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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EST

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wealthy british soil holds a spot on the front. of the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on. colonel
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gadhafi refuses to give up power in the b.s. and tries desperately to shift the blame accusing a solid model of inspiring their revolt. it shows here the hypocrisy of the british courts as a u.k. prepares to ship wiki leaks founder julian assange trough to sweden to stand trial for many questioned why suspected terrorists and other controversial figures are allowed to remain. and russia launches adam vicious mission to upgrade its army. plans to spend around six hundred fifty billion dollars a the next ten years so weaponry will have full details will not be coming out. of the oil prices have slightly retreated from two and
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a half year high posted on thursday but the situation of instability in north africa and the middle east still jangles investors nerves for an additional twenty minutes. in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina josh welcome to the program maybe asleep. her current gadhafi is desperately clinging to power despite facing more defections from his own rule is battling to shore up control of the capital tripoli in western areas with protesters consolidating gains in the east of the country cut off he told state t.v. that osama bin laden and his followers are to blame for the uprising and claim protesters were given drugs to incite them to revolt the overall number of dead after ten days of unrest has been difficult to determine with estimates ranging
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from several hundred to over two thousand considering sanctions against libya for its leaders bloody crackdown meanwhile the swiss government has ordered a freeze of any locally held assets belonging to gadhafi all the libya is following the revolutionary past of tunisia and egypt some experts believe the outcome of the revolt there will be different. but the fee is different than mubarak and ben ali if we accept the premise that he's a special type of the hater. i think most likely he will try to cling to power for as much as you can probably die trying to cling to power if not deposed by force what is really worrying is not what happens to get their feet what is worrying is that before he goes i think he'll eventually have to go how many libyans will have to suffer because of this this is really a big question and it calls for some sort of more proactive intervention from the
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west in what is happening at the moment in the arab world has taken everybody by surprise there is definitely an intelligence failure on the part of the worst big part of it is actually the outcome of years of policy failure from the west in not being able to understand correctly the mood of of the people in the street in the arab world and their continuous support of leaders in this part of the world while the readers will continuously losing their legitimacy there was this faulty assumption that he can rely on leaders like mubarak and ben ali and even that there are few recently in the last few years. by giving weapons and arming these leaders to the teeth thinking that they will be able to control the population of course that proved to be a very faulty assumption indeed on behalf of many people in the worst russian prime minister vladimir putin has warned western countries against attempts of meddling
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in the arab world to try to impose democracy speaking after talks with the e.u. leadership he said the previous efforts along those lines had led to victories for governments the west is now fighting to contain. it was because of that which is today we say we're concerned about things happening in libya but the north african sullivan card is also. concerned about what is happening in libya do you think this is a coincidence i would like to go back in history a little bit the former leader of the iranian revolution where did he live he lived in paris and as a whole he was supported by the western community now the entire western community fights against the iranian nuclear program i remember just recently our partners were very active in supporting democratic elections in the palestinian autonomy and hamas won and immediately they declared them us a terrorist organization and started fighting against it we need to give people a chance to determine their future themselves we need to give them an opportunity
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to take a natural way without any foreign interference to build a future for the popular uprisings in tunisia and egypt started the domino effect that spread around the arab world while there is fresh hope outside of the region for a brighter future on their democracy here it could just be a false dawn or all of our reports from cairo. they fought they bled many died the protesters who took over central cairo had a clear girl the removal of a dictator and establishing a free country. as an activist one of the organizers of the revolution toppled mubarak he believes that egypt can make the transition from dictatorship to a democratic state the thing is defining democracy no or in terms of or here i mean everyone look at it at it in its own terms but we are going to it turns there is that we want to see in this country our country there the stuff that we want to
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feel like it goes some way of getting it and we're going to get that support for a democratic egypt has come from governments around the world however some of those leaders who have been quick to congratulate the revolutionaries may not be so pleased with the possible future for the country one basic problem we see in this is for the west we want democracy but we also want states that will. he friendly to us and do what we want but almost certainly arab democracy is going to be a great deal less comfortable for the west the arab dictators or autocrats are monarchs of be but those dictators have been swept aside by people who after years of injustice finally had enough. the truth is many egyptians live in die i cannot make conditions in an interview with a major newspaper the minister for social solidarity good idea for leaks said that unless the people receive the required help that they need the next revolution in the country could be a revolution of the hungry the past years have seen the major cities in the north
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become wealthy while the south of the country has suffered with social problems such as unemployment and education some of the poorest people in the egyptian capital live in the area of cairo here many are hopeful that democratic egypt will help them out of poverty however others expressed concern that they may see the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. i'm worried things could get worse for the poor if democracy is not implemented i pray god will keep egypt safe little while the west may have been convinced egyptians were fighting for democratic principles they may be in for a nasty shock when they find out that the people simply want to change peter all over. egypt still have a sour here and an alliance without a mission party takes a look at how we feel continues to function without a clear goal or a common enemy. he has his critics but ukraine's president's first year in office
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takes on a rosier glow after some new figures on the economy. the rubber stamping process that's how whistleblower enjoying a songe described a london court's decision to extradite him to sweden on sexual assault allegations he said the ruling didn't catch him by surprise and that he's going to appeal as a lawyer and reports while britain is to the poor that we can leaks founder it's been happy to provide asylum for some controversial figures. wiki leaks founder julian ourselves learns the court has ordered his extradition to sweden to face questions over rape allegations and he's got some interesting questions of his own . why is it. that i am subject. to nonprofit free speech activists who are three hundred and sixty thousand dollars bail. why is it that i am kept. under electronic power forever. when i have not
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even been charged in any country he's not the only one asking those questions particularly as the british government has a history of granting asylum to some fairly controversial characters including russian business tycoon buddy spirit of ski shows here the hypocrisy of the british courts. is quite clearly been involved in the matter over the is all sorts of very serious offenses which he may actually quite literally equate with terrorism and yet he is not being extradited they certainly does appear to show blatant political interference in the course is to marry in print and total hypocrisy from the british justice system around forty people wanted by russian law enforcement all resident in the u.k. and the list of the rich and powerful wanted by interpol is even longer egyptian born abu hamza is serving a seven year prison sentence for inciting murder and racial hatred the european
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court of human rights wouldn't allow his extradition to the u.s. until it satisfied he'll be treated humanely the case also harboring other suspected terrorists in a similar boat in two thousand and three alleged chechen terrorist akhmed zakayev who is granted political refuge the same year asylum was granted to russian tycoon bodies but it's all ski a case that took two years and severely damaged russia's relationship with the u.k. that is of ski laces said he'd been trying to overthrow the russian government using the u.k. as his base basic tradition relating to asylum is anybody can come here provided. they are loaded provided they've got lots of money we will let them in because we want them in with their money and therefore it's not particularly the russian magnets and all the gox are welcome here. shakes. may have a jew be a criminal record as it were of torture yet they were allowed to swarm around
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london and knightsbridge bayswater wherever no problem whatsoever while julian assange looks set to be cast from the safe harbor of the u.k. into choppy waters it's unlikely he'll think from trace just yet start his defense team has vowed to now take his case from here to the highest court in the land in the hague of preventing his extradition meanwhile convicted criminals like bodies and those with outstanding international arrest warrants like that kyra remain at large in the u.k. under the protection of the state's. crown court. while an appeal for the u.k. to parents party jerod biden has hit out of the british justice system saying julian assange extradition is a legalized kidnap. what was the stars illustrates the fundamental problems with which i've been talking about since it was introduced in two thousand and four he's an australian citizen want to actually want to sweden but this affects. us and
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anyone who is a guest in our country and what it does it removes the fundamental rights of the english courts to protect its own citizens and country because they are not simply not allowed to look at the problem of. case like this and take into account it's what a lawyer called to die to justice and i would now so i've been saying now for some time that extradition which is now called judicial surrender has been reduced to a bureaucratic formality and now i'm saying that it's actually nothing better than legalized kidnap going on that's been going on for months and i haven't figured out what the charges are you an interesting thought. say about what's going to happen in sweden they're going to use a very very rarely used mechanism here to try this case in secret so we won't even be able to hear what's being said what the allegations are what the charges are and all the full evidence because that's it's going to be done in a secret hearing which is absolutely astounding. they're about and they're a member of the european parliament for the panel's party and we'll be following
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that story here in our team remembering it and go to our website or to call for more coverage on this. time russia has revealed details of its ambitious plan to upgrade its army over the next ten years moscow is planning to spend six hundred fifty billion dollars on the project on how cross live to our correspondents are furthest following the story for us so sarah tell us what exactly was money be spent on. the huge amounts of money these are the large scale spending plans that have been unveiled by the defense ministry and so we know that the main focus of the spending that's going to take this up to twenty twenty is going to be the development of a strategic nuclear weapons month some of the stuff that the defense ministry again to be purchasing again here on one hundred ships a thousand helicopters around six hundred planes and eight submarines that are going to be equipped with new generation missiles so
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a huge amount of purchases that it going to be made that she going to be the first time that russia has bought military equipment for the nato member is going to be purchasing two helicopter carrier ships from france but we have heard the russian government saying that is not planning on buying a huge amount for the broad but what they did bring it is where they feel the russian military is lacking right now and then they can then focus on developments as well this is of course all part of this push by the government to modernize the military. but sarah how does this grand plan go together with russia's line on reducing its nuclear arsenal. well of course the start treaty is now in place. that the agreement between the u.s. and russia with the flash the nuclear arsenals by thirty but what it doesn't say is that the countries are not allowed to grade the nuclear arsenal say this is completely with. in the terms of the treaty it doesn't actually called you dicked
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it tool as he said that's really been the ets is a huge amount of money this really needed president has come out and said that he really wants the military now it's a bit of a shit they're trying to upgrade and steam like it's not for the spending is all about. ok sarah for thanks very much indeed for bringing us the details. and twenty years ago all the members of the warsaw pact agreed to and their alliance originally formed at the hyatt of the cold war as a deterrent to nato was no longer necessary once the soviet union collapsed but nato carried on and as artie's lauren lister reports it is ation is having trouble justifying its existence. it was an alliance born of fear originally supposed to define defend western europe against the soviet union but the fall of the berlin wall changed all that now decades later the military alliance formed against the soviet threat long deprived of its enemy has been. the
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answer bumbling for a clear cut mission the north atlantic treaty organization has been fighting for justifiable reason to be but that hasn't stopped nato from continuing to pursue a global reach it's been twenty years since the warsaw pact formed in response to nato dissolved but even without its main rival nato has continued to aggressively expand and to date it has operations spanning several countries with troops and resources in the sudan the mediterranean sea kosovo iraq afghanistan and the horn of africa in november they redefined their goals going forward at the summit in lisbon wanting to tackle everything from nuclear disarmament to terrorism and cyber security. it was all adopted amidst protests on the streets now it's always out of date now out of time we need a world of peace and justice is not want to prepared for yet more wars and already nato members have been divided over the near decade long war in afghanistan nato
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has not prevailed there calling into question the alliance mission. there is every expectation that with the end of the cold war nato would be disbanded instead what happened in fact and in violation of even the accords in the agreement time was nato aggressively expanded critics say it's u.s. defense companies benefiting most from this expansion with the sales of weapons to every new nato member and the building of every new base and that growth allows other tools to be used as it's changed altered militarily to become also this very powerful. political entity that is used to pressure countries to bow down to nader's agenda nader's agenda being primarily a u.s. agenda it's an agenda some countries see as a threat and critics of that agenda right in the u.s. say it's global expansion must be stopped and i don't believe there's anything that
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justifies nato has contributed systems. in terms of security and an assault to the peace that nato wants pledged was formed to keep lauren lyster r.t. new york keep up to date on our website r.t. dot com here's a taste of what we've got lined up for you right now. getting hold of pain killers will soon become more of a pain in russia find out how a new law will be you need a prescription to buy medicine in order to prevent drug dealers getting hold of pills. and one of france's most acclaimed actors the star of the yod john talks exclusively to our team he shares his thoughts about his latest project as well as humanism and nationalism that's all. now he's been in office for year but opinion remains split on the success of ukraine's president viktor ghana cobbett one thing that has improved though is the country's economy which has seen a rapid turnaround from
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a deep slump to steady growth. looks at the reasons for the revival. when victory on the campaign for the presidency a year ago he pledged to revive ukraine's crippled economy twelve months on the sun when ukraine accuse him of not keeping his word however the annual economic report paints a different picture in twenty ten ukraine registered a four percent g.d.p. growth one of the highest figures in eastern europe whilst the year before that the country's economy was devastated by a fourteen percent slump. crane was among the country's worst affected by the global recession and while experts say it has not yet fully overcome the blow maze fears of the economy saw a double digit growth in twenty ten with the industrial sector being a leader. registered a thirty percent growth helped us to avoid financial damages this year exporting
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our products is what can save our economy now in the post-crisis year our company exports up to eighty percent of what we produce and the russian market is a priority. as ties between kiev and moscow moved from strains to warm demand from the russian market increased investor or production increased by more than eleven percent there was an increase in demand for machinery from russia but for the major the terrible one for the. very impressive machinery more than thirty percent of all saw gives us. basis to expect to a strong performance for the economy in the current year the government still has a lot of issues to address ailing social structure ineffective banking sector and poor agriculture but this political analyst is sure that it's only a matter of time. to the previous administration lived in a dream and he wanted the whole country to live in that. this regime stands firmly
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on its feet and deals with the real problems we must give it another year to see how they would fill in the many projects they've begun. the opposition is still rigorous in accusing the new powers circles of failing us something over a new round of political infighting within this post soviet state many experts assure you for corn and he continues to receive rect at the same rate come next year many critics would be silenced by witnessing the promise to better living conditions they. see from kiev ukraine. let's take a look at some other stories from around the world in hopes are fading of pulling any more survivors from topple buildings fall tuesday's devastating earthquake in new zealand one hundred thirteen people have so far been confirmed dead and rescue crews in the city of christchurch have failed to pull anyone alive from the rubble for more than a day some two hundred people are still missing and it's thought as many as one hundred and twenty of those are inside just one collapsed building. heavy rain has
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caused several rivers across believe you can burst their banks and invading entire towns and destroying roads and crops authorities say three people were killed wednesday bringing the death toll from floods in the country since january fifteenth a state of emergency has been declared in the country as well as a neighboring peru flooding there has left more than three and a half thousand people homeless. a college student from saudi arabia has been arrested in america on suspicion of plotting to bomb ex-president george w. bush's house how it all there were. he was who was studying chemical engineering at a university in texas came to the f.b.i.'s attention after buying bomb making materials and posting anti-american messages online authorities say they found diary entries planning attacks on several sites around the u.s. if convicted sorry could receive a life sentence. but a last minute computer glitch almost derailed the thirty ninth and final launch of
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the space shuttle discovery the ship and six crew did manage to blast off successfully though from kennedy space center but with just three seconds remaining and it's critical launch window a launch had been delayed for three and a half months due to cracks in an external tank discovery's final mission to deliver supplies and a module to the international space station. brings us up here next you know if you minutes the latest innovations from the world of technology before they add though we'll take a look at what's happening in business with you. hello
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and a very warm welcome to the business program or oil prices have retreated from into in a hot year high posted on thursday after the international energy agency said it's prepared to release its emergency while stockpiles to cover any shortfalls resulting from the tour in the middle east whether investors are still cautious situation and leave their remains unstable light sweet crude is around ninety seven dollars a barrel up nearly two tenths of a percent brant crude is trading at over one hundred twelve dollars a barrel up around one percent. and energy security was also the hot topic in brussels where the duma putin has been meeting commission president jose manuel but also their russian prime minister roundly criticized so-called third energy package he warned the new rules to korea's competition in the market would simply make gas more expensive and then go it will lead you there's
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a big challenge if you want to gas you shouldn't own the transport system but gazprom together with its european partners has built a pipeline under the baltic sea they tell us to let a third partner into it but how can we do this we extract the gas in russia together and then we transport it through our joint property but where will the third party get gas they tell us to sell the gas at the european border and then you'll get the partner who will become the owner of the gas but if he buys it he'll have to get his profits from this business so immediately the price will go up. and someone goes analysts believe putin is right to object stronger to the third energy package as its way to have only in favor of european interests. but if you're getting edgy if it's accepted russia will most likely lose some control over the market now it turns out the russia will have to become a supplier of resources the europeans will have no flexibility to choose
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a supplier means of transportation and prices of course this is a disadvantage for russia. the peace deal to jointly develop which arctic fills with may finally get a green light on friday the british oil major is meeting with its russian partners in the joint venture to be featured try to persuade them the deal doesn't violate their rights b.p. and rosneft concluded the deal in january but were forced to freeze it after a trip position from alpha x. the consortium to russian shareholder the consortium claims the deal violates its exclusive agreement with the british well company. and time to act which is now asian stocks are trading in the black as oil prices left a twenty eight month high in turkey exporters are mostly on the rise going up to moshe is up two point three percent on a credit suisse up great to outperform despite another dress report. here in russia both the r.t.s. miser closed in the black on thursday helped primarily by the energy sector
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defensive gold stocks were also doing well retailers banks industrials and one is all down but some a look at some individual share moves. ok. russia's trade surplus jumped around eighteen percent in general year on year it reached roughly nineteen billion dollars of the country's exports twenty five percent the growth was mostly driven by high energy prices oil and gas made up most of the exports. ok the search for me for knowledge will mean less than one more business. thank. you.


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