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tv   [untitled]    February 6, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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critic of. the. former priest been for several years very interested in islam and interested in the the clash between islam and. christianity so that there's not. i'm not persecuting islam criticize islam. where. you're see. today we live in a state on drugs the rule of law no doubt. but today a grown up a lot of political correctness. which is in for ruling on the system the call them and so on and the main proper is
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the law which i was convicted for what we called two hundred sixty six b. it's a law from two thousand and seven which say is that if you speak something which mock or scorn people because of their ethnicity their race religious belief and their sexual mattress then you can be punished and we. some who has from just from the beginning from two thousand and seven talked against this law and as it shows up what is a tall mark or scorn or humiliate it would be understood in different ways from the one person to the are the what i as a theologist will call sober. critique of
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religion the political correct movement will core to mock or scorn and therefore the problem is this specific law which my party has been working to. get away and what have you achieved by publicly quote refusing to participate in such a circus. as you called it were when your calls to the court room you have to meet there and then. then you can or will. say your own. opinion without covering anything and by a deep that what does this mean for the danish judicial system if its law makers are willing to manipulate it in order to make a point i don't understand what what do you mean with many relation i
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didn't many purely well did you plead guilty because you thought you were guilty or because you wanted to make a point if there. is made a law which beat their free speech and i speak freely then. why are led to the law then i must confess guilty and you tried to draw attention to the problem of honor killings in taking place among immigrant communities in europe yet you were found guilty of hate speech where you continue to keep raising these kinds of issues but of course i won't change anything. and this terrible problem. killing is still there in everett. there has been one honor killing in denmark per year and the average that's not.
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terribly much part in turkey for instance it's one per day and this problem does not go away and of course i will continue talking about it and informing about if there was one detail i have to say. today when i see what i wrote. i'm not satisfied with the tone. and the strap stance. is. ok i didn't say anything wrong. but i must admit that i said it in a. way which is not shoot. the very very. theme.
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so. i meant it was wrong or. had said that. that muslim father rape their. daughter. instead i say they are a tool when they. restrict themselves. to killing that autos and this sad way to. express myself. i shouldn't have used so. therefore that there was a lot of noise in the pressure. that that's ok that's my forte but of course. the case of court was stupid why do you think that freedom of speech has been so radically
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curtailed and what's known around the world as a model of social democracy that has been a movement. at games the the left wing before two thousand and one it was taboo to talk about leash thing it was not probably. that changed totally in two thousand and one. the election and i think. plead correctness trying to stop free speech is a counterattack to rip concord. the power in the society with that said what kind of future do you predict for the failed multi culti project a great part of the intellectuals. for the march to quote parker part not
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the voters not the people so i think as it's. now there is no future for the multicultural project people know today that there is no force of keeping the land the nation to gala in. march to call to our society you've cited provisions in the article under which you were found guilty that someone merely needs to feel offended in order for a crime to have been made why insert such a subjective clause into such an important piece of legislation a lot of people. first of all the muslims. but also many left wing people in and denmark see it as an art to feel offended it's
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a special culture to feel of ended and. when they feel offended they argue that that you should stop the freedom of speech of restrict the northeast and shouldn't care about people feeling of that but should state how they often are they is it is it true what that man says. are there or not killing yes or no and then not about people. a lot of people feel offended when the truth is it has brussels overextended its influence on media that it claims is so free very much. brushing is very great. problem.
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cobber of years ago there was a judgment. if caught in or the so called me talk church meant which where the ear of court set specific case with no laws behind them that it was possible when two man and wife from foreign from outside your lift and european country illegally and then then they could move to an other european country and then shockingly they're. living there. who are sleeping that was a punch in the face of the danish foreign policy and that's
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a very great problem my party the danish people. is critical to the european union but our government which we should support is not and therefore you will. very great majority in the parliament which accept everything from him and that's a very powerful thank you very much for your time. well when one deals with war for us to realize what this tremendous amounts of damage that have done not just human damage but damage to the physical environment in which the battlefield takes place tremendous amounts of damage done by aerial bombs
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by napalm boy you come full circle whether it's a sonic boom six tractor murdering mammals or it's the burning oil field syria or iraq or straw. in the pacific for women purposes the list just goes on and on the geneva conventions of nineteen forty nine states that there shall be taken in war to protect the involved against widespread long term and severe damage the united states although it is accepted almost all of the provisions of protocol one has taken exception to that. i am sick of nature and discover its buzy.
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latest headlines for the top stories here on our team promised me egypt is the government with the opposition in a bid to stave off both sides now fighting to set up a committee to look into the arm of the troops a problem demonstrators in kenya a bad president resignation but so in power these are promising instead not to run for reelection and. russian investigators hunting two men with possible links to the suspected domodedovo airport still the site bomber russia's most wanted man doku umarov palestinian leader of fresh air onslaught newly released video shows there were two others one of the appears to be the suspect. and this week a fresh start last hour long interview on the government maybe i'm sure the
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foreigners who took more than a year after being signed by the country's two countries president. and the big sports story green bay packers secure their fourth super bowl victory being the pittsburgh steelers thirty one to twenty five now over to andrew farmer for some other sports news stay with us. hello there you're watching the sport and this is what is coming up. tremendous tennis russia overturn a tool deficit against france to reach the fed cup semifinal. he's back whole ball queen usually by him with victory on how you can soil. formula one style rubber kibitzers suffers serious injuries after a high speed. well let's start with the fed cup where russia produced
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a stunning final days tennis to beat the french in moscow they were to nail down after saturday's singles but because they're so public when their singles on sunday to level the tie and then won the deciding doubles match for a victory both draw and energy was like country back from the brink they took the first set on a tiebreaker against at least corner and judy calling and then christmas in public about through the second set winning it six games to love an incredible turnaround from russia just hours before worst staring defeat in the face after she saw both suffered sharp defeats in saturday singles but that's not important russia are in the semifinals of the top where they will face it in moscow. i really like to play doubles but haven't played for a while i miss the sea and i needed time to adjust to each other some happy we eventually managed to win this tie. i'm very happy i could score some might seem to
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me and. it was a really tough match. playing very good at the end. of it so it was a lot of pressure there. well and i was nervous to begin and so i'm happy i could get it through today. well belgium will face the czech republic in the other semifinal after facing the usa kim clijsters won the third singles match which made it frail for the house for opponent bethanie matic sands did win the first set on a tie break but the australian open champion craves through the next two sets to seal victory for her country usa instead well with the way the insistence. in other news poll vault queen ina isn't by is back in the headlines after being away from the sport for almost
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a year the two time olympic champion has taken the latest title at the russian winter event in moscow but missed out on another world record from across the death as more. i. since two thousand and three get at least in by about his broken twenty seven world records i know bolt of five meters six centimeters remains out of reach to any of her competitors however despite winning and number of events in russia a record breaking performance continues to elude her on home turf but you know it just it must get worse of course i wanted to break my record today especially here in a moscow but i will definitely come back here and i believe it will happen sooner or later so it's seen by the took an indefinite break from competition back in the spring of two thousand and ten after a poor performance at the enjoy a world championship in doha i though her latest moscow's didn't prove she was far from lax in all those months and remains in sop shape i mean the most important
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thing is that i once a day and show the best results of the season and the whole world i'm happy to be back and i'm glad i'm still the best out there i really miss that. for metres and eighty one centimeters was enough for you the nation biber to take the russian winter title and cats of people are right back into the pole vaulting elite fans and pundits who questioned her decision to to. he said that it pulled back twenty are now fried and probably disappear overnight the world record by russian screen. room on cost artie moscow. news from english premier league and what a miserable chelsea day before fan and a torrid substituted in a one zero defeat to his former club liverpool the spaniard arrived at stamford bridge the p.k. for eighteen million dollars but only managed one shot. in the substitute just before got the winner from liverpool with twenty minutes to go the result leaves
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chelsea in fourth term points off leaders. liverpool six and one of the result on sunday moving out of the bottom three with a one their win over west ham in the drop zone with the vikings. meanwhile west brom have parted company with manager of the match of the club putting him on gardening leave after his side's bringing the loss to manchester city on saturday. thirteenth defeat in eighteen games and leaves them just above the relegation zone joined the club in two thousand and nine and got them promoted to the premier league last season. no formula one driver has been airlifted to hospital after a high speed crash the pole suffered fractures to his left arm leg and hand and is unlikely to recover in time for the start of the new f one season next month the runner driver crashed into a wall during a rally race in italy his injuries are not life threatening but doctors say he
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required extensive surgery on his hand it's likely he will miss at least some of the f one season where he was due to race with russian teammate to tally petrol. the disgraced former captain of the pakistan cricket team sound but says he hopes his lengthy ban from the sport will be reduced he arrived back in lahore on sunday after being found guilty of corruption by the international cricket council but was given a ten year ban with five years suspended after deliberately bowling no balls during a test match against england teammates mohammed is safe and the hammer amir was also found guilty and given seven and five year bans the players have three weeks to appeal but are hopeful their punishment will be reduced. to personally disappointed with the decision we do not agree with you but judge himself has said the law has not been made for this kind of a ban so there is a need to amend the law this is a good sign as soon as the i.c.c. gold is amended my suspension could be used and we can go to court of arbitration.
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it's enough for now until the details. however the i.c.c. chief executive who don't rule gut is happy with the bands adding they had received what they had deserved for the so called spot fixing and hopes will be a terror and to other players. i am satisfied that we have now concluded this video do you and i'm also set is fied and that the sanctions that were delivered a severe enough to signal to to your message that the i.c.c. will not stop should have anything to prosecute any player it is supposed to know that it is found wanting in this area of corruption during the gulf thomas bjorn of denmark has managed to hang on to his late to win the cattle masters his closest rival in the end with spaniard queered aussie produced a back nine charge which at one stage brought him to within
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a shot of the lead but after dropping shots on the last in holes through finished four shots back and that left beyond out in front he kept is there right until the last hour a great approach on the eighteenth bringing the gallery to their feet. and it left him with a tap in for a final round of sixty nine fourteen overall and his first win in the euro paint or since the astros open in portugal last year. was a tough day and i. just got stuck in i never made really any big mistakes when i missed greens are kept making. an indian got close and just hit the right jobs at the right. friend. you know and in the end i felt pretty comfortable what i was doing so happy days and that is all the support for the moment we'll have more support fewer.
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i am observing nature and discover it's. easy to communicate with the wild and learn. test yourself and become free. to. see what nature can give you an aunty. culture is that so much different and there's a huge music to share the power of finding the right from the marquesas the politics of a craft it's a recent pew research report predicts muslim populations around the world will increase significantly compared. well when one deals with war for us to realize that the tremendous amounts of damage that are done not just human damage but damage to the physical environment in which the battlefield takes place tremendous amounts of damage done by aerial bombs by napalm boy chemicals that means whether
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it's a sonic boom six factory marine mammals or it's the burning oil field syria or iraq or it's destroyed coral reefs in the pacific for landing purposes the list just goes on and on the geneva conventions of nineteen forty nine states that they are shall be taken in the war to protect the involved against widespread long term and severe damage the united states although it is accepted almost all of the provisions of protocol one has taken exception to that. will. remain. to the latest in science and technology from the realm. of the future covered hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest
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issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. mine
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latest headlines of the week's top stories on our team change harvest egypt as the government reaches agreement with the opposition if it just. up to fifteen days of chaos and calls for president mubarak to step down constitutional mccullum is on the table join me for the latest in a few moments. russian investigators hunting two men with the cause of all links to the suspected gunman dead or both are aboard the suicide bomber this as russia's most wanted man vows to have them for their aunt's. was sort of fresh start for moscow and washington here's the deal. there are. becomes official . where is the mayor a case of hide and seek enthusiasm cream officials. circuit city's leader has been
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six months to. seven am in los kauai matras are giving you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news here on r t egypt's government agreed to make changes to the constitution after landmark talks with the country's main opposition groups the measures include greater media freedom and legal reforms in an attempt to end almost two weeks of protest against president mubarak's rule this as a gyptian secures western countries of hypocrisy for now criticizing a regime that they once propped up for three decades ortiz paulus leader has more from cairo well the latest is that a decision was reached to establish a committee to investigate constitutional reform and this is obviously to deal with the government's stance that president mubarak cannot step down despite the demand from protesters on the streets that he step down.


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