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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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gadhafi loyalists step up a fight against the insurgency attempting to recapture the western rebel stronghold of misrata i'm told it's near the top of the city of tripoli be joining me in a few moments and i'll bring you. the opposition's spite against gadhafi software's on the expected setback would be a dozen rebels reportedly killed in a coalition air strike. also on r t fears over a potential terrorist attack in europe grow as security experts claim the coalition's involvement in libya could trigger our one a cold war strong. and japan struggles to stem the leak of radioactive
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water from the fukushima power plant into the ocean off thousands of homes the tsunami survivors face and uncertain future. plus a year after the moscow metro suicide bombing russian deals a devastating blow to terrorism by killing of group of high ranking militants. a warm welcome to the weekly here in our to this sunday on the snow way with the latest news from around the world and a look back at the week's top stories we begin with libya and pro good coffee forces continue their latest offensive in the west of the country attempting to recapture libya's third largest city mistry it's the last rebel stronghold left in the west and has been under attack for weeks now our correspondent paula sleeper is in tripoli with more. the work of bloodshed is increasingly been used to describe
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the situation in the last rebel held city in the west of this country the city of misrata now according to doctors on the scene they say that one person was killed and several people were wounded in the early hours of sunday morning when the government forces renewed shelling on a building in the city now we understand from the doctors that i am told a few days ago there were a number of civilians being housed inside that building they had been injured in recent clashes between pro and to gadhafi forces but fortunately there had been evacuated before the shelling began we're also hearing from doctors that in the last week alone one hundred and sixty people have been killed in misrata itself from these battles god being told by doctors that in a month of fighting between six hundred and a thousand civilians have been killed in the city so if you the rebels have been in control of it for more than a month now what we are seeing increasingly is that the government troops are intensifying initially and more and more looks likely that the city will fall to the hands of gadhafi as man ever since the united states handed over command of the
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military operations here in libya to nato the u.s. has been decreasing the number of combat missions it carries out here we are hearing from top american military officials that they are also going to begin withdrawing the fighter jets this submarines and they miss all ships now this does come across does come against the background of a stalemate in terms of fighting on the ground between those pro and you've got the forces around the city of brega in the east of the country it also comes against the backdrop of increasing criticism from within the american president barack obama's own administration over questions in terms of the representation and the capability of those opposition fighters as far as the tripoli government goes that they continue to call this a crusader route they say that these actions are illegal and immoral and they are not voicing movie concerns that in the future they will be the supplying of weapons to these rebel fighters this will soon be followed by training and all to. end in the deployment of foot soldiers. but washington is considering arming the libyan
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rebels despite claims that al qaeda has infiltrated their ranks are choosing work with going off has been talking to opposition supporters in bin ghazi following the recent nato airstrikes nearby that left some thirteen that. the general feeling here in the rebel stronghold is confusion and lots of confusion around that incident because it's working to some reports of this attack on nato planes on the rebels caused triggered by the cool who sneaked in on the rebels and opened fire at the planes but other reports suggest that rivals were celebrating and began shooting into the air confusing the pilots and also true. to react back but i can tell you that judging by the pool level of organization and training off the rebel fighters versions are possible because the
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rebels had been seen arguing and even fighting them on themselves al gore on the ground many are teenagers who don't have any experience in combat and there is even speculation and lots of rumors that egypt and the united states army be. training the rebels there on the front and also rumors of cia secret agents maybe operating there as well trying to organize rebels when it comes to gaddafi forces there are much better trained they're much better equipped and apparently there is much more of them according to some figures the a ratio of the forces at the moment is around one to ten meaning one rebel fighter against then the soldiers so the general understanding here in being guys he is that the only way the rebels could be successful is with this air support from nato . the international community permitted intervention in libya to protect civilians
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from colonel qaddafi but washington wants to go further than that and is considering arming the rebels while officially denying that toppling canal is the reject of its involvement in libya but broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake president obama has reportedly signed his secret order authorizing covert american support for rebel forces seeking to oust the lead in leader critics of the u.s. taking sides in a civil war warn of the consequences and we help accelerate the chaos. and in creating more chaos we're we think somehow we're going to be able to direct the outcome it's the same hubris that has visited the united states and iraq the same hubris that keeps us penya in afghanistan and causes us to believe that somehow we are going to wreck events and the outcome in libya we
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cannot do that nor do we have the right to determine who the leader of libya should be many fear radical forces could take advantage of the chaos in libya former jihadist nomen bennett men who are now sisal kind of two thousand says he estimates one thousand jihadists are among the rebels in libya one t.v. and rebel commander has openly admitted his fighters had hokkaido links other reports say terrorists seized libyan surface to air missiles when arsenals were looted nato intelligence reports claim flickers of al qaida and hezbollah have been found among the rebels in libya but maintained there is no reason to believe their presence is significant but a u.s. military study three years ago said lidia's made up the second largest group of jihadists in the world right after saudi arabia all of that seems to be discarded as the u.s. is trying to prop up the opposition in libya as some analysts say in an attempt to
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forge a relationship with them that would be favorable for the united states in the future but experts say as of now the opposition in libya hardly has a defined face or power these people. will not be able to take control over the situation as soon as the current regime. goes off and that means that somebody else will be. tempted to take over the country and we know that the only will organize. the world force in the region not in the country but in the region is unfortunately ok some say arming the rebels could backfire we've been in this situation in afghanistan one day we help people and the next day they shoot at us if we are cautious about military intervention so blowback charmers johnson johnson wrote famously about is sure to happen in libya
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in afghanistan back in the eighty's the u.s. side in the arab world to help them fight soviet troops subsequently the same militants turned their wrappings and training against the us among those of them was osama bin ladin whose group eventual evolved into al qaida this kind of cia and alice is an operations chief in the 1980's says back then the us didn't see the dangers of arming afghan militants. and what we've seen were tribal so. you know so. leading to. the reconstruction of the public well over two decades after arming the afghan mujahedeen america is now considering giving weapons to another rebel band with an unclear identity simply because of who they're fighting against. ghana check on r.t. washington where you see. the coalition forces continue to impose
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a no fly zone over libya there are concerns that the intervention may soon backfire on europe security experts fear libyan islamic groups are plotting terror attacks in the e.u. in revenge for allied airstrikes are. reports. e.u. countries have taken a leading role in enforcing the un resolution but their efforts all the way over in libya now threaten to bring conflict right to their very own back doors i list claim colonel gadhafi now has little other weapons left in his armory than overseas terror he's faced repeated accusations that he ordered lockerbie bombing that killed two hundred seventy mostly westerners experts say some countries are particularly in the firing line three leading countries of the offensive operation that means france u.k. and united states of course the only. really. so i think los
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angeles today it's a clear third in prison today in the coming days maybe in the coming weeks but e.u. backing for anti gadhafi rebels could backfire further rebel leaders include the libyan islamic fighting group and associates of al qaida and the casualties mounting every day from allied bombing make fertile recruiting ground for and she western forces. can. now create. that atmosphere of chaos and. i am full. e.u. muslims protest against nato bombing of libya the organizer says people should prepare for the worst that start really there's a very strong likelihood. of the ability to. track everybody should. the invasion of iraq live in terror attacks in the e.u.
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almost two hundred people died in the madrid train bombings in two thousand and two while suicide bombers killed fifty two people in london in two thousand and five officials now dread similar results in the wake of this campaign western intelligence reports creased activity among suspected terrorist cells indicating the threat of attack by one of the total t. and terrorist strike is now just a question of time don't you see brussels. on the way here on our team from investor to convict an israeli businessman been sentenced to three years in georgia in prison after he tried to get back one hundred million dollars owed to him by police. but first in japan the bodies of two workers killed by the tsunami have been found out the fukushima nuclear plant meanwhile radioactive water continues to leak from the quake hit facility in the pacific officials say
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a crack under the troubled reactor may be the source more than twelve thousand people lost their lives in the tsunami disaster hundreds of thousands left homeless have been forced into overcrowded shelters and as i. found out survivors are angry at the government's failure so far to rebuild their lives. this is the first time many residents of issue no marquee have seen their houses since the tsunami has surged through them but in most a little of value remains but supple shinji is not trying to salvage material possessions. my house was totally destroyed and my husband died in the tsunami now i'm honoring him by getting his personal things out i just wish everything could go back to how it was. shinji has been housed at the local school with several hundred others people here have been taken turns to volunteer as cooks and cleaners. but the cramped conditions mean that after nearly three weeks the communal spirit
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is fraying and. we are dissatisfied with your forties we know there are temporary houses that will be put up but you will get them some areas are being feted over others. the government admits that not a single temporary house has been constructed so far but even when they do finally go up they won't solve the far greater problem. the government excavators are removing the rubble as fast as they can but for the victims of the disaster even those lucky enough to get the temporary housing it will be years before they can come here rebuild the house and the call of their home many of the stricken japanese coastal towns will live for generations on bling bling fishing and shipping industries widely hoods which no longer exist and there is little hope of ever getting them back. the government is good at solving big problems but not the ones of a small people i do not think this town will ever be
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a rebuild as it was even if i restore what i have and no one will build anything next to my house. or the government providing food and temporary shelter was the relatively straightforward part in helping victims cope with the disaster making sure people have a place and a community to return to will be much more difficult. now of r.t. . japan. in other news a large scale counter terror operation in russia's caucasus region killed seventeen militants last monday the wife dr and assistant of russell's number one terrorist dog maher of were identified among his death experts agree this proves there is a high chance of more of himself was killed as the three were the first side somebody said not yet been identified before runs across multiple records take several weeks but multifarious operation targeting them are over his inner circle responsible for a series of deadly attacks in russia started earlier this year the results of the
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mission were released as moscow marked the year third the double suicide bomb attack on two of the matter of station of the suspects behind the atrocity has been identified in mosul being killed in special anti terror operations are things i do not question about visited the site of the moscow blast. it started off as just an ordinary monday morning for me three people he like many others had a certain string in his step knowing the harsh moscow winter was over but little did he realize the night to me he would be thrown into just a few minutes late and suddenly there was a very horrible sound as if something huge had formed. and i will got there was a small. people were shouting and rushing out of the car would need to be had hurried was the start of the worst terrorist attack in the
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russian capital in six years just before eight am the first of two explosions hit the moscow subway killing twenty four people at the crowded lubyanka station which lies beneath a had a missile defense will security service forty minutes later the terror trail moved south targeting a station at a crucial city intersection killing twelve. last year on the ship came at eight thirty eight right in the middle of the rush hour and it struck the back of the train asked can you please try to get on it it was dark there was no light and i just thought people bodies that were there were made of them some of them were stretched on the floor near the metal crane and so it was horrible it was. just before us and there was nothing that would save. eight million commuters every day in moscow subways one of the busiest in the world
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that's made it a terrorist target in the post and on this year ago in syria months again a twenty year old student leaders say that the sounds the truth uses to listen feel tricky. sometimes feel something like this i think about these but general i think that we have safe safety and. a year ago terrorist broad moscow to a standstill great bringing horror of reading life but if they wanted to destroy people's spirits those goal was certainly know what a chip says a live gold zone and while a terror threat to millions in moscow and across the globe remains it's something people have blown to live with. also moscow. now when israeli businessman ronnie folks received an invitation from the georgian prime minister to an informal dinner the last thing he was expecting was a prison sentence but the meeting was to finalize the settlement of
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a hundred million dollars owed to him by the georgian government got folks i've been chasing for almost fifteen years because of his katrina czar of reports doing deals with georgia can be a risky business. take one israeli businessman one former soviet republic and do a lot of potential profit from oil and gas transit sounds like a winning combination which is exactly why ronnie folks independent anyone and scored a monopoly on the energy transit market but the subsequent changes of government saw folks jump for bigger fish and his investments turned into a loss so he did what any businessman would to play case to court and won at the difficult part was getting the georgian side to cough up the hundred million u.s. dollars it all started negotiations with. the minister of finance was and will be negotiation if they just wanted to establish the payment is that nothing
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goes they didn't get money from mccain he knew. it was just story pumping which was the way to go over very informal drinks and unnamed as temple hotel folks worked out the details with none other than george's deputy finance minister the debtor plainly stated that one hundred million was not the kind of money georgia could afford to pay out and suggested an alternative five million with spain georgia seventy to go folks and everybody's happy so in just a week later the businessman received an invitation from the georgian prime minister he was expecting to collect a josh but instead was collected himself there was in fact a. cooperation a collaboration between four important ministries of the government and probably with the approval of the president of the ministry of finance the ministry of justice ministry of the interior and the prime minister's office all of which came
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together with a plan to entrap ronnie fix and trapped in now in prison the businessman then apparently got sucked into yet more corrupt games after going straight to jail without. king is cash to put his get out of jail free card would cost him one hundred million u.s. dollars his own one hundred million dollars fuchs was that informed through diplomatic channels that he would not be released until the arbitration award was waived so what signal does this send to anyone else who might be considering putting good money into georgia the odds of his succeeding in georgia are very very slim western point zero one percent so it's a good it's a good warning to businessmen who are thinking of investing in georgia that they should think twice and that they should be aware for now georgia may have
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saved itself a lot of money considering the fact last year's foreign investment scheme to four hundred thirty three million dollars of winning printing with nearly poor would be turned feet but the overall cost that the workers economy could be colossal is not many investors like doing business with people who don't sell debts and fill them with the errors newspapers are already full of the potential political out financial consequences to this kind of action and as long as ronnie folks and see if winkle stay in prison some businesses may well decide that this is the kind of georgian hospitality they did not want to invest into. kashrut is a t d c georgia. here with our chief live from moscow still to come but countdown has begun for boston rocking one off belongs to celebrate the upcoming fiftieth anniversary of man's first journey to space that is coming up for you in just a few minutes. first let's take
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a look at some other headlines from around the world this sunday to the ivory coast where french troops have taken over the airport in the main city of abidjan as fighting continues red cross reports say over a thousand people have died during recent violent clashes in the west of the country forces loyal to the un recognized leader alongside you were to have been battling rival supporters of incumbent president laurent gbagbo for several months the conflict comes after bravo refused to see power following november's election which the united nations say. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has called on the un to immediately cancel a report which accused his forces of committing war crimes during the two thousand and eight for nine offensive comes after the accounts author of south africa and richard goldstone backtracked on claims that israel had deliberately targeted civilians and israel refused to cooperate with goldstone's investigation and
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condemned his report as distorted and biased some fourteen hundred palestinians and thirteen israelis were killed during the three campaign. in kazakhstan residents have flocked to the polling stations to cast their vote in early presidential election the ballot is expected to overwhelmingly reconfirm the leadership of long serving as the by have three candidates are challenging him in the vote but none have publicly opposed his policies more than a thousand international observers are overseeing sunday's vote which has already come under criticism for a perceived lack of fairness. first official results are expected to really say. that america's southwest airlines has grounded nearly eighty planes and canceled three hundred flights nation want the move came after a section of the fuse was ripped open during a flight on friday forcing an emergency landing at
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a military base in arizona the jet with one hundred eighteen on board was on route from phoenix to sacramento when the cabin pressure suddenly dropped the pilot made a rapid controlled descent none of the passengers were seriously injured. now preparations for the takeoff of the aircraft spacecraft i should say are in full swing at baikonur cosmodrome with the rocket now installed on the launch pad on tuesday it will blast off with a crew of astronauts and cosmonauts on the way to the international space station well that liberates the upcoming fiftieth anniversary of mankind's first journey into orbit artie's tests are silly is not the one site it's got some first hand impressions from an astronaut just back from space. the we're here as he a launching pad in my dinner drogo actually watching right now. they're moving the rocket for the x. the expedition twenty seven for the car's opposition to the article position
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feeling very interesting to see this whole process will surely be watching what's going on right now listen now to astronaut told scott and she actually just landed from the international space station about three weeks ago thanks again this is your first time looking at this process particularly when you think about it i mean it's it's pretty impressive it's really neat to see. how differently for what it's worth to get to space and how it all isn't working out in the end but very different it's very different to the space shuttle and what we do but looking forward to watching my friend ron jeremy in a couple days go back to space having been there before i had you know an idea of what i was going to be looking forward to and everything and the space station is such a wonderful huge volume in space the largest volume ever had in history and space and now to be able to look out oh we were talking earlier this cucolo window this kind of. a window that looks down to the earth and it just. it really it's
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a very emotional thing to i think that. you know you see your own planet from space you're experiencing floating around in microgravity and doing some good work up there i think and we're his international partners too and you know anything about living in space you're engaged in a species if you're very protected you you have to be because we as humans can and can't live on earth in the vacuum of space and very similar to what it's like living underwater you're under pressure you can't just you know walk out the door without special so for the most part you know the entire time you're there you're thinking about things like you know what do i need to do to protect myself and in this given environment and fortunately the space station and me at various how it's water are very comfortable place to be. and they got this way this without. you the rich are big worry for your beautiful planet thank you very much thank you letter and signed thank you nicole you all are there you have it there are a lot of astronauts cosmonauts and astronauts here right now watching this process
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coming here especially because immediately important dates have been the fiftieth anniversary of you guys first flight and the thirtieth anniversary of the masses first space shuttle flight so again everyone here very excited seeing all this up close and it was his pretty good for this flight i'll go at it a bit to chile at the moment so we are expecting to see more of the families of the astronauts coming here and even the little boy from french guiana who had designed of the passion of the crew of the expedition twenty seven two that i assess. but arrested for crimes he may not have committed a palestinian engineer awaits his fate in an israeli prison even though he says he and the said he was arrested in the middle of the night on a train traveling up and also crying israeli intelligence agency mossad claims imo c.c.'s part of the militant organization hamas and that officials in kiev are confused as to why they want alerted there's no actions have count for a long shadow of doubt on the who didn't see the operation to find out what the
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relatives of the suspect have to say in an hour's time here on our t.v. . we're going to take a short break and i'll be back with a recap of the week's top stories in just a moment.


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