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tv   [untitled]    February 13, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EST

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michael. revering to tell what can you tell me. gob of the stories that shape this week egyptian president hosni mubarak's resignation preceded by weeks of mass protests is hailed as a triumph for democracy around the world at some point that we all perceive the west that is back to finance a dictator for decades. russia's most wanted terrorist model claims responsibility for japanese bombing at bosco's them a debtor for airport the attack killed thirty six and led to intensify checks into security lapses a major transport loss. influence on sweden seems to be growing from juliano song to terrorist acts to nato support when america wants something they get it but why and what's in it for this so-called neutral nation.
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nine am in moscow this is r t thanks for joining us now this week has finally seen an end to more than a fortnight of rest of egypt as the country's president finally decided to step down having power so the military for a period of transition now on saturday night people in caro continued to celebrate the resignation for a second day causing mubarak's location is still unclear but contradicting reports suggesting his either in his residence in the shamo shake or fled to the emirates or his resignation on friday was hailed by the u.s. president as a victory for democracy whoever as our. reports washington is a thirty year support for the dictator took the sincerity for obama's sentiment.
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hosni mubarak ousted from power is eventually part you're not without the help of washington he had a phone call from the white house the persuaded him to leave. the former egyptian president left cairo just hours after he addressed the nation saying he was not going anywhere the screws have been put upon him by the all made no doubt on by the u.s. state department but it was a very serious risk for washington and in the end they decided it would be safe to dump mobarak in the west mubarak's departure was hailed as a triumph of democracy with the cheerleader in chief buraq obama gyptian have made it clear that nothing less than genuine democracy will carry the day but it's egypt's military largely financed by the united states which will now control the country until egyptians choose their next president they have a very cool relationship with the pentagon don't always very very close to robert
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gates they talked on the phone at least. this past week so all because the washington will be supervising any sing that happens that's unlikely to satisfy the overwhelming desire of many egyptians for change which drove the revolutionary events of the past few weeks if you heard the slogans that were being chanted it was egypt egypt egypt meaning we have fed up of being bullied by foreign powers and forced into peace treaties which don't do us any good and our generals bolts directly with billions of dollars by the pentagon mubarak is yesterday's man for the u.s. now after thirty years of being their top panch men in the arab world when a blind eye was turned in the west to appalling human rights abuses under his rule bigger problem with the u.s. policy and that is cozying up to. dictators in the first place that we really don't need to cozy up to and then when they get into trouble we get into this
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hypocritical position of supporting an autocratic regime when we're spouting democratic rhetoric here in the united states mubarak was kept imp. power by american support and huge payments to making him one of the richest men in the world some estimates put his while that as much as seventy billion dollars in a country with widespread poverty we had a lot to do with mubarak being in power and staying in power like we subsidize and we own him he's our puppet dictator he does what we tell him because he gives so much money he's gotten probably sixty to seventy billion dollars in understand his family probably has sixty or seventy billion dollars stashed away in swiss accounts in other places around the world as europe is the second largest recipient of american aid in the world after its neighbor israel the u.s. is pumping billions of dollars into the egyptian military which gives washington huge control over the running of the country and its future egypt now celebrates
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the end of rule by an autocratic leader who restricted political freedoms and economic progress so too did people rejoice for a time on the streets of carriages then and ukraine in recent years after so called democratic revolutions with western approval but the leaders who came to power were later rejected by their own people even though there's a lot of celebration and jubilation going on in cairo we don't know really whether the military is going to give up its power and authority and if they do to whom how far will they share or what's going to happen some say the lesson that the west could learn from recent revolutions is to abstain from supporting a leader just based on how convenient they are for the west rather than how much they can do for their people got a check on our t. washington d.c. r.t. also spoke with author william and all who says that mubarak's to wise has become a u.s. priority after the longtime washington ally dropped his support for america's middle
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east policy. mubarak's government realized that the u.s. was preparing a regime change that along the lines of the so-called color revolutions in georgia ukraine and so forth. activists to the united states sometimes for a seat in the state department sometimes at the national endowment for democracy or freedom house and these are all quote unquote private and shields that specialize in routine training for washington and. what's going on is really a major not enough destabilization of the u.s. ally mobile iraq has been opposed to most of us policy views of iran we should be partially golf nation and resume eleven. over the last several years so he's become in effect a thorn in the side of washington's greater agenda since two thousand and one well political unrest is sweeping further through the region as thousands of algerians
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took to the streets of their capital to demand the resignation of president with different police detained more than four hundred demonstrators in clashes across the city area has officially been a state of emergency for the night years allows authorities to battle public demonstrations protestors ignored the ruling follow up risings in tunisia and egypt forcing algerian authorities to reconsider the declaration. and coming up next hour r.t. spoke to the voice of the u.s. streets and activists and i political rapper anyone who says everything is in place for involved to happen in america. the same set of conditions that existed in cairo exist in new york city exist in miami florida they exist in los angeles you have a ruling class with abuse of power i was recently in cairo. and i was there on a humanitarian aid mission to help the people in gaza in order for us to get to
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gaza we had to jump through so much. and we began to understand that not only did the government but the controlled by bureaucratic politicians in. israel have a huge stake in making sure that. the state of egypt was the way that it was and that is definitely the situation in the streets look at what we have inside the united states. russia's most wanted terrorist model claimed he orchestrated the deadly suicide attack on moscow's damage out of an airport last month but the incident drew attention to serious lapses in security at transport hubs which as the country's president himself discovered haven't all been addressed a lot is it got to be negotiable looks at this week's developments. russia's most wanted terrorist claims thirty six more innocent lives have been taken by his deadly complain chechen born model said this week he was the mastermind behind
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january's bombing at the idea of the airport when one of made the claims in a video message posted on an extremist website he described the suicide bombing as his special operate and promised more terrorist attacks security experts say the massachusetts in full says why he's no longer described as just a chechen warlord but as an international terrorist group. asli round the world you know there are undoubtedly germans operating in parts of afghanistan but some have been skeptical whether mark was indeed behind the bombing the terrorist is stalking himself they say as a self-styled bin ladin to make sure foreign investments. he's a man who wants to put all the trappings of bin ladin isn't if you will a sort of ground. to his actions and therefore it's not always clear how much
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authority he really has in fact from within his own group there was a rebellion i think of last year when he resigned his resignation and the younger members apparently wanted him out so it's not quite clear where they can directly is in charge of a barge number of these groups or where they can simply putting himself in a position of their own near in order to gain more authority him self meanwhile this week security forces arrested three suspected accomplices of the airport bomber all three are from the north caucasus republic of english it here and are believed to have known about the attack planned by a twenty year old evil with a manhunt is on for seven other suspects wanted in connection with the bombing at the security operation gathered pace the president shifted the focus from what has been down to sort out the op. so much of the tragedy what is being done to prevent similar tragedies from happening again the best thing to do he decided is to go on
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inspection personally. he checked security at one of most schools busiest railway stations and was left unimpressed to say the least. as i see private security agents here but where is the police and where are any metal detectors i don't see them we don't have metal detectors that's true these specs and didn't reveal any says the t.v. either and just to compound concerns no police in sight. through the whole station and i haven't seen a single policeman no police there's a church well at least you have some place to pray. but the time when people relied soley on god not police may finally be over russia's anti terror law is likely to be seriously amended so just as the country's police force is now undergoing a major overhaul it's hoped the changes to the police will put an end to cop corruption and security lapses. over r t. l you're
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with r.t.i. coming your way in a matter of minutes fallen out of love in a song there is to sue one of wiki leaks publishing partners the guardian for libel . or death or the cables in the wind with its editorial agenda. the legal drinking age in russia is eighteen years old so how easy is it for a teenager to get his or her hands on some hard liquor or we sent our hidden cameras to find out what fuels altering booze addiction who is to blame. well this week regular leaks founder julian assange faced extradition hearings in want it all the verdict on whether he will be handed over to sweden for questioning over a sex assault allegations is expected later this month and with the u.s. reportedly preparing its own. case against assad many are seeing a fair conspiracy between the two countries and he said now it has more on the long
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lasting us swedish cooperation. so we didn't a quiet little neutral scandinavian nation the current foreign policy establishment in sweden has a remarkably close relationship with the united states the country that gave us our flat pack furniture for dollar meatballs top models and lawn bombshells may not be so neutral after all american influence is everywhere from food to feature films but in sweden it seems to be supersized just the other day the deerhunter film was shown again on swedish t.v. for the. sixtieth time it's an awful film it's the worst propaganda in politics through the back door like sweden's times with nato you have the military and some politicians cross-breeding intensively with the united states and with nato and the large mass of the population being totally unaware of all the stuff
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going on but it's not just want swedes are taking in it's also what their leaders are ready to give from julian assange to terrorist suspects to nato support when america wants something they get it but why and what's in it for the so-called neutral nation they get. all the benefits of being an intelligence partner of the united states without the baggage of being in nato it's a partnership decades in the making there is. a willingness to. do the errands of the united states over many years from. questions of. making asylum seekers in sweden in. both to the cia freddy's is particularly strong now with a right leaning government in sweden. and with the u.s. wanting him for spying and sweden wanting him for sex crimes julian a son is wanted by quite
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a team and the songe wiki leaks case seems to be just the next continuation of this very old intelligence relationship here's some other relationships we dug up julian assange just ticks off the us with fierce reaction from one of the country's most notorious neo cons is not a particularly credible source and lover and he said he is a hero to millions loveline as it is a criminal only ought to be hunted down and grabbed and put on trial for what he has done hear these words from karl rove who claims he's part swedish and just happens to be advising the country's pm while the former swedish minister of justice is a partner in the firm who filed charges against a songe for sex crimes with another link to the us thomas von stroheim is claimed to have handed the cia asylum seekers from sweden who were then tortured a question about neutrality became even even clearer thanks to some of the documents from exacting with. the big question now is there nuff room in the
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british justice system to protect julian assange from the united states of sweden america and let him keep blowing his whistle and he's in no way r.t. stockholm sweden. well journalist ron ridden or told r.t. earlier that sweden and the u.k. will face heavy pressure to comply with washington's interests on the case the world should know that the united states is the world's greatest terrorist in the wars that they conduct the torture they conduct so many horrible crimes have been revealed already in the united states continues with the same policies they make some excuses here or there and their former president mitch it in his own autobiography that he gave orders for torture so i'm skeptical that just because one knows how badly the devil is that that will curtail them from from prosecuting
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. on the other hand sweden of course or great britain if they if they delivered him that would be bad propaganda for them the people would be very upset and most people i think would be very upset but again that's not the only determining factor for a government to make a decision as to whether or not they cooperate with the united states i mean the united states has so powerful they can they can harm economically and politically both the swedish government and the british government a wiki leaks founder julian assange is threatening to sue the u.k. his guardian newspaper over its tell all book about the online whistleblower well the newspaper is also being accused of redacting the diplomatic cables it received from the website in order to fit its editorial policy our reports on what's behind the bitter dispute. they were bedfellows in exposing u.s. embassy secrets to the world but now wiki leaks and the guardian have rapidly
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fallen out of love and it's turning nasty in the original agreement between wiki leaks and its partner publications the partners were to help publish cables on the whistle blowing web site blocking out names to protect the innocent was allowed but sources close to wiki leaks maintain the guardian went one step further accusing the newspaper of redacting the cables to suit its own political and editorial agenda something the guardian denies one of the alleged missions focuses on iranian dissident politicians and the guardian we. know of. they don't want such things to be known for their ordeals they will. want to cover the world. and saw the they cut out everything that was negative a ball of the opposition. in says you were either of the guards in the virtually any that are of the leagues would never know how those people themselves view their
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own leaders the guardian reports early have been a is just another political liar an intriguer. but what it leaves out is his why did description of the opposition as lacking organization and freezing problems of ultimate direction and leadership specific opposition figures are. very stubborn but not charismatic karoubi courageous but with a few institutional allies tommy cautious and weak in cables about the activities of western companies in kazakstan the guardian fail to publish details of alleged bribery the actual cable talked of an internal investigation in a western company over five years during which former employees caused the company to pay five point two million to agents with the intended disappearance would influence because artificial to allow the company to obtain business in other words
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bribing officials for contracts to the companies allegedly involved british gas and any italy's gas giant that this isn't necessarily the story that the guardian wants to tell that the that there are editorial pressures on them but it also could be simply the lawyers at the guardian are getting a bit jumpy and saying well look we can't accuse people of bribes because they're incredibly powerful and they're rich and this is one of the problems with a lot of libel and the lawyers at newspapers is that they are actually only afraid of the rich and powerful ordinary people they will say almost anything about them because these people don't have the means to sue the guardian prince andrew was cocky verging on rude included just. although britain's prince andrew may have wished the guardian had edited information about his behavior in kyrgyzstan more thoroughly elsewhere some media commentators say the reason for the guardian's alterations was to help simplify the information it's still the way it could be
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done the service material it is so low that the form that easynews is depicting inaccessible it has to be translated into journalism people who understand the guardian declined to give us an interview but did send a statement saying they redacted cables for two reasons to protect sources who might be placed at risk or to protect the guardian from legal action under u.k. libel law but being sued is something the guardian might have to get used to wiki leaks founder julian assange is threatening legal action over the newspaper's book which i thought alleges contains malicious libel wiki leaks made a political choice when it decided to publish through the guardian a left leaning newspaper that takes a liberal line but certainly in this case it has to be the wrong one and with the guardian's recent publication of a book portraying the newspaper its dealings with wiki leaks in a deeply under favorable light it's a relationship that's gone truly sour your and it's artsy london. where you can
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always question more and have your say on the stories we're covering on our website r.t.e. dot com and here's what's online for you right now advise any other country seems to be a must for any politician but that doesn't necessarily mean they're qualified to do so or find out what dominates the corridors of capitol hill bloopers or ignorance. and there are some saints among us a man who stumbled across more than a hundred thousand dollars in cash in northern russia decided to take the honest option and return it to the police or simple question is why all the details are to dot com. now many are ringing. alarm bells in russia as under-age alcohol becomes as widespread as never before youngsters find it easy to buy booze without being asked for id with store owners escaping punishment for selling alcohol to minors. made
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a tour around stores in the russian capital to find out how easily alcohol is excessive all to teenagers. these teenagers just may be russia's future and it's looking rather bleak. the problem is that kids start drinking around fourteen fifteen years of age regularly dependence it takes a few years to four so when they are brought to us. to be in four and not always we can pull them out of this tough situation according to n.g.o.s there are anywhere from twenty to sixty thousand teenagers in the country and many blame the fact that it's far too easy for a teenager to buy alcohol legal drinking age in russia is eighteen years old so how easy is it for a teenager to get his or her hands on some hard liquor we're going to follow a couple of an. organization into that liquor store right across the street which is one of the largest supermarkets selling hard alcohol to find out whether or not they will be successful in getting their hands on
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a couple of bottles of whiskey we've been in with a hidden camera but the experiment didn't work the first time around so no go here the teenage girls were not sold any alcohol they were asked for them to the patient when they didn't provide it they were refused service but we're going to go to another place just down the street and see whether they will be able to get some vodka or beer their voice. sure enough each of them had no trouble getting a beer from this. when confronted this is woman got defensive but didn't seem too faced with breaking the law oh no they don't know how many times did we tell you not to sell alcohol to the under-aged and you still continue to do that. unfortunately. actually every second or supermarkets sell cigarettes now to adolescents and we have to make positive tendencies to russian parliamentarians have been trying to implement stringent punishment for those who sell to minors but
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so far there has been very little progress parents are responsible for the children until they turn eighteen and i think if we make parents pay a fine when the kids drink we raise the level of responsibility because presently teenagers do all these things practically with a parent's permission. of this alcohol became an intrinsic part of the russian culture after world war two we have a tradition to drink for any reason and that's a huge problem we need to tackle fortunately many youngsters themselves realize the scope of the problem. they want to relax to feel grown up but i don't think if you drink two three bottles of beer you automatically become an adult as things stand there is little consequence or punishment for kiosk or store owners willing to cash in on minors health but it could be the country's future at stake in the. german chancellor angela merkel faced questioning over
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a military airstrike which killed scores of civilians in afghanistan almost two years ago when the strike ordered by a german officer after two fuel tankers were hijacked by taliban militants left up to one hundred forty two people dead and the majority of them civilians of the massacre left the country and fought allegations every cover up cost the rescue dozens of officials including the defense minister but the chancellor denied that she had held back the true number of civilian casualties along at a previous election all the questioning came just days after germany voted to extend its presence in afghanistan despite tremendous public opposition when we spoke to her and that's a more activist of adolescence who says that voters have. i mean more. german mission in afghanistan basically will end when the united states foreign policy wants it to and that's the basic line to what it boils down to the overall game in
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these pakistan afghanistan and iraq wars is totally different from any kind of humanitarian mission all. democracy and mission for democracy or anything like that or in the long run everything will be done to maintain a strategic dominance of this region by united states and nato countries germany only benefits in the context of thinking. of the. resource wars and all of us dominated foreign policy the europeans and the nato countries our allies in this system and as i said they try to benefit from resource influence and of nato domination for the middle east and for the energy rich countries and for their support of the dollar system as world currency . and coming up for you our timeline of decline find out how cities across the
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u.s. are suffering as a government strapped for cash and record debt slashed wages and cuts of vital services. all this is r t and an update on this week's top stories is coming your way just a few moments. well
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when one deals with water it has to realize that this tremendous amounts of damage that are done not just human damage but damage to the physical environment in which the battlefield takes place tremendous amounts of damage done by aerial bombs by napalm boy chemical city whether it's sonic booms or factory marine mammals or it's the burning oil fields soon iraq or e. it's destroyed corps reserves in the pacific for landing purposes the list just goes on and on the geneva conventions of nineteen forty nine states that share shall be taken in war to protect the involved against widespread long term and severe damage the united states although it is accepted almost all.


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