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tv   [untitled]    March 25, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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major league since the mound of the no fly zone over libya but not a full control of the military operation while here in the capital city is trying to continue to pound pretty. close to the sour japan of why didn't the evacuation zone around the damaged fukushima power plant saying the area is receiving a year's dose of radiation per day so of these reactor three has reportedly been damaged barkin fears of further contamination also. anything that anyone could possibly imagine the war crimes that were committed for a world history the american forces have done that is we need a u.s. iraq veteran who burned bridges back to his home country after witnessing what he
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calls a fraudulent war. and the officer gets gratian and the assets will deal between b.p. has been blocked by a stockholm's all the traits of dr you'll find out more in twenty minutes time on business. she live from moscow where it's one pm it's twelve noon in tripoli and nato has agreed to take command of the libyan no fly zone but stopped short of accepting full military control alliance chief anders fogh rasmussen said the u.s. will hurt over operational responsibility to nato within days meanwhile fresh air strikes of rock the libyan capital with reports of more civilian casualties are she's policy or reports. well if we look specifically at the question of how many civilians have been killed or injured was certainly hearing from coalition partners
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that they are not targeting civilians but here on the ground a very different story being painted state television and indeed the libyan government says more than a hundred civilians have so far been killed now i did attend a mass funeral for more than thirty people the graves were laid out the coffins were laid out the mood there was essentially one of anger they were easily three four five hundred people and they were shouting names and so cozy a bomber for the international community to stay out of internal libyan affairs of the mood there a lot more angry than there are a funeral procession a different group of journalists were taken to a local hospital here in tripoli and there they filmed more than a dozen a charred bodies now they were told that these were civilians but it's always very difficult to determine who are the burned bodies and indeed who were the bodies in those coffins the government spokesperson has said that among those bodies no doubt there are fighters but if you listen to the words of the sheriff talking at that funeral position he said that all libyans are fighters so they gave begging the
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question in terms of the difference between civilians and fighters we're also hearing rumors that bodies are been gotten from other fighting seem to such as the we are and that they've been presented here as casualties as civilian casualties of these airstrikes the first question that people are asking is what effect have these airstrikes which have been going on for nearly a week actually had on the ground now throughout this week there has been intensified here in the town of misrata which is the last rebel held town in the waist of this country and only today we're hearing the first reports the fighting there has sub judice somewhere between rebel and government forces in there for the first time people are actually able to leave their homes but we still hear in very worrying reports at the hospital remains under fire that snipers are positioned there preventing people from entering and leaving and then if you look at the other towns that actually appear which is the next main town after benghazi there rebel fighters have been. able to advance for more than a week they are now literally waiting this fight out on the perimeter and hoping
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record effie's forces will run out of supplies and at that stage they'll be able to actually make a difference to the road from rebels on the ground is that they want more airstrikes they're actually calling for more weapons and i think among them there's even the hope that they could be ground forces eventually seen tin and again people are revisiting that u.n. resolution that talks about all necessary measures to bring the fighting on the ground to an end the war in questions those are that if the international community needs to get further involved in terms of the fight on the ground at the moment it's happening in urban areas so that does run the risk of there been more casualties the other worrying factor of course is also the fact that despite these airstrikes there's been no political or military weakening in gadhafi is position and despite the fact that we've heard that he's a capability has been taken out just yesterday there was a libyan plane that was trying to take off or trying to land we're not even exactly clear on the details that it's if he was shot down by a french plane and that was in breach of this no fly zone. well the u.n.
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says it's alarmed by human rights violations and a possible humanitarian crisis in libya however not enough aid has been provided to those in need as u.n. officials saying that food supply lines have been disrupted well officials figures suggest over three hundred thousand people have already fled libya as artistic works cannot reports people are fleeing the country we saw scores of refugees coming out of libya and according to the united nations over three hundred thousand people have already for fled the country it's thought that nearly ten thousand refugees are currently at libya's borders with egypt and tunisia and dozens of more are expected to join them so this kind of gives a picture on the humanitarian situation in the country we spoke with one family even a war from bin guys the v. describe the situation the terrible the said it was absolutely impossible for them
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to have any more so they decided to wait it out in egypt she was happening and maybe come back if things settle down he also told us that to some of the gaddafi supporters who are acting undercover inside bin guys the war captured by the opposition so in that sense there's still activity going on in a side of bin guys the itself just on thursday the united nations met to discuss the humanitarian situation in the country strongly criticized being what's what's happening there and actually judging by these figures over three hundred thousand people already west libya it's a real humanitarian crisis and so so for the main goal of this military operation to reinforce the no fly zone which was to help ordinary libyans there still has not been achieved. corresponds costlier in your court you just heard from our keeping you up to date constantly on our twitter feed that are to underscore. gerald
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celente from the trends research institute says nato is sense a cover for the u.s. and the libyan mission is about gain control of the country's oil when people get killed or there are strikes in afghanistan that kill innocent people they always use the term nato it's knowsley the us and yes the prime minister of turkey is one hundred percent correct again the hypocrisy is before our very own eyes so all this is is the united states doing what it's become accustomed to do and that is attack any country it wants to at any time to any reason that they could make up and the new reason that they made up is perfectly orwellian a humanitarian crisis so you kill people to solve the humanitarian crisis and you take dictators out that you don't like because really what's behind this
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and i've said it before would united states be in iraq if their major export was broccoli though would they be in libya. if they weren't holding on to those sweetest of sweet crude oil on the planet. and the events in libya are a better reminder of the past as we learned in just a few minutes the conflict in the country is playing out with the u.s. led campaign in yugoslavia twelve years ago which claims thousands of lives. also as more you money is splashed on military campaigns abroad angry protests in brussels laps against budget cuts as euro zone is dealt another blow. the first japan says the core of reactor three at the fukushima nuclear power plant may have been damaged the country is expanding the accusations zone around the site saying the area is receiving a year's dose of radiation per day. as has the latest from japan.
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it's been exactly two weeks since the earthquake then a powerful tsunami devastated the fukushima nuclear power plant and japanese engineers still haven't been able to neutralize the threat we have received news that the integrity of one of the cause of the reactors has been compromised meaning that radiation cannot possibly leak out this is the troublesome reactor number three this is a reactor which operates on plutonium it's also the reactor which can make that smoke over the past few days perhaps these are early indicators of what has just been reported as well there has been a lot of controversy about the exact danger which was posed to the people outside the plant the government immediately after the accident instituted a twenty kilometer evacuation zone they're planning to extend this to thirty kilometer evacuation zone they're saying that this is not in any way linked to any specific danger they're simply saying that the infrastructure in that area is damaged and they're trying to improve the quality of life of those people around
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the station at the same time the scientific authorities have been giving a different message they're saying that the radiation had spread and anybody who's in the thirty kilometer area around the plant may receive a yanni. those of radiation in just one day a lot of attention has been directed to the dangers of radiation the dangers of the nuclear plant disaster the fall great at all as being as a result of the earthquake and tsunami more than ten thousand people have already been declared dead and seventeen thousand people are still missing and the chances of those missing people being found alive falls with every single day. well let's discuss the latest developments in japan with nuclear energy expert dr property to try to fly from here or see my japanese authorities have discovered that the core of the third reactor is down as was needed in terms of a radiation threat. well it's a very serious threat if i want to know what we've been told is that the releases
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are from gas escaping and various leaks in the plant but if the reactor core is leaking much much larger amounts of radiation maybe possibly into the environment and the fact that we're talking about this is reactor number three is particularly troubling because reactor number three has the so-called mox fuel which is a mixed plutonium and uranium fuel so this fuel is much more intentionally radioactive when it enters the environment than the fuel from the other plants with a legal down a little. now international experts we're hearing are saying the amount of radiation in fukushima is nearing half of that the term noble disaster what do you think the real scale of the catastrophe is that japan is facing at the moment. i think it's catastrophic i think that the narrative that we've had for the last week or so which is that we're trying to fix the problem and get it under control is
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misleading i think that there's evidence of radiation having entered the environment in large amounts it's turning up in lots of cases in water and food it's even being detected far away in the food it must have been there are present and we could go if it's already turning up and no clients so one of the what this could mean is that there is really a significant entry of radiation going on into the environment right now and that there doesn't appear to be any any steady halt to it in the near future so that's very catastrophic this is not something that is a situation that may get out of control this is a situation that is having a catastrophic impact currently already it's been pointed out by nuclear energy experts odd that that that turn out well thought out containment could avert further only japan did this approach have yet. it's the turn also contained was not done during the period in which the incident was still
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occurring. at this point a waiting game but what has to happen now is that we have to brain these reactor cores that are in trouble to cold stop and how to cool them down completely and once that's done undoubtedly a containment similar to true noble will be done will be undertaken but. at this point that won't contain a meltdown so what we need to do is to work currently to avert a meltdown and so what's happening now is that there's a bit of a waiting game in which there's attempts being made to keep the reactor fuel the spent fuel and also the fuel in the chorus cool long enough to be able to restart and which involves some rebuilding the large cooling systems that exists in the i have some until that's done there really isn't a point to containing it that has to be a god but is each each release continues and becomes more and more difficult for the workers to work there in that environment as was evidenced by the workers that
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received such a large contamination yesterday that's happening clients as they're saying people remaining in the area are facing years worth of radiation per day at the same time the evacuation is voluntary how dangerous is this. i would say in significantly dangerous there's been high levels of radiation detected out of the twenty kilometer limit already and in what you have it when you have radiation levels of that of that level is that in a week or two you'll have people that are experiencing the radiation exposure of nuclear plant workers that are you know over the course of their career and these are people in a situation where there's been an earthquake there's been a tsunami there's a shortage of food there's a shortage of water so their health is already stressed no bodies are already stressed they may not be in heated homes at night they may not be getting electricity so the impact of these exposures will be even larger. so they're going
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to recede in the course of a week or two leave exposures the nuclear plant workers receive in their entire lives and it's rather dire and these people should not be allowed to remain in such an unstable sure area all right dr robert j. cup from the care summit thank you very much for your. now u.s. soldier is thinking political asylum in therapy after exerting an american military base if extradited to his home country and could face life in prison or even the death penalty actually it's got to get so bad that the veteran at the center of the scandal the american cuisine. from for example. it was a really good for me my personal favorite was the ruler because that i can't. even that comes close that. but for andre chaperonage he's alive has become one giant rollercoaster four years ago he deserted the u.s. army causing all the way to his native cleveland forever is mom cried with pride
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when he volunteered for the army and after a six month tour of duty in iraq andrei walked on a u.s. base in germany and never returned or anything that anyone could possibly imagine in terms of war crimes that were committed for world history the american forces have done this in our continuing to some a daily basis soldiers were being attacked from somewhere where they didn't know where as i just shot off randomly in a different direction after hiding out for more than a year andre shepherd surf least he married a german security himself support from a number of human rights organizations and is now officially seeking asylum tucked away on the border of germany and austria lake he was a has long been popular with holiday makers but now the ideal exporter may also go down in history as the home of the first us iraq war veteran granted political asylum to be compass first is not going to be easy though germany is the main
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staging post for the u.s. military with around sixty thousand u.s. troops stationed there each year some of those soldiers go a while and get beat up by the police the pressure is very high on germany and i'm very often said in his speeches he's so sorry about that you know to putting so much pressure on the german government also we really love this country so much andre will argue of course the war in iraq was a complete fraud but lawyers say he has little chance of winning this legal war with the u.s. it's particularly. more difficult if it is a war such as the. war in afghanistan for example would be a war bucky war where it was not a popular war and if we just started having the rows of soldiers deciding on their
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own that they were no longer going to become a member of the united states military apparatus we have a problem and so there are very harsh penalties up to life including the possibility of their mainstream media in the so-called coalition countries are not in a hurry to give andrea a say either the major corporations like the big c.c. and then what would happen is they could buy say anything that was controversial or would go against the government line it would be completely censored andreas says he's ready for the battle of his life claiming there was no just a few cation for the war in iraq but he admits he's on a slippery slope in the pressure of r t but now i'm keen germany. and coming back to the situation in several un members including russia have expressed their concern over the risk to civilians as nato forces continue their bombardment and as our season associates are going to reports the events in libya
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nato bombings in the balkans twelve years ago. in march seasons change sunshine invites americans onto the streets american politicians invite themselves to foreign countries. and march nine hundred ninety nine the u.s. and its nato allies even sloppier our own forces joined our nato allies and air strikes against serbian forces responsible for the brutality in kosovo march two thousand and eleven america's next democratic president and a new coalition of the willing attack libya the un security council passed a strong resolution that demands and to the violence against innocents. it authorizes the use of force it was sanctioned by the one security council in contrast to the bombings of people sabia there was no such green light to the one thousand nine hundred nine and the one means one led by needle the first time a military alliance atop a sovereign nation
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a non-lethal member posing no threat to the group similarly libya poses no external threat and there are other striking parallels between the conduct of these wars the enemy then slaughtered on the loss of each god the new hitler the enemy of today the eccentric one marker daffy and power for over forty years now similarly villainize to by the us crooked. beasts step down from power and leave the goal now and back then getting rid of a leader no longer favored by the west taking sides with a questionable opposition and what started as a civil war what we're seeing is a full fledged war including attempting to the only to kill on the head of state of the targeted country and other leaders of the government that again as you know a page from the usual slow block of twelve years ago. what is world war not only one march the official reason for western involvement and so-called humanitarian mission a term coined the madrid bombings of nine hundred ninety nine if you go into if you
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say look at all that because i believe this is going to save its evil. the same issue that was the. rationale still relied upon widely questioned you know the greatest series of syria's weather goes is. that it is. ridiculous because he. says he will hears. the engine of that machine both then and now a no fly zone fueled in libya by the additional all necessary measures where the line between the enemy in a foreign land and its civilians often gets blurred. it did in yugoslavia with thousands of people killed and close to one million displaced air after the war when they get account they found us nato bombs had destroyed fourteen tanks and serbia fourteen tanks but they had also four hundred and thirty seven
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schools a similar scenario is now predicted in libya obama vows the end i could offer you war will last days and not weeks that was the field plan in the yugoslavia bombings lasted two and a half months they think that a quick bit of bombing will sort the matter out but in fact i think they will find that it will last far longer than they have gambled for twelve years on serbia still remembers the losses inflicted by u.s. nato bombings the u.s. is now involved in its fourth attack of a foreign nation in the same twelve years and this ensured in a new york. here leaders have agreed on the restructuring of browed front designed to result the eurozone ongoing crisis now that some of the grass also has been overshadowed by a new threat to the currency as protocol could become the next country to ask for financial support or it is their no one saw as more on the latest blow to the eurozone. no more layoffs to pay cuts no
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retirement message from twenty thousand streeters pushed back with. pepper spray by riot police the protesters tried to get through to e.u. leaders meeting in brussels to slash spending in this where there was made. to be useful social security. to be used for the hills not grow the bridge sure when you're being you know towards those grounds because of the prison this goes across europe voters are saying no to me here it's the measures portugal's prime minister has quit. paula but voted down a fresh round of cuts because just three months left to repay almost ten billion euro at a time when its sovereign credit rating has been caught. the only option left is national default to tell lenders the country called pay back its loans all accept
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an e.u. bailout similar to greece and ireland it hasn't happened in the west since the second world war but the longer you spawned this necessary evil. the more costly it is is going to be at the same time military intervention in libya is costing hundreds of millions of euros really a furious so what they see is not necessary and expensive campaign somebody asked. about the financing of this and i think the overwhelming sense that you got from among the public in britain with skepticism with millions unemployed across europe people losing patience with politicians who seem out of touch with reality increasingly familiar sides on the streets of the e.u. was built tightly leaves growing numbers well to work the big question is now the right time to spend the money available on wars abroad the new bush party process.
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but secondly it is business news with me now. and welcome to business out in the arctic exploration an asset swap deal between oil majors b.p. and russia state run ross and have announced in january has been blocked by the stock on arbitration dragged on the case was brought by a are the russian shareholders of t.k. b.p. and the existing partners of the british oil company in russia they discussed what this means for the parties involved let's cross live now to roland nash from capital roland thank you very much for being with us so what do you think is the next step in this deal will it actually happen. i think there's a lot of value to be unlocked between the deal between b.p. and rosneft so given there's a lot of value you've got to find some way of sharing that value around to make the deal happen so i don't think this is the last we've heard of it i think that the
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russian shareholders in t.n. k b p want to make sure that they get some of this value which can be unlocked by the deal how that happens i think is going to be the next step not do you think are there any other tentative to b.p. for a ross never to find a partner for example. police it's a very interesting projects you know the unlocking of the arctic hydrocarbons in the arctic is something that i think a lot of oil companies would want to look at we've had several deals in the last couple of months with exxon with rosneft in other areas i think there would be other international oil majors that would be interested in looking at. the deal but you know b.p. is the most experienced western oil company in russia it's closest obviously to the deal they're the obvious candidates to to make this happen so if it's not b.p. i think it's going to take a lot longer to get to some sort of deal all right so what pressure can the russian government bring to ensure that this deal goes through it what do you think. i
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think that the russian government could talk to the russian shareholders in t n k b p i'd be really surprised if somebody as the. friedman. v.p. had already not spoken to the to the russian government so i imagine that dialogue is going to continue you know i don't see this is a particular shock this deal that the the judgment the court judgment i think this is sort of the next step. in a game plan that we will see the result of over the next several months i don't think this is the last step until one final question what do you think will happen by april fourteenth which is the deadline for the deal. i think that you will see. the potential for a compromise coming out which will allow the next steps to be done to be taken so i don't think that any will get any resolution by over forty it is too quick but we'll have the potential to see how we can get to
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a final conclusion from this roland mass chief strategist capital thank you so much for your time. i'm afraid that's all we have time for in this bulletin of the business news on r.t. but we will be back next hour with an update the headlines are next article stay with us. in canada and the u.s.
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