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tv   [untitled]    February 14, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EST

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we fail to provide a vision of society to which they feel they want to belong a failure and a potential threat to security that's how some western european leaders now brand of multiculturalism while they're debating what went wrong immigrants waiting for something. that may be a new power in egypt but tensions remain high and despite the u.s. applauding the country's journey to democracy some political experts warn it could be a recipe for disaster. and the red planet has some visitors so hoping to bring us closer to space. two cosmonauts make the first steps on the surface of mars a sport of
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a simulated mission find out the details later in the program. global news twenty four seven this is r.t. live from moscow where it's a now just after four pm several leaders across europe saying that multiculturalism in the e.u. has failed the concerns come as political upheavals in northern africa have prompted a new wave of migrants looking for refuge. or has more. the concept of multiculturalism seems to be failing all around europe we fail to provide a vision of society to which they feel they want to belong. this approach has failed utterly now. my answer is clearly yes it's a failure it's usually. the heads of state are now admitting what many observers
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and radicals have been saying for some time more to culturalism only function if the people come into the country have a job to own their own money and feel responsible for the for the community otherwise was jobless people and if they live a passive life or social welfare and the passive approach him sometimes evolves into extreme action denmark is home to more than half a million immigrants making up almost ten percent of the population or don't see why danish town the birthplace of hans christian andersen one of the world's best known storytellers but the story unfolding here has nothing magical about it clashes between danes and groups of somali imposed union youth have rattled this neighborhood for more than a year locals say car burnings and violence between immigrants and police are a familiar sight one neighborhood to different worlds and their voices are being raised about doing something before tensions involves more is get out of hand the
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situation remains far from being a fairy tale there have been some suggestions on how to ease the tensions every time mons two hundred persons. split from all over the city. or the help from the state and police and kick them out of the country won't have any problems but some immigrants believe the main issue isn't the different issue of integration. the danes think the integration means becoming fully danish immigrants have to eat drink and live just like the danes but those who come here think integration means earning some money having their kids speak danish and going to danish schools. that's why there's a discord so perhaps until this difference in expectations is resolved the cultural tensions in europe will persist but admitting that the problem exists may be the first step on the way. to find a good solution if you go to school. now let's discuss this
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a bit further here on r.t. we're joined by bryan could tell from the u.k. think tank the group so talk to us here in your view do you really think multiculturalism in europe has failed. i think it's important to be clear about what type of multiculturalism we mean i think you you mentioned in your in your item what david cameron said the other european leaders such as president sarkozy in france and germany have also voiced concerns about multiculturalism but i think what they're talking about is a state banks concept of multiculturalism so in other words a deliberate policy that governments in the u.k. and across europe. over many decades of fostering different separate communities. you know in a way that was well meaning but in a way that has failed because those communities of remain separate people have not embraced
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a single identity that binds them together and i think therefore if we talk about states state about multiculturalism yes it has failed ok but you're talking about state backed multiculturalism here you're saying it's partly to blame but there are other politicians in the e.u. who say that immigrants who fail to integrate they also to blame can you just cut straight through to the chase here is there someone or some group who we can truly blame for this. well i think. what the politicians have said is that it is the it's the government's responsibility and i think governments have to be held to account i'm loath to blame people that are that are coming here i mean it is incumbent upon both the state that is hosting immigrant communities and also on those communities themselves so i think it's a bit of both but i think i think what the politicians. have highlighted is the failure of government and obviously that's the thing we can control so we need to
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change i will certainly when it comes to the issue of blame we're seeing an escalation in tension on both sides of the fence here but do you think that that western leaders remarks slamming muslims for failing to integrate you think it could cause a backlash and further divide society. but i think there's also there's always a risk of that and the comments that were made by by david cameron and i think some of the other european leaders have i think predictably provoked some criticism from from various groups but i think the question you've got to ask yourself is what is the risk of not doing anything of leaving the status quo and i think the reason these politicians have come out so firmly with a view which probably a couple of years ago would have been considered a to boot i think the reason they've done is because they think the risk of not doing anything is greater because we run the risk of a europe in which people of the muslim faith and perhaps of other groups feel
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separate they don't feel happy or part of europe and that can lead to feelings of extremism and in very rare cases but tragic cases people turning to terrorism you talk about extremism there is a real about the other to be factored in here but in the u.k. the government says it's cracking down on extremism is the best way to tackle the problem if not how should it be so. i think the government needs to have a zero tolerance policy on extremism evidence shows that there is a there's a progression if you like which starts with people feeling feeling a little bit alienated from mainstream society then displaying forms of mild extremism then that progresses and eventually that's the path that leads to very small them people to terrorist activities. and i think the government has to crack down on the do you think the finally here do you think there's
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a sense of political correctness where politicians in the west have been reluctant to announce their views for fear of being politically incorrect. you know i would agree with that i think there has been an element of i think that's held back a lot of politicians probably for some years i think that's been what what was originally behind as i say a well meaning policy but but now i think what has to be widely regarded as a failed policy of state multiculturalism and i think given the dangers of terrorism and extremism we're now seeing politicians tell it a bit more the way they see it and i think there's probably widespread support for the view that's being put forward right brian could tell from the group live in london thank you. well there's still to come for you later in the program here on r.t. a family murder with a twist the story of a young girl you plan to killing of her mother but the only thing she didn't expect was for the hit men to be undercover detectives. want to
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gyptian is have managed to oust president hosni mubarak but the democracy they were hoping to get it is still in question the military generals who have assumed power have frozen the civil rights of egyptians place in the country under martial law mubarak stepped down on friday passing on power to the armed forces which always backed his regime he's currently rumored to be ill possibly even a coma now on sunday the generals dissolved parliament and suspended the constitution they say they will run the country for at least six months until elections can be held the government appointed by mubarak last month is still in place and is controlled by the generals western and especially american money funded. for decades and journalist afshin rattansi says that the egyptian people have had enough of foreign influence. well i think the people in tahrir square certainly don't want to see field. we and. vice president they don't want these
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people in power people in tahrir square want to see the back of the army that was trained in the united states and we must remember more than three hundred dead thousand still disappeared and the egyptians will remember trains the people that tortured killed so many of their relatives egypt's economy is in the doldrums it's in chaos a lot of the companies that are stationed there have been stealing the money so a lot of people might see the masses of companies there that are enjoying huge privileges i wonder how long it'll take before a egyptians remember the idea of nationalization this is a failure of u.s. and european policy they will remember that they don't embrace democracy and see the united states as any part of the liberation. and a little bit later here on r t we tell you about an unknown person a trip to the red planet find out to walk on mars without ever leaving. right now let's check out some other world news in
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brief this hour at least two security guards have been killed in what police say was a suicide attack in the afghan capital kabul the blast occurred in a well known building there a hotel and shopping center in the center of the city gunfire was heard after the explosion and is said to be continuing last year the same building was heavily damaged in a suicide attack on nearby hotels. study court has charged a police commando with terrorism and murder of a politician. three has confessed to killing the governor of punjab province and says he doesn't regret shooting him last month he says he was angered by the politicians opposition to the country's blasphemy law which sentences to death anyone can fix it or defaming the prophet muhammad it's the most high profile political killing in pakistan since former prime minister benazir bhutto's assassination now more than four years ago. palestinian cabinet has been
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dissolved as part of a major political shake up the decision to run for reshuffles comes after the fall of president hosni mubarak in egypt protests leader of the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas says presidential and legislative elections should be held by september prime minister fayyad has been tasked with appointing a new. high this early and court is set to announce whether prime minister silvio berlusconi will face an immediate trial last week prosecutors filed a request for a fast track hearing for the premier on charges of sex crimes and abuse of power is alleged to have paid for sex with a seventeen year old girl and used his influence to secure her release from custody on. charges. denies the accusations saying the call for a trial is a farce. all the way a little bit later duggie prozac and criminal practices we explore. in the
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united states and find out why some americans feel it's out of control. and one thousand year old girls cold blooded plan to kill her mother and brother has shocked russia's southern city of volgograd the girl carefully planned the assassinations of her family twice allegedly hoping to gain ownership of their apartment on the first attempt the killer ran off with the money and on the second the police were called in. he has this chilling story. hands against the wall criminal police were you doing here i've come harun she came home to check that her family's dead the claim of detectives organized this thing in which this nineteen year old woman tried to mastermind a cold blooded murder of her mother and brother she's admitted her guilt but is awaiting trial for sentence volgograd formally known as the city with strong but to
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the arctic and family values the motherly figure is sacred for everyone here so most people were in shock as local student tried to hire a hitman to kill her own mother and brother the woman's death died in a car accident for which she blamed her mother detectives say the teenager wanted her dead and everything they also cleaned she wanted her brother killed to inherit the family apartments they accused a student of coming up with a price for both killings almost thirty eight thousand dollars she also worked out a thorough plan but unknown to her the hitmen for hire she wanted to do the deed were undercover detectives said we would be holding her captive and then we'll kill her and dumped her in the woods making a movie. the police stepped in after the teenager allegedly approached a friend with the deadly plan officers say she gave them details of her brother's and mother's movements and family photos and supplied the supposed the sasa as
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would not. the arrest was a total surprise for her she was shocked because she was certain this time it all has to happen she's dealing with serious people and she's done everything right and they convinced her by pretending that actually steeds the murder of her mother and her brother and they even gave her what they said were their clothes covered in blood as proof of death finally related contract killings in russia have been increasing according to investigators close relatives and now behind more than half of all voters for hire and while in the pan. such crimes were mua sociate it with gangsters business disputes and turf wars police they're becoming more common and simple family roles particularly over property or inheritance. today people are ready to kill their father their mother in the grand mom life is measured by square meters of real estate in amount of money in the bank the more expensive the
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apartment the less is the cost of the owner's life prosecutors say they have enough evidence to put dick used woman behind bars for ten years she was found criminally scene and is now we're waiting sentence in a crime that shocked russia. volgograd. you would r.t. live from moscow now nine months of isolation rigorous training and painstaking preparations for a chance to visit the red planet or at least a mock up mission to members of a project simulating a journey to mars and finally stepped out onto a model of the planet's surface that created in the moscow region it's monitored by russians mission control we're going to be going off and joins us live from back with more on this. or you go to what must be just an amazing feat for the cosmonauts involved here over what two hundred days now one way to get to mars hopefully they'll return soon months of training and difficult psychological journey is this the moment the crew's been waiting for not the end. definitely not
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the end is definitely one of the highlights of the experiment so for italy's india . and russia. smiley and ski v. made their first steps on the surface of mars the installed the flags there they took the samples of the surface and measured the imaginary magnetic level of the red planet of course this is a simulation but it is pretty real for the volunteers who already spent over two hundred days in isolation during the simulation. off the actual trip to the red planet just previously they were broken up into two groups one group stayed in the mother ship simulator and two or three people cheney's an italian and a russian volunteer they went to the martian surface they're going to spend around armont they're going to conduct three or walks in total after that they will be
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reunited with the team and will begin their simulation of the journey back home where you go there's been a lot of excitement surrounding this mission although the cosmos are actually still on earth they never even broke out into space but still a very very significant experiment. this is definitely a significant experiment because even though this is a simulation it's a real step forward. towards a mission to the red planet because scientists on both sides both in european space agency and in the russian space agency they say that before a real flight to the red planet it's possible hundreds and hundreds of various tests and experiments are needed to be conducted this is definitely a massive psychological test for these people since these six men are locked in this scientific model absolutely isolated from the rest of the world with the
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limited communication even messages from mission control or received would be delays simulating a real spaceflight and actually a russian the russian space agency has now announced that the see a real flight to mars possible in around twenty years so that kind of gives some time for some more tests of but it's just really important who are these scientists to see how people can live together and work together most importantly in isolated simulated conditions there even beam being given. simulations of emergency situations which can also turn up during a real space flight so there is no t.v. no internet no radio use only the sixth of them and mission control with the from whom we get these dealey messages very difficult psychologically and also this is only middle of the mission since they still have to come back and that is going to
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be over two hundred more days that they will have to spend inside of that module a lot so perhaps the most difficult psychologically part of the experiment is still ahead and you go into the years in the days of the space race between the u.s.s.r. and america along behind us now but there are some that would say to the russia are still towing the line and pushing the envelope when it comes to space exploration you would call this experiment cutting edge would you. well i think that it is really vital to get everything ready for a real spaceflight and even though that they're planning one only in twenty years. a lot to really needs to be done and we're not even talking about technical problems how to get these people to mars technically or to any other. resources them or going beyond that but the psychological fact is very important how do they work together that everything needs to be done correctly and in order since the
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current people serving and living on board the international space station they spend much less time in isolation and we've each other and this is why this experiment and experiments like this one are quite needed in terms of the future of space exploration when mankind is going to be ready to go beyond just the moon and perhaps even our solar system where you go we're only halfway through this simulation at this point but certainly a massive achievement for the cosmonauts in europe is going to thank you. the pharmaceutical industry in the united states has come up with a new drug only this one is for dogs who have the blues doggie prozac is just one of many products in a very lucrative market and as artie's lauren lyster has been finding out some americans feel doctors care more about making money than it curing disorders.
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the most common things that we prescribe medication for in dogs are questionings ideas hoarders. project works great on dogs you heard it right doggie prozac a b flavored version of the well known human anti-depressant government approved and being perscribe by veterinarians for canines in crisis there is a significant population of dogs that really have suffering from separation anxiety the drug company one of the largest is banking on that they believe up to seventeen percent of u.s. dogs are suffering from this mental affliction it's an idea some would scoff at i definitely understand being skeptical so is this really a quest to help feisty fido's or is it a sign of this company's desperate to keep their profit margin. to keep the margins up even though the goober drugs that are important in the pipeline is diminish it turns out those companies don't need doggie drugs in order for
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critics to make that case medical researchers crunched the numbers and found the pharmaceutical industry now tops the defense industry as the number one de fraud or of the u.s. government that was a following that i didn't expect nor ever looked at before and it shows you how out of control before the glow of history is in some cases criminally out of control perhaps helping this industry go from selling forty billion dollars to two hundred thirty four billion dollars a year in prescription drugs over the last two decades companies have been cheating and in danger in patients their biggest violations are overcharging the government by billions and illegally marketing their drugs for uses they are proven safe or effective for more outside the world headquarters of one of the largest offender one of the biggest criminal penalties that ever levied against any american corporation and. this drug giant pfizer their illegal practices included
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essentially hiring physicians to spread buzz about a drug telling their colleagues to prescribe it for a condition it wasn't approved for drug pushers that is a fair way of describing. difficulty g.b.u. or again and when it comes to the drug companies disease pushers may not be an unfair way of describing them either that's what one filmmaker found tracing a newly minted disorder female sexual dysfunction itself was definitely something that the pharmaceutical industry really pushed for and had a hand in creating and that's the conclusion cancer came to after following the process of a drug company developing female viagra she says only a small number of women need it but the company has other plans their marketing and the amount of money that they were pouring into it really is says that they're trying to sell this to the whole population restless leg syndrome and with commercials for prescription drugs airing on t.v.
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in the us companies are in a position to do just that you feel better with billions being made and not much to lose critics say even in the case of crime for this industry nothing is likely to change it lest people go to jail or worse before age or much larger than. the companies will follow that is cheaper to cheat stopping short of nothing to find some syndrome someone or something new to medicate lauren lyster r.t. new york. or not the. business. thanks very much for hello and welcome to business the russian government has finalized the sale of ten percent of the shares for the point three billion dollars in its first big selloff in the privatization program of this year the state which is to reduce its stake to seventy five percent with the sale agreed the final price
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of six point two five dollars for the coldstream receipt shares of russia's second largest lender was sold to more than twenty investors each of them paying at least one hundred million dollars around fifteen percent of the shares were acquired by russian investors on a cost the president of the association of regional banks says the result shows renewed interest in russia's banking sector. this is another proof that investors are interested in the russian banking sector that they believe in its fast development and are certain that the growth we had in the sector before the crisis will recover in the nearest future just for the sake of the markets now i'll go first to europe european shares are slightly higher for the dax of course here as worries over political instability in the middle east seem to be easy the dax is indeed higher the first thing is losing ground dragged down by banking shares h.s.b.c. barclays royal bank of scotland are all for the more than one percent that's after
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concerns about the long term future of banking were raised again on sunday in russia the r.t.s. m i six have slipped into the red raising against mostly blue chips with oil companies leading the drop on the my sex get some of the figures for stocks in more oil down one percent gas from not far behind actually down one point three percent this is all boiled declining to eighty five dollars thirty cents a barrel of light sweet crude p.t.v. shares up by. the state had successfully sold ten percent in such a public offering generation three point three billion as we mentioned before and also has russia's biggest lenders credit for was up more than eleven percent. gas from expects the liberalization of domestic gas prices it would bring an additional twenty four billion dollars income in the next three years the russian
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gas giant says from domestic sales will be higher than the volume of a mineral extraction tax for gas for twenty eleven this improved outlook comes despite the government's decision to increase the tax by sixty percent the beginning of the pushing gas tax payments up to one point six billion dollars the company has already increased its gas prices for domestic consumers by around fifteen percent. and i'll be back in less than one hour's time with an update the headlines are next with the roaring don't go away.
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if. you. want to learn. this history still keeps its secrets the balance time to move feel the ship of the soviet fives nikita khrushchev's like mine.


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