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tv   [untitled]    March 7, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EST

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if you need some from friends to. start some tea don't come. six thirty pm in moscow these are headlines media reporting from libya excuse of glowing the rest out of proportion to get headlines conflicting reports of who's in control of different cities and the number of casualties from the country suggests the truth is still hidden from view. i mean fears of military intervention from abroad experts say foreign interference in libya is already happening get off these multibillion dollar foreign assets are frozen in an off and on in an often used political tool of western powers looking to protect interests in the region. and
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the massive influx of illegal immigrants from violence toward the arab countries fueling anti muslim sentiment in european states taking them in germany's new interior minister has become the latest politician to enter the immigration debate he says is a lot of them does not belong in europe. up next starkey sophie shevardnadze is joined by two leading world affairs academics for a look at what the future may hold for a troubled libya and its neighbors and why foreign nations should keep out interviews coming up next. stephen carter it's really good to have you back. on your who will so good to see you again so steven has come out with a new book out it's called victims return survivors of the cool life. that's coming
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out in london next week but will still need to talk about what's going on in the middle east because some shaking is coming out and now it's being seriously discussed and us could intervene into libya what do you think are we seeing echoes of iraq here i think it's very different than iraq i think iraq was a moment when the united states in the name of democracy formed democracy by dream democracy at the tip of a bayonet or with bombs and i think we're seeing the ripple effects of iraq in the region. i'm opposed to u.s. intervention i wish the united nations had more capacity to end violence and bloodshed in countries like libya but i think for the u.s. to intervene. would be dangerous because the countries in the region themselves it seems to me as we saw in egypt people in those countries need to take control of their own destiny and i have not followed libyan politics carefully but i think
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we're at a tipping point in the country where the forces arrayed against gadhafi will in the next sure yeah i do think so you're seeing that so for the u.s. intervene we create a backlash in the region that could harm the possibility of future democracy in that very unstable and important region being older than. i was for more than longer of any of the united states or of the moment for me and so many countries and are very worried. for. katrina makes a point or a convention. discredits we've all heard of him. because he appears the priorities are overthrown with the backing of the right strain in the force in the very interesting recently seen. any additional what we're witnessing in egypt and. it's not clear these are pro democracy which are these are and the despotic words they want to get rid of the dictator and
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getting rid of a dictator or them going on in many countries doesn't mean necessarily true democracy that's a process in these countries and very difficult when there is an old democratic culture of american intervention or one of the point. if intervention is necessary should be collecting reaction of the united nations and this might not be a bad because the united nations was created in an effort to maintain peace and if there were actual violence against local populations you're going to be in a recession i think people who care about the future of this country should insist that the solution be taken at the united nations not in the white house and not at brussels headquarters i mean for you all know how decisions are made or is that really matter well but part of the problem in the countries we're watching in the middle east now is that the institutions of democracy have been so guarded and attacked over the last decades by the despots in power that it will take
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generations to build those institutions but in the same way the u.s. relationship with these countries has been so heavily dependent on military and national security relations that it has distorted our relations and so we talk again in the united states of support for democracy that we've really been supporting stability in support of oil or in support of other measures so i think we need a new national security. policy or new thinking to use a term that was popular in this country in order to develop a relationship that would emphasize economic development which is going to be critical because so many of the protests in the region have to do with economic despair and joblessness and i think support for civic governance not the meddling but just actual changing relationships so it's away from military it's a more civil political look at the situation generally how lessons are going for what's going on right now in the arab world well i think the lesson is that you are
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witnessing people who have been suppressed and repressed for decades who are disgusted and fed up with the cronyism the corruption. suppression of not necessarily democracy put people's ability to lead their own lives and in anger about the joblessness but i do think that corruption the sense that these leaders were willing to put in their own sons and his family despotism has led to something we rarely see in this world we saw we saw some of it in one thousand nine hundred nine in this part of the world but it's people rising up and seeking their own destiny it's never as simple as that but i do think that that's what we begin with and from there it will get very complicated i think in america i don't know about your country but there's a sense of you know democracy has no regime change is barely come these dictators have been ousted and what follows will be
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a measure of international support of non meddling of our country's ability to come together and find the resources i come back again to economic development i really think that's going to be critical in this region because you have millions of young people and that's how it started in tunisia it's like new dominoes the young man who couldn't get a license and who was discussed by the corruption and religion saw fight on fire and suddenly you. it seems this and then finally you had the ability to communicate to social networks and not to be treated lightly people were able to see if you could get rid of a dictator in one country it could happen part of the problem in the united states where we just come from you know is there a lot of us and it's been drawn in the. us and people are saying it is interesting it isn't that when you're on the jury maybe it's the first but it's a long journey as for mr second people think of the revolution as
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a story. react badly a good generalization in egypt for example. about the regime is still there the little training regime will go over the country that's not a revolution it's called regime change at the moment it's a leader change i don't know what's going to happen or can there be an intimation still be a change we misuse the word revolution when we talk about desperate for so there's a lot of misperception going the other thing that's the wrong lesson in the united states i think is the united states should do something word to shepherd you know the suburban shepherd like a former guide says flock of sheep or his cattle to report the idea of the united states has to shepherd things countries because of course rush from god always ends badly and his countrymen make a wrong or they will make an organ i just don't understand the situation but there is a danger of a political involvement and i would be much i mean there are two things that have
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arisen in the united states in the last few days one is of course the renewal of democracy promotion this idea that america has the right or the wisdom to impose democracy in other countries and you see a lot of this in a commentary president obama should bring democracy to egypt bring democracy to tunisia that's not our role we need to get our own have to gather inside our country but also of course there's a concern that there will be more terrorist threats and danger in the. the feeling yes that the instability will fuel terrorist threats well you could argue the opposite that the repression of the possibility of democracy in these countries has given fuel to terrorists who have been mean have been angry and enraged over these last decades by the u.s. occupation and presence in these countries it's a very tricky time i'm not even talking about the role of israel in the region in the united states or is it live for israel and iran also well iran i think is in an
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interesting position because there's iran has become again as it was because of the failed iraq war more powerful in the region and i think or oil and other factors may make it even more powerful with israel in the united states you have a strong support for israel and a concern that it will lose allies the fact that you had the board because it's i mean israel's main ally has caused many supporters of israel concerned i think you will see a region which is not going to be anti israeli but will not be as willing to support agreements that have been so inconsistent with the human rights of palestinians and so inconsistent with the rights of other countries arab countries and in the region but there is great concern among those who feel israel be threatened by the changes two years ago obama sought to reset relations with russia but humans are there to talk about so far world or or achieve so we're going to get
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serious not. speaking we're quite unfortunate your country there is more cooperation and afghanistan. but i think that was an allusion to the big achievement of course of the story treating. the weapons for i've just written a long manuscript about this and i will be sure it was not on your screen we would already experienced or it will cause. underlying disagreements that created really a new cold war record breaking and i really. wanted to win all the reasons i'm going to be additional for example and why was the reset even necessary why wasn't there a strategic partnership after the storm or the strategic partnership with a group of children your grandfather created with reagan and bush that was watched after one hundred ninety one. united states claims. but that's not a fair explanation there is no agreement on the power secondly nato expansion is
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clearly the biggest thing is the biggest stumbling point between america and russia it's even bigger than people understand why president medvedev has some issues with the russians in a tight rope from a sphere of privileged interests in the former soviet republic security or if you can call it a collective we say we have united states not me we say no because no country is allowed to have a sphere of influence anymore it's an evil what is the expansion of nato it's an expansion of the american sphere of influence a vast expansion into the territory that used to be most from north of soviet russia so moscow says to washington why did you get this for us and in our backyard and we get none of this is the geo political conflict of our time and there will be no reset and go now there is a solution but nobody's prepared to move forward in the united states but it's
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still there's progress or. they're going to be no partnership and only sort of you know steve speaks is a scholar of russian the soviet union is pretty doesn't speak about the enormous opposition even this modest reset has confronted in the united states you had i get a republican party which for decades has supported bipartisan arms control treaties and how many republicans did you finally get seven i think at the most so the resort is modest i agree with steve's analysis of the ongoing problems but the fact that it's. under fire in america is a failure of both the c.e.o.'s all it takes is an eager share this is want to you know where presidents on both sides have enormous power in foreign policy. and reagan were opposed by their own parties but they overcame it may get it is being attacked in moscow or forgive me so while i'm in there but this is where leadership is required but don't forget these guys in the area this problem of nato expansion obama didn't expand nato he did not he inherited this problem it has to be resolved
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and he grew the worst by the day remember the united states is still saying that georgia should become a member of nato and saakashvili is saying yes we want to and the united states is even saying the ukraine crain should become a member of nato even though crane says it's not interested now these are fundamental conflicts i mean we already had one war over this in georgia and there could be another country and if i learn who is stephen cohen thank you very much for this interview.
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culture is that so much of it which of course is one of them severely drawing battle until the collective bargaining puts america's democracy and interest in the line of fire but is this move the red tape. media reporting from libya accused of blowing the rest out of proportion to get headlines the conflicting reports of who is in control of the different cities and the number of casualties from the countries or just the truth is still hidden from view. amid fears of military intervention from abroad experts say foreign interference in libya is already happening coffee's multibillion dollar foreign assets are being frozen and often used political tool of western powers looking to protect interests in the region. and a massive influx of illegal immigrants from violence or an arab countries fuels as have most of the sentiments in european states taking them in germany's new interior minister has become the latest politician entering the immigration debate
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he says it is the law and does not belong to europe. kate partridge is up next with a sports reports stay with us. hello welcome to dispose news and other headlines please target tangerines chelsea i.v. to blackpool this evening to these that attacking title defense hopes in the english premier league. wall start as you mean to go on its in its cochin-china spots he nods his players after it's in taste to lift the russian super cup. games plus a finalist regular season champions alan kohler to make the last eight of the k h l playoffs a seventy three victory over the phoenix. where we are stuck in a used to come but first let's start with football and chelsea hope to boost their slim title defense hopes with a victory at blackpool on monday evening in english premier li the fourth place
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blues travel to the northwest twelve points adrift of leaders manchester united with two games in hand manager call on philosophy has slight fitness stance over defender louise and we feel that john obi mikel helped but didier drogba could be in line for start off and i don't or is looking to get this first chelsea goal against a tundra reciting the worst case of record in the top flight however blackpool have already trained so it stops the season during the double over liverpool and one from tottenham last time out of team and charlie adam and d.j. campbell about suspended is each other ways to aim to record a first and win against chelsea for forty six kids. and may want a son they've scored his first hat trick a little fall as the reds dons manchester united three was on the field this once provided the assists of easing stall defenders and goalkeeper edwin van to start as a new single for us have a hand on this grabbed a stoppage time consolation for the visitors elsewhere steven fletcher grabbed
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a last gasp equaliser there's been three three with tottenham russians try for a run and publishing that next draws closer to the. the second part. of the quick look at the table ahead of monday's game shows hired for this title race as the count bunched united and now just three points ahead of arsenal have a game in hand and the twosome it's have to play each other at the emirates on they are the first match of the city and chelsea are currently in a battle with tottenham for the last champions league spot but as yet still have those two games in hand while they're out but also it's we've given them boards and now calling fuck champions birmingham who are in the relegation zone but it's really tight down there too with only five points separating the bottom seventeen. while here in russia isn't it coach that china sweaty has praised his side's character after baby take also one mil to lift the russian super cup substitute alexei yong of not to the winner in the traditional curtain raiser at the new russian football season the muscovite side have formal goal scoring opportunities
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throughout the match it's left his men found and at seventy three minutes through the on off cynics are shared your trade tastes again and they called in the quarter final of the caution cup before that both of playing in the last sixteen with you greatly going first like this and that's the twenty taste of seaport i. knew asked the manager asked and then it says that fabregas is likely to be fit to choose the champions league last sixteen second leg of barcelona as the gunners look to defend it to one first like victory thank you said his captain who hasn't missed three games with a hamstring injury is ninety percent fit however vango will be without a number of other key players in the county alex song is set to miss out with a knee injury along with winger theo walcott and first a goal scorer robin van persie of just a drop of a dime as we couldn't into the last days meanwhile barcelona missing both the first choice central defenders as we all act with a knee injury and short p.k. suspended. found that magic mini camp is one of two taking place and she stayed in
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the other shutout and that has grown by ukrainian champions but it's a surprise three two. first leg victory rode on the hoping to make proper history or reaching the last eight for the first time. i snuck in and regular season champions of unthought sealed the last spot in the conference semifinals of the kontinental hockey league after winning their deciding game with mr kim a seven three it like it was going to be an even if early on happened. period and i let it go now i want to add a second later in the game however the simic kept pace in the first period going back two goals and just three to down but it was all adding on after that it's on the job in the race it's a student who is seventeen and. i got caught scored a late penalty. this any consolation it's having dancing progressed into the last eight. and waiting for them there on the playground is
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a ghost but you're my each other on wednesday and i want of another best of seven series in truth had a great match up between the second and third seeded teams in the east and the other side to sign defending champions at gas will face off against the far past about your life both teams are yet to lose during this postseason having swept by writing matches against barry's sivia respectively and over in the western conference locomotive we are subtle face latvian side and i'm a reader in other contest styles and it is both also sweet spots like moscow on our plans and those games taking place ponchos day. meanwhile russia's athletes finished off the european championships and start in paris winning stream more goals on the final day as they finish top of the medals table up and coming that he actually should not claim the long jump title beating which goes night against by just one centimeter then the opinion is a lot on track when you try to introduce is not is followed by victory in the full
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by four hundred fifty billion. an example there were six goals for russia to find an overall talent of fifteen medals i. nation france came in second or germany for months third the total of ten gone. ten is now in russia's davis cup campaign came to an abrupt halt at the weekend following their shock defeat away to sweden but there are no such problems for spain as the top ranked nation griese their way osman as belgium well number one rafael nadal and his colleagues have got their quarter final on saturday and they were looking to complete a whitewash recently shola was all who's just returned from injury was at his domineering best against allegations the spanish left hand touch forehand down the line is now sixty six to ten for the theater lopez had a chance to make the overall score five nil for space that steve d'arcy gave his all to salvage at least some pride for the home side but soon needed time breaks in most respects deicing celebrated
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a consolation victory. on the way down to the wire last year's beaten finalist fonts we face pastor in their opener they are going meltzer have been choosing want to tie the match up tomorrow so very friendly to us the french is up against martin fisher who is right outside the top one hundred however fisher was the faster out of the blocks in the first set six two and shadi levelled matters with the second in the tiebreaker. and he went on to wrap it up in three sets. i am next up for france and germany who i became prey ch√Ętelet kitchenette me to either college in the deciding fifth rubber spain will next by the usa easy wins against chile argentina now face fast rise in kazakhstan to stun the czech republic also even if you could russia i mean from treating type of cold in serbia. as an action on the n.b.a. where kevin durant was far from the shooting best with an open home sitting under storage the phoenix suns in overtime for their third win on the trot it was
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a back and forth match in oklahoma carter tying the game for the visitors with nine seconds to go to make it into an all drunk and then had a chance to pitch the win for oklahoma city that missed it as an intentional act and not to regret the durant's recording season by three losses from thirty attempts but it's even worse for carter who talked sports of the sign missed a couple of boards in fresno to tie and steve nash also missed a last gasp three pointer so the hosts one eight hundred ninety nine sixteen. now the cricket world cup in more than one place kevin pietersen in the england squad after the baton rouge ruled out for the rest of the tournament as he needs a hernia operation following his eyes during victory over south africa england won by just six runs in the end of a date didn't start well for them passing first captain andrew strauss was out for a duck of the ball and kevin pietersen followed just three balls later in bell also
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went cheaply as robin pietersen three rickets just three runs of sixteen goals ravi bopara and johnson try steadied the ship we went to the stand with ninety nine in all out for one hundred seventy one and south africa must answer the chances however stuart broad gets for just fifteen runs in. question who makes forty the finale saw south africa chase twelve runs from the last twenty some balls with two with its remaining brought her off the tail end her victory. was a huge huge game for us you know after the ireland game we really need to come out and show some character and we definitely need to do that. again here is much of that if you like but to be fair to the guys that are very deep in the field and the logic of always ukraine on the pump it to them to come out and show what they can
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do. you know george well for the recent film and if we can get perfect actually i'm bowling right in one go then we're going to be outside of it and in the other game on sunday in india playing a five week it when i ride and you run sing with a great all round performance playing five wickets isn't half century is india for much on two hundred intensify a forty six overs quite a while and opening two hundred seventy four lines i find it's a wild ride a championship where seven time defending champion sebastian bounced back from his slow start the new season i went to mexico for the fifth straight time love sitting teammate sebastian o.g.a. topped the time she's going into the final day of the crash but early on. full advantage winning stage can hang on for the title ford finish cured because heaven and very much in the far left completed the podium of an overall leader after winning the first race in sweden last month and some second time points
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adrift. was. thinking. and that's always foresees i've been there. wealthy british style seinfeld's. margetts finance scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports.
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in some pieces but he's available in great detail europe grand hotel emerald marco polo blue they claim small town circles hotel in the big gold circus hotel. cringe an escape kunitz reticent s.a.'s more convinced he might go to twitter to look him cool cars come on kin people she's gone now so tell.


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