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good report. bringing you the latest in science technology from. the future. it's a four thirty pm here in the russian capital and without c for a minute of our top stories the pro-government forces in libya have reportedly advanced on the rebel stronghold of benghazi despite declaring the cease fire as khadafi dismisses the u.n. no fly zone resolution foreign powers are now meeting in pants to decide on what action they're going to take on libya. the international community stands accused of goggle standards violence is raging across the arab world powers all
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criticized for focusing their attention on libya largely ignoring violence and crying and that yemen. and engineers are locked in a desperate battle to avoid a meltdown the tsunami damaged fukushima power plant it seems are struggling to restore electricity despite being exposed to dangerously high levels and ultimately . more news and more details about fifteen minutes time but for now martin actors explores the influence of russian culture in the french capital and join.
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hello i welcome to one of the most loved and visit cities in the world powers to speak great fellow look at the culture and architecture here and throughout the centuries as many russians emigrate it's across the cultural links between the countries became stronger and stronger today paris is part of russian history and culture and that's what i'll be exploring on the streets program paris has always held a special attraction for russians many have believed for centuries it is the cultural center. and with breathtaking architecture. for food wine in style it gets you thinking maybe some truth in that. it's not include tacky seaven is. it is the emperor piece the great streets of france seven hundred seventeen in the front gates more has since been a concern stream of fresh immigrants. moving
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inside this is the same class style. taking the rooms magnificent chandeliers and models why he's the one the reasons he's often used the locations. museum and an educational institute. pulled him as more of the most prestigious universities. plex or free ride to the famous old university a thousand a year twelve hundred fifty seven he insists. it's been popular with her students for centuries very famous person artists writers and politicians graduates of all sorts here and stay there around one thousand christian students in higher education in paris. i'm looking at this week unstacking on me as we meet the vice chancellor of the state. it's we thank you very much for your time that's how many so far has
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a long history with russian students yes. well you know you can consider that peter to greet was the first russian student in paris because he came just to see the grave of the show you you know vishal you know the well known no prime minister in the seventeenth century was buried here and after the his his death and peter the great was a written ira and perhaps you know the well known sentence when he said i would have given to you the half my empire just to have such a minister as you're aware so he was a great admirer and then you have. the story of many well known russian writers or. scientists coming to paris in one thousand century. and then you have a new twentieth century very fascinating history because on the one side you have
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many russian immigrates of the twenty's just coming to paris and studying in in all the teaching and the sorbonne and on the other side you always had prominent representatives of the soviet union coming to paris eisenstein in one nine hundred thirty just to speak about a russian cinema and you had a prison proceeding coming in nine hundred seventy google shako much of came. and held the big speech with a wide audience listening to him in nineteen eighty nine so this is a symbol also for. for for every russian i would say when the fourth is that it's me thank you very much for you thank you miss. the river seine and its rest isn't the worst and without doubt the city's most opulent the
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decorated bridge evilly connected with russia. this place was named after the rest of alex and that built again to the nineteenth century it was erected to symbolize the positive relationship between frogs and russia and at the same time as an exchange a stone bridge was erected in st petersburg distracted by french workers. building destructions resulted in a very low fourteen with the bridge and with its golden sculptures of chariots and nymphs it really is something russia and france should be proud of. taking a look at other places are connected to russia coverage in the past as shield meaning nimble robertson english is the oldest cabaret in paris is my motto thinking back to eight hundred sixty back then it was outside the city area why must chibi a so many artistic musicality very folk gathered at the venue songs reciting the
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new words loudly discussing arts and having fun down the street has been preserved at the venue for people coming here to listen to and sing traditional french songs thinking back centuries ago sitting at wooden tables into the surfaces of which initials being carved for decades and then you is very popular with russian tourists who come here seeking a taste of french culture just as the famous artistic compatriots used to experience. for a. movie that will blow this place or is the real look at the pennies reached their reach there he looked coherently. everybody can agree it was going to hear that i. didn't know where you were throwing the baby the place you know and then i read that the when i was young in most school used to
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play piano in the. very laser. covered foundation just outside passes each week created by jumping out and if undercover cop which welcomes a limited number of young men as boys every year practiced by one craft starting with an iron metal workshop the art of university aims to pass in the tradition of moral and spiritual values such as cross we can shatter tradition and housework and there's one man with christian roots within the foundation community. chillis. for that is an illiterate part of this artistic area to study in france it's not five years old to have a french education but i have preserved my russian as well and my family so we speak both french and russian from. the area of money and i think in paris has for decades been popular among russians gatherings of artists musicians and writers taking place in various cafes in this city one
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such venue is cafe clarity on which was established the beginning of the twenty first century popular as a meeting place for intellectuals it's how to speak has attracted many famous guess including russian artist alexander yeah all of it was inspired to create the. next stop the delights of classical music as we arrive at the saggy rachmaninoff russian conservatory satisfy two of the most illustrious persist with imperial russia. contract man of. the county to choose many nice clean streets. to students of various levels and ages it also regularly holds concerts by prestigious musicians from across the globe.
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raphael conservatoire was founded in the ninety's twenty's after the successful sacking of seasons rachmaninoff and self as the first president and for decades this house has provided a cultural link with the russian and europe is a so casing it's how it's highlighting the composers this is the old this cultural organization which was created in one thousand point three five to twenty three by all the immigrants coming after the rouge and as you know. the new russian can live without. music book of cheering for and it was. the place which was going to. grab all russians in immigration.
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from the dozens of photographs of the use of various french and russian musicians you can see how important this building has been it continues to be thousands of performers. one final location the artist paints outside as you hear the soft soothing sounds of the french coming . up and it's not a muscle is it a famous russian song than to be andy meaning victory day and the things that most intimate celebrated defeated the nazis in ninety five but. listen hassidic to russian soldiers visited a cafe here there was cervix treme concert aptly shouted out the words mr mean fast in russian locals believe that's how these through cafes received this name wow i
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love it when lot one of my favorite places in the world it's a bit of respite was to get to but once you're here it's well worth the effort i'm from the kids and kozik of a possible beguiling cabaret saying the whole area was extremely popular with russian immigrants and still is the russian's forests today. in crystal clear weather like this because help put up with cars and off the mindset of exploration the connection strong bond between france and russia is only two of these. and when the russians have such an association with the city from being involved with university education and creating beautiful bridges to opening famous music service was brushing the city made its mark here in this stunning city.
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sports is political in ways we don't often even notice especially on the level of culture where our ideas and add. suits as a society are shaped. when. these are the ties between professional football in the u.s. military have existed since the start of the n.f.l. back in one thousand spiny that relationship pro meant slaves during world war two and today that bond is stronger than ever. beer and turned into a sticky old don't kill kill a certain kind of killing a look at recent history is taught us that sports is never just something that we just sit back and mock at sports always had an important social function and the history of american sports is no different.
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first the cream removed the old cold a clear cut in the. second the explosives are used to blast away deeper than the fear that. church the remains are removed by machinery. and finally the fundamental choice is deposited in vallecito. on a large piece. of. the. blue to be soon which brightened a few. songs from finest impressionist. whose friends tots he don't come.
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headlines on our team and pro-government forces in libya reportedly advance on the rebel stronghold of benghazi despite claiming a cease fire that's cannot be dismissed as the u.n. that no fly zone resolution foreign powers all right now meeting in paris to decide on what action they'll be taking against when. the international community stands accused of double standards and provinces raging across the arab world but world powers are criticized for focusing their attention on libya while largely ignoring violence in the train and the government. engineers are locked in a desperate battle to avoid
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a meltdown japan's tsunami damaged fukushima power plant teams or struggle to restore electricity despite the supposed to be dangerously high levels all right. mark now with all the latest sporting news that's next with here. good to have you with us this is sports they live on r t thank you for joining us speeds are some of the stories we're covering this. ice capades atlanta when again to force a deciding game in their comfortable hockey what a final tie with scots in petersburg. d. day in dublin england are gearing up to clinch their first six nations from slum in eight years our last stop in the way you watch from. all small the next generation of russian basketball or should be one of the soviet union's greatest ever exports are v.d.'s
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a bonus. when they're coming up but we get the ball rolling with russian football where new boys trust the dari mean on beaten in the first ever season in the big leagues misl inside securing when number one in the top tier with a confident victory over spartak shaikh eager to screw up. the man set to be done in the history books for krasnodar not only a decade ago the southern russian outfits in the fourth division the premier league for a few hours at least. shock sports a four nil all new clean weekend last weekend on are hoping for similar against another couple swans dean nama around half an hour gone and him keep the score stones. took english football lower tottenham are humans have lost their way back into the premier league talk for against west ham hock time in the first of summer eight games it is scored this as well
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a little even united could potentially stretch their lead up a summit to six points alex ferguson's men are both in second place arsenal will have something to say about though the gunners away to lowly west brom aston villa art's home to second from. bottom wolves stoke will be seeking to keep their unbeaten home record intact against newcastle north west jul between block burned cool eve would park a relegation dogfight is in prospect when we can entertain birmingham and everton are eyeing up the two team leapfrog over sunderland on both and three points at home to full on later should do justice. to the concept of hockey league redlands of level the best of seven quarterfinal series with a three games are peace after posting a normal win on the whole nice the winner will not be decided in game seven on sunday as constantine to top off reports. scott have been tossed away matches in these playoffs in atlanta who scored only once in the previous two how many years
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against st peters books i would have to go all out if they want to break their bonus record though in the opening period both teams were thinking only about the defense with no scoring opportunities how off to the break to just twenty seven seconds for the visitors to take the lead after fantastic bands from the news division much incisions can put a chaotic good on breakaway and educated brilliantly one nothing with no chances for the same tomorrow and to say the plant was confused but can't imagine the pressure on to break the deadlock it seemed that the puck wouldn't go bust you know which the bunny coup was in top form between the fives denying all the shots finally at l'anse efforts were awarded wednesday night the ability once and a shot from the right circle to beat the scot goalie it on video and in first period we were a bit nervous as we're not very confident on high moisture at the post matches but in the second we got possession and started to play our game are going to want to
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score the teens and or the decisive period and the winning goal was scored by young morrow who gathered the bark up to the first attempt was more and with a blistering shot send it into the top corner of the net to the delight of the family picnic she said you know how i was gonna have killed myself secure playing the referees in dance man i think it was it all squad player part of it nobody could play the spot by the referee right away show that it's it's not icing than a goalie stop the pocket and there will start. this moment when we got a second gold grandchild food influence deserving and we knew it was and there was still going to be decisive symbol of the series to be paraded through peter's group on sunday the green bottle. now over in the east the competition often
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card will make the conference final should they successfully navigate today's game six clash with alert is ongoing at the moment since the third period now and snowy magnitogorsk is one no one the first period will score less but in the second denise hill starts open the scoring seven minutes before jaromir jaeger equal proceedings just moments after that overall in the series had previously for her after losing two in a row winning three games on the trot to move ahead in the last eight sixteen. team face arlen's in the six nations in dublin in a few hours time in to win their first grand slam since two thousand and three but the visitors will interest favorite south are winning their fourth previous clashes with something to spare though aren't in arlon certainly is not a rule over bad news for england is that captain mike tindall will be sidelined with an ankle injury big mark and will place him in the center are in wins that game wheels can capture the six nations but they must be france in paris but clash
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taking off rights after the dublin match up but before all that italy will be sleeping but to back wins in the championship for only the second time when they take on pointless scotland it's the lunchtime route game in dublin though that most eyes will be fixed on today. you know what was the process. as you say any tension which is huge if we were here in the future you would still be working exactly the same way and just because it is you. know one of the. scenes when you go in some of the stadium as part of the film's world. the first two thousand people couldn't get into it some are now the moto g.p. season kicks off this weekend in k.c. stoner the man in the driving seat after setting the fastest lap time in friday's practice a good day for honda overall with the repsol riders competing a one two three and the seal circuits were leading the trio with a time of one minute fifty five point zero five seconds finishing ahead of downey
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producer on the zeal so the two thousand and seven world champion makes you for the new team in sunday's race. in times to have volunteered see though he switched teams the formula rather joining up with. the seven champions a week if. possible on the pick of friday night's action in the n.b.a. centered on phoenix ending their four game losing streak with victory over golden state's charming fry he was the moment turning from a shoulder injury lay off to a seventy points nine points the suns including one from the arc in the second quarter which made it forty eight thirty six phoenix. grant hill and steve nash ultimate seventeen nash in a wide open three pointer from the top he then delete the seventy nine sixty late in the third that lead enough for the suns to stroll into the final run away at ninety seven school going to be eleventh in the west phoenix within two games of
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memphis for the on final years but that guard was finally young basketball fans got a treat in moscow on friday as a limp a champion and soviet star v.d.'s suppleness made a trip to one of the city's academies to promote this year's european championships richard found her fate was there for us. the thirty first of august will be a proud moment for this man out of the dust suborn is as his natively few ania will host the european basketball championships for the first time since nine hundred thirty nine hundred four michelle greece star says it will be a great honor. as a country where basketball is the number one sport we managed to sell fifty thousand tickets in just two hours and there are none left it's a great honor for us to hold this event and we will try to put on a great show but a lot depends on how the lithuanian team plays. promoting the event which gets underway in six months time isn't the only reason suborn is in moscow he also paid
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a visit to the local basketball academy and former center was complimentary about the facilities and explained why a country like a few a year which only has a population of three million is able to compete at the highest level. ever russia has exactly the same facilities that you would find in lithuania the differences in popularity i live in counts which has a population of three hundred thousand and there are six possible schools there were around one thousand five hundred boys able to train this gives us a huge number of place to choose from and no one slips through the net competition is high in russian sport with basketball having to compete with the likes of football ice hockey in tennis which is part more popular of this youngsters however it's unlikely that basketball in this country will ever be able to compete with the popularity it holds lithuania. basketball started to become popular in lithuania before the second world war and it is increasing popularity ever since we are a small country and we always want to win to put our country on the map and the
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fact we are quite good at basketball also helps people have majority of children at this academy will have posters around be kirilenko le bron james on their bedroom walls it's nice for them to have a look at someone is the younger generation may not know who to meet a twenty one centimeter center actually is however bill be in for a nice surprise when they find out he was one of the. somebody grades at a basketball plays. all these possible plays one even bornemann out as a someone says mr prime helping the summit union to win gold it was solem pics in once ninety eight but if they can go on to have even harder career but this home a great had a very in for a fantastic possible career future richard i'm told they don't see. that is where we have to leave the sport i'll be back in just going to charge him with all those alive scores but for now the weather is next and roy is here with all the news at the top of the are.
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hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future covered.
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today violence has once again flared up.


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