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tv   [untitled]    February 7, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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in egypt and hear this to say about c.n.n.'s anderson cooper being attacked in the streets of cairo. some scam to get them to watch c.n.n. no no this is caught on tape that's because there's a. lot of wrestling really. i mean again as a goober i really do but stunt you calling me. i didn't kill by fox and if at all what can we do. so doggone it really thinks that anderson cooper and c.n.n. decided to have some protesters kick and punch them all for ratings have you been watching the protests the violence taking place in egypt last week there were numerous reports of journalists from all over the world being detained harassed one journalist has been killed i'm pretty sure that nobody at c.n.n. headquarters decided to have their own crew attacked just to create some buzz but my question for don is did you even see the video of anderson cooper here's a short clip. that's the way. people
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go to when she's watching this around me me. me. me me we decided to turn around pretty good to see you keisha. now does that look staged to you i'm sure why anderson and other journalists were in harm's way imus was back in a studio cranky that somebody on his staff probably made the coffee too strong and then he lashed out maybe maybe c.n.n. should send over the women's basketball team for rockers to punch i was a few times and then aired that video all for reading stunt i'd certainly tune in to watch it and that is why tonight's tool time winner is don imus. now even though george w. is no longer in the white house doesn't mean that he's safe from trouble do you remember all of that illegal torturing of get most detainees that happened while he was president turns out several activist organizations want to make sure that he's held responsible when word got out the w.
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was scheduled to make a speech in switzerland demonstrations were planned there were threats of legal action against him and several european activist organizations and new york center for constitutional rights called on people to protest outside of this event in geneva switzerland and even filed a complaint against bush asked the swiss to open up a criminal case against him once he arrived in the country so it seems that the former decider in chief had a change of heart saying that he was actually going to cancel that speech after all and state his home in texas now bush's p.r. people claim that the threat of protesters is what made him state help but i think we all know what really kept him from speaking it's no secret that activists organizations want bush to pay for authorizing torture with legal action and something outs the u.s. unfortunately has been too chicken to do but just because bush didn't go to switzerland doesn't mean the activists and an arrest warrant will be waiting for him next time in fact. they even avowed that the next time that bush doesn't leave
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u.s. soil he's going to be faced with the torture case against him i'm sorry but does anyone else out there just kind of smirk after hearing this at least there are some people out there who are making sure that he might pay for what he did meanwhile bush his mansion in texas is starting to look a little bit more like a fancy prison these days because after this incident wu isn't going on any international trips anytime soon at least not here. now while bush might not be very popular right now reagan on the other hand seems to be one of america's favorite presidents all the major media networks were doing hours of coverage on his one hundredth birthday for the fortieth president ronald reagan but has the gipper his legacy been hijacked r.t. christie artie's christine for our shows us that it's not just the tea party that's perpetuating his image as a cost cutting fewer taxes kind of president the media is preserving that image too . it was a celebration fit for
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a king. and even though the us government never had a monarchy if they did this man they just may have been the king we give ourselves a little pat on the back for having made republican a proud word once again. ronald reagan the fortieth president of the united states may be gone but his one hundredth birthday saw the mainstream media elevate him to sainthood he stuck to his principles he was a fanfic which is i think one of the reasons why he's so admired after all of these years but he knew when he needed to compromise this sunday president ronald wilson reagan would have turned one hundred years old the reagan presidential libraries concerts birthday cake and the opening of a new museum roundtable discussions on his significance from a historical perspective he knew when to hold them he knew wonderful them he was a gardener. negotiator he had learned all that as head of the screen actors.
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the most significant republican probably since abraham lincoln one of the best things about a president who's dead and gone is it's ok to have a selective memory about what he actually did wrong in office under reagan the number of employees in the federal government grew from two point eight million to three million national debt grew from seven hundred billion to three trillion during his time in office and he may have lowered taxes but he also raised taxes still here sarah palin president reagan said you can't be for big government big taxes and big bureaucracy is the for the little guy perhaps that's simply because reagan wasn't always for the little guy in one thousand nine hundred one he fired more than eleven thousand air traffic control workers who had gone on strike again what you probably didn't see during the reagan media love if they do not report for
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work within forty eight hours they have for sort of their jobs and will be terminated scenes like this all but forgotten from reagan's pre-presidential days. instead he is remembered as the man who rode in on horseback to rescue america it's an image republicans and the tea party in particular have so successfully resurrected that the mainstream media has forfeited its responsibility to critically assess his legacy in washington christine r.t. . facebook turned seven years old this month so what better time to examine the way it and the internet in general have changed our world and our lives basically nothing is private these days a google search can reveal embarrassing quotes pictures relationships things that you may wish could be forgotten but unfortunately are pretty much. what americans don't. we seem to care all that much a very stark contrast marjorie pian counterparts who are working on creating laws
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that would allow individuals the right to be forgotten so why are approaches and our notions of privacy so different i hear this guy so with me is the atlantic's john john thanks so much for being here thank you now i mean can you believe that facebook is only seven years old you tube is really only five five or six years old i feel like these things have been you know ingrained in our culture and i think they've been around forever but how do you think they really have changed our lives in the way of the world functions we live in public at this point we all are on facebook we all have. different ways that we express ourselves on in a way that never existed before i think a lot of it has to do with getting used to new levels of privacy every couple of years at this point first when people saw twitter everyone was uncomfortable with posting updates and everyone thought it was really weird to explain what you're doing in a given day like why would you be posting about your lunch that was a common complaint that then came foursquare where people were updating about where
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they were going to launch these are different adjustments the americans have been making i think more than most people in terms of becoming comfortable with revealing more and more online but just because of a coming comfortable with it isn't necessarily mean that it's a good thing i mean deduce privacy even exist anymore and a lot of ways no i think americans have reacted and there was a big backlash in the past especially five years about what you put online but how that can hurt you when you're looking for jobs about how that can hurt you later in life that's a big concern i think all over the world and that is something that's a problem that really isn't privacy in a lot of what is russia carolus yeah and if you listen to google's eric schmidt he's just going to tell you that you should just change your name in the future you know suck it up because that's how it's going to be but i do also want to look at the way that you know our government has treated certain things when it comes to violations of privacy compared to europe you know especially in terms of google street view in europe a number of countries decided to go after and. well for those trying to prosecute here our government just completely there they just dropped the charges why don't
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why don't they care a lot of it has to do with culture i think and really going back decades before the internet was ever an issue if you look at america the first amendment is king. has always determined really where american side when it comes to privacy battles in court there have been attempts at creating a right to privacy in the united states but that hasn't really come to the fore and succeeded i mean we were writing about it back in the eight hundred ninety s. you had warren and brandeis talking about a right to privacy but by the time any of this got to court there wasn't a clearly laid out right to privacy which europe does have europe has article eight of the european convention on human rights which says citizens do need a right to privacy that there's a certain dignity and personality that needs to be protected so i think that's determined a lot of the differences in terms of how the governments react to the question but how do we see you know they also announced that they want to extend this this right to privacy to the right to be forgotten especially when it comes to the web how to
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actually be implemented that's become a big source of concern for a lot of people on this side of the atlantic the right to be forgotten has a few elements that do resonate well with americans a lot americans would say that they don't want big companies to retain their data forever that's something that most americans can get on board with but there have been many countries in europe that say not only should this data not be retained but people should have the right to remove items from their google search something that was embarrassing or in public record or that was you know something that really reflects badly on them that that should be taken away that was the recent case in spain where the spanish government asked google to remove ninety links for different plaintiffs which is quite a concern and google refused to do that later in january but it's just so interesting to me because here it's you know when it comes to europe even french president nicolas sarkozy has said that they have a moral imperative to protect the privacy and of of individuals. here if you compare the way that our government you know the feds really approach these things
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they constantly feel that you have a moral imperative to. push this on companies too i was just discussing it the other week that they want companies to retain this information forever just in case at some point they're going to have to do a criminal investigation to make sure that the evidence is still there that they didn't lose it. or they completely flip the tables on you and say it's a matter of national security and that's kind of a scary contradiction that exists with this question because the government really does look towards its authority it really values and it doesn't give up control when it comes to that and it's strange because it goes back to the questions of the market and questions of expression that coincide in strange ways in the united states and from ation is always going to be out there and the government really does want to keep it public well as long as it's their information of course you know the times that we were discussed wiki leaks the fact the government is completely fighting against it they use state secrets privilege in court countless
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times but if it's about the people they definitely want it public now you mentioned also in writing about this that you know these companies know these internet giants for the most part are american companies if we look at facebook if we look at google if we look at twitter would if they weren't american if they were european if they were from you know south america then would our perspectives change and it would our approaches to this issue change the europeans would win a lot more court cases that way i think the fact that all of these internet companies are based in the united states gives the united states in some ways an unbalanced edge when it comes to these questions because other countries may have the different values concerns but if they try to bring that up with american companies like google or facebook or you tube then ultimately the united states can disagree with the american companies can say wait no we do have these first amendment values that we care about we do call it censorship to remove different links from google you know that gets in. the objectivity of the internet so that
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really is a concern in that sense if these companies won the united states i think that our culture would still give us that so i think we wouldn't be that different but the international questions of you know who who wins in the end who has the period with already dictate on the i think that would be very different. it's so interesting to to watch it all unfold you know in just seven short here is how much really has changed how much the notion of privacy has trained whether it even exists at all anymore and i'm sure that a year from now even we'll have an entirely different discussion thanks so much for joining us if thank you now so to come on tonight's show phonebooks there really is as these days about one city's moves to do away with those that sparked a lawsuit details on that will turn and super bowl ads some are funny some had a political message and others were just plain stupid so we're going to break it down a. discovery
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there's a major battle is brewing in seattle and it's not over taxes on a new city ordinance cracking down on noise it's actually over phone books you see the city which is known for being very earth friendly wants to do away with the big bulky books that are dropped at your door every single year so they decided to create an opt out website similar to the telemarketing no call list but see the phone book industry they're not so happy about they are now suing seattle saying if the city's attempt to crack down on unwanted yellow pages violates the first amendment and a motion filed in federal court the yellow pages association argued that its products are fully protected speech so they are seeking to have this measure approved by the seattle city council tossed out saying that the majority of debt of the books contain is not really advertising its emergency and community information but come on read that book is nothing more than advertising if you really want some
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personal information on someone these days you go to the internet nobody pulls out their ten pound phone book for the city of seattle is joining a long list of places that have complain that it costs too much to recycle these books it's estimated that the city spends three hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year on getting rid of phone books that i personally i mean give seattle big props on this one with the internet with smart phones who really needs a phone book at home anymore so i am hoping that more cities follow in seattle's lead but in the meantime the argument that asking residents to be more environmentally friendly is violating the constitutional rights of the yellow pages well that is just the most ridiculous thing that i have ever ever heard this is exactly why we're falling behind people. now more than one hundred million viewers tuned in last night to watch the super bowl it's the biggest television event of the year far out of doing those little political things like the president's state
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of the union address but aside from the game itself we know what america really loves its commercials so it's time for a little reflection on what worked last night what didn't and what it says about our culture well joining me from our studio in new york to discuss it is wonkette sarah but in casa now sarah first of all be honest with me here you know it's really says a lot i think about american culture what is on t.v. during the super bowl what commercials are out there so overall what did last night tell us. well we learned from the brisk commercial that eminem is delightful in clay and that hot girls should be in commercials we learned from the pepsi commercial that black men and masculine eight black women and throw things at white girls and we learned from the detroit commercial that it made me cry because it was so old it made me want to buy a car if i had money to buy
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a car that is so insightful but i think you forgot to mention that we learned that christina aguilera was either drunk or just never learned the national anthem and that fergie just wore the most hideous dazzled shoulder pads i've ever seen in my life and i really liked the desoldering so she really screwed that one up to make even me dislike it. she thought she went way overboard with the big dazzling i was like for economy yourself down when she was rubbing up on slash i mean that i did enjoy that part i have to say but there was too much shiny stuff it was too distracting even for me but i will say this i was so proud of christina for being the first drag queen to ever sing the national anthem before the super bowl that is a that is a win win for l g b t people everywhere. are moving forward one step at a time in america now i want to do go through a couple of the ads from last night there's a group that really caused quite
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a stir so let's take a look at that clip first. one of the most beautiful place. this is to see what the people of tibet are in trouble their very culture is in jeopardy. but they still with an amazing fish curry. and since two hundred of us bought a group on dot com which getting thirty dollars was a tibetan food for just fifteen dollars at himalayan restaurant in chicago. to bat kind of a sense of sensitive political issue around the world don't know of timothy hutton is aware of that but i don't know what do you think about that it was a major fail well that ad and the liz hurley one also for groupon were both directed by christopher guest who is one of my favorite filmmakers and is amazing i think the problem was that he was trying to parody celebrity is you know holier than thou attitude and interest in and higher things while at the same time
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pointing out that celebrities are still all about making money that's great i think it was a little bit of a high level statement to make for those of us who were just hanging out eating wings and crushing beer cans against our sport so i understand what he was going for but i just don't think it worked with this audience and even i was kind of like oh oh this makes me feel weird inside. i'm kind of with you there i think some of them were just getting a little trying to be a little too complicated for their own good too i mean i love the baby commercials and i mean they just were and it's funny because now they're really talking about portfolios and getting into more details and i want to hear about the milk aholic but that's just my take on it let's talk about detroit and you know this really was a very poignant ad that detroit's coming back the automakers are coming back let's take a look at that clip. good stuff it's just that makes it hard still. hard work six. months generations we still want to.
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use the motor city. this is what we do. i liked it until i met have appeared and then i realized that eminem had been in that commercial earlier and i was like well you totally ruined it by being in clay . eminem's told us the following things clay delicious ace t. and a crumbling american infrastructure and chrysler you know it was a very touching as in the spot was by i believe wieden and kennedy who do fantastic work i read that the director also directed iran as teen spirit smells like teen spirit video in the ninety's it was a fantastic ad it made me feel really depressed and it also made me want to buy a car so i guess that's a win right along i think that's the whole point is there are guilty new into stimulating the u.s. economy now we have to work with so i want to go through quickly kim carr guy she
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and i had a steamy at it let's take a look about one. scene and say you mean these. are. the things just. let's please. it's not someone it's something. to share but implants are not telling the truth. i think they're fabulous perfect thing for the girl who got famous by doing it with brandy's little brother to be. ok then last one before the super bowl before all these commercials barack obama gave an interview to bill o'reilly and o'reilly asked him a really tough question here let's take a look at that one. does it disturb you that so many people hate you. so mean do
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you i mean it was a serious question you told the truth is the people and i'm sure. previous presidents would sort of there was. going to everybody the people who dislike you don't know what a true. i think bill o'reilly was just asking like do you know how i feel because so many people hate me but i don't know what's your take real quick i think barry did a great job with that one i think bill was a little too excited about that interview if you ask me why they say. i can tell we are very excited to be obama or just to get the hell out of his seat and watch the game who knows but we'll have to keep guessing on that one sarah thanks so much for joining us. thank you our before we go real quick it's time for a tweet of the day earlier we told you that george w. bush couldn't travel to switzerland because of planned protests and threats of legal action against him so we're wondering what bush would tweet and we thought it's a new i should of launch a preemptive war against that would see country sorry but it looks like you mr
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chance now in the meantime that's it for tonight's show and thanks for tuning in come back tomorrow and it is paranoia back and we'll take a look at donald rumsfeld you renoir so don't forget to become a fan of the lower show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other night you can always catch all the you tube dot com slash the launch to post the interviews as well as the show its entirety coming up next is the news of the latest headlines from the u.s. . news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the
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today in a song just defense team warns that the wiki leaks founder risks adin dollop of justice if sent to sweden to sex assault charges. as the u.s. pledges support for egypt's vice president omar suleiman people fair and swap will take the country out of the frying pan into the fire. on the russia's most wanted man admits he was behind the moscow airport bombings that killed thirty six people . in the new video at best the kitchen floor doctor model sets to send the suicide bomber dead lift himself up in the middle of the crowd to the details in just a couple of moments.
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that are you watching r.t. where hair around the clock to welcome to the program the founder of wiki leaks would face a secret trial and flagrant and not of his rights. if he's extradited from the u.k. to sweden so says his defense team. should be handed over. sex crime allegations songe denies any wrongdoing and says the accusations are part of a conspiracy to punish him for running his whistle blowing web site on. the case. this is the second day over today extradition hearing for today in the end of which swedish prosecutors will be hoping that they can extradite to sweden to face questioning a validations of rape molestation and unlawful coercion made by two swedish women back in august of last year joining us.


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