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so to. the meridian to leave them to join the hotels church in new delhi who took the maori babyhood to carry collection among the clothes of the maiden's hotel believe that part of the movie the road isn't shifting it was hundreds but they've recovered planets. well colonel gadhafi is struggling for a diplomatic solution some mideast experts accuse washington over steering the arab world in accordance with its own plans. there's a new fighting between gadhafi forces and the rebels for the libyan city of brega where nato air strike has destroyed i know in this convoy i'm point to save in the capital city of tripoli join me in a few moments and i'll bring you more. as the u.k. pours more cash into the libyan campaign many of whom slammed the government for massive cuts in the public sector they say their democratic rights are being neglected. and launching a space in legacy three cosmonauts blast off towards the international space
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station and nearly exactly fifty years since man first ventured to the stars. global news twenty four seven this is r.t. live from moscow now it was the fight for control over the oil rich libyan coastline continues the u.s. is stepping back from its leading role in the operation washington will still oversee the just six of the mission but has encouraged other nato countries to increase their military contribution. now looks at just how libya could be the start of why the u.s. goals and the region. as waves of public rage sweep through north africa and the middle east world powers jump on that as many analysts say in. an attempt to direct
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the waves of unrest in a way that's more favorable for them in libya forging relationship with the opposition so that if gadhafi goes their people there to do business with as syria party will wrath gather steam some experts say western powers might see the advantages of getting involved there to these three countries. are the main countries that will not align themselves automatically to the global or the western powers interests of objectives more powerful in the middle east as for example egypt will do or used to do with hosni mubarak and definitely kuwait and saudi arabia syria is iran's closest ally in the region and the cost to support the remark in syria are from khan was mentions of you ran syria is obviously a strategic ally for rand in me in the region and without syria iran loses there are there are bridge their land bridge to lebanon and they're hit has the one force and so of course hezbollah would suffer if the syrian regime was to fall and that
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would destabilize iran and weaken its power in the region which would be an obvious benefit and vehicle american forces some experts even believe that destabilize ation is part of a threat to the west perceived in the region we are seeing reflects a strategy which includes our mom's other points the generalized weakening of the sovereign nation states of the sovereign genes in the arab world in order to try to isolate iran leaving very few perhaps no friendly countries in the region and that will then leave iran pretty much alone at least in the arab world and will facilitate further turmoil inside iran although the u.s. secretary of state has ruled out america's involvement in syria for now the country's defense secretary caught with the syrian army to quote empower aroud aleutian and follow the example of egypt's military syria.
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they were irish you just the way you. would be a tough heart and no matter how much washington you want the regime there to fall for now it's seen as a mission impossible i'm sure that there are some in the u.s. who would love to attack iran and there are others who would like to take over the iranian opposition i think they know that the iranian opposition is not so fond of the united states they have a long memory in iran people remember the role of the united states in overthrowing the precursor to the shah of iran overthrowing the democratically elected government of most of their back in one hundred fifty three so i don't think the u.s. would be welcomed and i think many in washington know that would leave being torn apart by the war and anti-government protests gaining momentum in syria the question on everyone's mind is who might be next i'm going to check our reporting
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from washington are. the forces loyal to colonel gadhafi are regrouping the troops and he starts losses following the coalition strikes meanwhile could refuse diplomatic efforts to find a solution out of the crisis remain stalled his policy has more from the capital tripoli it's not really clear who is in control of this oil town of brega in the east of the country what has changed though is that it was a lull in nato airstrikes for about twenty four hours in and around the city and several hours ago nato did hit a one point eight military vehicles that were advancing probably center of the town which is where they are in control to the outskirts which is where the rebels are holding the frontline now according to eyewitnesses two of those vehicles were hit the runway quickly regrouped and then retraced of steps back into the city center bringing with its lead bodies all slain as soldiers yesterday monday was fighting between both sides and so nice for at that stage the rebels did for trace the.
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steps to the outskirts and again they offload in the field there this is an important time because if the rebels can maintain control there is a small oil refinery in brega and this will be a source of income for the rebels who are they able to purchase heavy weaponry and this is one of the shortcomings that they are suffering at the moment despite the fact that the nature is trucks are providing them with some kind of assistance they are consumed cool on the international community for some kind of weapons supply in the west of the country in the city of misrata where we are now hearing that clashes there in the last twenty four hours have seen five people killed and twenty four people wounded and we are hearing of one will cause very humanitarian situation is evolving there as people remain without access to food water and electricity we hear so much about the diplomatic activity happening outside of libya but while here in tripoli the government is remaining tight lipped conduct himself has not been seen or grossly television says that he was greeting crowds of
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his supporters outside be compounds that he has here in tripoli we haven't been able to independently verify exactly when these pictures were taken but what we are hearing from and the turkish capital is that a convoy a very representing the gadhafi regime hated the dignity foreign minister has been putting proposal on the table that would fire and see some kind of cease fire implemented while at the same time a political solution moving forward but the turkish saying that the sticking point is the whole question of whether or not he remains in power with the libyan regime insisting that he does love the rebels insisting that he doesn't want the proposals we will see here and that is being put forward is the possibility that one of the that his son is safe could head up some kind of constitutional democracy some kind of transition towards that but the rebels and most of the international community are saying that that is unsatisfactory because he is essentially his father's son and cut from the same cloth and it is ironic because they follow islam. turned out
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to be one of the strongest defenders of his father's policies. his policy reporting that. you can follow the regular online updates on what's going on in libya from our correspondents who are in the country you can do so via our twitter and facebook pages but of course are perfect to check out our r.t. you tube page for the latest videos. you with us here live from moscow in our russia once an explanation from the u.s. over its use of force in ivory coast which is currently gripped by civil conflict
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foreign minister sergey lavrov has a question if it was legal for international peacekeepers to support one of the presidential claimants u.n. and french troops bombarded targets around the residence of an incumbent president in the city of abidjan the u.n. says it's a great work carried out to protect civilians now forces loyal to the internationally recognized winner of the presidential poll. since you have captured the palace with a backbone now negotiating the terms of his departure refusing to cede power ever since losing last november's election hundreds now have been killed during a week of fighting country let's get more on this now and talk live to john laughlin from the institute for democracy and cooperation in paris more details and so the u.n. and allied forces are already busy as we know in libya but here they are sticking their nose into the conflict in ivory coast or what it was their business if you think. that's a very good question but the comparison with libya is quite
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a good one i think a lot of people around the world understand that there is a civil war going on in libya but there are two sides even to that conflict in other words that there are people who support colonel gadhafi the same is true of ivory coast the situation in ivory coast is the product of a very long protracted crisis which has been going on for more than ten years and which involved a civil war in the middle years of the last decade and it's a crisis which has numerous causes many of them deep seas he included the colonial past include immigration and so on but basically the crisis is crystallized around the rivalry between two men as you said in your report not on about war and peace to work tyler what is it what business is it of the west in my view none at all and yet the west in this case france but by means of the united nations has got into the habit of intervening systematically in other people's conflicts and i think what the ivory coast intervention shows because after all we are now in
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a situation where there is bloodshed and has been now for several weeks is that international intervention simply doesn't work we were told that international intervention would be to protect civilians and now we see the un forces themselves entering the battle between the two sides in other words we're using that when you say that into intervention doesn't work even in an area that has a legacy of conflict such as ivory coast you had military chief says that the recent strikes and i began were authorized by this so-called u.n. resolution but russia has question. let's listen for a moment to what the foreign minister. had to say about this. you know we should because of the u.n. peacekeepers and supporting french forces in ivory coast has started military action taking the side of mr ouattara carrying out air strikes on the positions held by supporters of mr gbagbo we're now looking into the legality of this situation because the peacekeepers were authorized to remain neutral nothing more
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we've requested an emergency briefing in the un security council we will keep looking into the matter because it's now as you were saying the international intervention does not work but other peacekeepers here actually seeking the sticking rather to their mandate because i like a resolution on libya their job is to quote protect civilians if that is that what you're seeing here. well no what you're seeing is french soldiers shooting. government forces in order to bring the rebels to power you know let's be frank about this the world of mandates the world of legalization legitimacy and so on this is all shadow play the reality is that france has soldiers in ivory coast and france has declared unequivocally its support for mr ouattara and its desire to see long being overthrown so they pick it could be no clearer illustration of the fact that france's intervention in this is political and not humanitarian so the
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fact that they happen to be wearing blue helmets is for basically irrelevant that's just for the form they are intervening in order to bring to power a particular so ok so your did it despite what's being said by french officials in the un you're saying this has nothing to do with the so-called humanitarian mission . absolutely nothing and in any case we know that france is not neutral in this political crisis because france has said repeatedly and explicitly that it once long ago to step down so there is absolutely no shred of neutrality about france's position and yet these u.n. troops that we hear about are in fact of course french troops and they take orders from paris they don't take orders from the united nations they take them from paris and my concern about this intervention quite apart from the fact that it has with other interventions in my view makes things worse is that it fatally damages the authority of the united nations because nobody now is ever going to believe that the united nations intervention in the future is neutral when we can see in the
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united nations intervention as in this case being used for explicitly political purposes although some of the united nations has already done more than enough to already soil its reputation but we're getting reports now that. is possibly negotiating his surrender would you take any stock in this when it comes to negotiating a surrender kind of terms you think would be discussed. i have to say i'm skeptical but i'm not really an expert and i'm not on the ground the reason i'm skeptical is that it's the french foreign minister himself who is announced this has made this announcement about the president about or ex-president bill negotiating his surrender this may just be a tactic to create the impression that he is on the way out i don't know it could be true it's difficult for me to say at this distance from the internet for democracy and cooperation in paris thank you. still to come here on the program on our team cleaning up. japanese authorities asked for russia's help in dealing with
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thousands of tons of radioactive liquid a better fukushima power plant plus. blasting into history three space travelers set out on a mission to the international space station to mark the fiftieth anniversary of mankind's first trip beyond. britain is upping its military presence in libya with more of its tornado jets being sent but as the country continues to tighten its belt many are starting to doubt their government is spending taxpayers' money with the public's needs in mind. reports increasing numbers in the u.k. are questioning their rights. but winter of discontent that's becoming a seething spring british streets regularly filling with massive anti-government protests which start peacefully but routinely turn violent. their fury is
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a vis winching spending cuts by a coalition government they say no one wants and now a new foreign war. i fear that democracy in britain which it prides itself on and keenly exports is wearing thin. listening to anyone just making up their own mind about everything really we don't have to say anything so i don't see anything about. this tuition fees i. can stay because i work in social conversation so i find it ridiculous how much money they're spending in libya sending planes over their signatures. and taking money away from us they should be spending more money but the will of these people is one. which lawmakers willingly ignore while a t.v. news poll suggested forty three percent of people oppose military intervention in libya they're elected m.p.'s voted overwhelmingly in favor five hundred fifty seven
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to just thirteen against what we have in parliament are a political class they all go to the same schools they go to the same universities they get the same jobs the research offices place where their career is in politics having never had jobs in the real world are they operate speak and vote like shape we don't have enough independent thinkers sitting of the house of commons prepared to make counter-arguments in a league of their own and a world apart from a public mandate the british don't directly choose their prime ministers certainly not the most recent man at number ten gordon brown was handed the job when tony blair quits during his eventual successors wroth colby's because of people that were in the party. but david cameron was only rescued from a minority government with a deal of his own sharing power with the party that voters put third it's
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a coalition which an angry electorate sees breaking promises and which listens to washington more than westminster protesters politicians are so committed. to this kind of seeming fantasy of the of this special relationship with washington that they're prepared to do everything necessary to maintain that relationship while bearing you know having no concern for their relationship with the people who elected them in the first place and this is a this is a dysfunction a deep deep dysfunction of the heart of the british so-called democracy the past six months have seen a series of demonstrations in london and across the u.k. gates cuts to public spending and the war in libya some of those protesters have marched right down this road past the front door of their democracy to say it's not working you're emmet r.t. . now you can always find more news features on our website of course that is on dot com here are a few of the i can do got lined up for you right now. starting
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a company leader who's been in power for two decades has one of the country's presidential election securing over ninety five percent of the vote. and overstepping orthogonally the f.b.i. is accused of abusing wiretapping powers as the agency has reportedly been spying on little children to find out r.t. dot com. now japanese officials say sixty thousand tons of radioactive water accumulated in the basement of the stricken fukushima power plant workers must keep feeding water into the reactors to stop them overheating which of course is leading to a buildup of radioactive fluid japan has now asked russia to send a waste disposal facilities of a crippled nuclear station meantime almost twelve thousand tons of tainted water are being released into the ocean to free storage space for more highly contaminated waste authorities do say this poses no threat to human health or the
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environment but some experts disagree. in any other normal circumstances the release of such williams of water will be described as catastrophic i think i'd like to draw attention to the fact that in one thousand nine hundred three where no russian vessel was spotted offloaded or stock discharging nuclear waste into the sea of japan a japanese government was released and led the charge for a ban on all nuclear gone bring out seat well the ocean currents and in that part of japan mean that in if in the first instance the contamination will spread north and south of the coastline from the fukushima power plant which means to the very cause that have been devastated by the earthquake in the tsunami so that's going to add to further unease on the part of the people living in that corner kick around longer term the reader nuclides particularly cesium which is the half life of thirty years all grist environment for many many decades and i think that the admission that we haven't really got the situation under control is what we see
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today. so it is now a twenty minutes past the hour here in australia with r.t. and it's almost fifty years to the day since the first man ventured into space and are today yuri gagarin is flying again a space ship named after the pioneer has a blasted off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan carrying three bands of the international space station artists are fairly always there to see the crew's preparation and of course the spectacular launch. well here's a lot of excitement definitely especially among vs spectators for the we're going to see the takeoff of the crew two russian cosmonauts of onyx on the some of which and they are buddy said go as well as nasa astronaut ron garan now for the last a few hours leading up to this point right here we have been following the very go through the three flight traditions if you will very interesting indeed especially for first timers even those who have been here several times say it's never quite the same b.v. whole process as we saw them getting out of the accord the facility first they left
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their signatures on their doors as had their previous us theirs and then walked to the out to the crowd and they we saw them in their space suits very interesting to see them in their gear say quite an emotional farewell to the people waving their a good vice of this is a very special mission if you will because this is happening close to the fiftieth anniversary of you got its first space flight happening right here with what they call garrett start this is scary it all began with the nasa astronaut on board ron garan his words he had said that fifty years ago on that day mankind became a different species that we were able to go beyond the boundaries of earth.
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and the basics of life really you can hear the crowd here quite an amazing sight here in new york about you guys will it will take less than ten minutes to get it through to orbitz to zero gravity embedded a couple of days to reach the international space station where they were joyed three of their colleagues and ron garrett who is a tense very. savvy astronaut he did say he will try his very best to keep us updated using twitter that is because tweets as well as blogs and we do look forward to reading about their experiences up there is space. so that reporter at the base i was like this person with dmitri. thank you ruing libyan rebels are expected to start their first oil export shipments as early as tuesday and tanker called the equator is due to dock in
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a tub broke in the east of the country it would be the first exports from libya of nearly three weeks since colonel gadhafi ordered production shut down due to the unrest news is that the pacify the market prices crude prices are traded still above arden twenty one. hundred twenty one eighty at the moment light sweet is slightly down just a point four three percent more than one hundred eight dollars per barrel let's now talk to harry from d.m.p. perry barr to understand more months actually going on with the market harry thanks so much for being with us what will the resumption of supplies from libya mean for the market and why are we seeing an easing of the price of the mount. but i think it's a little bit early to cite the resumption of supplies from libya these are just tentative cargoes and in the end we have a disruption to supply in excess of a million barrels per day and i don't think it's
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a couple of cargoes here or there that are going to shift the market balance so until further notice supply out of libya is disrupted and this is why the market is not responding. right all crude surprise at the moment in the u.s. there at four month high is that a sign of demand has already had just to add to the new level of crude prices. because certainly an escalation in crew socks and you was also reflects a low rate of utilization in the refining so clearly u.s. demand is facing a higher price especially in gasoline and we're now reaching levels at the pumps that are close to those that we saw in two thousand and eight and that would be roughly three seventy eight zero four dollars per gallon and of course at these prices demand is challenge and refiners face weaker demand that in turn so as a result we accumulate more. or stocks in the view isolation rates where they are what would you say is the danger level for the oil price at the moment when remember they were close to one hundred fifty dollars per gallon two thousand and
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eight everybody was talking about the development of the global economy what's that level right now. because certainly if we think back of the lot to the last rally we had to go to one hundred fifty to cause demand destruction i think this time around the threshold of pain is surely a lot lower i mean we are struggling to recover out of the worst recession that we've had in many many years now clearly there are a lot of signs of course recently in terms of leading economic indicators that suggest you know the economy's doing better but nonetheless i think that you know at a level of hundred twenty as we are now and brant if we sustained for a couple months that's going to be that's going to be harmful to demand. finally let me ask you to take out your crystal ball and tell me what your take is on for oil price in the upcoming couple of months maybe it's a lead out of the. i think we're probably going to stay around these levels i mean we see the market consolidating in absence of no new news if you will from the middle east so we'll stay around hundred twenty that we will see in a range between one hundred five and one a week and that's been reflected by
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a sharp decline in the volatility that we observed in the option markets for oil of course we could think about moving higher before that i think we need a further disruption in supply so until then i think we're pretty much range bound over the next month or two at these levels and harry telling derian head of commodity market strategy thank you so much for being with us thank you. several of the markets now starting with europe they are lower here on issues of the footsie and the dax less than half a percent lower a new credit downgrade portugal by moody's rating agency has further dampening sentiment chazan struggling music and games retail a.g.m. the word down by as much as nine percent of the company issued its fifth profit warning since september. here in russia another fifteen eighteen minutes to go rather till the end of the session the odds here also down around one of a percent so they reversed earlier gains and dropped the first day in three that
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declined on the global markets of course take a look at some individual shares rosneft is down but down slightly was down one hundred percent just now even less than one tenth of a percent lukoil is also negative territory norris nicol managed to go down when it was actually gaining one point six percent after the precious metals company announced that it would be buying back one point two billion dollars worth of its shares on the open market in polly's gold is up one percent on higher metals prices . as often are we will be back in less than one hour's time with another you can always log on to our website if you go forward slash business for more rory is next with headlights you stay with us.
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wealthy british style scientists that's not the type of. market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy which might structure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our.


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