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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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with lawrence o'donnell last night talking presidential politics for twenty twelve now coulter has repeatedly espoused the merits of new jersey governor chris christie saying again and again that she thinks he is the only one who can win against obama next year too bad that well christie isn't running now coulter was then asked about sarah palin and her chances at the white house so just take a listen to what aunt had to say. i think she could win the nomination i especially love her for her enemies i'm insanely jealous of that i love her for how she makes liberal heads explode i wrote the conservative of the year piece on sarah pale one for human events ronald reagan's favorite newspaper but i think would be a step down for a run for president likes so being president would be a step down for pale and really and i mean it wouldn't the woman couldn't even finish her first term as governor she resigned then start her entire fame money tour across the u.s. and yes sarah does seem to have a very unique ability to piss off liberals or that whole refute about the so-called
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ground zero mosque is that how the entire world talking but mostly just about how stupid she is and of course pailin had to trade in what apparently in coulter's opinion would be a move up from the governor's mansion to a reality show i think that we all remember this very classic clip. where. you're you. can't like. being president would be below sarah palin and her fox news contract and i'm sure that would really cut into her fish killing time on national t.v. so for ann and others in g.o.p. land i guess the being the president is really a step down for making money off the lecture circuit and that's why tonight and coulter is our tool time where. now it appears that homophobia is making a comeback. that's not that was ever really gone but you see the new chairman of
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the american conservative union which hosts the annual c pack of event says that they're going to start vetting organizations before allowing them to participate and the one of the main criteria would be opposition to don't ask don't tell so that's probably code for saying that gay bashing is going to be in style at next year's event which also happens to be a presidential election year now as you may recall see that was held here in d.c. last week and it caused quite the war when go proud a group of gay conservatives decided to take part several conservative groups and politicians were so paul that homosexuals are being allowed to take part that they boycotted this event so to keep the right wingers happy looks like the leader of the american service of union is just planning a few changes. if you're a group got nothing to do with your orientation if you're a group of straight couples and you advocate gay marriage that's not within the scope of what we believe
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a three legged stool movement or show it's got nothing to do with your orientation it's got to do with the principle shut you up. now al cardenas can try and sugarcoat is message all he wants but it's very clear that gays are not welcome along with muslims but that's an entirely different story now the head of go proud christopher barron says that his group would actually pass this vetting process because they grew a sea back on the issues of gay marriage and don't ask don't tell but i think that's the pack might have another problem as dave weigel pointed out on slate today their new platform might keep many libertarians away right libertarians are all about personal freedoms not letting the government tell you what to do even when it comes to some blessid social issues and they even stand up to conservatives on military spending oh the horror so good luck on next year see you back your new plan virtually ensures that any progress made this year in creating an inclusive conservative environment. going to be entirely wiped away. now anyone who's on the
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fence when it comes to the validity of fox news reporting might change their minds after they hear about this recent study the public religion research institute has found a very strong correlation between the people who trust fox news and negative attitudes towards muslims i know i know it's kind of obvious but these findings show that those viewers who are dedicated to fox news are more likely to believe that investigating muslim extremism is a good idea they think of the muslim population hasn't done enough to expose extremism and fox viewers are also more likely to think that american muslims in fact want to establish shari'a law right here in the us i mean it's kind of a no brainer considering how singularly the news network really does push their agenda. from nine eleven to the recent british terror bust most of the terrorist we have faced have been muslim extremists and of arab descent that's not an opinion it is fact it's time to. share point line in america's airports.
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not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists all most that we do have to be able to look at from people from the middle east or from largely muslim countries. now before anybody criticizes us for putting snippets together from fox i think you better check out these numbers according to the public religion research institute and opinion research corporation out of the republicans who most trust fox forty one percent think that american muslims are pushing to establish shari'a law only twenty three percent of republicans who follow other news sources agree with that concept and then twenty two percent of the total population surveyed now anybody at home who is saying well there is no way that that many people trust their opinion just listen to this fifty three percent of diligent followers say that they feel well informed about islam and the practices of muslims i just i just don't believe
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that one bit but that's also verses forty six of the rest of the general public and also seems as if the avid fox news viewers have formed an opinion on the upcoming congressional hearings on the american muslim community eighty two percent of conservatives who most trust this network believe that these hearings are a good thing but only fifty six percent of the general public agree like i said right shocking statistics now i get that people tend to follow one news station over another but come on conservatives you can't really believe that murdoch's baby is fair and balanced and i think that these stats say it all and frankly i'm not surprised and while the study doesn't say whether people influence fox's show or fox influences the people one thing is for sure basically everything that the rest of the world has been trying to set straight about us the. muslim population just falls on deaf ears for diligent fox viewers. you know yesterday the f.b.i. urged members of the house judiciary subcommittee on crime terrorism and homeland
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security to make it easier for us to eavesdrop and wiretap internet communications and the communications assistance to law enforcement act was passed in one thousand nine hundred four and it requires telecommunications companies to design their equipment and their services to ensure that law enforcement can monitor those communications whenever necessary but with the development of web mail social networking sites or peer to peer services like skype authorities are now complaining that they've been left in the dark hence the name of their going dark program and f.b.i. initiatives to expand federal surveillance laws which thanks to a freedom of information requests by the electronic frontier foundation we now know has been in the works since two thousand and six and that members of congress and the white house have all been lobbied to support it so if congress really goes forward what kind of representations could these expanded backdoor powers for people like you and me would you and me to discuss it is declan mccullagh chief
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political correspondent for c.n.n. dot com thanks so much for joining us now i want to start with. the basics here right if the f.b.i. does indeed somehow convince congress to expand this one thousand nine hundred telecommunications act than what's going to happen are companies going to be forced to restructure their design or you know if they don't do so and then they become illegal. you know well the short answer to your question is we don't know you have because we haven't seen a specific proposal or if you are saying you know we have a problem as opposed to saying this is exactly what we want you to do to fix the problem but the slightly longer answer is it depends on exactly what's hard what's not i mean let's say facebook and gene now can they be required to reconfigure their system survive easier wiretap access probably but what about services like sky but what about services of life those armand's z.
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phone users and corruption and what's going to happen there does that mean that there has to be a backdoor to these systems i mean that a strong encryption is banned or outlawed you guys say no these are some pretty important details so to clear up before where we actually see the slow slow yeah i am also curious i know that we don't actually see anything in writing at what that would mean for companies that are based outside of the u.s. you know for example so skype who you know is swedish but let's just talk hypothetically would that also open the door for you know more vulnerability is that if you create a backdoor to your systems and somebody out there is going to be able to expose that and take advantage of it. well this is what susan landau who coauthored a book about this for the last time we had this debate in the nineteen ninety s. told a house subcommittee yesterday she said you create a back door and say oh only law enforcement will get access well that's more of
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a hope than a promise as you create a security vulnerability and then anyone who can find the backdoor and have access to a lot of confidential communications so as in security to the network we maybe that's justified and maybe the f.b.i. can make a i can offer such compelling evidence that it makes it worthwhile but that's a pretty big if and let's get that out of the way as well why do we have any idea why ad the obama administration's position is on all this you know the new york times reported last october that the administration was working actively to put this paperwork together and then yesterday i had to look at the people who were testifying before congress they said that the administration doesn't really have a clear stance he had so what does that tell us. oh no two thoughts so the first is that the f.b.i. is an agency has probably goes back to the days of hoover that has a lot more independence a lot more authority than some other federal agencies do and so say you can sort of
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push for things even if the entire history isn't behind it so this right now is an f.b.i. proposal is not something that the white house has signed on to is bringing to the second point and that is the white house has actually been it's been an interesting position a lot of these debates including data retention is that we're going to have to heat our require internet providers a new web companies keep information about the users do you. was this idea that learn to be i also like the idea of expanding wiretapping requirements but on both can both pieces of the white house has not taken a position and i don't know whether it's because. you have they're more civil liberties sensitive because they're just busy with means i'm told by a bunch of sources it's the first i'm not absolutely positive it is an interesting proposal or the wait and see approach in the f.b.i.
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is this kind of saying we're. ministration and having and can see the administration is not yet behind them yeah i have a hard time believing that it was that the farce that there are so civil liberties sensitive considering some of their other positions and other actions like putting people on assassination lists that are american citizens without any due process are going to keep people detained indefinitely but you know that's for another day now exactly let's move from the president to congress we know that they just passed these extensions to the patriot act although they're only a three month extension and then we found out thanks to the electronic frontier foundation and this freedom of information request act that they had that. that the f.b.i. has actually been pushing for this since two thousand and six that they have been the lobbying congress member so what do you think the chances are that they would go for it. oh. no i am giving the government more power over the internet is happening not just on those two fronts you have to be sure it acts in the
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wiretapping dispute it's also happening on the data retention front we want to force their users are doing and another front which is whether or not the police should be required to have warrants for who are looking through our electronic files or via cell phones. and so this is a there are a lot of different things are going on a lot of different moving parts and last one is from is worth mentioning and that is the so-called internet kill switch for posing in the revised version was introduced in the last twenty four hours in the senate so a lot of a lot of ideas a lot of bills speaking of privacy components in terms of what actually is going to happen the wild card is that house. you know some tea party members of those who have recently been elected and it is very very sad to early on know that well legislation has to be grounded in the u.s. constitution before we're going to vote for it and well whether some of these it a surreal those proposals meet their snouts will find out pretty soon they'll all
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definitely all be watching like i said these patriot act provisions to that they extend it's only for three months so that means that we're going to see this debate pop right back at the calendar and thanks so much for joining us these are. now still to come tonight we have our friday fireside chat and then it happy our hearts and prayers are jenny churchill anneliese the capital for join me to discuss some of the stories that you're probably hear your favorite watering hole this weekend including sexting attempts on a popular news website back and. hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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would be soo much brighter than if you knew me. from things to. start on t.v. don't. street
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still keep. trying to feel. the soviets like the kitchen seems to. like. to. go to tonight's fireside fridays be your host cops. and this day and age of austerity talks in the u.s. the constant political banter that we hear about needing to cut spending we've already learned a few things a that obama has first some reason this idea to cut heating assistance to low
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income americans and maybe thought that was a good political move to i don't know give the street credit for republicans while giving a middle finger to the poor then there's be republicans are going to whine about how in adequate obama's proposed cuts are when it comes down to it they're not willing to target entitlement spending either because that's not a popular with americans and then we've learned see that no matter how bad the financial situation in the us might get defense spending is always going to remain untouchable for both parties and in fact will continue to grow exponentially is the it's all under this banner of national security but here is what really gets to me within the pentagon's five hundred. and thirty three billion dollars budget the band bill this week and all sorts of items with bizarre name things like retract maple or acronyms with animals like cobra judy now these are secret programs part of the defense department's black budget the classified stuff but thanks to blogs
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out there like wired danger room we're learning with those are probably just the tip of the iceberg programs labeled as classified are tucked into deep dark corners where they probably never be found if it weren't for a curious and dedicated individuals out there so it turns out that for now there's about fifty six billion dollars worth of these secret classified items and you see it's the trickery the attempt to shield in high because items as if they weren't already labeled classified that really gets to me why don't you just own up to it you know you tell us every day how vital all of your actions and your programs are to the nation's security interests so if it's so vital then what's the big secret maybe it's the fact that average americans are getting screwed the programs are vital to their livelihood are on the chopping block because our country has a bit of a spending problem and defense is one of the worst culprits so the d.o.d.
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trying to hide fifty six billion dollars worth of classified spending hoping that no one is going to notice it's just sickening to me you should be embarrassed that your pockets are getting stopped at the expense of everyone else. welcome to happy hour when a lot of pressure out what voters wrestling matches rather than their daughter as a wrestling match of the male daughter you know that. really crazy because one of my favorite stories that i heard today was about this high school wrestler who was taking place in the championship i mean this is only the first round he decided not to compete because he didn't want to go up against the girl because he said that
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wrestling can sometimes be violent i mean i think i mean look like i say that when i'm not big on sports i know i'm from new york city we don't really have wrestling and stuff in our high school education but i mean last time i checked wrestling was a close contacts or so you're supposed to expect to be wrestling with people on the ground and yeah i do it with men and i guess i didn't i just know that that's exactly why you don't want to do it actually is because it was for religious reasons he didn't want to be physically violent against a women a woman he thought that it was inappropriate but it's ok to do it against a man under this religion this you all but racially well his dad is a preacher and basically the statement was that women are to be revered and and to be put on a pedestal basically and that they didn't think the body slamming a woman was something that was appropriate but it would have been a woman wants to be bodies land there were two girls taking part in the championship that's the first time in eighty five year history of this entire
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competition the two girls actually made it to the state championship i mean i think that's something to be celebrated and probably only did she was very clear but he was very. gradually and you was this he was scared to lose his but she would be on the pedestal receiving her mouth all and then he would have been getting god what is that you know you really look at it now already because. it's all relevant now because both girls are officially out of the competition i know i know so i hear but i just have to tell you we're going to run a little that we're going to learn to talk with. you know another thing that we want to talk about which is not at all related to wrestling so. good segue there is you know dave. it's going after ron paul and it's something he's done before but this time you know basically he's saying that for years the texas crackpot ron paul has been attacking american israel as important powers the great satan and little
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satan in case you missed that that's ron and rand and little mini paul and little satan and calling for america to retreat from the battle against our totalitarian enemies he also went on to say that paul's jew hating stormtrooper descended on the back. who are those jew hating stormtroopers those are just libertarians like ron paul. who haters the politics but basically this all came about because ron paul proposed some legislation that would cut some funding to middle east countries one of which was in israel and he got a little bit upset and called from paul an anti-semite you know it just makes me so angry because you you wonder why there's so much anger over these issues that's because you can't even talk about israel without instantly being labeled as somebody who's anti-semitic you can't have any kind of critique towards us foreign policy towards israel towards israeli policy towards the rest of the world without being called an anti-semite and that's just so wrong and so close minded we've been
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talking about defense spending as a sacred cow talking about israel as the sacred cow i mean you cannot bring up any sort of changes to israel's foreign policy without somehow being demonized and you know essentially losing your entire political career i mean i think what's actually more interesting in this case is that he was able to bring this up and even though he of course got flak from certain conservatives like what's the fact that you can say this and actually get away with it in this environment i think is an actual nice change because we're dealing with such an incredible financial situation where we have to put all of these issues on the tables we have to consider these kinds of cuts and you know to to keep the aid to israel some sort of sacred cow at a time when we need to conserve we consider our funding to all kinds of. countries i think just hurts this country even more well and i think that important thing to point out too is that the aid to israel that would be cut is one percent of the cuts that he was proposing overall to the middle east that were not my education and defense spending and all kinds of other cuts and i mean you know it's funny
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because every few months ago we did an interview with congressman brian baird who's retiring it was the first time a congressman really called for cutting aid to israel and it used to be that you could only say that when you were in the waning time of your career and i guess now you can say it i'm actually remain in office looking at a little bit of reality has finally sunk into somebody now before we go can we please talk about sex being really clear i wouldn't argue with that we would be i think quite. ok i don't know who they really were on but it. helped i a y t. w i and i recognize those i am. your master don't let you learn what. i don't like to apparently i don't know of a sex or out there well i think the reason we're talking about it is lame to a sox news has decided to help everybody and put guidelines out there for sexting reminding us that it's only for eighteen year olds and over that apparently it's
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a really good way to you know boost your sex life again it's a really good way but don't be too aggressive or it could turn from fun to creepy according to. thank you think it's so ridiculous that they're promoting this kind of thing as a way to spice up your sex life i mean one of the things that they were saying is do this during the attack so that you know you don't ask them to erupt into look you'll get a giggle doing it face to face with a person i mean if you're not mature enough to talk about these things face to face maybe sexting is not necessarily the best option for you my favorite actor acronym that they used was l m i r l which stands for let's meet in real life which i think is the acronym chosen by predators all over the internet that's when the creepy factor starts to sink in. well i have a little sexting to do with that time to wrap up tonight's show thanks for today and make sure that you come back on monday jim baker from the center for economic and policy research is going to be on the program and we'll have the latest details from the union battling wisconsin now in the meantime don't forget become a fan of
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a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and he missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch it all like you tube dot com slash the ellen show and we post the interviews as well for shelter from tight coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world. these brand new trisha's and this is products on the price of healthy eating. we need to test these foods for times the city allergenicity immune response lower nutrition in for environmental contamination don't you feel like a lab rot so consider the experiment is human treatment ready i believe significant differences between the g.m. fare that they both at the g.m. . but they weren't treated so well themselves one question means one career you ask
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one question you get the answer and you might or might not be able to publish it but that's the end of your career. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations throughout the day.
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the violence intensifies in the middle east government protests spread through the region with dozens of riders killed and hundreds injured in police clashes also. the whole country and especially during a recession you know from improperly there's some moments. of the self-made inmate who was incarcerated himself over america's burgeoning prison population and the money makers throwing the poor behind bars. russia's organized crime crackdown gather space but there's no doubt over whether the corrupt officials who covered up for gags instead of preventing deaths will get what they deserve. why the grave of this harry potter these well is attracting the boy wizard even though the tale of the british soldier who lives here is
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a very different story. here in moscow this is our thanks for joining us now on rest and be arab world is showing no signs of letting up as dozens are reported killed from violence surrounding anti-government protests in libya. the capital tripoli is relatively calm but the east of the country has been overwhelmed with clashes and some reports suggesting that riders have taken control of the third largest city some of the police are said to have sided with the demonstrators rain now the army opened far as thousands took to the streets to demand reforms and the ousting of the king many people are reportedly injured in the western backed state a riot police source.


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