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tv   [untitled]    March 14, 2011 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger or no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. is a report. this is the fuel rods of the second reactor selve the nucleus of last have been fully exposed for a few hours while the fears of a meltdown constant of course the attempts to cool the reactor and seawater heart receives. the human cost of the devastation in japan is being followed with almost kills in people who are confirmed dead although in friday's make acquaintance in the army rescue teams from several countries including russia
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are helping the search for an estimated fifteen thousand still missing. did all the news with exactly these forces seemingly really gaining ground in the east of libya concerns a grow over what's next if the need condemned by the global community takes over the country once again. more on the developing situation in japan throughout the day here on r.t. but now we time to libya and the international community debate on what measures to take we sat down with the hate them out a spokes person of the arab commission for human rights has been keeping track of events in the country. we're talking today to dr mona a spokesman of the arab commission for human rights in paris. to monitor the arab commission for human rights also the prosecutor general for the international tribunal to begin an investigation into events in libya and their decision to begin
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the investigation was made how will it be carried out. oh. first of all the investigation will be made under the authority of the un security council in accordance with clause thirteen of the rome statute this clause in tiles the prosecutor general to perform an investigation without any preconditions or limitations and enables him to move freely and used to the benefit of the investigation anything that may be needed and anything at the suspected criminals hiding from the investigation that's what we've achieved by now two of five groups of our representatives have arrived in benghazi and started working among them are experts in international law in medicine libyan legislation and economy five representatives of the arab commission for human rights and now working in liberated regions of libya their task is to gather evidence and proof of the crimes committed from the very beginning up to now the information gathered and be passed over to the geneva human rights commission and to the prosecutor general for the
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international tribunals our main task now is to prevent gadhafi and his accomplices from a string evidence of a crime against the people of libya there are attempts to do so and they clean up the crime scenes paid over evidence and gather spent shells to make it impossible to tell what weapons they used in action which led to two thousand deaths among the peaceful population experts a listing me exactly amber of victims with names in medical explanations of how they got right it's very important and. tell us about the cooperation of your commission and the international tribunal so we've cooperated under the framework of the aggression on gaza dossier on the israeli cast and operation we provided the tribunals with all necessary gart of the investigation at present the international tribunal possesses a comprehensive historical dossier on crimes in the gaza strip we will collect a full dossier on libya's events with medical proof and evidence of human rights activists so that when the prosecutor general or his representatives are working in
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this country they will have all the necessary information. does the general prosecutor's office need the permission of the exactly regime and just start an investigation on libyan territory. the decision only comes activity on the territory of libya upon which events took place and crimes were committed representatives of the human rights commission and the prosecutor's office of the international tribunal do not need to visit the other regions of libya at present we can visit over two thirds of libyan territory and that is why we asked the prosecutor general to start the investigation immediately and follow our example we can work in eight liberated cities of libya and gather all the necessary information. after gathering evidence what steps will you take. we will decide on who's to blame in general and in particular determine all the participants of the crimes make up a so-called black list of those guilty of crimes against humanity indicating place
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and time all participants in dissin from asian and military police and security force operations which lead to crimes and deaths of peaceful innocent citizens will be cited in the report criminal cases against them will be initiated within the framework of international tribunals. if you finish work on the list. that thanks to the efforts of human rights activists in libya we have finished the list but we consider it a temporary one because the events are not over yet at the moment you got it and witnesses are appearing every hour new participants and organized groups of militia appear on the scene every crime of theft in case of pillaging and banditry will be detail we will keep a record of all of that to the unrest and when the libyan people put an end to get off these dictatorial regime. how do you make your blacklist what is it based on. what we made on the basis of the data we received from libyan doctors and human
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rights activist for the period after the arrival of their commissions representatives and then they provided for the arrival of doctors and gave them the dossier as they prepared necessary humanitarian aid was designated and only after that the investigating commission on gadhafi regime's crimes arrived and started its work are you in direct contact with the prosecutor general for the international tribunal we are in contact with the international commission for human rights the prosecutor general the human rights activists in libya. do these organizations use the evidence you've obtained that. of course all the information we provided to those agencies will be used to the full extent so far they do not have any opportunity to obtain information in any other way. and you also fight against the squandering of libyan natural resources out of you john in this we're already in this but as for economic route we cooperate with transparency international the french energy fraud office and with the international
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organization for the fight against corruption we sent documents on economic crimes in tunisia to these organizations. the accounts of ben ali and his accomplices were frozen and at the moment we are sending documents on egypt but our work is not over yet now we've started working on the libyan gets it we will get it packages of data necessary for an economic investigation with a further blockade and freezing of accounts of it dr his relatives and immediate contacts as well as of the people involved in crimes. would be to search for money transferred from libya to personal accounts in other countries and then the cases of corruption leading to transferring of big sums of money to camps in asia or in europe will be investigated these are the measures we're taking in order to return one hundred thirteen billion dollars stolen by the current return to the international investigation organizations not to the council of europe or friends but to an organization which will be temporarily created to investigate economic crimes and libya this organization will act on the basis of international law
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nobody will be able to influence its work or decisions all this is done to prevent the money from influencing the information of the future libyan government and to spend it on the organization of free elections who has the right to create such an organization such an organization can be created at the order of the council of europe on the territory of the state where the judicial inquiry will take place in germany france or britain. and it will keep the money. we're both right it will keep the money and make sure it will not suffer the same fate as the iranian money for us and by the us for political motives it's common knowledge that iranian assets are frozen on political motives. we do not want the same to happen to arab revolutions we have new arab states will be able to use this money on development projects and the money will serve the libyan people then there will be no need for international humanitarian aid. until you found out that the stolen
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assets are one hundred thirteen billion dollars to whom was the money transferred and what happened to it. while. this money is in the accounts of forty eight people with the help of libyan bank employees we learned the names of forty eight people involved in the theft of an immense sum of money in one case the money was transferred to the account of a dead woman and her son was the only inheritor of it we know all such tricks and will put an end to the experience of african countries provided us with such examples where the above mentioned international organizations are aware of such tricks to. use on top of your blacklist couldn't have the man himself or his sons his wife head of intelligence heads of communities and media contacts involved in the theft of not merely it but billions in libyan money the assets are in europe the us in southeast asia real estate is mainly in europe and the money is on different accounts we do not find all of it so far.
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would be soon which bryson if you knew sung the song list impressionist. stands on t.v. don't come. close
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. to keep. bringing you the latest in science and technology from the realm slush. we've done the future cover. sports is political in ways we don't often even notice especially on the level of culture where our ideas and attitudes as
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a society are shaped the but. these are the times between professional football in the us. military have existed since the start of the n.f.l. back in one thousand money that relationship meant slaves during world war two and today that bond is stronger than ever and want to be entrenched in a sticky old feeling he'll feel a certain kind of culinary look at the history has taught us that sports is never just something that we just sit back and mock at sports always had an important social function in the history of american sports is no different. as my name is daniel smith this is joining us on the we're here to make a short presentation of all that we can fix project. the first. in the for the day is to get information out about the real world. through him
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war. on tiger under. the secret visit because there are going to be a democracy. and you saw us live in danger he would hunt me down and kill you. this is exactly one of the reasons why we left the culture because it has become a war of all this all claims. then all the actual information. thank you. so all the people around the wold. be. hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. download the official and
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see how to make a shift your phone on pod touch from the i choose apps to. launch all sheesh life on the go. video among all t. smiling old girls. as feet now in the palm of your. wish him. luck. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to go for a shelter all today pledge. if you rolled through the second reactor of the fukushima nuclear power plant have been fully exposed to hours now leading to a meltdown that's amid reports that attempts to cool the reactors to use and seeing results are resumed it's. the human cost of the devastation in japan is being felt for almost three families and people confirmed dead following friday's that mega quite soon the army rescue teams from several countries including russia helping search for an estimated fifteen families are still missing. and developing news with these forces seemingly we gaining ground in the east of libya concerns
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grow over what's next in the condemned by the great music takes over the country once again. you didn't see a little bit just pause for us now and i'll be back with the latest from and around fifteen minutes time. i told alice you are with sports today this is sports day on twenty four hour t.v. i'm going to nail bees are headline starting odds are they left all champions need to open their premier league campaign with victory away to produce a college f.c. try. american dream what they secure is the biggest win of this career in florida to close in on the global hot spots. boston brickwall the celtics at
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a franchise record for fewest points conceded in the shot last euro. let's take a poll where the opening round of gains in the russian premier league continues later on monday too much is up for consideration including new boys bold as clash with. the game will mark the first time bulger helped played in the big leagues having been a fourth division only a decade ago for the day second class she's the country's most supported club spartak moscow ancien must their main title contenders with victory on day one the great whites are a way to rust off now over the weekend reigning champions in eight c. a scout must go on route being all one group in games. and indeed the trio have won every title since two thousand and four and according to the papers one of them will be lifting the russian crown this year as well and making sure their efforts during the opening weekend are. sunday so free games first up was in carson dar
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with former champions or be aiming to start successful in their quest for the third domestic crown in four years because on seem do just that swimming away too could run like a scythe chip the first enough to the break before kristen a bear made siraj of the death of the ecuadorian firing him from the sport afterwards him to do what was viewed to have been felled in the area to nail the scoring because on. reigning russian champions any temp it is also ensured they'll take a share of the top of the table after the opening we can't beat a terry one in the way crossly duncan laws of its scale after a quarter of an hour made all the difference done in a system the seven that's one so doesn't it take a deny terry manage it would pull it is first win in russia. this comment while benefited from two goes by to find the surrogate maché that as they saw one car the visitors eventually ran chicas grabbing a handful of ugly love in the area with a machete edge doing the rest from the sport forty four minutes into the game the
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thirty one year old netted the seconds after his teammates think first during his first attempt goal number to finish a bit came shortly after halftime with the russian international heading home a bullet to newton arm the man with the trigger. ok moving over to spain where a parcel is lead at the top of the commercial league table has been cut to five points the catalan johnson able to see off severe on sunday drawing one one and. this is seizing the initiative on the how far more pope we encourage the man struggling to hold the line the chances kept coming for barcelona lionel messi for one where he went equally close minutes before the break here but severe were a different side in the second period and speedily drew level on forty nine minutes pieces never asked the man heading home. cross one one how it ended the reality brit by five points behind bars. brings us to ice hockey where they are tied
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constantly hockey league western conference semifinals reach game four tonight. tif while atlanta will aim to tie their shoe each with two wins apiece lafayette i think the number will try their best to level not each other i read a review of a confusing heard by an eight or scoreline on something they believe to contain so we don't churn the thirty four year old trick on thought occasion and luck meanwhile were held schoolis this past weekend in their first home game against this and petersburg side themselves will be hoping for another road when similar nothing showed the northern russian i fit going for a commanding three one lead in the best of seven series. stateside now where nick watney has been celebrating the biggest win of his career the californian making all the right moves on the opposite coast line at the cadillac championship steve insults the story of the final ride. genuine gold flow over there watching
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the former world's top goal for finally showing signs of returning to his past six times when a tiger woods made sure he would finish inside the top ten with a final round of six hundred sixty six the world number five tied for tenth by the end of the day. the world just in johnson couldn't hold on to his lead falling to second after carding a less than impressive seventy one on sunday. elsewhere europeans and dress handsome men francisco molinari settled for joint third handsome there with a massive body parts on the thirteenth which improved his position radically propelling the day into the lead a group but it was what lee who took it all in the end after a close rivalry with johnson on the final holes at twenty nine year old birdie the last for too short win and the biggest trophy of his career he now moves to second in the fenix race and could break into the world's top ten soon steven salty.
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golfing veteran michael bradley meanwhile seems to be enjoying the greens are on their trump international golf course this will be for winning the second for the record i think the last three years i might assume had a chance to steal the show after bradley missed the part and the singing play off that's probably simple to happen while his opponent missed a short cut so bradley's fourth career p.g.a. tour victory yielding him around six hundred thirty guys. about eight or over the basketball and in the n.b.a. boston were left to reflect on a job well done after setting a franchise record for the fewest points conceded in the shock era the celtics beating the bucs eighty seven fifty six on sunday things going to plan for the hosts from the off boston alone or problems only nine points in the quarter scoring twenty cells reality notch seventeen first out. something destructive to the second
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strains of the third hour allen increased the lead to fifty four thirty four swing from beyond the arc no difficulty either in the final period the massachusetts men continuing their domination on home hardwood to finish with a thirty one points advantage the celtics were in a special green and blue but it was part of the some pretty weak system of the irish indeed. elsewhere on the night russell westbrook scored fourteen of his twenty points in the third quarter helped the thunder brought the cavaliers thing was the top performer for the podcast with twenty three points charlotte ending their five pm route losing streak and coming into it howard secured his first career with phoenix a total shock and by the magic against the suns pain missing two time m.v.p. steve nash tyler hunt's bradley wall and the pacers over the next with a career high twenty nine points kevin love's double double street ended up fifty
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three games no less than a loss to the warriors. and i felt fans have been venting their fury over the broken down labor talks between the league's team owners on the players' association radar enthusiastic from baltimore particularly vocal about the possibility of the twenty eleven season being canceled altogether large several ravens fans starting a grassroots protest outside their team stadium plenty of support too with masses passing cars honking their horns in approval the league on the players' union couldn't agree how the d.v.r. the nine and league revenues even after extending the talks last. and finally brings us to motor sport g.p. riders have finished their final day of pre-season testing as they got used to the desert and the lucille circuit the choice eleven season will kick off this sunday night in qatar with a night race that a producer will be adding a new chapter to is right. reigning champion of the country forget the red.
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bull that day with the. seven time world champion valentino rossi on the story there also in the mix sooner retired from last year's open are always hoping for better the on. the same time if bosses though as he gets used to his need to be so plenty of friends of former champions getting to grips with new machinery heads up it's. not as though your sport fell alice is back up the top of the hour with all the headlines stuff for fry whether it's next. hungry for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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download the official pontifications jaunty phone the i pod touch from the i.q. saps to. the jaunty life on the go. video on demand oxys month old girls and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com.
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sports is political in ways we don't often even notice especially on the level of culture where our ideas and attitudes as a society are shaped. when. these are the ties between professional football and the u.s. military have existed since the start of the n.f.l. back in one thousand twenty that relationship limits lay during world war two and today that bond is stronger than ever and won't be uncertain as to kill kill kill kill president can you feel when you look at recent history has taught us the sports is never just something that we just sit back and mock at sports always had an important social function in the history of american sports is no different.


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