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tv   [untitled]    March 19, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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it's now up to an afternoon here in moscow you will see the headline a plane has been shot down near the live you know rebel stronghold of benghazi witnesses report the city is on the loyalist isolde despite colonel gadhafi his promise of a cease fire british french and american forces are standing by to enforce the u.n. imposed a no fly zone over the country. washington is accused over cherry picking where it intervenes rapidly mobilising from libya while innocent civilians die another nation torn by its own strike syria yemen i'm witnessing pro-democratic protests
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were being crushed while for us all of this while the u.s. and others look the other way. and in other news new a powerful aftershocks in japan struggles to bring its crippled nuclear side from the brink eight days off a nation was overwhelmed by severe snow over seventy thousand people have been confirmed dead thousands are still missing and. are now a time for us to explore the influence of russian culture there in the french based .
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hello and welcome to one of the most loved and this is cities in the world powers basically great to look at the culture and architecture here and throughout the centuries as many russians emigrate it's across the cultural links into the same countries became stronger and stronger today paris is packed full of russian history and culture and that's what i'll be exploring on the streets program paris has always held a special attraction for russians many have believed for centuries it is the cultural center. and with breathtaking architecture by opera food wine in style it gets you thinking maybe some truth in that. the it's nothing clue tacky seaven is. it is the emperor piece the great streets of france the seven hundred seventy five in the front gates was the since been a constant stream of fresh immigrants.
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moving inside this is the city of costs. taking the rooms magnificent chandeliers and models why is no one to listen to is often used to locations. amusing and an educational institute one welcome to one of the most prestigious universities. next up we will ride to the famous old hall in a bus say here twelve hundred and fifty seven kids. it's been popular with for students for centuries for a famous person artists writers and politicians graduates of both sports here and stay there around one thousand prussian students in higher education in paris. and looking at this we can stand case for me as we meet the vice chancellor of the
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state. there which we thank you very much for your time that's how many so far has a long history with russian students yes. you can consider that peter to greet was the first russian student in paris because he came just to see the grave of the show you you know vishal you're the well known no prime minister in the seventeenth century was buried here after the hit his death and peter the greed was a little narrow and perhaps you know the well known sentence when he said i would have given to you the half my empire just to have such a minister as you're aware so he was a great america and then you have. the story of many well known russian writers or. scientists coming to paris in one thousand century.
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and then you have a new twentieth century very fascinating history because on the one side you have many russian immigrates of the twenty's just coming to paris and studying in the sorbonne all teaching and the sorbonne and on the other side you always had prominent representatives of the soviet union coming to paris eisenstein in one nine hundred thirty just to speak about a russian cinema and you had a prison kosygin coming in nine hundred seventy three school which of god much of came. and held the big speech with a wide audience listening to him in nineteen eighty nine so this is a symbol also for. for for for every rush and i would say wonderful there's a piece of me here thank you very much yes i think you think you miss. the river
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seine and it's a rest isn't the worst and without doubt the city's most opulent the decorated bridge it's really connected with russia. this place was named after the person alexander the third wheel to the end of the nineteenth century it was erected to symbolize the positive relationship between for us and russia and at the same time as an exchange a stone bridge was erected in st petersburg distracted by french workers. building destructions resulted in a very low for themes to bridge and with its golden sculptures of cherries and nymphs it really is something russia and france should be proud of. taking a look at what other places are connected to russia coverage in the past and she'll meaning nimble robots in english is the oldest cabaret in paris is my motto they sing back to eight hundred sixty bank than it was outside the city area why miss
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cheapie as so many artistic music our literary folk gathered at the venue songs reciting the new words loudly discussing arts and having fun the atmosphere has been preserved at a venue for people coming here to listen to and sing traditional french songs thinking back centuries ago sitting at wooden tables into the surfaces of which initially i think off for decades and then it was very popular with russian tourists to come here tickets against a french culture just as their famous artistic compatriots was to experience. the russian. for. the little bit of the place where is the look at the pennies reached their reach there he loved to go hear hear. if everybody can agree your story here and i. know where your story place you
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know and i read that when he was younger and more school he used to play piano in the can of the killer relays a. confrontation just outside passes each it created by jumping out and if undercover cop it's well comes a limited number of young men as boys every year to practice my new craft starting with anonymous a workshop the art of university and the past in the tradition of moral and spiritual values such as cross we can shatter tradition and now walk and there's one man with christian roots within the foundation community. church both for that reason all of three parts of this artistic area to study in france it's always five years old to have a french education but i have preserved my russian as well and my family's home we speak both french and russian from here. the area of money and i think it christ has for decades been popular among russians gatherings
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of artists musicians and write is taking place in various cafes in this city one such venue is cafe clarity on the service the beginning of the twenty first century coffee as a meeting place for intellectuals is how to speak has attracted many famous guess between russian artist alexander yeah all of it was inspired to create the. next stop the delight of classical music as we arrived at the soggy rachmaninoff washington savitri stop just by two of the most illustrious persists of imperial russia. contract man of. the county to choose many nice clean streets. to students of various levels and ages and also regularly hundreds concerts by prestigious musicians from across the
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globe. rafaela the service was founded in the night twenty's after the successful sacking of seasons rachmaninoff itself is the first president for decades this house has provided a cultural link was he russian and your peers are so casing it's how it's highlighting the composers this is the old this cultural organization which was created in one thousand nine hundred twenty five at that point to free by all the immigrants coming after the revolution and as you know the new russian can live without. music or go during for and it was. the place which was going
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to. cover all russians in immigration. from the dozens of photographs of the use of various french and russian musicians you can see how important this building has been and continues to be thousands of performers. one final location the artist paints outside as you hear the soft soothing sounds of the french come. in and it's not a muscle hands but a famous russian song them to be empty meaning victory day and the things that must be prayed celebrated to be to the nazis in one nine hundred fifty five but a. legend has it that two russian soldiers visited a cafe here there was cervix treme fans an athlete shouted out the words mr binnie
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fast in russian locals believe that's how these through cap i received this name wow i love it's a lot one of my favorite places in the world it's a bit of a state was against it but once you're here it's well worth the effort i'm from the kids and cozy up to the beguiling cabarets same the whole area was extremely popular with russian immigrants and still is the russian tourists today. in crystal clear weather like this because help put up with towers and off the minded exploration the connection strong bond between france and russia is only too obvious. when the russians have such an association with the city from being involved with university education and creating peaceful bridges to opening famous music service was crushing the city made its mark here in this stunning city.
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first tree removal a clear cutting. second. explains are used to blasting a deeper than the fears. heard the remains are removed by machinery. finally easy on mortgage soil is deposited in vallecito. as my neighbor daniel smith this is joining us on the phone we're here to make a short presentation about the we can fix project. the first step in the fourth day
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is to get information out about the real world. coming to him war on syria and long after. the figures are there to be a democracy. if i have a quote and you saw is this in danger he would hunt me down and kill. this is exactly one of the reasons why we left the pottery because it has become more about this all james bond. than all the actual information. but thank you. the whole people around the wold. be. hungry for the full story we've got the first time the biggest issues get the human voice ceased to face with the
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news makers. the headlines on oxy and up planes being shot down here. libyan the rebel stronghold of benghazi witnesses report the city is on the loyalist of souls despite colonel gadhafi its promise of a cease fire britain france and america are all meeting right now in paris to discuss how to inforce the u.n. imposed a no fly zone. washington is accused of cherry picking where it intervene probably mobilizing for libya while innocent civilians die and other nations torn by internal strife syria yemen and bahrain witnessing pro-democratic protests which are being crushed by all four of us some of those look the other way. in other news
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new powerful aftershocks in japan the struggle to bring its crippled nuclear side back from the brink bake days after the nation was overwhelmed by the severe earthquake of tsunami over seventy thousand people have been confirmed but thousands more are still missing. right now let's get the latest from the world of sports if that's. thank you or you're watching the sports news live in r.c. thanks for joining us in the mines huge come back up long when again to force a deciding game of their quarter final series against dream team saying it is the. latest in tennis mario buss only makes the ladies connally named well while federer and djokovic progress into the man semi's. and england's rugby school there in
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south in preparing for today's match with the islands in the six nations and looking for their first grand slam eight yes'. and we get started with a cage play elsewhere a long level of the best of seven series with sky three of the posting in their zero two one win on home ice on friday western conference second finalists will now be decided in game seven on sunday as and spends in the top of reports. scott had been tossed away matches in these playoffs in a forum who scored only once in the previous two how many years against the same petersburg side would have to go only outs if they want to break their bonus record there when nobody in period both teams were thinking only about defense with no scoring opportunities how often the break to just twenty seven seconds for the visitors to take the lead after fantastic fans from the news division much incisions can better giani than a breakaway and educated brilliant one nothing with no chances for peace and
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tomorrow into say a plan what confused but can't imagine the pressure on to break the deadlock it seemed that the book wouldn't go bust you could see the bunny who was in top form between the fights denying all districts finally at brands efforts were awarded wednesday night the ability once and a shot from the right circle to be the star goalie it on video and at first period we were a bit nervous as we're not very confident on how my certain post matches but in the second we got possession and started to play ok. we do want to score the teens and we're the decisive period and the winning goal was scored by young morrow to get the bark up to the first attempt was more and with a blistering shot send it into the top corner of the man to the delight of the food bank in the family however stars have no muscle secured claimed the referees in dance now i think it will say it all squad car park that nobody could play these are by the referee right away show that it's it's not icing than
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a goalie stop the park and there will start. this moment when we go there so it can go. through and this is when you. lose do you think it's me decision to me this you. think peter we certainly agree with you. more from the playoffs and in the east of on guard could successfully complete this series with if they can beat them now wait a minute. remember the sides will get back to recover all of those things two games in a row i was guarded and won three successive matches to move ahead in the quarterfinals the clash begins in a few minutes time. moving to russian football now where surprise premier league leaders are still of travel to moscow on saturday to take on to number they have side suffered a dramatic three two loss to look at months even the season opener and are now looking to place their person winner of this campaign meanwhile top flight
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newcomers f.c. cross of the are welcome to start acknowledging with both teams yet when that one is on the way as we speak and it's one nil to the newly promoted side after the first time. and angle and also have resigned therefore we're keeping them on until the end of the season ahead of sybase trip to west brom forty one year old had retired just a few months ago but the former germany number one has agreed to come back to the gunners where he played for five years until two thousand and eight and here is to the school had grandma neil almunia was arsenal's only fit goalkeeper. and much the united defender. be out for the rest of the season with a call for injury it tends to united's problems at the back with fellow sent the hot new millennium bridge also out for some of these games at home to bolton well sir alex ferguson will start serving his five game touchline ban adding more pressure on both manager and team. soldiers fallen apart last week or so and defend
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us can then do what real always has been zero for a few weeks or an area is one of or not so good for you as a short term. citizen of us who gets to me you know it started training yeah it was really service going to be. they're working with. some. of those too much as are a taking place in the english premier league lecture on saturday else we're told have hosted lunchtime london darby against west ham spurs could leapfrog chelsea into fourth place with victory over third bottom happens while there is a northwest duel between blackburn and black as the rest of the picture is out there on your screen as fuck. tennis now emerging federer has advanced into the into and well some of the finals following a call for the win over fellows was that his loss of our income that express needed two sets drew about a six three six hole victory setting up
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a showdown with another drop of it for the world number two spot joker has been breathing down the ranking position since going ching the australian open title in january so federer is how hoping to avoid the frustrating defeat. it's always an important match against a. lot to go out there and you haven't done really well against the last two times but before that i think appeared four times in a row so they can turn. a joke which could regain the second spot in the rankings with a win on saturday the current world number three beat frenchman who shot a scan to reach the semi sixty six will to continue as his unbeaten run improving to a sixteen when zero defeat this year. and in the women's game fifteen seed mario bus leaves the first french woman to reach the singles final until belles to do so she solves belgium you know with my in straight sets a chance takes three next stop the surprise package part to lee's top ranked collin was knocking and doubtless is likely to shut up over the other semifinal. and close
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drive this quarter will face islands in the six nations and dublin later on saturday aiming to win their first grand slam since two thousand and three although they will clinch the trophy anyway unless wales beat france and the other match captain mike tindall is sidelined due to an ankle injury and will be replaced by matt banahan. you know what works for a group of prizes. as you say at least as much as here if we were here with the theater it would still be working exactly the same way and it's just as hard to get an edge. in all of the going to. see as will occur and some of the stadium as part of the fun as well and that's why the fifty five thousand people there were to get into some of. basketball and in the n.b.a. phoenix and of the four game losing streak by beating golden state champion friary chant from a shoulder injury lay off to add seventeen points nine rebounds for the suns including one from behind the arc in the second quarter that made the forty eight
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thirty six there grant hill and steve nash also had seventeen points each mash hitting a wide open three points of from the top of the key to extend the lead to seventy nine sixty two slates in the third quarter but have you kept was enough for the suns to be the warriors one zero eight ninety seven despite sitting eleventh in the western conference but except for within just two games face for the eighth and final playoff spot. now the motor g.p. season kicked off this weekend in qatar with cases stoner setting the fastest lap time in friday's practice session a good day for her and overall with the repsol riders completing a want to three or googles while circuit stoner leading the trio with a time of one minute fifty five point zero thirty five seconds finishing ahead of dani pedrosa and andrea this year as are the two thousand and seven world champ will make his debut for the new team and sunday's race having previously won three times in doha when it's in their aussie had also has also switched teams the former
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yamaha rider has joined ducati but the seven time champion was only eight in friday's practice. and finally young basketball founds got a tree in moscow on friday as a way for champion and soviet legend arbutus suborn has made a trip to one of the city's academies while promoting this year's european championships which is ample for the was there. it's the thirty first of august will be a private moment for this man out of it as suborn is as his natively few ania now host the european basketball championships for the first time since nine hundred thirty nine hundred four much younger star says it will be a great honor. lithuania is a country where basketball is the number one sport about it we managed to sell fifty thousand tickets in just two hours and there are none left it's a great honor for us to hold this event and we will try to put on a great show but a lot depends on how the lithuanian team for. promotion given which gets underway
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in six months time isn't the only reason someone is in moscow feels a paid a visit to the local basketball academy of home a center was complementary about the facilities and explain why a country like a few a year which only has a population of three million is able to compete at the highest level. ever russia has exactly the same facilities that you would find in the thruway near the differences in popularity i believe encounters which has a population of three hundred thousand and there are six possible schools there were around one thousand five hundred boys able to travel this gives us a huge number of place to choose from and no one slips through the net competition is high in russian sport with basketball having to compete with the likes of football ice hockey and ten is which are far more popular the best youngsters however it's unlikely the basketball in this country will ever be able to compete with the popularity it holds lithuania. but the basketball started to become popular in lithuania before the second world war and it is increasing popularity ever since we are
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a small country and we always want to win to put our country on the map and the fact we are quite good at basketball also helped put the majority of children at this academy will have posters of under a killing called the prawn janes on their bedroom walls it's nice for them to have a look at some more nice younger generation may not know who to meet a twenty one centimeter center and she is however they'll be in for a nice surprise when they find out he was one. soviet union's great state of possible plays. always possible plays one even bornemann of the discipline he says in his prime help invisible union to win gold that was stolen base in once ninety eight but if they can go on to have even harper career this film a great time and they're in for a fantastic possible career future richard oppel three don't see. and that's the latest from this hour you can find some of those stories at r.t. sport news coming up here in r.t.e. is the weather update stay with us.
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hungry for the full story we've got live from. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the.
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