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tv   [untitled]    February 5, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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he succumbed to his injuries a reporter for the egyptian daily newspaper we are hearing reports although they haven't been independently verified that there has been an assessor nation attempt on the life of the vice president almost to them and we do understand from the reports that two of his bodyguards were killed so women is why they've been targeted as the man who will replace hosni mubarak but he did invoke a lot of foreign and foreign same time and when he went on state television and blamed foreign elements for inciting the violence of the past few days now earlier this morning at around ten thirty gyptian time there was an explosion on a natural gas pipe this gas pipe provides israel with forty percent of its natural gas not you state television is reporting that the part of the pipe that supplies years ago was targeted by foreign elements but we are hearing from israeli radio that that part of the pipe was not attacked the part of the pipe that was attacked was the part that supplies jordan either way it is standing alarm bells out into
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the community particularly in this region as there are fears that if that if egypt cannot control its own internal security situation this will head to the political ramifications for the rest of the region at the same time there are concerns being raised in terms of the perceived enormousness in the sinai meanies rabies fearing that they will be weapons being smuggled into gaza at this moment that when eventually be fired on and being used against israeli citizens. i'd like to remind our viewers of this point as we speak we're looking at live pictures coming from egypt at the top or your square there well so far we have seen no signs or reaction from president mubarak to that latest massive protest what does this mean and where is this political standoff like we just had now. well the latest word coming from the egyptian prime minister ahmed shafik is that there will be no cancellation of the september a mic. that according to the legislation in this country the president needs to
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stay in power if any changes to the constitution are to take place he says that there will be no early exit for mubarak and that what we can live and expect is that the vice president almost in the end will take over but only after those september elections now today saturday there are and there are discussions that opposition groups will be meeting with particularly with particular people in the government the muslim brotherhood which is the largest opposition group here in egypt it's also officially banned has said that they will not be party to those talks they are insisting that mubarak step down first but indeed we are noticing a shift both within the opposition group and within a government in terms of wanting to meet each other and wanting to to resolve this conflict as soon as possible because of course in nearly two weeks of a standoff the economy here has drained people's lives have been put on standby and as i'm talking to you from downtown cairo i continue that the shops the homes the
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people remain barricaded inside their homes and apartments despite the protests the protesters have found a way to turn your square. right paul thanks very much indeed for bringing us the very latest there from cairo policy or they are and to discuss the story we're joined live in the studio by israel should be our journalist who has written books about the middle east thank you very much for being here with us in the program well as you have just heard our correspondent painted a picture of what's happening in egypt at the moment in your opinion what's the likely scenario what's going to happen next well this is obviously very dramatic and much depends on the. of mubarak i think you should the age of the student the it's a good time to start to move well he's not moving anywhere so far it doesn't she doesn't he may be that he will be able to stand and that will be a mistake because a revolution of this sort of scared. and peacefully was the departing for so with
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that rebel for the united states or for somewhere else or otherwise he could find himself being trucked so let's take take a look at the political situation there in the country as we were listening to our correspondent i mean some say stronger political opposition groups like for example the muslim brotherhood may take advantage of the political vacuum what do you think is this possible i think that actually is a term of they can vantage misleading in my view the most imperative is as muslim brothers are very much and integral part of the political structure of egypt and that will give it in that channel if they would come to power or directly or even some correlation it's not like there's some martian sort of some kind of lynching put in there so it's very much a part of the egyptian side to one of the most for the allies so i think it would
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be a little natural if most from brothers or some other mixture of muslim but it is would come forward as a good thing or a bad thing i think it's wonderfully good like we see all that happened until you see in turkey after so many years of everybody being frightened about governing the muslims now we see added that god is ruling the country very wisely and they sink everybody seems especially rational everybody thinks that's wonderfully good it's so much better than what it was before well mr chairman your us has been back and bark for thirty years and now it's changed its rhetoric so can other u.s. allies in the region be seeing the same fate one day it will always happened like that because the united states or any other country is a matter of fact has some interest vested interests and they're not really vested in this particular political figure let's say i don't think that anybody. thinks
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the united states has some a brigade mobarak excluding providing him with some great legal service the apartment somewhere so that surely it's much more important for america of america of obama america of inability to preserve work in contact with egypt and the situation as it is now in the gypped it calls for some looting steam off for changing situation which is quite unbearable into something that will be quite bearable you understand that the united states is not really thinking about the best will lead people it's normally think about what's good for them but even this is good for them if calls for some sort of collaboration of people of egypt and people of leadership products extremely frustrated with barak getting the same things every year again and again well let's not take a look at a situation a broader context as we have seen i mean the protests been going on in many countries in the region what's likely to happen i mean are we going to see serve
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you know escalation of violence there and there will spiral and move to other countries and eventually are likely to see a different sort of political landscape in the region well i think we shouldn't leave this seeing so much just the bar on the question of violence which is basically a technical question even in the cynical remark of the where we are what is really important that the whole architecture that was built thirty years ago in camp david is going down and now it's a question of how long it will last how violent global will collapse but they see in the middle east all say the post of the month space altogether is being rebuilt and one of those things that change. the position of israel in this area will change. position of the united states well clearly much depends on how clever obama will play his. ards and now we're into the very interesting period of time
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and that's also a big available for the countries on the soles are paid a little over russia it is very little countries central asian countries all of that we're all practically everywhere are all going to try to play a game like i'm a sim fortune's claiming that they're the only way you stop with some kind of terrorist the take over a low. bar a game down probably their way of doing the same things with divided by should be limited already journalist and author in the middle east thanks very much indeed for coming to the studio and sharing your views with us here until. and the unrest in egypt is being widely discussed in munich where world leaders have gathered for an annual security conference another highlight of the meeting will be the exchange of documents on the recently signed start treaty between russia and the us which
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will officially put the deal into force r.t. is a gorgeous get off has the latest from you nick. this is the second and probably main be of the conference will will be heard a speech by the un secretary-general ban ki moon the german chancellor angela merkel britain's prime minister david cameron and we're expecting a statement by the russian foreign minister silvio of it all is expected to focus on russia's proposal to build up a legal document which would ensure european security and also is expected to outline russia's proposal for a unified anti missile defense system which would include russia the european union and the united states with sharing the responsibility for the safety of the others another event also quite awaited here is the meeting of the quartet on the middle east which includes russia the united states the united nations and the european union that was why russia is also going to be one of the highlights of
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saturday's actual exchange of the ratification documents off the new strategic arms reduction treaty between moscow and washington has been really a long awaited since the negotiations on the new deal continue for over a year until we were signed the treaty was signed by the presidents of the two countries who initially pushed this idea forward this happened last april then almost another year of the discussion of internal discussion especially in the united states until the treaty was finally ratified by now only for formal exchange of these ratification documents is left. just giving the green light and officially putting into force. that was there and what sergey lavrov speech at the munich conference live on our channel in an hour and r.t. also managed to catch up with russia's foreign minister his interviews coming up in our spotlight show later today. from navy captain to t.v. presenter no one is off the hook when it comes to political correctness in the u.s.
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many americans say the p.c. overdose makes them keep their opinions to themselves as a wrong word can land you in serious trouble as our reports even classic literature couldn't escape censorship. america is a country that pioneers freedom of expression but is the rising tide of political correctness reigning in the right to say what you think people do. to actually speak their mind it's almost as though you have a sort of a code although sometimes you want to call a spade a spade and sometimes you want to call it trouble according to a museum poll the majority of citizens think the us is overdosing on p.c. turning the land of the free into a nation of hyper sensitive sissies. were even corn chips can cause mass controversy in this ad a priest substituted to read zero for the eucharist the body of christ. the
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commercial was created for a possible super bowl broadcast but after an uproar among catholics frito lay apologized and pulled the plug on the satirical spot during a commercial being pulled is a classic example of americans freaking out about something insulting to do with religion i understand why the catholic league might flip out that's their job however be able to laugh at yourself folks. the price of humor can end up costing big maybe captain owen honors intrusted with a nuclear powered aircraft carrier worth half a billion dollars was fired over received morale boosting videos created years ago having survived eighty five combat missions owen was shot down by fertility style gestures and comments as for the man who wrote nineteenth century classics not even mark twain is protected from present day p.c. two of tweens books are being republished with the word sleeve replacing the n word
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it's a mess it's not about liberal guilt to not want to do a friend or conservatives want to want to sanitize or plain vanilla is history and art it's really about laziness we don't we don't want to trust people to do. look and examine to look at something and then go beyond that said what does it mean what were those times like what is the author trying to say when film critic roger ebert took to twitter to criticize the censorship he was criticized for simply writing the n word can white people say who can speak it has become a battle in court a federal jury will soon decide if white people can use the n. word at work and this as a white t.v. reporter is suing a fox news affiliate in philadelphia after being fired for using the n. word during a staff meeting white house chief of staff rahm emanuel has apologized he's apologized and of course the r word can also make you a glorified villain as was the keyes last year when former chief of staff rahm
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emanuel privately called a group of liberals retards rahm emanuel and i think he has some indecent and insensitive ways of being sarah palin is a reach at e.s.p.n. sensitivity surrounding sex has become a touchy subject announcer ron franklin was fired this month for allegedly calling a female reporter sweet baby that is a political correctness has a neuter in the american language creating a super sensitive society incapable of laughing things off a p.c. employee that's left more people biting their tongues for fear that freedom of expression may be more trouble than it's worth more important i am artsy you are. always fatality is rising every week in america's ongoing afghan campaign u.s. policy in the country is increasingly under fire in a bid for a way out of the deadlock some like veteran american diplomat robert blackwell propose partition of afghanistan is the best solution but as our military
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contributor explains this so-called plan b. is not going to save the situation for the u.s. . despite all the goodwill mr blair will to promote the defacto partition of afghanistan the whole concept is a nonstarter though i stand by his situation and alice's speech has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the us policy in afghanistan has crossed a point of no return however i cannot support or subscribe to conclusions and recommendations that supposedly come from he is impeccable and on a sailing boat and alice of the us policy in afghanistan there defacto politician is a nonstarter because it is a desperate attempt to address different audiences just in one position paper mr blackwell proposition is highly confusing and misleading for different audiences
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consider it for yourself for native afghans he's proposition is akin to covertly break up of the country or pakistani neighbors in mouse to the beginning of the belt can ization the whole area starting from ghana still but he's also amounts to open and it as military occupation and commitment to afghanistan we've all developed nation building and counter-terrorism that will be in essence the long term consequences of the implementation of this well intentioned but ill advised plan. now look at some other stories from around the world and cambodian inside groups have resumed hillary fire along their border leaving at least one soldier dead in the biggest confrontation between the country's leaders the fighting has sparked
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fears of an escalation causing thousands to flee conflict over an ancient temple which both sides claim it's taking place periodical you for years it's not clear what sparked the latest clash which came after the two sides declared a cease fire. and the house the u.s. congresswoman shot in the had last month is to lead one of nasa's last space shuttle flights mark kelly said he made the decision because his wife's condition had improved rapidly and he was training for the mission when it was wife was shot while holding a meeting in an attack that left six people dead all of these twin brothers talk helly is the current commander of the international space station. family as government has called in the military to help clear the damage caused by side ship carrying three thousand tons of food and supplies has also been dispatched to the disaster area emergency services are working to on block roads and restore utility services but there afterwards are being hampered by heavy rains
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a category five storm one of the most powerful on record devastated communities and caused hundreds of millions dollars worth of damage. now russian hotels are the most expensive in europe with moscow boasting a number of luxury accommodations with a scarcity of budget rooms in the russian capital many believe new developments in other parts of the country my give tourists a chance to experience russia without shelling out a fortune artie's them as you will except how tough the search is for an affordable night sleep. captivating journey to the heart of russia has never looked prettier this point star hotel in moscow offer a superb use of the red square and probably everything else that any traveler may dream about from top quality buffet or service to your own personal office decorated with dark cherry and burwood but just any other luxury accommodation this presidential suite comes with a price seventeen thousand dollars
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a night in some way as price never scares people because people are ready to pay for quality and somewhere if you can. gain the confidence of the guests that you are providing quality people are ready to pay for the quality and it is expected and everybody's aware that is an expensive city and expensive it is with an average price tag of one hundred forty seven year apart night rational tells a currently the most pricey wants in europe norway is in the second place well sweden switzerland denmark and the u.k. by the rest of the top six hotels in greece seem to be a real bargain costing less than half of what you might be in russia seventy two year olds finding simple and cheap accommodation and has never been more difficult richard once offers his guests a bunk in a hostel for just a fraction of what you might pay at the ritz and his place is always back with tourists from all over the world he's certain that the recent hotel craze is simply
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down to supply and demand there just isn't enough hotels all still the hotels that are hastening to be concentrated in the four bytes area is very little in like the three star to star like budget accommodation other experts believe that key to the problem lies in developing new destinations rather than refurbishing and expanding the old being used in the capital alexander do it could be risky at the alpine ski resort in the southern russian city of sochi says this newly develop. project is well prepared to suit all tastes and budgets because of this there is only one five star hotel at the resort the rest are either fear for starters and they're monitoring the visitors needs in any case it's clear that the market will make its own corrections so if you're clinging to a trip to russia make sure to check out some new destinations slightly off the beaten track with events like the two thousand and fourteen shorts you winter olympics these places offer new impressions for your journey without reaching your
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wallet many russian hotels remain on affordable for tourists but that's to change with new chains entering the market but while there will always be a place for luxury hotels in the capital people. such as here in salt will still have to be able to open their homes to guests and let visitors experience true russian hospitality without spending a fortune there is bored. and sad now for a business of date with your own it don't go away. come to our business program. rising prices on crude oil and energy are the main obstacles to global growth says world renowned economist joseph stiglitz he also warns that the recovery from the financial crisis will be slow and painful unless the world addresses pressing economic problems and one of the main challenges for russia he points out is the high exchange rate. one of the problems that almost
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all resource rich countries have. is the change rate it's very high and in a high exchange rate it's very hard for export is to compete with other exports from other countries or importers book or import substitution industries to compete with the budget in quarters so. all of the world resource rich countries become what i call the rich countries poor people. countries that are not able to sustain the first. economic base that is necessary for long term growth instability colleague nouriel roubini dr doom mentioned that there's a high risk the g twenty will become a gene ciro because there is no country was going to pose the united states and come forth as the leader of financial regulation is that possible elisa absolutely
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right that if we continue going down the route of humility it will be taking zero. and you know to be frank i am not sure that there will be the willingness to go through the kind of framework of broad consensus that i'd advocate bill you're of the global community to solve a lot of this problem doesn't immediately lead to disaster it just means that we will have a less prosperous global economy and a more unstable global economy so where do you see the main risk for economic growth right now try to do the energy crisis. there are some to patients of the two thousand a crisis or was that it was the high crude and energy prices that really precipitated the crisis because his central banks have responded when they raise interest rates again that worked with them there was low interest rate sub prime mortgage she. fell apart. really representing probably the most immediate.
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risk. and let's take a look at the markets now russian markets close in the black on friday having climbed for its third day energy majors where the top you know as well or oil trading above one hundred dollars a barrel in london and that political unrest in north africa and the middle east. and also nickel and spread bank close trading down on the day however added close to two percent on both forces after the oil giant stated that its fourth quarter net income saw a nineteen percent jump over the previous three months. and what this week's trading mostly affected by trench tensions in the middle east and mounting oil prices. explains why gas palm was among the top gainers there were some people still. quite good performance but people who got from. oil prices. every year for the spring because guess bricks with only prices and the
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taxation for gas promotional to all companies that's promiscuous beneficial credit would price and then the negative for and we saw that with the precious growth and we could have used to finance. the sale of twenty percent stake in that the web by the street this year and this creates the potential market bubble headed for with the bushes. and that's all the business news for now but you can always find more stories on our website that's our to dot com slash business thanks for watching.
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we use special old french an excess request meant. they are ready for a replay. taken off one. became their nominee. as it should and those people were hurt in the previous life. and want to soak in a free flight. this is not
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a theatrical set. this is a real correctional facility. is there any cultural life behind us. could transform a criminal into a door abiding citizen. and can perform a really revolutionized the penitentiary system. prison on a. wealthy british style tells us not on. the . markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars report on our. world. read you the latest in science and technology from around the world.
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we've got the future of covered. this is our team coming to live from moscow all the top stories the world holds its breath over what's to follow in egypt after a mass protest failed to make the embattled president a bargain then to use people's demands and leave office the demonstrations have now entered their a twelve day since the start of the over three hundred people have reportedly been killed in. turmoil in egypt set to dominate a security conference in munich that will also see the historic russian u.s. nuclear cuts treaty finally come into force months of debate umbilical hurdles preceded the adoption of the agreement by lawmakers on both sides of the atlantic. and political correctness over those a survey shows how a growing number of americans are getting tired of taboos and words one recent case to have stirred the american public was the censorship of
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a classic novel by mark twain. well those are the headlines here in our tina if you have a taste for high altitude and high speed danger our special report is for you in free flight is coming up next. soon but. i've never been like this before. so how does it feel. that. these people don't have a runway. hole that's needed is a steep hillside or with each bullet each take off there is always a risk. pilots but they proudly claim.


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