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tv   [untitled]    March 7, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EST

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four thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlines media reporting from libya accused of blowing the unrest out of proportion to get headlines conflicting reports of who's in control of different cities and the number of casualties in the country suggests the truth may be hidden from view. and made fears of military intervention from abroad experts say foreign interference in libya is already happening head off these multi-billion dollar foreign assets being frozen and often used political tool of western powers looking to protect their interests in the region. and a massive in full of illegal immigrants from violence torn arab countries fueling
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anti muslim sentiment in europe in the states taking them in germany's new interior minister has become the latest politician to enter the immigration debate he says islam doesn't belong in europe. up next our own sophie shevardnadze is joined by two leading world affairs academics to look at what the future holds for troubled libya and its neighbors and why foreign nations should stay away interviews coming up next. stephen cohen it's really good to have you back. on your who also good to see you again so stephen has come out with a new book called the victims return survivors of the gulag after star and that's coming out in london next week but we'll still need to talk about what's going on
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in the middle east because some shake news coming out and now it's being seriously discussed that u.n. and u.s. could intervene in libya. are we seeing a cause over iraq here i think it's very different than iraq i think iraq was a moment when the united states in the name of democracy formed democracy by bringing democracy at the tip of a bayonet or with bombs and i think we're seeing the ripple effects of iraq in the region. i'm opposed to u.s. intervention i wish the united nations had more capacity to end violence and bloodshed in countries like libya but i think for the u.s. to intervene. would be dangerous because the countries in the region themselves it seems to me as we saw in egypt people in those countries need to take control of their own destiny and i have not followed libyan politics carefully but i think we're at a tipping point in the country where the forces arrayed against gadhafi will
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alstead in the next. yeah i do think so you're seeing that so for the u.s. to intervene we create a backlash in the region that could harm the possibility of future democracy in that very unstable and important region being older than. it was for more longer of the united states or of any moment for me and so many countries in the north korea very rarely are that worked out for. kind of makes the point of american ritual. discredits you know heard of the trigger and it's being thrown because it appears the pirate was overthrown with the backing of the united states in the forces of freedom or domestic democracy we've seen. in addition what we're seeing in egypt and in libya. it's not clear these are pro-democracy movements or these are and. despotic which they want to get rid of a dictator but getting rid of
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a dictator from one of many countries doesn't mean necessarily that democracy that's a process in these countries will be very difficult we're going to go real democratic culture american adventure make it harder one of the point. if intervention is necessary should be the collective action of the united nations and this might not be a bad thing to the united nations was created in an effort to maintain pink's and to act as if there were a war and violence against the corporations so you know we're going to be intervention i think people who care about the future of this country should insist that the signal to the united nation not in the white house and not a rational or i mean for you all know how decisions are made or is that really matter well good part of the problem in the countries we're watching in the middle east now is that the institutions of democracy have been so guarded and attacked over the last decades by the despots in power that it will take generations to
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build those institutions but in the same way the u.s. relationship with these countries has been so heavily dependent on military and national security relations that it has distorted our relations and so we talk a good game in the united states of support for democracy but we've really been supporting stability and support of oil or in support of other measures so i think we need a new national security. policy or new thinking to use a term that was popular in this country in order to develop a relationship that would emphasize economic development which is going to be critical because so many of the protests in the region have to do with economics despair and joblessness and i think support for civic governance not the meddling but just actual changing relationships so it's away from military it's a more civil political you look at the situation generally what kind of lessons are throwing for what's going on right now in the arab world well i think the lesson is that you're witnessing people who've been suppressed and repressed for decades who
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are disgusted and fed up with the cronyism the corruption the suppression of not necessarily democracy but people's ability to lead their own lives and an anger about the joblessness but i do think the corruption the sense that these leaders were willing to put in their own sons and his family despotism has led to something we rarely see in this world we saw we saw some of it in one thousand nine hundred nine in this part of the world but it's people rising up and seeking their own destiny it's never as simple as that but i do think that that's what we begin with and from there it will get very complicated i think in america i don't know about your country but there is a sense or you know democracy has car no regime change has barely come these dictators have been ousted and what follows will be a measure of international support of non meddling of countries
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ability to come together and find the resources i come back again to economic development i really think that's going to be critical in this region because you have millions of young people and that's how it started in tunisia it's like new dominoes the young man who couldn't get a license and who was disgusted by the corruption and lived in self up on fire and suddenly you. had you seen this and then finally you had the ability to communicate the social networks are not to be treated lightly people were able to see if you could get rid of a dictator in one country it could happen the problem in the united states where we just come from because there are a lot of good lessons being drawn in the. war and for saying this is a lot of it isn't and i would really want to journey maybe it's the first step but it's a long journey that's for certain second people think this is a revolution as well as story. react badly to the generalization and egypt for
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example mubarak was gone but the regime the story where the military regime went over the country that's not a revolution that's for you call that regime change at the moment it's a leader change i don't know what's going to happen in that period commission it still be a change we missed the word revolution talk of a desperate fall and so there's a lot of misperception and then the other thing that's the warm western in the united states i think is that the united states should do something word to shepherd you know the support of shepherd like a former guide for his flock of sheep or in his cattle to or the idea of a united states that's to shepherd these countries as a force for us from god or his and bradley these countries will make an order or maybe make it all the united states doesn't understand the situation but there is a danger of a political involvement of your god which would be remiss i mean there are two things that have arisen in the united states in the last few days one is of course
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the renewal of democracy promotion this idea that america has the right or the wisdom to impose democracy in other countries and you see a lot of this in the commentary president obama should bring democracy to egypt or bring democracy to tunisia that's not our role we need to get our own act together inside our country but also of course there's a concern that there will be more terrorist threats and danger in the. the feeling yes that the instability will fuel terrorist threats well you could argue the opposite that the repression of the possibility of democracy in these countries has given fuel to terrorists who have been i mean have been angry and enraged over these last decades by the u.s. occupation and presence in these countries to very tricky time i'm not even talking about the role of israel in the region in the united states there's a great live in iran and also well iran i think is in an interesting position
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because there's iran has become again as it was because of the failed iraq war and more powerful in the region and i think or oil and other factors may make it even more powerful with israel in the united states you have a strong support for israel and a concern that it will lose allies the fact that you had the board as its main israel's main ally has caused many supporters of israel concerned i think you will see a region which is not going to be anti israeli but will not be as willing to support agreements that have been so inconsistent with the human rights of palestinians and so inconsistent with the rights of other countries arab countries and in the region but there is great concern among those who feel israel be threatened by the changes two years ago obama sought to reset relations with russia what humans are there to talk about so far world tour achieve some really can't say there's nothing we can
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a more quiet voice an inch or two countries there is more cooperation in afghanistan there was a view that it was going to be cooperation around and i think that was an illusion the big achievement of course of the start treaty going agreement to reduce nuclear weapons are for i've just written a long manuscript about this and i came to a conclusion. that when it's a very unstable because we. underlying disagreements that created really a new cold war after making one roommate for doing all the arrangements on the would be going to shows for example why was the reset even necessary why wasn't the restriction you carton a ship after the storm or the strategic partnership a group which often your grandfather created with or reagan bush that was lost after going to war and he won. the united states blames putin but that's not of per explanation there is no agreement on the car secondly nato expansion is clearly the
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biggest thing is the biggest stumbling point between america and russia it's even bigger than people understand and i will tell you why the president made a serious news on russia's entire go through a sphere of privileged interests in the former soviet republic has security or it is something political and we say we need the united states not we say no because no countries are allowed to have a sort of influence anymore it's an evil what is the expansion of nato it's an expansion of the american sphere of influence a vast expansion into the territory used to be was for europe was a soviet russia so. mr washington why didn't you get this for us and in our backyard and we get none of this is the league geo political conflict over a time and there will be reset now there is a solution but nobody's prepared to put it forward in the united states. till this problem is solved. there are going to be no partnership and your mr big you know
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steve speaks as a scholar of russian the soviet union but he doesn't speak about the enormous opposition even this modest reset has confronted in the united states you had again a republican party which for decades has supported bipartisan arms control treaties and how many republicans did you finally get seven i think at the most so the resort is modest i agree with steve's analysis of the ongoing problems but the fact that it's. under fire in america is a failure of both the c.e.o. of a solid successor leadership this is one area where presidents both have enormous power in front of gorbachev and reagan world posed by their own parties but they overcame it and they get it as being attacked in moscow for more he said obama there but this is where leadership is required but don't forget these guys inherited this problem of nato expansion obama didn't expand nato he did not he inherited this problem it has to be resolved and he goes and worse by the day remember the united
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states is still saying that georgia should become a member of nato and saakashvili is saying yes we want to and the united states is even saying the ukraine crane should become a member of nato even though ukraine says it's not interested now these are fundamental conflicts i mean we already had one world with us and georgia there could be another country to finally who'll stephen cohen thank you very much for this interview.
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media reporting from libya accused of blowing the unrest out of proportion to get headlines conflicting reports on who's in control in different cities and the number of casualties from the country suggests the truth is still hidden from view . and he fears of military intervention from abroad experts say foreign interference in libya is already happening he's a multi-billion dollar foreign assets are being frozen and often used a political tool of western powers looking to protect their interests in the region . and a massive inflow of illegal immigrants from violence through an arab countries fuels anti muslim sentiment in european states taking the name of germany's new interior minister has become the latest politician to enter the immigration debate he says
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is wrong doesn't belong to europe. shifting gears from all that cape archer is up next with a sports report stay with us here on our. hello welcome to the sports news live from moscow with me ted french and here are the headlines blues target tangerines chelsea i.v. trip blackpool this evening for greece their flagging title defense hopes in the english premier league. ball starts to go on in the senate coachy channels for latino voters players ought to be to take a look at the russians to pick up. and quarter finalist regular season champions up on god make the last eight of the k h l playoffs a seven three victory over and it became a. goalie i saw the music come but first let's start with football and chelsea hope to boost their slim title defense hopes with
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a victory at blackpool on monday evening in english premier league the cause placed blues travel to the northwest twelve points adrift of leaders announced united but with two games in problems manager carline chalabi has slight fitness doubts over defended that agrees and we feel that john i really felt like he did a drug that could be in line for a first toss watson under torres is looking senescence first chelsea go against a time during side with the last defensive record in the top flight however blackpool have already claimed several big scalps this season during the double i will liverpool and they can talk the last time out but key man charlie adam and d.j. campbell the closest friend they've seen fellow race team aim to record a first only in chelsea for forty six years. and meanwhile on sunday can score this trick liverpool as the red stuns ninety ninety three will have it on field there is suarez provided the assists superbly beating for defenders and goalkeeper everything from the start to pass on the civil have a hand on this crack a stoppage time consolation for the visitors as well steven fletcher grabbed the
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last equaliser was moved to three three with tottenham after russia's president not on public changes at its early in the second half. and the. but look at the table ahead of monday's game shows how open this title race has become france united and i are just three points ahead of asked not to have a game in hand and the two sides have to play each other at the emirates on may the first chance the city of chelsea currently in a battle with tottenham for the last champions weeks cost us yet still cost us two games in hand while at the bottom it's way going down the road and not calling cup champions godling and there is a relegation zone but it's really really really see top down there to call them five points separating the bottom seventeen. why russia is in it culturally transplants he has praised his side's character after they beat tesco moscow one nil to lift the russians to pick up substitute alexai on have netted the winner in the traditional curtain raiser to the new russian football season and ask about
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side have families going on to chances throughout the match but still as his man found the next after seventy three minutes through the honor of his own share of great taste again in a full court on the russian pop up before about both of them tying in the last sixteen of the europa league on thursday incentives tax of twenty eight days that is extreme force they. are stuck in now where we now know the full lineup for the conference semifinals in the kontinental hockey league after regular season champions are in god sealed the last spot by winning their deciding gave him a seven three is alive it was going to be an even if they're only on going got the regular season try three times. most of the eight but i would add another late in the second hour then with him it kept pace in the first period two goals and just three to turn but. after that there's only thirty brace so it's still a seventy it'll probably be
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a late tennessee. if it's big cancellation it was going to ask me for the rest until last night. waiting for the net that's like. and is a course or two will play each other in game one on wednesday in a true heavyweight match up between the second and third seed teams in the east and the other tight to sign defending champions and france will face off against the far hostile about you liars both teams are yet to lose during this post-season having swept their writing round matches against by east severe respectively. and over in the western conference block or to be honest level phase locked inside another league in the number of best of seven series in the other contest sponsored petersburg and also scored after moscow take on atlanta those games taking place on tuesday. meanwhile russia's athletes finished off the european championships and start in paris winning stream more goals on the final day as they finish top of the medals table up and coming valiantly shinai claimed the long jump time course
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totals neither balanced by just one suns major and yet been at sea world over triumph on the track winning the eight hundred metres as well as by victory in the women's four by four hundred meters relay. and in total there were six goals for russia ukraine and overall total of fifteen medals home nation france came in second all germany managed with a total of ten going. and is now in russia's davis cup campaign came to an abrupt halt at the weekend following their shock defeat away to sweden but no such problems with spain though as they topped nation praise their way past winners belgium well number one rafael nadal in poker books their quarterfinal back on saturday they win the from to complete a whitewash on sunday and show off their all who's just returned from injury was at his domineering best against any of the a spanish left really top notch forehand down the line when he's not. doing that finish. and philip the ana lopez have
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a chance to make the overall school five nil for spain but steve classy gave his all to salvage at least some pride but hindsight it's you needed to place in the sets. celebrated consolation that i found it went down to the last year's beaten finalist thought. the i could not so had beaten gilles simone to time i think she. thinks it's martin fisher who was ranked outside the top one hundred however fish it was the fast track what's taking the first set six to. eleven thirty in the second on a tie break and he went on to wrap it up for. an excerpt of kilmeny who overcame croatia felix but she's not beaten even college in the deciding fifth rubout space next play the usa americans were easy winners against chile argentina now face a fast rising kazakstan to stun the czech republic sweden beat russia really for
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the trading tie with holder serbia. now some n.b.a. action where kevin durant was far from his shooting best but the oklahoma city thunder still edge the phoenix suns in overtime for their third win on the trot it was a back and forth match in oklahoma vince carter time again for the business with one seconds to go to make it not in line no two rounds then had a chance to construe in front of him sitting in the grass and said it's a shot they look too good to run record and sees a good three blocks from fulton st it was even worse because i think top scored for the sun and space for a couple of all important free throws in a roadside steve nash also missed the last gasp three points or so the first one it might seem too often the sixty. has catch up with the latest winner on a tour now after south africa's rory sabbatini held on to win the honda classic in
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florida and say hold on because he was chased hard by science korean why yang subhashini was five shots ahead of the field start of the day youngster with a lap down the most shocking find in sixteen. this one tisha and you're still within the shot by the last a sweet bunker shot here snow birding how about sabatini kept his nerve to passing along the safe pass for wash away. and elsewhere the cricket world cup england's world without batsman kevin pietersen for the rest of the tournament he needs a hernia operation following his side's training victory over south africa england won by just six runs in the end the day didn't start well for them passing first captain andrew strauss was out for the death of the side who. pietersen followed just three balls later in bell also which is running these three wickets but just three runs sixty. ravi bopara and jonathan trott steady the ship for england to
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stand with ninety nine people all at one hundred seventy one south africa must of fancy their chances how about stuart broad who wanted just fifty runs rushing around last night forty two in all this while south africa has twelve runs the last twenty two balls and two thirds remaining or so off the tail end the victory. was a huge huge game for us you know after the island game we really need to come out and show some character and we definitely need to do that. much of that like three phase you guys that are very deep in the field in the logic of always agreeing on the pump to them to come out and show what they can do. you know bodes well for the recent film and if we can get by with actually i'm bowling right in one go to be outside to be and in the other game on sunday india claimed a five work it went over all and the rush saying with a great all round performance playing five wickets missing half century as india
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finished until hundred twenty five of forty six overs applied to ireland's i think two hundred seven all odds. other than those shots from the world rally championship where some time defending champion sebastian has bounced back from the slow start to the new season the frenchman winning in mexico for the fifth straight time lead sits in teammate sebastian o'shea top the time sheets going into the final day as he crashed out slowly on. to full advantage when he stage and hung on through its high for four to finish few of nico pertinent and well you might think that the way to the podium mexico. was the lead off winning the first place in sweden last month and that moves up to second guess nine points adrift. and that's all sports news for now but we'll be back with another update in just under two hours time i hope you join me then i think i'm.
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sure is that so much as i can recall if you are right on the end of a drawing finally the collective bargaining puts america's democracy credentials in the line of fire but is this move to break a graveyard. all
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