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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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dialogue with the u.s. representative to nido rasmussen took all mention at the two organizations growing closer out of his address to the alliance in two thousand and nine but why would the us try to pressure its allies. as one of nato is key players u.s. tries to prevent the alliance from growing too close to the russia in the former soviet bloc because the region is a strategic interest to america they of course would prefer to build exclusive bilateral relationships with the strong ties between two military organizations such as nato in the c.s.c. is not in u.s. interests. this is an odds with the image of the alliance tries to project a strong union what. matters even the people in the street understand that washington is calling the shots so. left right left right. this is what is happening in reality people know the documents published so far haven't exactly uncovered anything groundbreaking but if every member
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a nato is supposedly equal it has raised questions over whether the u.s. really trusts the alliance at all castro's are the party. that william spring from the u.k. foreign policy monitoring group says the u.s. started to snoop on nato's top official when they realized he had belts about the alliances aims. nato is a group dominated by the united states of america that in fact it's not an alliance or tall in the sense of being sovereign states. it's a bogus alliance united states works under various aliases nato is one of them i sat in afghanistan is another this general rasmussen he has seen the invalidity of the current strategic concept of nato and he is endeavoring in o.c. own way to make build bridges with the country with russia but he's been
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regarded by hillary clinton i think as something from these cables anyway so it appears some sort of pale pink lefty and hillary clinton seems desperate to stop. anders rasmussen making any positive outreach to russia. other news now shock waves from of people in tunisia and egypt spread all across the greater middle east with opposition protests sweeping through other countries in the region clashes between rival demonstrations have once again gripped yemen in what's now the eighth day of unrest and government activists to be using social networks to call for as many people as possible to hit the streets on friday demanding the country's president ali abdullah saleh to step down after more than thirty years in power clashes also erupted in jordan's capital amman where anti-government demonstrators are calling for. treaty with israel contends turned
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violent in libya where at least twenty four people be killed in recent days in clashes with security forces police reported of use firearms to disperse the crowd that you want to egypt people once again gathered in tahrir square to celebrate a week since hosni mubarak huge pressure on him to quit the presidency with only the military council which runs the country suspended the constitution and dissolved both houses of parliament middle east specialist james lowe from college in london told me earlier there are no significant changes in egypt so far because barracks associates are still in power. it is interesting to see today a crowd celebrating the successful ousting of mubarak yet this hasn't really been a revolution in a traditional sense mubarak's power structures his cronies are still really in a similar place as they were before this wall of battle. has been won the war over the future of egypt has really yet to be forced and we see what happens next in terms of real constitutional change changes to the state of emergency whether
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political parties can rise out of the ashes of mubarak sort or a tear in ism the genie has well and truly been left out of the bottle and reverberations from what happened in tunisia now being felt in every single states and i think that you know as the persian tales go if there were to be three wishes from the genie out of the bottle the government would wish that the populations would accept the compromises they've made the population seem to wish that that leadership disappeared and the international community seems to be busy wishing that it knew which side of the fence to sit on. soldiers in bahrain had fought to gas as thousands of protesters evade the government ban in the capital of minima at least fifty people have been injured this comes a day after at least five were killed in demonstrations against the current regime in the country police in the gulf state reportedly used supplies made by british companies to clear the protests human rights watch dogs are calling for an embargo on arms supplies and the disclosure of why export licenses were issued one of the place from the campaign against the arms trade and told me that britain should
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reconsider its arms trade policies. across the middle east that the government is selling to repressive regimes all over that this could happen at any a point in and we've got to be aware that when we suddenly both non-lethal and lethal equipment those will be used and. generally at some point that they will be used on someone innocent the u.k. government needs to seriously reconsider how approaches arm sales in the first place not only have these arms be licensed to be so dioceses in the case of bahrain . they are actively promote just such the u.k. government and actively promotes arms sales to a number of the presses of regimes this very weekend the u.k. government is sending representatives out to the launch in abu dhabi it's called eidetic. which the arms industry trade body in the k. claims ten percent of its executives will be british at this spare and the u.k.
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actively encourages these companies to sell including the very equipment that is being used to protest this in the middle east the u.k. is to seriously look at not just where the selling to a specific country is and which i is a good idea but whether but how it should be selling arms and if it should be selling arms are told. is the these weapons are widely misused and the u.k. is a arms and export criteria which look good on paper very rarely applied with any record . two astronauts from the mars five hundred program of carried out their second walk on a virtual surface of the red planet as part of a unique project that simulates an eighteen month mission when a push elf from the european space agency explained the meaning of the imitation we have to us you know it's this is oleksandr from russia and one way from china doing their second mass walk and you see a simulated martian surface which is no more than forty square metres and what we
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see other too when the their space suits which are produced close to what we would expect for real martian martian mission and what the two are doing is collecting soil samples and preparing them to bring this simple spec home if the cord which of course would not be there on the real mars and that core supplies there are the two astronauts. with electricity and also with air and of course in the real martian mars mission that all would be in the big pick the two astronauts carry on there on the back they are doing very well so that. everybody was really surprised that everything is going so bell everything one of the reasons for that is that they have this really very interesting goal of simulating the first wark on the march and what we can see now is that the two are going to take
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a break at least special chairs because each of the space the woods is about thirty five kilogram and also if you would expect a real mission on mars we could expect that after ten or fifteen minutes astronauts would would have to take a small break the major point here is that they are really all everybody of them is really focused on their task and that's that's the main reason why this is so so real and so close to reality. and by the way you can follow the whole mission to mars on our website. a british cartoonist may have something for you there on the web site the story the first space trip gets retold once again in the adventure book based on the story. and a glimpse of the personal and professional life of a man who changed the world nobel prize winner. president of the.
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japan's chief cabinet secretary yukio edano is going to view russia. from an airplane it comes after a recent visits by russian officials to the archipelago which tokyo claims earlier russia said it would not tolerate japan's radical approach towards the territories and announced reequipping the military garrisons the islands in the pacific ocean were handed to russia as part of agreements at the end of the second world war however it seems that other parties are interfering in the dispute with washington once again underlining its position over the lesser curial chain saying the territory belongs to japan so you struck him from russia's common newspaper says the u.s. is pushing russia to review history. again comes as a surprise because of the let me remind you of the. san francisco agreement of
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fifty. gave up all the claims for korea and as you knew united states were in the second world war so now there's an attempt to reconsider the results of the second world war on the part of any at least gently pushing us we're told not to check out some of the headlines from around the world at this stage of the dental world update the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is harshly criticized the taliban and given a stark choice and this is jerry you actually want the afghan military to give up arms and abide by their country's constitution or face the consequences of being america's enemy it comes as washington tries to secure the support of afghanistan's people to split the taliban up from al qaeda the international terror network it's been cited. japan as sort of the whale hunting season following two new pressure groups before ship fleet was to kill almost a. return to but actually say they will continue their protests commercial
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whaling it's been almost two decades for the purposes of scientific research. israelis and palestinians have been long time enemies but for mothers who are desperate to save their children the conflict takes a back seat and israeli clinic is saving thousands of youngsters lives from many neighboring countries even those israel has had tense relations with. as this report. every our way is touch and go for fourteen months i don't know whose little heart was born with a hole in it for the operation in this hospital my son would have died and in the next world fourteen year old one yell who was almost did when she was wheeled in one of five iraqi children flown from baghdad to a month and then driven across the border to jerusalem she was almost that she was so sick that you could not walk very talk she was very blue these parents faced
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the most difficult decision of their lives bring their children to israel a country at war with this and risk punishment and even death back home or prepare for the alternative possibly losing their child initially it was a very difficult for them because it was their enemy country the parents were very anxious they didn't know what to expect i was very scared to come to israel very frightened. and she had good reason to be her country iraq forbids its citizens from traveling to israel just fire them there's there might be a layover in another country like i know for instance for after her they come in there is the only place in africa that flies. before these really doctors that treat these arab children the decision is simple i'm doing what i think is right to do and doing and rethink youth. in the last fifteen years more than two and a half thousand children have been brought here on third and treated half of them
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come from gaza the rest come from iraq indonesia and across africa the main goal of this organization is to help developing countries create the medical ability to treat children with heart problems by themselves in order to achieve that we bring children from these developing countries to israel we also bring doctors from these developing countries for training here in israel and it's a vision that's paying off not only is so eternally grateful to the israeli doctors there. saved her daughter's life she's now brave enough to tell her neighbors back home. i will tell everyone we were in israel and how they saved my daughter's life i'm no longer afraid to say because my daughter is alive and so while the politicians continue to have a go at each other and israel and her arab neighbors were further a pox on the ground at least in this spot a very different story is unfolding. r.t. . coming up to sixty minutes past the hour in the russian capital with
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a look at our main news stories in about. ten minutes from now in the meantime it's our culture program must go out and this week modern andries discovers how to make life more affordable in the russian capital now to be one of the most expensive cities in the world that's next here on r.t. .
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hello and welcome to the program no moscow is famous for being one of the mess expensive cities in the world. and we'll see just how low we can find prices in the us and capital there are hundreds if not thousands of deals office sales and discounts to be found here with our first location the thirty six ruble store the good old one dollar store comes you don't have to be a good cheap. around the capital. alleyways in the basement. at the thought of such places. still every.
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ok sure some of the. supermarkets. can pay for goods to food. and well we moved to an explication let's take a look at this week's taming the psychological thriller by american film director. one has recently premiered in russia the story which revolves around a ballet production by one of new york starts companies has been influenced by the russian ballet not only do they perform one of the most famous composer. in the nineteenth century but the film's director. who searched. several times.
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which includes. the presentation. the winner will now represent the country. jump into the world. evolve with dozens of other interactive objects other parts of the display show computer codes used to design purposes and the look at what virtual traces people leave behind online exhibition is organized by the victoria and albert museum in london and will last until the first of april beauty comes in a variety of films this week and it is depicted through fascinating crystal artwork become by such items here in the russian capital is the french company back into another store this time at the barbican luxury village despite the snowy weather
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a world renowned luxury brand organize a spectacular show marking the event exits from six to late entertain the younger guests and they presented a thrilling show created specially for the grand opening. and moving to our next location as they say the best things in life are free. to sell and located in the center of the capital is it true it's in treasure popular with everyone from students to local businesspeople this loki's is this a sign of any crisis or recession it simply gives you the time you put in coming here to use. some of it on our models we practice haircuts blow drying and makeup everything is for free so everyone who wants to be pampered is absolutely
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welcome. so in underground b.c. school you students need real guinea pigs but don't worry that you'll come out looking like students in the final levels only allowed to practice on real people. and ok it might take a little while researching what venues offer free trials office or free treatments but it will save you a lot of at the same time you get to visit a whole range of different places before you have to part with any cash and yes i understand why such coupon collecting could be seen as. well i think it's really about having common sense and being proactive in a very very expensive city. moving into the strictly central market here campbell it's just plain clothes food fresh produce stated to be affordable to do thanks to question in the extreme world of. industry it's also where we're meeting this week's guest. so tell me how going to be living here in moscow now for about a year so. nine months initially went back to the u.k.
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and so it's come back and stay for a little bit longer now maybe a couple of years which would be because now what you think about the prices here in the russian capital the prices vary i mean there are so many different prices for different things some things are really expensive other things are really cheap and so it's a big mix of getting used to walk costs one compared to the u.k. show moscow is famously said to be one of the most expensive cities in the world what you think is cheap here because they're all lots of different things public transport ridiculously cheap i love it i use it quite often so for me it's really great taxis if you want to pick up even a gypsy cab a couple of pounds can get you several miles which we see in the u.k. you're paying in least ten fifteen pounds if you're in london i really like the business lunches if your lazy and don't want to cook you can riaz is one of the every three courses two or three four pounds you know it's fantastic what you think is free you know here in moscow the galleries free there's some concerts in exhibitions which are free and there's a really good website which i use where people exchange information about where you
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can go evenings you can go to conversation classes all these different aspects which don't cost anything and it's just because people want to share that information i also think that with all these new restaurants clubs like clubs open all the time and i think that there are more promotions in moscow and opening nights none of us are party to so much paris parties going to other cities new york paris yeah i mean i've been to a couple of days which are either cheap or free and i've heard. thank you very much. and expensive. might be difficult but not impossible.
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to see rich. anything for. about one hundred. three. free.
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free. websites. whatever you find in moscow whether it's free or cheap you'll also come up against things that are expensive. and thriving. and that brings us to our final location. offers classes for free. there are many ways in which we can escape the stress and chaos of busy city living from traditional banier to today's latest stats we need to attract new people to yoga who have an interest in it must have never tried it over them virus practices for free so they can choose one suitable for them it is also essential to choose a yoga teacher that feels right for you and no free classes provide such an
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opportunity to help each weekend. and are off the motivation simple the center hopes to recruit new customers save money and improve your health at the same time that says to pave yoga classes during the week because only a few hundred roubles under ten dollars. for the most expensive cities in the. capital full of extremes and explored areas and opportunities private jets oligarchs and champagne aside for most it's a regular mega city full of cost cutting committees didn't watch what they spend and as the aspiring middle class flourishes. maybe cheap and cheerful will be the way forward. well i feel better already and. that's and that's how we have on this week's program about. the same time next week for more cultural inventions around the russian capital until then for me and the
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rest of the team by now. leg. length. lens.
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the burning. issue st still keeps it secret but. feel that the soviet silence nikita
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khrushchev's a life long obsolete. would be soon which brightened. the song from the list impression. wealthy british style the stock. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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from the russian capital with. america's. top officials to closer ties with russia. in a simulation that's hope to bring the real thing a step closer. to taking in children with conditions from neighboring countries disregarding relations between states. and us in the meantime it's a special report on the damage oil corporations are doing to the amazon rain forest
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and the indigenous tribes a special report next. lead i. i lead i lead live live .


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