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tv   [untitled]    February 28, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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the video position forces closing in on colonel gadhafi and some experts predict revelations about his relationship with the west should he be tried at the hague. brings you an exclusive report from the heart of libya foreign faced by foreigners drops in the violence and chaos some of whom are unable to leave plus. the oil is also why it will be soldiers on the planet today who controls. a string of deescalating on the rest of the arab world ascent the price of black gold skyrocketing setting the stage for a new toilet brush slide lobel powers. and a public outcry in the u.k.
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over the involvement of controversial u.s. security contractor earl darkie martin in britain's national census reigniting a debate on confidentiality and ethics. coming to you live from our studios in moscow you're watching r t thanks for joining us opposition forces in libya say they are planning a final assault on the capital tripoli well it's essentially the last part of the country that remains under the control of longtime leader colonel gadhafi and protesters say that his days in power are now delbert a recent u.n. resolution has referred him to the international criminal court for war crimes but some say that there are details of his recent friendship with western countries that neither washington or london would like to be revealed are these correspondents in the middle east peter all over as well from cairo. essentially
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the frontline of the battle between colonel gadhafi and the opposition forces is currently in the city of zawiya around fifty kilometers outside of tripoli now the opposition forces control most of the country they oh they're in charge in all major cities with the the center of command in benghazi the second city of libya in the east of the country now that we are preparing we are hearing that they will try and move forward into tripoli from zawiya as they close that noose around colonel gadhafi now over the weekend the united nations placed sanctions upon the gadhafi regime and he's took the form of an asset freeze on colonel gadhafi his armley and close associates also a travel ban as well as an arms embargo another thing that was included in the in the u.n. resolution was a referral to the international criminal court in the hague that the referral would
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mean that the international criminal court would look into alleged allegations of crimes against humanity in the violence that we've seen in libya well though that their investigation of the criminal court has caused some experts to believe that we could see some revelations come out about the relationship between colonel gadhafi and the west for years he was the pariah of countries like britain and the united states in recent years we saw him somewhat rehabilitated you can now hear from an expert about what he believes you could see come out from an investigation i think the americans had you know people like tony blair would be very very frightened of nicolas sarkozy or mr berlusconi of italy would be quite frightened about lacey's see trial because then there's the regime and people that are still supporting him in tripoli in their bunkers will be able to tell the stories about everything from lockerbie to how american and british arms companies were involved
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in prague. not that regime and they'll have a string of e-mail they have an e-mail trail i don't think the americans or london or brussels would very much want that to come out in court too well for most of the last few decades colonel gadhafi was viewed as not a friend of the west who seems to me very serious flash points including the lockerbie bombing the nine hundred eighty six bombing of the german discotheque which was believed to targets u.s. soldiers in west germany there as well as the nine hundred eighty six attack on libya by united states air force planes and marine jets now in recent times since two thousand and four colonel gadhafi is undergone something of a rehabilitation this coincided with the war in iraq and the need for an ally in the area in the region and also to do with the oil in libya a major producer of oil some of the largest reserves in the world located in libya
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and high oil prices at the time so we could be in for a very interesting investigation should get daffy or any of his associates be put on trial in the hague well what we're looking at at the moment is the international red cross and described the border between cheney and libya as a humanitarian crisis forty thousand people across the border fleeing from violence in libya in the last week alone now around one hundred thousand people or excuse estimated by the u.n. to have fled libya in total some coming here to egypt where i am there's going broad elsewhere now that the also there's been a mass exodus of foreigners who have been in the country we've seen in the past few days britain france the united states doing the best to get their nationals out of the country we can now hear from my colleagues on a boy who spoke to some of the russian nationals who saw the violence in libya propelled by fear how bad out there you know those who boarded the last russian emergency plane from libya didn't want to leave but then just. better safe than
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sorie a subcontractor for gaspar alexy says he never cared much about the bin politics that is until arguments placed by cons. of. the regime suppressors its people. the people. they get. just don't have any military responsibility. it doesn't really matter whether it's just friends. for years it was a mantra for many foreign companies ignore good efforts quirks and you'll be rewarded in oil revenues but as the lead to sleeps closer to civil war this logic no longer seems bulletproof yet even on the russian plane there were some. grim
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predictions for blown out of proportion and to mean it was worth and as a nurse for twenty years says she already redress the decision to flee actual such reports by al jazeera and all the arab language channels calls she a pen you can on the people of new bodies are taken in tripoli and. used. to see my friends all the young people supporting gadhafi working as usual as all the people open today everything puncheons people want as they can hear to be the country awash with firearms the current law and violence increasingly looks like a calm before the storm that's why tripoli airport is now busier than ever with a country scrambling to pull their citizens out. of our phase known to profit from being a shrewd negotiator and i felt even in the raiding back ation of foreign nationals
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have been carried out over the past week. before servicing praise of the tripoli airport had more than tripled to more than eight hundred thousand dollars per plane considering that ex-pats used to make about twenty percent of the country's labor force it's rivalry beer is proving to be a very good source of cash. with less than two thousand of its residents caught up in there and rest russian manage the evacuation fairly easily all the countries didn't fare that well the gyptian uprising may have inspired believe bins but it also left thousands of egyptian guest workers stranded at tripoli airport it's very little if any assistance from their state. a few years ago many countries raise to leave it was all reserves are the biggest in africa now these even more frantically if they're trying to get out the deuce fleeing the violence see it's just a matter of time before they'll be bad. art see. all the
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violence in the arab world a sound or oil prices spiraling with some suggesting that it's only the beginning of a huge hike little flecks a global cost of everything from food to transport and also threatens to stifle economic recovery well now some are suggesting the u.s. could have a certain interest in removing gadhafi so as to gain control over libya's rich oil reserves artie's lauren lyster has more. tunisia. egypt. bahrain. algeria. and libya protest in countries seeming to fuel one another unrest spreading like wildfire through the mideast and north africa all raging in all year for your rich countries that helped fuel the world's use of more than eighty four million barrels
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of crude a day. uncertainty over production has sent prices soaring name a shockwave through the middle east turmoil are being felt worldwide will is a resource. now the mideast crisis is hitting home for outteridge americans as oil prices have skyrocketed so too have the prices people pay for gasoline and now the price americans pay at the pump is threatening to derail the u.s. economic recovery a surge in oil. prices will be the end of the u.s. economy not just an end to the recovery there's no more bailouts like a reality peak oil expert michael c. rupert sees happening if oil hits one hundred fifty dollars a barrel which he believes is inevitable this year others predicted going to two hundred twenty dollars it's so devastating because oil. fuels more than just cars.
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it fuels the entire global economy. though there's no doubt that if gas goes to five dollars a gallon for americans as some predict there would be a high political price to pay for the obama administration's yeah yeah sareen prices go up much and for a very long period it could face severe. your political impact if there is no denying the u.s. has played a role in the events that have transpired in the middle east every time. u.s. president barack obama went to the podium calling for this year that there must be reform political social and economic reforms that meet the aspirations of the egyptian people and calling for egyptian president hosni mubarak's resignation he was calling for an end to the status quo which means a rise in uncertainty and move rich region so did leaders weigh the toll it could
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take on their own economy some argue they don't have the power to kind of reining back up triger push their back against an avalanche and i don't think we're going to have a lot of success that may not something us from trying to take control some observers believe the u.s. may intervene militarily in libya or coil reserves are nassif under false pretenses and helping protesting people has nothing to do with him he. has everything to do with the interest of the us corporate oil. profits either way analysts say the price of fuel going up will simply fuel public rage and the government is largely helpless the american people are going through a very nasty ride and there's no way out of it now but i can tell you the government understands that it's time lauren mr archie new york
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a leader today the wider consequences of be on the rest of the greater middle east are being discussed in our debate show across top. there is no neutrality in washington ok please. barak start ok if you're not attention that it was for me to try to control events on the ground in the middle east and that's patently absurd there's no way we could i mean it's so chaotic it's so little they believe me the only way we go down central even there was a man we know that the cia is calling the shots it really defies description i mean i don't think america is now also doing if you're already on this and believe as we know you're not up to speed on the latest i mean all you all do is look at a look at all the revolutionists dream. was saying was he or where tripoli and you can realize this is not being dictated by washington. and. if you look at. all to
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other news now the u.k. is preparing for a nationwide census to start next month and the government says it will help provide those services and resources that people need but they link up with a controversial u.s. security firm means that many fear that their privacy will be violated their personal data falling into the wrong hands on his door and that reports. it's census time in the u.k. when every household in the country is asked to provide detailed information about their lives to the government so they can keep track of what's going on and who will be in charge of this sensitive data. yes it's controversial u.s. arms manufacturer a lot he'd malted and campaigners granges for religious groups to peace activists to data protection lobbyists brayley against it on ethical grounds to play on a number of oppressive regimes they also. the us heavily in the wars they fought in
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iraq and afghanistan are opposed by the majority of people ember and even if supported by the british government hill to boycott the census despite the risk of prosecution he says he won't be alone look he makes numbs mines on nuclear weapons and contracts out interrogation. although it will be the u.k. all that carries out the survey there's still a worry that the information could fall under the auspices of the us patriot act which compels personal data held by any company on systems in the us to be made available to government intelligence the office for national statistics which in gauge lockheed martin maintains it's taken measures to make sure u.s. authorities can't access the data. carried out in the u.k. leave will be held at any point outside the u.k. . will have access to any personal census data well darter is the property of the
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and only u.k. e.u. only companies will have any access to. it it's that last point that raise red flags for data protection lobbyists who say that all the private information collected during your senses will be available to practically any organization that requests it any use under any statute. but only use by the security intelligence services for national security purposes any use for the pursuit of crime any use in pursuit of an e.u. community obligation so any e.u. rules that information can be passed over so it's essential any government use whatsoever. has been abolished and u.k. government agencies don't exactly have a great track record when it comes to safeguarding information three years ago a file containing secrets terror related documents was left on
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a train more recently the national health service lost the medical records of tens of thousands of people thanks to lockheed martin's involvement in the sense that it wouldn't be hard for the u.s. authorities to lay their hands on that information if they wanted data from the said says it is used by the government grants to local councils and recognize new groups in. a sense as run by lockheed martin raises grave concerns in question about ethics and international security if a lot of people call this that says it will make it ineffective and a waste of money but the two hundred forty million dollar contracts amount will go into martin's pocket anyway you'll read it. all we've got more heated debate on ethics and freedom in the u.k. on our website and our. is the place to have your say on how the case of julia saw an influx on the british justice system and whether suspected criminals should be granted asylum in the u.k.
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and also look at how americans feel about the end of the space shuttle program and the fact that for now russia will be providing the only link to orbit. the u.s. military in afghanistan has denied accusations that an army unit psychologically manipulative top visiting officials a rolling stone magazine a published claims that these psychological operations known as psyops are used to get more money and troops for the war are these military contributors says that the revelations expose the massive propaganda campaign used by the us army. avoid any confusion i have to make it crystal clear that all those terms regarding this psychological operations information operations law being and
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spinning in the contest of the general betray us profile we actually imply and mean the same thing that is exactly what general betray us try to present the phrase the aged the paper regarding the main lesson learned from his experience in vietnam conflict that is what i have been sown to ground is irrelevant what really does matter will do you as decision makers and american public thinks about what's going on overseas regarding their military affairs the bottom line is the whole american operation enduring freedom has nothing to do with the military conflict neither thank you stan i've been territory it has nothing to do with the counterterrorist or counternarcotics operations what it really does matter is clung
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destroying per session management by then again political leadership in the united states and american public. let's take a look at some other headlines from around the world well chile is marking the first anniversary of last year's earthquake that left five hundred dead and hundreds of thousands homeless i remember in service was led by the presidents of us set to get out there were also protests at the scene at least demonstrators saying the government had not done enough to help rebuild the worst affected areas well they accuse officials of mismanagement and exaggerating reconstruction statistics. rescuers searching for three missing sailors near antarctica say their hopes of finding them alive are rapidly receding. crew of two the regents and one briton have not been heard from since a ferocious storm hit their yacht almost a week ago well they had hoped to reach the u.s.
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and new zealand's antarctic basis by sea and then travel to the south pole by quad by. the eighty third academy awards have seen the king's speech take the prize for best picture that film star called firth won the award for best actor for his portrayal portrayal of british ruler george the sixth would not lead portman to winning best actress for her performance in black swan well in total the king's speech four major all stars its main rival the social network getting three. now it's a little sure is delicacy for the most exquisite taste red black caviar can soon become more affordable after russian scientists discovered a technique to harvest the eggs without killing the sturgeon well if applied it might bring back the days when families could enjoy caviar without breaking the back. of a has a story. this is the new klondike home to black gold caviar limited supplies and time consuming production of juries delicacy is one of the most expensive foods
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on the planet however that may soon be a thing of the past. here we have bester a hybrid between beluga and sturgeon a beautiful fish but also hardy and very productive. igor gewirtz of has been working with sturgeon his whole life and even has a species named after him thanks to special living conditions he created his face mature three times faster than in the wild so the caviar can be farmed all year round and you can try to cut it here this is all caviar in the belly it's full of it. is also behind a unique technique to harvest the rope without killing the fish rather than being cold like elsewhere in the world the female fish is in the best cold milk gently on the sleeve each time a fish is milked it can produce up to a quarter of its weight in paddy i'll say this specimen is about ten kilos so up to
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two it out here as a caviar every time we approach now only makes caviar more accessible but also helps preserve this increasingly scholars read up beautiful face once russia had about ninety percent of the world's stock of sturgeon but by the turn of the century while sturgeon were close to extinction and voters were running the show to preserve what was left russia sized hole the commercial harvesting in two thousand and two and then banned the sale of sturgeon and black caviar altogether belgian escalated and so did the prices now the country is trying to return to the head and gaze of soviet caviar abundance this is the largest in russia and both parties in malta organic fish food and even spa treatments for its inhabitants the head of this laser says it. elise to one inescapable fact i think you and nonprofessional consumers will hardly be able to tell the difference between the wild and farm
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caviar in fact can only taste good and if it tastes good that means there caviar is ours. however most experts agree that demand will always outstrip supply and although black caviar may get cheaper it will never be cheaper. r.t. most of. the headlines shortly but first this is here with a business update. that's right time to get the latest from the world of business a very warm welcome the school coat foundation says a cleanse to sign fifteen corporation agreements with international companies by the end of the. buying the volunteers to pull google cord outs gumption and johnson all of those expected to join the innovation development center in school the innovation from towns already approved twenty eight projects will finance eleven or
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it could it see the president of the school give a foundation says money is ready to be invested. that. we've approved the budget for this year the value is around seven hundred fifty million dollars it will be spent on three main components for your physical construction of infrastructure in the development of the right which the construction of a research education centers in the region of innovative regularly where the main thing because like it projects so it's going to turn around three hundred million dollars of this year's. class have a quick look at the stocks now that nikkei were forced to our losses and ended high on monday it was helped by futures led by a weak again against the euro and two months and window dressing they had a sign close to monday's trading up about one point two percent as co-producers advance and high crude oil prices with w.g. i'm moving closer to the one hundred dollars a barrel mark and trading doesn't one hundred thirteen dollars. and european
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stocks opened marginally low on monday as concerns remains over the continued turmoil in libi and across the middle east which has kept the oil prices high while investors also waited to yours on inflation data london's footsie is trading down almost half a percent but franco's dax is down twenty three percent. and in russia the markets are glad to positively r.t.l. saw a stronger opening it was some percent high in the first. ten minutes of monday's session supporting it stations that the russian markets will continue their last week's winning streak and overall the markets are set to settle down firmly into positive territory as the trade gains and these u.s. and asia and as well prices are moving up with tensions in the middle east as collating let's have a look at some individual share moves here in russia energy majors a mostly highest supported by high it world metals and mining sector it's better than market on gold what is gold is quite means one point two percent but i think
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shares are also posting gains these should be is point four percent on the rise. russia's biggest blunder is set to expand into investment banking group wrong c.e.o. so that a decision on that strategy would be announced in less than two weeks the company says it will either buy an existing investment company or create a business from scratch. and when we plan to quickly develop sperm banks investment banking arm we have ended studying all possible opportunities that exist today of which there are two either an acquisition on an existing company creating a so-called greenfield investment bank but we don't have any deals with potential market participants in place at the moment of concern for the sole mrs from now or join in less than one last time for more business news than she could always get more for a small website r.t. dot com fresh business.
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her. downloads the official anti application. i pod touch from the i q sampson. cianci like on the. video on demand
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g.'s my old costs and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. position on the. screen to the protean republic. the center of russian defense production. now while she heads to central russia. the crops are become an industry. the harsh winter makes post even more enjoyable. and when everyone can train to be a stump. come a small. show close up on oxy. mornings today violence is once again flared up.


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