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tv   [untitled]    March 4, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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the. the ilona show will get the real headlines with none of the mersey can live out of washington d.c. now the jobs numbers report came out today and it's finally some good news but all employment unemployment is falling here in the u.s. the cost of food is on the rise worldwide but of course to strip naked for hours alone in his cell those are just a few of the details that we're now learning about the treatment of bradley manning the military man accused of leaking u.s. secrets to wiki leaks so is this the standard treatment for somebody accused of
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a crime in the u.s. military we'll find out then secret mission air force second a launch of its own spacecraft so what we really know about this plane known as x. thirty seven b. and then protests continue over plants and collective bargaining rights for union workers in several states including ohio so tonight we have an extended interview with ohio congressman and is considered and at the end of the show it's happy hour so all the way you said i had a college basketball player is cut from the team for admitting that he had sex with his girlfriend stick around for that but first let's move on to our top story. could really be some positive news for the economy becoming consistent the february job numbers are in and the official unemployment rate has now fallen to eight point nine percent the lowest it's been since april of two thousand and nine one hundred ninety two thousand jobs were added and this time the private sector far no way out did the public sector as state and local jobs declined by thirty thousand due to
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budget cuts and layoffs across the u.s. now usually this is the time the program we say that official unemployment and real unemployment is calculated by the u. six are completely inconsistent this time they use six did take it down as well so with these results can we say that a slow but steady recovery is finally underway or do rising food and oil prices still hold a major threat where this guys would need to individually also see an editor at the atlantic thanks so much for being here so. like i was saying finally it seems like there's some good news it seems to be semi consistent and six also went down but is there still anything there that stuck out to you that we have to say that doesn't exactly add on well as you mentioned this is a good report especially compared to january where it appeared to be good but there were a lot of sort of weird stuff going on so i guess this one is probably good probably the best since april but it's still kind of important to put into perspective what's going on here in the economy and how bad things really are if you dig deep
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enough into this report you find that so there's this official definition of what i'm going to write which means that you're looking for work you can't find it except on interviews that sort of thing so there are however of you people who are considered not part of the labor force that still want work but aren't considered unemployed in fact there's quite a few of these people something around six point four million and that number is actually calculated by the bureau of labor statistics that's not even here's the theory or anything so if you add those people in obviously the numbers are much higher instead of thirteen point seven million that the poor number is you actually have somewhere around twenty probably a little over twenty million people who actually want a job but that's still a lot of people but like i mentioned this time we see the private sector doing better than the public sector so i guess maybe that should give us a little bit of faith that these companies are finally starting to hire people instead of just sitting around these piles of cash and so i guess maybe people will have a little more incentive to go out there and look if they think they're hiring yeah i mean it does give you some hope for sure i mean we had two hundred twenty two
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thousand i think private sector jobs this month which is the most since april so assuming that this sort of thing continues are going to start a lot more than we saw jenny with the work of the sixty three thousand public sector so you two thousand total jobs added so again we have to see the trend works as we want to month so could you know why but we definitely should hope that it isn't as we look at the markets today they didn't really react you can't really say they reacted favorably to these job numbers a lot of people are saying of a assume that this would happen but for the most are they've really been keeping their eye on oil prices so how much should oil. i says really worry us in terms of the idea of a steady recovery i mean it depends what happens they could worry us a lot right now we're seeing oil you know who were gasoline rather on three fifty gallons heading there in most places if it goes to towards four dollars that's going to definitely happen to recovery i mean you know first of all companies are going to be able to hire as many people because their costs are going to start rising and consumers are going to spend as much money because there are communities that are rising that sort of thing so it has a kind of catastrophic eating effect throughout you know what we're saying right
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now like you said the average gas prices about three fifty some people are saying go up to four maybe even five dollars how does that really work how long does it take for that all to trickle down from the speculation and the market's going crazy to the average u.s. consumer. it's a question it's going to take some time because it has to be kind of a you'll permit it seeming trend i don't think people are going to freak out if it's you know about there too and then they start going down again but if we see prices prolonging it seemed to increase for months on end people are going to start getting worried they're going to start pulling back and then we're going to see that sort of thing so now let's talk to oppose the good news that we have which is that unemployment is falling and it seems like things are going well with rising food prices across the world the latest said that the u.s. food price index said it had we now are record food prices around the world since they started measuring this in one nine hundred ninety s. so how is that really affecting the u.s. or is it just the the poor countries that really suffer well in both ways right so for the u.s. that's another cost that americans are going to have to bear so if they're spending
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more food are going to be able to spend less on retail products and other things that can help certainly the economy but moreover one thing that's been helping the economy a lot recently has been our exports u.s. exports have been rising pretty steadily for the past year or so and if foreign nations are no longer able to spend as much on u.s. products because their food prices rise no those are portugal start to climb again and that will again if you think we would see any kind of unrest you know the way we've seen it in the middle east of course now we're finally seeing protests across the u.s. q two i guess what you could cost him. measures or union busting but you know so far it's not to the extent where rising food prices commodity prices have affected other countries and i think you probably won't see them for years much i mean we're already seeing something wisconsin that sort of thing but in terms of food prices i think people united states to be a little more cool headed going to come said prices rising looking plane but i don't know if we'll see massive protests but i guess we'll have to give us all the deals are ninety nine cents stories now lastly some people out there bill gross
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especially of pimco is saying that june thirtieth this year is going to be d.-day because that's when the quantitative easing two program expires in the fed will no longer be you know injecting seventy five billion dollars into the markets every month do you buy that i don't really i think that well there's two three things to look at here first of all there's a question of how much this program has actually done it's probably done a little keeping interest rates low but really the man's always been the problem in this recession and it's not clear that it's really conjured up all that much more preventing the part of consumers but secondly it could actually help in a sense that if it's causing prices to rise that could be part of the reason why we're seeing from prices going up and gas prices going up so without that part of the reason without prince and more money perhaps prices will rise as quickly and with those under control because it will be better off well that's definitely what a lot of people are hoping for internationally that have been of course criticizing the federal reserve since they made that decision daniel thank you so much for joining us thank you. and as food prices continue to rise i was afraid that most are the core while many struggle to get by the rich seem to be doing just fine art
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is on especially if you're going to take a look at dinner time from two very different americans. america the land of plenty but these days that plenty is only reaching a few with one country split into two planets it's a tale of two americas right now new york city a place where the number of people on food stamps is soaring at a record three million it is also a place where one hundred seventy five dollars buys wall street fat cats a burger with black truffles and meanies with a gold leaf or a martini for ten thousand dollars at an exquisite new york hotel at ten thousand dollars a month uni's costar mark because they're crying in space to be buying the experience this is you know this is oracle site and what makes you. unique and so special here we're going to order
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a dessert for staggering one thousand bucks nobody has ever had priors remorse that's that's for sure with a forty eight hour dance order this thousand dollars sunday is purchased up to five times a month again with the edible twenty three carat gold leaf gold doesn't really have a. good it does have a very cool texture so three caviar an edible sugar flower which takes eight hours to make and the rarest and most expensive chocolates in the world the ice cream is served in a crystal goblet similar to the one used at the vatican just in the past couple years people are suffering and they're saying you know why would you have a thousand dollar ice cream well you know why would you have a bentley a short ride across town a green tomato binny whatever garlic onion valerie. peltries like this one for the money that some new yorkers spend on a dessert is seen as
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a watery couple thousand dollars over a thousand. over a thousand course a two thousand individual would have gotten a meal a fifth of the number of people this place feeds a month but the amount of people that came in. and got. over a million people fed here last year and one hundred percent increase in demand for food this place knows the face of hunger demand for any available produce simple food such as can't be true and keys has been skyrocketing a pantries like this one as the gap between rich and poor is at an extreme so is the number of people who need any help they can get to put food on their tables sixty year old cedric is on disability and a father of three in a family with a ration that couldn't be simpler to juice. ground beef with thirty five family members gone for
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a week. more or less. kill a retired single mother of three on a cold floor and i'm from extreme cabbage on disability after being born in an explosion she struggles as food prices continue to rise produce fresh tickles it's dark. i mean it's our wages but ours. go for bread for these people luxuries not even a dream survival is their only priority there's just something amazing about ingesting gold lace giving a very nice they gave well we didn't get a ham but i got a big turkey and a lot of food so it's pretty cool next thanksgiving might not be so lucky for carol and millions of others as experts predict the gap between those with an empty stomachs. and this is. a new york. still to
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come on tonight still he's in military custody accused of leaking documents to wiki leaks and officials now confirm some of the harsh treatment that bradley manning has and there are long custody including being forced to strip naked so what's the address of the case of a later a secret mission or board of leo was supposed to take flight today but what we really know about the air force is x. thirty seven teams playing the last commercial space entrepreneur jeffrey man urges from the. drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to prevent break through it's already been made who can you trust no one who is imbue it with the global machinery see where are we heading state controls capitalism is called sessions when nobody dares to ask what we do our t. question more.
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the thing.
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hey guys welcome to shelley tell me alone a show we've heard largesse to say on the topic now i want to hear our audience just go out you tube the video response on twitter or find the question that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show is going to sponsor. playboy . we've spoken to death on this program about the backscatter x. ray body scanners use in airports across the country how much they invade the privacy and personal freedoms passengers but it turns out of the department of homeland security originally had intentions to place these scanners in many more places than just airports according to a document recently uncovered by the nonprofit group electronic privacy information center homeland security wanted to put them at the entrance of quote various locations including special events i get this they even wanted to melt a video cameras and x.
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ray scanners on to vehicles on the light poles and just about everywhere in public to make sure that nobody at any point i was carrying anything on the could be considered dangerous does anyone else out there buying this to be a severe violation of privacy to search people's belongings or just the people themselves without having any cause or any consent to talk about violating your fourth amendment rights so what's next. before you enter the mall or about how about expertise scanners before you go to class because you don't want to be carrying anything suspicious while you might be learning or maybe even the bathroom god knows what could happen when you're taking care of business you see what i mean the idea of using these machines everywhere is big brother coming to life knowing your every move every point in time now we should know that this plan originally came back in two thousand and six and since then this concept thankfully has been scrapped but here's henri's me if they were seriously considering this idea just a few years ago then what's to keep the concept from ever coming up again just
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a little crazy how out of touch with reality homeland really seems to be. yesterday we discussed the twenty two new charges that have been filed against bradley manning the army private accused of leaking documents to wiki leaks now one of those was a capital offense of aiding the enemy and now we have information that both on wednesday and thursday that he was forced to strip naked were made that way for seven hours both days his clothes were returned to him until the following morning after he was required to stand naked outside of his cell during an inspection and this is something that the military isn't denying the fact they acknowledged it but wouldn't give any reason as to why manning was subject to this type of treatment and this type of humiliation a marine spokesman said that he couldn't explain it without violating the detainee's privacy and the new york times is now reporting that quantico has said that manning will be strip searched every night as
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a precautionary measure to prevent self injury now remember this bradley manning has not been convicted of any crime under our legal system he is innocent until proven guilty psychiatry's have said that he poses no danger to himself so what could possibly justify this kind of treatment and how does it reflect on our military and on our government you and me to discuss it as jack rice former cia special agent and criminal defense attorney jack thanks so much for joining us now let's start with the idea that you know that bradley manning first of all has been in custody for ten months now he's been held in solitary confinement he's allowed out for one hour out of twenty three hour or twenty four hours a day and now he is being told that he might have to spare naked every single day to you does that constitute torture. well of course it does i mean if you take a look at exactly what it is they're doing and try to understand why now if we look at the facts behind this and we say ok we think he's going to try to commit suicide or we think it's contraband oh well guess what is nothing out there that we've seen
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so far that would lead us to believe that and yet that seems to be some sort of justification because otherwise why would you do this why would you hold him in isolation for twenty three hours a day but were essentially abuse trying to crush any will that maybe they're trying to motivate him to do certain things when in fact you have no right to do that but apparently nobody cares or at least not the powerful people but the military is trying to claim that all they have every right to do that because they're the military and these are military guidelines so is this really normal. you know it's not you see that's the purpose of work here is that what we see from the deal do you when it comes to this they say we can do just about whatever we want because these are the guidelines but they still have to have justification they still have to have some sort of articulable reason not just well we're in the mood to do this because it's manning we want to break this guy you need more than that in a big very very willing to provide this before actually i think what is the most
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telling here has nothing to do with what it is that he is he is involved in terms of maybe trying to hurt himself or contraband it's what he did or be spokesman said just a matter of hours ago when he said well the reason some of this is happening he's because of the seriousness of the charges because of national security because of the length of the potential sentence guess what that's what this is tied to and that is what makes this tick you literally outrageous because it highlights the motivation behind with the deal he is doing to mr manning and you know also the justice department has so far been saying that they have in no way been able to tie manning to julian a songe of wiki leaks so it makes sense here that the others are desperately trying to put this criminal case together they would they would have to resort to these or think they have to resort to these tactics to really try to break him but you know you mentioned one thing of the pentagon spokesperson said i think that they've been really failing with their entire media message here first they didn't really want
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to talk about bradley manning yesterday jeff morel went on t.v. and basically lied about bradley manning's condition and his treatment and said that he had visited him which was not true and now they're saying that they will admits that he is being forced to strip but they can't tell us why because they fear that that violates bradley manning's privacy i can't put two and two together here and what does happen with a house that's not for me you're not the only one and that's really the problem is you can't put two and two together here the inconsistency is are so clear if you just look at the statements that are coming out of the d.m.v. themselves their fight. selves over the questions that they're trying to give and that is part of this but you know here's a perfect example we come up with twenty two new charges right so they have all of these charges and the number one charge that you have you could potentially put him to death is aiding the enemy and yet what's curious about that is they can't even articulate which enemy they're talking about i mean who are the ones who are aiding
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them if they can't tie him to wiki leaks where is this coming from how was this getting to anybody how do they clarify that when you know what there's nothing out there to to not meeting ok yeah we looked into this yesterday on our program as well and the military is denying that weekly leaks is the official enemy here but what they're saying is that by putting this information out into the open then bradley manning may the helping facilitate this information getting into the hands of enemies such as al qaeda or the taliban but in that argument can you also say that any newspaper the new york times the guardian that published this information is also guilty there. absolutely i think that's exactly clear but you know what and i've seen this very directly in my own experience i've been in bed with the u.s. military those of oh i've been with a multiple times in iraq afghanistan and other part of places around the world so i see the strong tunnel both of the times as well is that what the u.s. military what the deal d. is trying to do is they're trying to articulate
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a very clear message and they want to control that message and if anybody comes out with something that's inconsistent with that message then they will go after them they have done that in this case i've seen where they're trying to control it when i've been in the middle before in afghanistan last time so this isn't shocking to me it problem is is there's too many moving parts inside the pentagon right now they can't sit down at one table and say ok this is how we're going to play everybody who's watching us and so you get all of these strange answers everybody claim that they're telling the truth when in fact it's clear a lot of them are not and what about the reaction from the people at this point you could say that the treatment of these paintings i go on time of day the guantanamo bay facility in general has sparked a lot of outrage internationally and amongst many americans why are we hearing the same thing about bradley manning straight man so i think a lot of people don't give it you i mean i think what happens is there are a lot of people who want to listen to what the government says or what the pentagon says and simply say that it is true and that what they're saying must be true
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because they don't want to look at the alternative and that's really the sad part about this we have seen this again and again and again where the government has told us one thing when in fact the rest of the story has had to come out to prove they're wrong but by that time they don't. jack want to thank you very much for joining us and of course we'll see how history treats bradley manning who knows maybe decades from now be looked at as the new daniel ellsberg who these days has completely had his image rehab and is looked upon as a hero but only time will tell thanks so much for joining us thank you. the air force is super secret x. thirty seven b. orbital test of the ecole was sent for its second launch today at cape canaveral florida but it's been delayed due to bad weather but that does not mean that there is a shortage of eyes waiting patiently to watch it take off the first launch in april of last year the interests of both china and russia who are just as curious as
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american taxpayers should be as to what the purpose of this point pilotless spacecraft is excuse me here the guys there with us is jeffrey manber commercial space entrepreneur jeffrey thanks so much for joining us from so you know tell me what you know about the x. thirty seven b. there's a lot of speculation out there could it be some kind of orbital bomber that's going to drop bombs from outer space or could it be a spy would do you know well i'm torn between being a space geek and a policy wonk you get it sort of bring the two together here as a space geek it's it's a fascinating story here you have hardware nasa could not do it's a space plane it's the future it takes off without people with lanes without people stays up there with maneuvers there's all sorts of things it wasn't the last i couldn't do it or just of the funding cuts and asked for this project in two thousand and four that it is actually that you're invested over it and we are going to rush into a match you can do if you nasa failed and so this program and we see the military flexing their muscles here for twenty twenty five years during the shuttle military
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really took a backseat to nasa saying oh we have a civilian space program we don't want to get involved nasa is the lead and finally we just couldn't take it anymore and said look we want the capability to do this we're taking it from nasa and here we go so as a as a space geek it's fascinating i mean because you got this thing what is it doing such a second policy wrong it's equally fascinating because he we are going around the world telling people we want transparency especially in military especially in space and we're being as secretive. as you know any regime out there and it sets a terrible example because it gives a chance for the hardliners in china and in russia to say we shouldn't cooperate with the united states doing evil friends are we to leave all things with this plane first spaceplane first of all you want to tell us what we're doing with that other we may as well you know we exactly we just don't know and that for me is the
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most troubling aspect about this because we're we're in a period now where we can't afford so many technology programs alone we have to share with other nations and yet here we are upset when asked a couple years ago china launched an attack on a satellite blew it up and we're worried about would russia is going to do and second time launching this thing with no knowledge of the taxpayer that's one issue the other issue is just as we go around the world saying we want to cooperate with you and here we are hiding what we do and why i think you're trying to prove a point let's talk about this as taxpayers to what i this comes out of the black budget right this black budget the nobody can see from the pentagon i've you know i've heard speculation is that just this launch alone is going to cost one hundred million dollars and as a taxpayer when americans are gearing are being told that we need to cut this is
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the time really to you know tighten your belts trav i find it a little frustrating well it probably does cost one hundred million that's what it costs to launch big satellites what bothers me is is there competition again is there transparency human beings are human beings something that you had no way well you can throw a little more money into it so as it's going to have a black look at it i think. as a military i wondered as a lot. of space person i would like to see the competition i like to see it open and i don't think there's a media here to be a secret and i think they're trying to prove a point the irony is i believe in my book. not trying to prove a point china russia trying to prove a point for me and i think what we're seeing here is an inside the beltway play with the pentagon saying hey we can do space same as you and that's what's going on it's washington internationally people. and russia are getting worked up when they are from china they're threatening to build something similar is there any truth to
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that you know we see what you experience china more than russia right now because you have good cooperation with russia but china certainly will say this is our excuse we can be just like them and we want to be just like them and so yes this could take us down a path with a lot less transparency just when we're trying to push the chinese to be transparent in this space program shows to visions between military and civilian and here we are saying it's ok for us to do what they're called black programs even if there's not a reason and again i say i think it's just proving a point and it troubles me that proving this point so very quickly a few more of go let's go back to the space you know and tell us how this thing flies on its own it also lands on its own and is it much smaller than the average nasa shuttle sure it's the size of a pickup truck and probably it's being used to test materials judging by the way it's been moving radiation testing and it's been in the environment so it probably
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has some really good uses and it's small but there's no reason the future couldn't be taking medicines pharmaceutical drugs testing and that's why by putting an openness and let us come in and do research on it as well i'm with you that i would die you know just you know what this really is all about john thanks so much for joining us. so to come on tonight's show elliott mike huckabee has a problem with an oscar winner who is pregnant and unmarried so tonight we ask in our july time segment why didn't criticize the unwed an unmarried daughter of serve haleigh and i we have a special interview ohio congressman dennis kucinich joins us in the studio discuss the union protests in his state and others along with the events unfolding in libya talking about. the smoke that we heard in the far right brooke.


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