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bryson if you only bounce from stupid. stunts on t.v. dot com. you don't just sit in grave. immoral services for a. crash that killed the polish president. there was a year ago. we were involved in the civil war largely because of the vast amounts of oil that existed in eastern libya and i think the result would probably break a very on easy partition of libya rebel disillusionment with natives actions as it turns to anger from the nonsense general you just apologize circle for the air strikes which killed opposition fighters. and u.s.
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nor makers scraped together an agreement on millions in spending cuts just an hour before the first profit from the yes blueprint to head. around the world and around the clock this is our team welcome to the program our top story now russia and poland are coming together to remember a common tragedy on sunday will be exactly here since a polish plane crashed and have a russian since response ninety six people are on board including the polish president his wife and a large part of the country's political in the grief united nations problems rejection of the investigation has threatened to divide the. country which is in this way it's going to commemoration ceremonies are due to begin. there's only a tree stumps left at the side the polish tupolev one fifty four plane crashed
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causing a fire a year ago the plane carrying the polish president his wife and ninety four there of the country's political and military elite very soon relatives of those killed in the catastrophe will be gathering here at these sites and the current polish president's wife on the schedule leaves its allegation from poland will be a follow laying ceremony a religious service and after that they'll be visiting because the moral which is some twenty kilometers from here you should remember what was behind that fatal flights of this region of russia a year ago to commemorate something that's carried huge emotional scars for the polish people because the massacre where twenty two thousand polish officers were slaughtered by stalin secret police at the beginning of world war two now today these is a side of a double tragedy ironically the source of these catastrophe which called russia and
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poland relieve old tangents and most of the sticky fires handling all the aftermath of the tragedy has been very well received by poles but now a year on differences which opens up over the investigations findings are not likely to have a quick fix. april seventh twenty tan in the spring sunshine or putin and to ski on are victims of the cutting massacre many find it hard to believe as a two hundred years of mutual and miti between russia and poland had been washed away with tears. but fresh tears which will fall on the soil just three days later the whole polish nation will sound into moving the president the government religious leaders sent the members of the country's elite gung. being has become a symbol of two polish tragedies and while the first we can judge only from history
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books the second unfolded in front of us almost broadcast in real time the plane catastrophe showed our generation of russians and poles those who didn't witness the second world war how it is to suffer another tragedy. there was however a twist of irony it was these new catastrophe that healed many of the wounds of the past the symbolic heart was just the beginning a year of unprecedented joint work on finding the cause of the crash followed my experience with the russian investigators has been very good they are very high quality organization there is no question about this the commander the captain of the polish craft is to blame for this tragedy the facts though were hard to take for some the investigation was beginning to take on political overtones with attempts in poland to push the blame on to russia this report is
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a job for poland exploiting the submissive and shoot of the government of. my claim my claim my accusers asian and i would personally ask that question traffic control why go where not so hard to press the group the transcript of the pilot's last words show there were multiple warnings from the russian air traffic controllers not to land in big fog and so reserve their filt they couldn't for beast the plane from landing because that would have been against international aviation will poland wants further investigation diplomacy and politics should not hamper the investigation of facts for us facts are the most important history suggests russia and poland may take their time to settle their differences especially against the background of a tragedy but such a high price was paid for the recent reconciliation but even skeptics realize it
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would be as shame for it to be tainted once again by division and scapegoating exhibitor children r t kathleen the smiley and screech. political commentator from a connoisseur and newspaper coldiron the reaction to the russian that investigation is merely a political point scoring for the nesting gets. sides reaction is quite confusing because as i understand it they need stage they were quite satisfied with the cooperation of the russian side and as you know it was done in for compliance with international norms under the international community and we submitted all the documents so it looked as if they were satisfied and not just. any worse or it all of a sudden we are getting quite another statements which sound and to russian definitely this is the master piece of this is not the question between russia and poland but this is the question between british politicians themselves. but over the next ten
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days our crews will bring you special coverage of the commemoration ceremonies we're looking at how the tragedy affected relations between the two nations and how the facts of the crash came to light. when the news is not enough. when it's something really crucial. what you want to get down to brass tacks we bring you our special coverage here. in a place already synonymous with tragedy the world witnessed another disaster that left the country devastated. and united two nations in a great. question more on. to libya and their anger is growing among hunter duffy supporters of the nato second so-called friendly fire bombing raid resulted in
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rebel that's still been no outright apology from the airlines our correspondent there has the latest on the capital tripoli. his leadership over its military operations here in libya are coming under more and more fire for being ineffective and for creating mistakes it is now nine days since nato took over command of military operations here and in the last week alone we've witnessed two separate nato air strikes that have left in total more than twenty opposition fighters did and several dozen injured now as you can well imagine the tensions here are running high cheekily because the nato secretary general why regretting the loss of life has not come out and said that he is sorry for these is strikes essentially what nato is arguing is that he was not aware that the rebel fighters were using tanks prior to these airstrikes medical stock fighters in the draft he's come in now we're hearing a very different argument coming from the rebel commanders they said that they did notify measure beforehand that they had some twenty tanks in their position and
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that they would move into the frontline around the city of a drive year a little bit towards a greater with those tanks and also seems rather questionable why nature was not aware of where the rebel fighters had tanks because it has been footage circulating now for weeks showing these opposition fighters with heavy weaponry that includes tanks the other argument that nature is putting forward is that the situation on the ground is extremely fluid it says that the front line keeps seesawing forwards and backwards but there's a constant flow of heavy machinery of tanks and it's becoming so difficult for them to actually tell who's who on the ground now for days now we have been witnessing a demoralization among the opposition forces there is now turning into anger and they say that nature is not doing enough it's making a lot of mistakes and it's also neglecting its operations here they said that they do not understand why nato has not been able to convince his forces from advancing some one hundred miles into rebel territory why and that is true because right at
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the moment is forces are holding the upper hand in terms of fighting on the ground . left wing british and german corgan who is pursuing questionable goals in media conference for years and groups getting or producing country. what we've become involved in is a civil war in libya and they all went disastrously wrong when an opposition military point i think it's very damaging but it underlines the lack of any clear purpose in this mission and the lack of any endgame in it we're involved in the civil war largely because of the vast amounts of oil that exist in eastern libya and i think the result will probably be a very easy partition of libya with a stalemate which will lead to constant conflict and cuts a number of features there has to be some political solution to this otherwise the carnage will continue the losses will continue and western interests will increasingly look with greedy eyes on these enormous oil reserves and the market
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opportunities of libya are going to see the libyan people bring about their solution without western interference. meanwhile susan lindauer who's a journalist and the antiwar activist says the us was planning your racial in the months before the on the rest of the country again. last summer we began to hear that qaddafi was pressuring the u.s. and british oil companies for compensation and reimbursement for the damages from sanctions in the one nine hundred ninety s. khadafi had been put under sanctions for the lockerbie bombing. the bombing of pan am one of three and the united nations had demanded that libya turn over two men for trial at the hague what happened at the trial was the united states paid witnesses four million dollars apiece to testify against the libyans and. that has and those witnesses have now recanted their testimony it's the
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lockerbie trial made it clear that libya had nothing to do with that case and it has been a great embarrassment for the west and now khadafy has last summer we began to hear because he was trying to. gain some compensation some kickbacks possibly some fees from the oil companies and in october you occidental petroleum and chevron two us two major u.s. oil companies pulled out of libya and i think from october on there was going to be something that would happen to libya to punish them for making things hard for us while. it was exclusive analysis of the military operation in libya where often the videos. you can see footage sent from the rebel stronghold of benghazi thousands gathered on friday in the victims
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of bombing you can download these images video service after they be applies there's no charge. to the page which gives you on that access to thousands of clips on the web site. the u.s. congress has thrush so budget agreeing on spending cuts dangerously close to the deadline republicans and democrats were forced to overcome their differences or risk the first government shutdown in fifty years if the shutdown had happened hundreds of thousands of public employees were sold from the start teachers would lock in paying senators agreed on a thirty eight billion dollars worth of cuts before the end of september or whether
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spike the efforts to tighten the budget some of the economists something donna using ground looking for ways to ensure greater economic stability for the world. mr reports from the summit hosted by world famous billionaire. comic turn britain's woods believe one of the main reasons why this gathering it's taking place is because the belief is that after the actual collapse they shocked the globe and it reverberated all across the world there hasn't been anything to replace the old system that reflects the new world where the united states is not the one singular power that dictates economic policy the way that it was in the one thousand nine hundred four conference when the dollar was named a reserve currency that was the historic operate that was when you united nations got together the allied country. during world war two at its peak to have this summit today it's a very different story this is billionaire george soros gathered together two hundred according to the think tank intellectuals this is a think tank funded by soros and fifty million dollars reportedly behind it
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gathered together to discuss where this is going next this idea among thinkers here or at least behind this conference is that there needs to be a system that reflects that this is no longer you know polar world it is a multi-polar world that brings developing nations into the conversation the bric nations brazil russia india china nations that now are fueling growth and have booming economies around the world vision's of the developed nations such as the united states that were growth is really stagnated and where debts have been run up the at this is still the reserve currency this is still a large force as far as monetary policy so the idea of my being heard here is that there really needs to be a different system and that a gauge is and reflects the developing nations and the nations that are fueling a lot of the growth in the world that aren't as reflected in old policies that are considered by some of these thinkers according to them outdated. for more on the soros conference in britain words i could have told website on t.v. of call from the control of its news on developments on team usa section.
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found out what some experts believe america is facing a revenue of budget crisis i think is behind us corporations are printing tax loopholes overseas to screw the way to profits that i don't comb. today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. wealthy british style holds. its.
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market. can find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headline is going to cause a report on our. minds in russia would be soon which crisis if you knew about song from phones to.
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start on t.v. don't come. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future covered. it will be the longest and most ambitious on the scene in the wild but it's completed north street and there were gas from russia to countries across europe it's easy. to see firsthand how the construction is progressing. might look like i'm in a middle of a muddy building site but behind me is a key point one of the most ambitious engineering projects undertaken anywhere in the world over the last few years which you can see just going into the ground and then out to see behind me is the north stream pipe is the world's longest
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underwater gas supply of the world's tickets and it's also an operating under the most pressure it's a flagship project for russia it was mooted for over ten years before construction could actually begin here going to cost over seven million euros at least. proving that it is capable of initialising in carrying out such large scale projects taking part in phases starting from modeling to constructing and the breaking of. this is no ordinary metal it's got to be able to withstand extreme conditions the thickness of the walls it's four centimeters it's able to not break down if there is a cold temperature of more than minus fifty also it looks kind of solid but it's actually extremely flexible it's able to swing in a range of more than a thousand meters and five other moment is being laid down on a ship about
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a thousand kilometers away near the coast of germany the world's most powerful compressor station which is just one kilometer back there will be forcing to gas to go at huge pressure so you don't need any kind of other compression stations in the middle of the pipe i wanted to wait to realize ation the north stream project faced a lot of objections now one part of the action was from environmentalist those in sweden and finland of the country through the seabed to which the project will go through well worried about the impact of the project on the seabed and also what might have happened if any kind of cyclic emergencies while in this respect gazprom and not a contract has not only gone and done everything to make sure that there aren't. nothing happened so the point would have gone beyond they've sort of. been damaged already by previous wars pollution actually going out of their way to restore their condition but other objection was political already supplied nearly a third of europe. but this new pipeline was going to bring
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a new level of security because of conflicts which have the countries with ukraine . but basically held the whole of europe hostage. the country and recent events and world are playing into the hands of those behind this project the instability it's all good that europe needs north stream more but. now they're trying to look at some other news making headlines around the world at least twenty three people have been killed in the latest violent clashes in a syrian city which is now seen three weeks of anti-government rallies witnesses say security forces were shooting at protesters state syrian t.v. claims nineteen police officers were killed and more deaths in other cities are. protests unprecedented challenge given your presence here. an israeli tank shell has killed one palestinian. reports it follows an israeli
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airstrike on friday which. had. ceased. to be bored by. more than twenty raids on gaza just released. last just. three people lost their lives in clashes with the south the protests say the plans for compromise and dozens of others were injured and strangers on the streets for three days running over concerns the construction could thankful. i mean. the response. as it's canceled a controversial project. in the months ahead the u.s. is going on the same year that celebrations will be held to mark the greatest soviet she went into space exploration. a reporter has asked new york what happened to america's extraterrestrial and.
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this month marks the fifty year anniversary of the first human caused by not yuri gagarin to ever fly into space so whatever happened to the space race this week let's talk about that are you proud that man once walked on the moon. and i proud that man was walked out of my proud that man once across the atlantic ocean and failed america i think it's it's a good thing for people who for mankind to do new things and explore and learn no one cares and i going into space is that sad no i think we've done it seen it's too expensive there's nothing more to do in outer space well as those more to do but is it worth doing if you don't think it is i don't know why if i did it why did the culture used to think it was so important and now are like there been there tony being here barriers for thought but we know we've got up areas now we've got our
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boundaries it's just too expensive you don't think the people living on another planet would be breaking a boundary well it would i suppose the hardship any problems on the earth even thinking of us i should space but weren't there just as many problems back than. perhaps there were. we're just so used to it now. television. cinema. just shows social space all the time so it doesn't seem to be so spectacular and more i think it was it was a new a new or new presidency a new administration you know everything was new so the best kind of what obama ran on right so what must be a great time for him to say let's read slower it would be something better than nothing do you see that happening no no let him know barack obama should do what john f. kennedy did start a whole new room really gets out there really for more the more. do you think that
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people would be into that as much as they were back in the day or are they too into the internet and facebook. so what changed we used to focus on and now we don't seem to care. a lot more about the universe. other resources but we haven't been to mars but we know. we haven't you know the time travel now we have how do you know that's even possible until you try to speculate. why are we more focused on things like the internet and facebook. unless you're one of those people that believe man in space but the hoax the bottom line is that no matter what happened to the space race we can always say that we did take that one giant leap for mankind. head of the anniversary of the first manned space flight and we had
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a special section on our web site. dedicated to space exploration and you can take part in a contest just create something inspired by the iconic image of the first race car it could be anything from a t. shirt some great prizes on all the details as. always good to have you with us. the.
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thing. wealthy british style. is not tied to the title.
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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the cons only for fun r t. h.
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going to. space is about all of our national security there is no substitute and there is no alternative to military space. bombs on target real time battle mistook the truth about the natural easier able to deliver through space ship land and sea you can better get it. right out of the film her craft carrier. and we must. be. several hundred. years of investment in the peaceful uses of outer space. and this incredible invest.


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