a short time ago they made their way slightly out of tahrir square into the streets surrounding the area they injured the fear the aggression the anger this really is a tipping point in these protests and in these demonstrations and many are saying that the egyptian president will not have a reason to say you need me look at me i am needed for stability this certainly is a pro-government mobilization as well if the rumors are to be believed what we do
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understand is that on the clothing of some of those pro government supporters were police id people have been asking the question where have been the police the last few days and if indeed these ideas are correct it seems the police have been preparing themselves for today's violence we also know that a lot of these probiotic supporters are thugs or we've been told that the feds are also being told and we have been told since the early hours of the smalling that people have been coming to the streets because they've been paid paid to go out to the streets and show their support to mubarak what is significant about these demonstrations is that until now this has been a leader in this protest there has been a lot of talk about the fact that the various opposition groups have come together but not under one banner now mohamad al baradei is the name that has been put forward the former head of the international atomic energy agency and he has said that in his he is prepared to head an interim government but ask people here on the streets what they think of him assuming they even know who he is most people who do not lie. kim now he's come on board and he has criticized today's demonstrations he
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says that president mubarak is using scare tactics against the people whether he says that whether he doesn't say that what is true is that there is to say and among the opposition groups we're hearing that some groups are saying yes it's need to the president now we hear other groups like al baradei himself in the muslim brotherhood saying no they're not prepared to meet with mubarak until he steps down either way the voice on the street is that they do not want al baradei they do believe that he is of the same cloth as mubarak people saying that they really want to be left to decide for themselves who is their leader not imposed from the outside because they do believe that both mubarak and al baradei are being supported by the united states and that the u.s. is meddling in internal egyptian affairs because a message was put out by the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov he has called on the world community to allow interruptions to decide for themselves. we want to see egypt as a stable thriving democratic state we want the current social political and economic problems to be resolved as soon as possible through peaceful means but
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it's up to gyptian politicians and the people to decide how this could be done in practice we don't think it's helpful to impose solutions from outside even ultimatums egyptian political forces need to find a consensus which there's been no reaction so far from president mubarak but no doubt whatever he has to say what only install the anger on the streets of cairo. or for more on this let's cross live to a pro israel advocate in the allows or as he joins us from jerusalem many thanks for joining us here mr last for us now is israel concerned what's happening in egypt and how can the political crisis there affect israel status in the middle east do you think. well i think israelis today are looking at their television screens and reading the newspapers both with a sense of hope and anxiety on the one hand there's hope because democracy which we have here in israel is spreading throughout the middle east to arab countries which
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haven't seen democracy before he had on the other hand there's a fear and trepidation the question which every israeli is asking themselves today is at the end of the day will that thirty year old peace that we've had with egypt last so again i think there's mixed feelings one there's certainly a sense of of joy that there's democracy spreading but israel isn't only the going to be the only democracy in the middle east yet on the other hand where is it going to lead and will that peace that we've had survive now many think that the u.s. is involved in egypt's internal politics having been a long supporter of mubarak's regime but washington now seems to be changing its rhetoric why is that i think. again i think that's a question which should be directed towards. american spokesperson here in israel israel's looking from the sides as i heard with another interview just before me i
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think that the policy is egypt has to decide the people of egypt have to take their own fate into their own hands and really this is a battle for democracy the question we're asking here in israel is at the end of the day when a new government presumably is going to be created will it still be willing to hold out its hands for peace with israel and i think that that's a major concern both here in jerusalem and in tel aviv we have a generation today of his rabies by the way who only remember peace with egypt we have a generation who don't even remember nine hundred seventy nine and that handshake between sadat and menachem begin so the issue is can we carry on despite the changes which are taking place which despite the democracy within the arab world can we carry on and guarantee the continued peace between the two countries on the two people and would you agree with. jeff that this international support for
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israel is parts of the problems that we're seeing in egypt and elsewhere in the middle east would you agree with that. what's the connection. you know if you can blame israel then blame israel but there's no connection between the western support for israel the reason why the west supports israel is because up until now we've been the only democracy in the middle east and we've seen arab countries being headed by dictators perhaps finally we're seeing democracy spread throughout the middle east which it can only be a good thing the question really is and the real issue is will the peace continue israelis are hoping that the peace with egypt the peace with jordan will continue and you never know we may be able to make that peace further afield with syria and other countries within the within the arab world and on that sustaining of the situation do you think this wave of unrest in egypt is likely to spin into
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neighboring countries well it seems to be many people talking about the domino effect and we are seeing countries you've been reporting both in jordan bahrain yemen all looking at this domino effect which is taking place i don't think egypt is going to be the last country what i do think is important is that egypt is one of the most important countries in the arab world much of the arab world today saying if it can happen in the streets of cairo perhaps it can happen here so democracy does seem to be spreading the question is will that democracy lead to a rise of islamic fundamentalism or will it continue the peace process as a process that is or has been looking for with other countries and the peace there has already with egypt and jordan and the process with the palestinians i came here last rites many thanks for joining us from from jerusalem many thanks pleasure. now
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what's behind the uprising and what lies ahead for egypt those questions explored in the latest edition of crosstalk that's coming up at eight pm g.m.t. here. the future of the mubarak regime is not so much being decided on the streets of egypt but mainly. there are certainly hard talks going on behind the scenes between egypt and indeed the americans and what is staggering is that we haven't heard from the obama administration a clear and unequivocal demand for mubarak to do it but on a bill if i could just interject. i mean you could lay this at the doorstep of the u.s. but you know at the end of the day the only world leader who's been unequivocal about this is prime minister erdogan of turkey the european leaders the american leaders even the latin american leaders. leaders all have been all of been silent so i
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think it's a little misleading to leave this on the doorstep of the american here but i mean i don't want to see the reasoning or there really was again. he was a client of the united states and that's probably the difference here. and you were rushed to u.s. nuclear reduction pact approved on all levels in moscow has been signed by the u.s. president the document also known as the start treaty will see both sides. by a third let's get some more details on this do you see catherine of lisa what is the bottom and signature of need for the treaty. hi alice was a historic development of course just almost an hour and a half ago we saw the u.s. president signing this incredible treaty in the oval office he was joined by a whole host of members of his administration including vice president joe biden
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secretary of state hillary clinton we also saw defense secretary robert gates among others and also a few of the critical lawmakers that have helped push this treaty through some of the her. that have faced in the u.s. senate namely senator. dick lugar and of course john kerry now this is an incredible development because it pushes this treaty one more step towards final ratification now the next process is for secretary of state hillary clinton to meet with her russian counterpart foreign minister sergey lavrov at the munich security council conference was supposed to come up this weekend in munich of course where they're going to exchange the so-called instruments of ratification these are the actual signed documents which will fully put this treaty into force so it's a very exciting developments that we've been reporting on for quite some time and have waited for a long while for for it's actually can through the have been some pretty major stumbling blocks have there between moscow and washington during the work on this
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treaty does the final agreement mean those differences have been overcome. well there have been but i would have to say that the bigger stumbling blocks to this treaty has been within washington itself i mean we saw a very vocal minority but of course a minority of lawmakers who were very clearly opposed to this treaty they wanted more time to look into it they were concerned about some of the limits that they felt to put on a u.s. defense but of course the consensus here in washington both by the republicans by the democrats by the administration is that this is a critical agreements that brings the world one step closer to a nuclear free situation one step closer to a safer world which is of course a critical development at a time when there's so much turmoil and i'm certainty starting from the unrest in egypt so while there have been some stumbling blocks it does look like the stork agreement has finally been pushed through and we await the exchange of the documents this weekend for it to fully come into force if you see many things on as easy as you can of the reporting from washington d.c.
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on the signing of the stop treaty and anything. we're still watching you good to have you with us ahead this hour one woman's plight to win back the daughter she believes were taken from her as part of a welfare can't stand or coming up in just a few minutes. unfriendly that's how moscow's described ireland's decision to expel a russian diplomat doubling claim stolen identities of six irish citizens when used by russian agents uncovered last year in the u.s. you got it was good not for ports from moscow. the russian foreign ministry has called iowa's decision to deport its diplomats an unfriendly move which will have serious consequences these are these are the all the comments we've heard from moscow also for after dublin accused to the russian intelligence service of stealing real existing irish identities you know to forge passports to cover up its
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secret operations in the united states irish authorities say that this is a result of an investigation which started right after a summer spy scandal between moscow and washington with a group of people who were arrested in the united states and found guilty of being secret russian agents all of them were deep rooted and it was largely covered by international media that's why in the name on that shop one turned up a successful young business woman who was quickly deemed the russian james bond girl back then it was announced that some of the members of that group had irish passports however it's not known whether the diplomat is being deported now from oral and was directly connected to this alleged theft and forgery neither do we know his name or when he's to be sent out of the country. well there's always more news blogs and feet just stories on our website r.t. dot com here's just what's online view right now hobbies very evocative of people you take them up but some are more ambitious than taking. place in skill that's how
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we'll. find out what the top three of model naomi campbell chatted about with russia's prime minister i'm walking fashion she managed to squeeze the. human rights groups have accused. of prophesying from loopholes in the laws that claim children separated from their families are being given to foster parents he once had received financial support from the state and he said now we have the story. christmas gifts never given so covered so my children are in someone else's hands the most don't and i don't
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know what's happening with them or how they're being treated it's been over a month since natalia russian citizen living in sweden has seen her twin girls wash and leave a mother's worst nightmare their children taken from where they're supposed to be most safe and not by kidnappers or child abusers but by the swedish government but they are used when girls were taken out of their music wasn't that this school without any warning and for an entire week she had no idea where her daughters were until she received documents from social services full of what she says are false statements about the family's life the complaints filed against natalia claims she and the girls are psychologically troubled and could be enough to send her daughters into foster care for good under swedish law without sufficient proof that it is considered legal because of the law is a protection law it's a protection for the children. so it means that even if there is
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a flight that's to risk even if there is no evidence sort of there is there is no witnesses there are third nothing but there is. a risk of something happening sort of. then the law sort of the social workers within the law are able to to take the child into. sort of their it to the social office and take take them away from the family attorney has been advised by human rights activists that this is only part of a much bigger welfare system in the car rare cases that you will have been where social services have paid ten thousand swedish thirty that's about five hundred new goods thirty one. archie was unable to get a comment on a tiny is case from swedish social services who cited a privacy policy i think they steal they don't generally steal children but money
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apartments property and children are human goods to them with course we just language skills a lawyer appointed by social services and little money natalia has been told the chances of getting her girls back are slim and that they are most likely now with a swedish family and that is should be protected by international laws and conventions but loopholes in the swedish system allow cases like this to go unnoticed three the consensus country. and people are more. prone. to speak up against the consensus so it's very quiet in this way and the consensus is. the consensus is that the state is always right reservoir jacobson burke is persona non grata here in sweden for his outspoken views on the system he says social
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services can take children away using their own criteria i working together with doctors psychologist employers all wrapped up in a big business you have six foster children or you make a fortune for now only tell you can do is wait for a hearing on her case which is so far been postponed several times during resting and what's of the birthday is coming up when will my children be what they already missed christmas and will miss turning thirteen this week at home with their mother who sweden has just tried it is at least for now not going to be their mom and he said no way r t stockholm. ok let's check out some other world news in brief this hour and protests erupted demonstrations and security forces as german police began addicting illegal tenants from one of butlins last major scripts paper to tell us of the results is took part of the addiction using an axe and
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a battering ram to break down the door of the disputed building a court gave discourses until fair break the second to leave several hundred left as protesters gathered outside the building which led to violent clashes with police. australian authorities are warning people to stay off the streets is a powerful selling play begins to hit the northern state of queensland winds of four calls to reach at three hundred kilometers per hour with many residents already left without power it's likely nasty which is strength into account of the five experience be the most dangerous storm to ever hit the area that's yet another chapter in australia's trying summer during which it witnessed the worst flooding in decades. a car bomb has killed at least nine people and injured twenty more in a commercial area near the northwestern city of peshawar officials say three children were among the dead the blast is the third major incident to hit the area in the last week the attacks come despite police reports that progress is being
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made against militants in the creature. that's where the news is this hour here on r.t. sharon is up next little villages business things for you. welcome to our business program. rostov shares have taken a hit after london's high court halted the russian oil giant's deal with b.p. to explore the arctic shelf the decision came after a joint russian british venture chink a b.p. father complaint claiming the agreement violates its right of first refusal on any b.p. work in russia r.t. correspondent sara firth has the latest details. with the russian shareholders all
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taking k b p one a u.k. course it just has to look barnaby peace deals with grossness know we need the b.p. agreed on the fourteenth of january to see what is seven point eight billion dollar stake in the company for nine point five percent of russian oil producer rosneft and that the two companies are also agreed a joint venture to explore areas of the arctic water is now we know that according to the russian shareholders of think a.b.b. that that has reached the terms of their contract under which they should have been also emission and given first refusal on any major need ventures undertaken by b.p. in russia and this didn't happen so it went to the polls we've heard just this microburst say the face parties have been able to reach an agreement entirely in accordance with common sense and that now that the b.p. . shares to what has been phrase in the any discussions about the arctic exploration have been filled in until the completion evolve attrition which is sure
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to the february twenty fifth now we've had comment from the vice president over us live and he said the process are looking for ten k. to kate to be of attention partner in this deal with it and now suppose that could still be most of. us took a look at the markets u.s. markets open lower but have recovered and are currently flat to slightly positive shares of electronic arts have soared twelve percent after the videogame publisher said it will repurchase millions of dollars worth of shares and posted quarterly adjusted earnings that suppress that surpassed brother wall street outlook meanwhile borders group inc shares fell twenty four percent following course at the bookstore. for bankruptcy. and in russia the r.t.s. and my sexpot closed up on the day energy shares were higher with oil above the one hundred dollars per barrel mark rising all pious and sent energy shares higher. but
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gazprom and lukoil both closed up on the day mining shares were also among the leaders on the my sex as well cynical climb slightly over one percent of our polly is gold and slower as gold prices have come down. and brant crude prices have hit the one hundred dollars mark in recent days fueled by growing instability in egypt as the first time since two thousand and eight that such highs have been reached such a role chief economist at the international energy agency warns that any further growth in oil prices could seriously undermine the global financial recovery. crisis means big moving risk for the global economic recovery if we are sorry about the hundred dollar today this would mean the oil importing feel the burden on the shoulders of the united states or europe is more or less the same level that we have seen in two thousand eight then we had that horrible year so
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therefore our hope for the sake of the global economic recovery will persist do not go well for you and the russian government will sell twenty percent in vizzini bank this year twice as much as it originally planned the sell off as part of the government's ambitious targets to privatized key state owned companies the head of try the dialogue says that foreign investment into these private has companies could help make moscow a global financial center. you don't want to make that much of the price today maybe better to. companies yellen companies in london or new york. but if you really have a long term committed to the most likely scenario you think you should. attract investors explaining that's a lie to make sense and buy. shares of the government right this company in moscow . and that's your business update for now but you can always find more stories on our web site that's our tool dot com slash business thanks for watching.
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well one one deals with war for us to realize that this tremendous amounts of damage that are done not just human damage but damage to the physical environment in which the battlefield takes place tremendous amounts of damage done by aerial bombs by napalm boy coming from the city whether it's sonic boom city tractors marine mammals or it's the burning oil field syria and iraq or it's
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destroyed coral reefs in the pacific for purposes the list just goes on and on the geneva conventions of nineteen forty nine states that there shall be taken in the war to protect the involved against widespread long term and severe damage the united states although it is accepted almost all of the provisions of protocol one has taken exception to that. will. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms of russia. we dump the future covered. for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get
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this is. the rest of groups of egypt protesters demanding the president immediately removal from office come face to face with supporters in the capital spring from. the u.s. president obama has signed the new strategic altered auction treaty with russia the deal already approved on the level of moscow where genes the country's nuclear arsenal by palace of. the expelling a russian diplomat say the allegation is that the moscow intelligence stole irish identities for spying russia has responded with a warning that serious consequences. how the united states coped twenty three and five million people in the vietnam war next we look at the history of
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that time straight the eyes of soldiers who fought on signs the following reports contains volunteered for. how many people died in the vietnam war we knew nothing of the americans with some position it is just over fifty eight pounds each with his or her name engraved on the vietnam memorial wall in washington d.c. but how many of you to me not to mention million cambodians died with the u.s. . news probably no one would know for certain in one thousand nine hundred five vietnam released a figure of a million civilians.


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