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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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seven thirty am in moscow great to have you with us here on our team easier headline ukase guardian newspaper accused of editing secret documents provided by wiki leaks to suit its own agenda the whistle blowing web site also threatening to sue the paper over its new book about giuliana saw the. russian security services make their first arrests in connection with last month's moscow airport attack the name of the domodedovo suicide bombers be revealed and several of the suspected accomplices are already in cuts. huge protests continue in egypt against president hosni mubarak. some of the blame for his
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enormous wealth and abuse of power is pinned on western corporations florida is reported to be a multi billionaire with assets hidden in swiss banks and property in the u.s. and u.k. . so the headlines now back to washington for part two of the alona show stay with us. well it's time for tonight's tools on award and as we discussed last night former defense secretary donald rumsfeld has a new book out and he's hit the talk show circuit talking about his memoirs entitled known and unknown so he was on fox news last night talking about his time in the bush administration and what do you know the subjects of guantanamo bay just happened to come up so listen to what he had to say about getting the. it is an exceedingly well run prison and it is the folks down there are have done and are
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doing a excellent job the heartbreaking thing with respect to guantanamo is not that there's anything wrong with that it's one of the finest prison systems in the world. yet around the things we give no is a world class facility of a city where people go to be housed without any legal representation no due process or many of them were tortured that really sounds like a world class facility to me isn't it just heartbreaking but nobody out there will recognize that he get was open in january of two thousand and two to hold prisoners captured in afghanistan swept up elsewhere in the u.s. as a global war on terror currently there are one hundred seventy three inmates still left of which only three have been convicted after trial fifteen of which have been deemed on tribal meaning the things that we did to them were so on lawful so horrible that we can't even bring them to court and that's something that we should
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be proud of rummy is he rumsfeld went on to criticize president obama for campaigning to close the facility but then leaving it open when he was elected and i'm going to agree with you on that one obama should grow a pair he should finally close this useless awful facility restore basic rights to the prisoners being held there but i'm pretty sure that rumsfeld is just upset that obama even mentioned closing it to begin with anyway that's very good mo of being a world class facility and it being just a heartbreak that no one else there will give it some props sorry don rumsfeld you are beyond mistake it in fact you make me sick and that's why you are tonight's two time. now just last week we told you about the strange ways that the f.b.i. punishes some of their employees you know they fire those who smoke marijuana but letting someone who beat their wife get off with a suspension but it turns out that they're not the only ones with an incompetent h.r. department and investigation by the associated press uncovered several instances where cia officials who were really screwed up managed to get
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a promotion out of it not just get to keep their jobs they actually got moved up the ranks is not comforting so you're courting the article ever since nine eleven the cia's been increasingly committing questionable acts towards anyone they deem as a threat and by questionable acts i'm referring to kidnapping torture sometimes even death and the report details that instance back in two thousand and three or an agent abducted. now although there was no legal reasoning to adopting abducted the cia carried out that mission anyway and there was evidence of illegal kidnapping torture even saddam is ation but when the reports when the agent referred to her superiors well they all just gave her a little pat on the back a slap on the wrist and i'll tell you why it's because they don't want other agents to be deterred and their counterterrorism efforts so in other words the cia doesn't want to miss a chance to casting a terrorist so they're just going to kidnap anyone who might be suspicious and just deal with it from there and i deal with it i mean reward the agent who's
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responsible for the mistake with more money and a promotion so for all of you out there who don't work in a massive government bureaucracy and are actually held accountable for your actions maybe the cia is the place for you or screw ups lead to praise an increase in salary even after you torture someone it's almost like the cia the f.b.i. are competing to see who has worse and point practices i'm personally a little bit torrent tell me what you think. now move over magazine and forget about renewing your subscription to people because there is a new mag in town for all you gun toting anti-government an anti-tax americans the tea party movement is debuting a new magazine this weekend called the tea party review so let's take a little look at the front cover of the magazine the publisher says that it's their way of getting their message out what about having to deal with the mainstream media or of course the sarah palin calls it the lame stream media now the new
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magazine is going to launch it see pac that's the largest gathering of conservatives that starts tomorrow right here in d.c. so this first edition covers topics on tea party lobbying foreign policy and appealing to hispanic immigrants so i guess they're hoping that if they actually talk directly to hispanic immigrants and they can get a better stand the whole arizona thing but i don't think that this front cover really tells the entire story so we did a little digging and here's what we uncovered inside c like most magazines there's going to be a cooking section and this one is going to be hosted by the was sewing that sarah palin the darling of the tea party movement is going to reveal for the first time her prize winning moose to recipe all the secret ingredients will be listed and there will be tips on stocking shooting and cleaning your very own moves you know sarah loves to shoot and kill so i'm betting that this is going to be a huge hit with the tea baggers now if you continue to flip through the magazine one of my favorite things you'll find are financial tips from christine i'm not
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a witch o'donnell that's right the woman who is under investigation for using campaign donations to pay her rent is now going to help everyday americans balance their checkbooks never mind the woman hasn't kept a steady job for years but during her campaign for senate last year she was found to have lived about her education and her work experience several times this could be great reading and i'm sure that she's going to offer some very sound financial advice just like bernie madoff did. now if you continue to scan the pages of the magazine oh you're going to come across the centerfold this month's cover girl is going to be none other than a failed nevada senate candidate sharron angle get a look at her she ran one of the worst campaigns in history couldn't even win against the very very unpopular harry reid so now she's going to show off her sixty one year old body the tea party faithful and it's just weird she looking a little asian here anyway way to go share it and so there you have it that is a first issue of the tea party review now ok we made some of that up obviously the
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stuff in the middle but i think you get the point the tea party movement bless their hearts have thus far been a little lost a little hypocritical but provided a lot of entertainment so i've a feeling at this magazine it's going to providers with a lot of left. now last night we saw something that i dare say could give us a glimmer of hope when it comes to our lawmakers transcending partisan divides creating an alliance based on core american values that everyone should believe it our civil liberties last night the house voted on extending the three key provisions of the patriot act which we've discussed on this show before roving wiretaps tangible items such as library records and the lone wolf provision and that vote failed that's right thanks to some procedural technicalities the vote required a two thirds majority and it came seven votes short with a large number of democrats and freshman republicans tea partiers body against it
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so if we look at this as a sign of hope for the future for working together or is it just a symbolic move that's only going to get our hopes up here this castle with me is matt welch editor in chief of reason magazine matt thanks so much for being here now is what you say here i was really pleasantly surprised when i got this news it was right after the show finished last night and i checked my phone i see people tweeting that it failed and i couldn't believe i mean does that mean that lawmakers really actually have some guts here that there is a chance to work across aisles or whatever you want to call it not really it's a glimmer of a flicker of hope but encouraging nonetheless it's akin to rand paul the day that he was elected saying that he wants to conduct to cut defense spending and he's just one of one hundred senators who once last time you heard a republican senator say he wanted to cut defense spending it's been a while so it was kind of like that twenty six republicans defected from the house leadership that is the biggest single defection of any bill since the new house was
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sworn in and it suggests and also reaction to it which hasn't been overwhelmingly negative it suggests that there might be the beginning of a republican or a two party politics that actually talks a little bit about civil liberties in addition to cutting the size of government well that's what you know what i love is that dennis consent. who has long been a lone voice really in opposing the patriot act aside from people like ron paul i mean the rest decided to call them out on it to you he reminded that you know on the swearing in day of the hundred twelfth congress they had to sit there and read the entire constitution out loud and so then he really has to put their money where their mouth is and said well you read it out loud now are you actually going to stand up for a certain amendments for the fourth amendment you know what is written in these words that you apparently hold so sacred one could do the same exercise with them if you send it in the many amendments to but i think it is a welcome attempt by percentage to kind of shine a light a match erection because for those who are so reverent of the constitution there
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are plenty of plenty plenty of constitutional arguments in which tea party is sure let's say kind of limited government conservatives have been a bit squirrely off especially when it comes to what you can do in the privacy of your own home and national defense the downside or the reason that we should be too optimistic is for one thing it still got two hundred seventy seven votes it was it was a procedural technicality and clearly they're going to reauthorize these things is soon as tomorrow or probably next week the upside is that the tea party really hasn't talked about foreign policy and civil liberties they have remained very very focused on the size and scope of government as a number as a dollar figure and on defense issues they've kind of agreed not to talk about it and maybe just begin to talk about cutting spending there rand paul and tom coburn and some other people so this vote might be the first glimmerings of people start to become more bold in the republican side of the aisle in the particularly tea party side of the aisle because so far they've avoided the subject because it would
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sort of divide their own members it would be great from my point of view in a lot of people's point of view if they got more interested in that at the same time that might cause cracks to appear so it'll be interesting to see what happens one of personally i think that that would be great from the point of view of many americans in the majority. americans you think about the patriot act this was passed right after nine eleven when this basically was supposed to be emergency measures that were put in place that's why they put sunset provisions on this right because they knew they weren't supposed to last forever and yet we've seen people you know trying to push for this you see people like dan feinstein there that are that are trying to extend it they want to make it a permanent part of our lives and i think that you know it's so important to have the tea partiers to have you know certain democrats stand up and talk about civil liberties but is there anything other than the patriot act that maybe down the line civil liberties wise we might civil liberties we might see them collaborating on this here next year yes and i would say criminal justice reform our own radley balko is probably the best journalist in the country covering this stuff are for
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thirty years only agree with you on the many years the drug war and just this sort of war on everybody that we've seen the criminal justice has been just a travesty and we've militarized our police system and they're starting to be the heritage foundation has begun even a kind of anti criminal justice expansion project over there so there's been significant steps always among libertarians in the beginning among conservatives on the right to talk about the fact that we're you know we're executing innocent people at this point it's pretty clear we allowed cops to have and not just cause of prosecutors to have incredible amounts of immunity and the system is is filled rife with corruption and fraud on the forensic side so we're going to see i hopefully some limited amounts of cooperation there and things like forfeiture and other you know civil assets and things like that we are after year is you know when you sit when you keep waging these wars on drugs and wars on the people and it
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finally starts trickling down you know to everybody where everyone can find numerous stories where there have been violations here of the law of people's civil liberties you know happy to hear that it's finally catching on that even the heritage foundation is setting up a department on this in the you know maybe that also has to do with the fact that there's been a lot of money spent on these issues. but we'll see we'll see if there can be a glimmer of hope here matt thanks so much for joining us thank you well still to come on tonight's shout she's a freshman lawmaker in tennessee and she's getting a lot of attention for him telling you why her previous job as a little scranton for an interview and. guns here in the u.s. but would you trade your gun parts sex toy for his sake with an adult sex shop owner who's offering that trade for valentine's day i'll be right back.
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our goal is not stop we are going to get. back on track. we'll have a rally and we'll sell lots of beer will. they will wear uniforms that will damage is down the black man moving but very little damming the white. and they are the key to our problem are already. wealthy british scientists on some time because it's going to.
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market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on our. we've got. the biggest. news maker. the u.s. loves to position itself throughout the world as a democratic light which follows its core principles of freedom and democracy
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wherever it goes around the world but a recent state department report is shedding light on a darker side of our international relations it turns out that contractors working for us and the seas in the arab world are abusing foreign workers report investigated contracts to embassies in kuwait saudi arabia and the arab emirates among other other places and it turns out that foreign workers were subjected to unsanitary living conditions coercive hiring practices and their passports and travel papers were taken from that the office of the inspector general learned that workers in kuwait didn't know that they had access to vacation time so one employee literally worked eight years straight without a single vacation there were other instances at another embassy or workers from different countries receive different levels of pay for doing the exact same work although we know that that happens here in the u.s. too especially between women and men but back to the story the report also found that seventy seven percent of workers claim that they had to pay a recruiting to help find a job the bad part though is that this was more than six months of their current
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salary so does that sound a little bit like indentured servitude to anyone else you know the worst part here is that when the office of the inspector general contacted them to cease to discuss their findings most of them failed to comment on the report. like i said disgusting and this is just scratching the surface this report highlights several other abuses but i have to ask is anyone else out there who are fine to hear this our tax dollars are going to companies that are literally treating their workers like indentured slaves you know one can only hope that a report as devastating as this one will force the embassies to change their ways to think more carefully about where they spend america's money at a moment where it seems that the u.s. is seen financially as supporting dictators all over the middle east cluing and especially hosni mubarak they say is not the news thing that we need so it's time for the u.s. to put its money where its mouth is period. now freshman tennessee lawmaker is
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getting a lot of attention but it's not because of a bill that she's proposing or a stance on a certain issue and you see this is twenty nine year old republican state senator julie hurley and she was elected last november from a conservative district just west of knoxville tennessee she claims that her previous job help her develop a business sense and honed her networking skills so do you want to know what that previous job was more turns out that julio was a hooters girl that's right she used to work at the restaurant chain known for a hot waitresses with big boobs and tank tops and short shorts now hurley wrote about her campaign in the hooters magazine saying that her opponents trials but tried but failed to make her past employment and photos from her modeling career a campaign issue and i'm pretty sure that her hooters girls past well the benefit with most of it and who men who voted especially those in their teens in their twenty's julia also used her hooters girl passed to get campaign contributions from her former customers now this was her first ever run for public office and her top
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issues included reducing illiteracy rates creating jobs and feeling empty retail space in her district since she arrived in nashville for the start of the general session she's avoided the media she will only give written answers to any questions sent to her office because believe us we really want to talk to her but she said that she's had to overcome many obstacles on her way to the state capitol and if she can make it hooters she can make it anywhere so i say good for you julia. now late last year we reported on the world's first drive thru sex shop opening its doors pleasures as a one stop romance shop in alabama and now they're back in the news after launching quite the offer her valentine's day with the slogan let's make love not war this is die chocolate is fattening and diamonds are expensive gifts from pleasures inspire and loose nights of passion pleasures. it is your one stop romance shop and happy
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valentine's are our specialty we know times are tough now so why buy when you can trade bringing that old gun you never use for gifts that will make you giggle pleasures is trading guns off the streets for fun between the sheets. so from february eighth to the fifteenth customers can swap their guns for sex toys but are americans really willing to give up their treasured weapons for a little more fun and a better let's find out joining me to discuss it is sherry williams the owner of pleasures in huntsville alabama sherry thanks so much for joining us now can you first tell me how it is that you came up with this idea. well been fired by the gun incident and i'm going to think and know i'm a successful business woman and then well over seventeen years and it's not going to make me feel good to give something back to uni so i can't say i do you know saying well if you can afford a valentine this year or perhaps you'd like to do something different to contribute
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to a worthy cause then simply bringing a gun and or we're going to. so what does that worthy cause exactly i mean you know it seems like you're making a political statement here but is it for you know safety is anti gun violence or is it also to bring up the fact that alabama guns are legal but sex toys are banned and that's the truth i've been fighting that law for ten years and still boise a regular now man or it's not a monster i want to scream for twice i managed to but they're still only go. like chains so there is a petition on my website it's like saying that. the charity that we're going a thing of the proceeds there is the alabama victims of a sting is the alabama. crime victim coalition committee anyway it's a c b c c dot com. and world news will take the
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guns and you know clean them up and put them on auction site in the proceeds from that will go to that charity which will help the victims of gun crime so haven't been successful thus far how many people have actually been willing to to part ways with their guns just for their valentine. well we are saturday and good but we've got a lot of phone calls a lot of questions and was not a number of guns i think seven or the door we're expecting a lot more traffic than we can you know most people are out of work and looking for balance and. i think we'll have a lot more now sherry you mentioned of course the fact that this could help out a lot of people that don't necessarily have the money to go out and buy valentine's day present but a lot of other people are out of work right now but i'm just curious how is your business doing during these times you know i would think that when everyone else is
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cutting back perhaps sex toys are. part of things that have to get cut from the budget is there a luxury or a little frivolous and not a necessity. i don't know i think people are relevant they're a bit of a necessity as we have seen regards bills at all still very prosperous doing especially around the holiday you know christmas and valentine's and something that even the even less than ten dollars you can find something. you know ignite a little customer on an average tuesday night. well that's pretty incredible that a great for you that your business is still successful at this time i'm curious when people do trade in these guns do they get you know do you get the same value for your money let's say that you bring in a really nice expensive piece i have some of the guys help me out of a desert eagle i know that's a really nice expensive gun how many sex toys can you get for that. i will give you the exact value of that gun in store for it so it has the five thousand oregon you
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have five of the adult for video well i've been reading some of it a lingerie wine roses anything like i mean pleasure to do once the romance. literally anything you think of it inspires you can find it here and you can buy and you're with your group the trade is of your favorite. now i know also you said that your husband is going to be inspecting these guns and some of them are going to go to charity but what if you find out that some of them aren't registered are entirely legal then what do you do with them. the place department has agreed to run serial numbers innocent and then turn up as having been used in a crime then rehana most to the police and they do it they need to do it is find find a clue so find people to call the crime. ok so definitely if only for a good
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a law abiding citizens i get this deal here well sherry thank you so much for joining us and good luck with it be sure to let us know how many guns you actually get by the end of the offer us and thank you so much for having thank you. now before we go tonight it's time for our tweets of the day republican new york congressman christopher lee resigned today it all happened after the website god or god or published a shirtless photo of him and e-mails they claimed he was responding to women's ads on craigslist he claimed those e-mails that he was divorced but the truth is he's married so tonight we thought maybe brett farve tweet to congressman late we thought it's a dude if you want to get the girl you have to show her all the goods if you know what i mean i don't know about that part of my show thanks for tuning in and make sure you come back tomorrow more and more people are saying that college might not be worth the money so we're going to speak to fund manager and writer james alter share about why he thinks colleges and expensive waste of money in the meantime
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don't get that fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch youtube dot com slash the last show to replace the interviews as well as the show in its entirety next was the news of the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world. well when one deals with water it has to realize that this tremendous amounts of damage that are done not just human damage but damage to the physical environment in which the battlefield takes place tremendous amounts of damage done by earl bombs by napalm boy in the city whether it's sonic boom city factory in mammals or it's the burning oil fields in iraq or it's destroyed. its effect for purposes the list just goes on and on the geneva conventions and
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forty nine states that are shall be. in war protect. against widespread. long term and severe damage the united states although it is accepted almost all of the provisions of protocol one has taken exception to that.
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on the one hundred the tampa. st still keeps its secrets but now it's time to feel that the soviet silence me teachers whose job is to lie to find an obsolete.


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