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tv   [untitled]    April 11, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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yes there we had an apartheid regime right here in the lead up to the limit of one hundred twelve the legs. we never got the chance to further him safe get ready to compete for freedom. led. by guys welcome michel ancel on the obama show part of our guest stop the family topics now i want to hear the audience has gone to you tube to video response or to twitter for part of the question that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show the long response is going to leave your thoughts big. for. since the first.
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film takes. place. you know sometimes you see a story and it's. easy to understand it and then you get something else here's the part of it and realize that everything you say.
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all right it's time for tonight's jewel time award and tonight our war goes to sarah palin the former half term governor of alaska must be feeling a little bit left out she's not getting anywhere when it comes to the race for the white house next year and in fact most pundits say that she has absolutely zero chance of winning the g.o.p. nomination in recent months her poll numbers how fallen off a cliff the law still a wingnut has decided to try and inject herself back into the public debate she didn't come out with a great opinion on the budget debate or our war in libya now instead she jumped on the donald trump rather bandwagon he's not just throwing stones and and from the sidelines he's digging in there you see spain for researchers to find out why president obama would have spent two million dollars to not show his birth certificate so you know more power to what how sarah pailin stoking the fire of ignorance wherever she goes now sarah went on to say that she believes obama was
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born in hawaii but finds a perp plexi for the president won't release his birth certificate now as we covered on the show before he has released his certificate of live birth which is what the state of hawaii releases to anyone seeking a birth certificate and officials in hawaii have reviewed the document and called it official so what else do these crazy burgers need now back in february pale and call the burger issue a distraction from the more important issues so what changed between. very day for sarah became irrelevant that's what changed she saw donald trump past her in most polls so now she's decided to be a burger cheerleader from the sidelines all in an attempt to make herself feel important again sorry but i really don't think it's going to work sarah palin you will always be a sore loser who walked away half way through your first term as governor and quite frankly i don't think the world has missed you one bit since you've been out of the spotlight alas that is of course to make fun of you which you've made it so so very easy for us and that's why you are tonight's tool time winner. now we've spoken
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about it before but today it's official and france the full face veils are now officially banned in public which include muslim burkas and i was contentious law was described by government officials as a way to help muslims adapt to their local communities a critics say and this was just a way of persecuting those who follow islam and keep in mind france does have the largest muslim population in all of europe so will this new law spread to other european countries as well as daniel bushell has more. in just become a criminal from today a new french law hands covering your face in public is designed to make muslim women integrate in society but the softly spoken single mom says it's had the opposite effect. my friends have simply stopped going out on the new rulings made some good to speak out and many valid not to change the way they dress and move on
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good morning it's what the french republic stands for says this businessman he pledges to pay the hundred and fifty euro fine for anyone who continues to wear a veil and is taking it but. we are seeing france in the european court of human rights it's about freedom of expression. that was fired this nicolas sarkozy's integration advisor last month after criticizing the president's approach he now calls on french muslims. are similar to the one forced on jews by the nazis did. these governments should learn how to negotiate opinion polls show a record low approval rating for the french government with accusations deliberately stirring into racial tension friday prayers in paris muslims are forced to worship on the streets the government looks the building of basic public
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prayer rooms more discrimination say worshippers against the muslim population wrong to see noise in recent years against government policies there are signs of more brewing it is a distinct possibility especially when domestic. decisions and events in foreign decisions and events come together those four events before so outraged partners in europe joining claims from illegal because roma and said the north. but in the face of international ngo that splits the frame germany says and drives this. axis as bad as it has been called sometimes is not functioning and list your falls. in the regime when you solicitously minorities why should we stop persecuting christians if you are persecuting muslims saying you have absolutely no credibility of the reliability to
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tell us what we should do with the rights of. the french government groups hold long policies supreme court approval of politicians illegally holds the most we quits. expect to see in the coming days and you see. as the world focuses on the topic of spending and the need to cut it there's a new report out there of deals where a very good chunk of that u.s. budget is being spent. as a swedish based think tank they did a study to determine how much the world the spends on its military budget on the total dollar amounts one point six trillion that's a lot of money when it comes to the military where the real shocker comes in as when you see this and see very calculated how much each country has spent on the military the u.s. dominates the area they spent six hundred ninety eight billion dollars in the past
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year alone. we've brought so to now see if we also determine if you asked has an eighty one percent increase in military spending over the past decade i mean the military budget has almost doubled since two thousand and one and it sounds like a lot but wait until you see it when you put it into the comparison with the rest of the world here's the u.s. with his a massive state in the total global military budget meanwhile the second highest is china and while the u.s. takes forty eight who percent of that one point six trillion. you'll notice the china the second mile the total amount is only around seven percent i don't think it takes a rocket scientist to notice that staggering money now in the u.s. dollars dominates equal more equal more than the entire global military budget it makes you think why exactly do we need to spend this much money at all this looming question is so hard to ignore it's obvious that both the democrats and republicans are going to do their best not to acknowledge the elephant in the budget the beyond
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bloated military allowance so far we've heard a lot of talk and absolutely no action and speaking of budgets let's move on to our next story. on friday congress literally waited until the eleventh hour to reach a compromise and not shut down the government they passed a one week resolution with two billion dollars in cuts to housing and transportation programs and agree to thirty eight point five billion in cuts to be voted on this week but to not expect the partisan bickering and they're quite the opposite unfortunately now the real battle is going to begin treasury secretary tim geithner has already warned lawmakers that the u.s. is going to reach its debt limit by may sixteenth at which point congress will have to vote on increasing it or the country as a whole is going to default and the result will be according to most lawmakers and economists catastrophic and while the white house is hoping for a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling to avert disaster and leave all the deficit talk until later house speaker john boehner signaled this weekend that it is not
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going to be that simple. and the president says i want you to send me a clean bill oh yes well mr president not a chance you're going to get a clean bill. i can just tell you this there will not be an increase in the debt limit without something really really big attached to it. so does this mean that republicans are willing to hold the country hostage i'll get what they want here discussing with me is benjy sarlin congressional reporter at talking points i know you think so much for being here thanks for having me first starters i hate these people honestly how do i mean last week i don't have to worry about a looming government shutdown there are eight hundred thousand federal workers are happy to leave work on friday not knowing if they're going to come back on monday not knowing when they're going to get their next paycheck and these guys decide to just you know wait till it's down to the wire and have fun with it i hate that it works better for everyone you know makes it look like they thought the absolute hardest on both sides no one wants to come up with a deal and it's ok i guess we're done for the rest of the week we'll just hang out
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and say i know that there isn't so easy way to spend more time i guess that's a nice way to look at it now what's going to happen this week is this thirty eight point five billion dollars vote going to be an easy one or is it just going to be a complete repeat well it's almost certainly going to pass but the question is how many republicans defect is the big deal john boehner has always had a somewhat tenuous grip on the more conservative wing of the republicans in the house and a number of them at various times revolted against some of the previous short term funding bills that he put before them there's always the chance that the significant numbers as you know what we don't like this and we'll we're just going to register our frustration we have any idea what's actually in it we have a number but what's what's in this thirty eight point five billion dollars she has planned parenthood still a huge issue i haven't heard a defensive funded planned parenthood is doing on it did you tell us we do not know yet another pledge to put it out by the end of tonight i think by midnight so we can actually take a look into it but we only know what details they've told us we can actually look
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at. the actual legislation i'm assuming that we know the defense is going to be just fine when it comes to that now as i say when it comes to raising the debt ceiling it seems like that's just going to be another battle and another huge issue and john boehner said there's no way they're going to let just a clean bill go through unless they get what they want to some people have said that republicans are specially you know acting like this is a hostage situation that they're taking america's future the possibility of as deep all think the possibility of catastrophic consequences and using that all of leverage it's certainly how the white house is portraying it and they do have the benefit of a lot of mainstream economists and a lot of even conservative economists on their side but on paper i'm self said not so long back that it would be catastrophic he's been very open about it even some of the most conservative members of republican leadership have said this is i believe john boehner called it an adult moment for the tea party this is a moment was one of the things you just have to do even this paul ryan plan that
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was just a few this week i would effectively end medicare and just aggressively cut all these different things even under that we still would have to raise the debt limit for years and years and years to come so it's tough for them to really defend holding holding hostage i would much credibility so that we make any guesses when they say it's going to take some concessions you know what what john boehner is going to want from their president in return well the ideal thing the democrats i think are hoping they can bargain him down to would be just some symbolic vote say the balanced budget amendment something he gets mentioned a lot it's been getting talked up more and more in recent days that has absolutely no prayer of passing and even if it did i don't think republicans would know what to do with it in terms of running the country it's really cripples government but at the very least they'd love to take a nice symbolic vote on it and maybe could get that on the senate floor as part of the this is the crazy thing to me is that a new p.c. and wall street journal poll only sixteen percent of americans said that they want
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the debt limit to be raised. do they just do you think that the average american pie just doesn't understand what it really means for them for the u.s. to default on its debts i think that's the long and short of it it's sort of complicated to explain it's not a direct economic result the way it is with a government shutdown say there's actually sort of a process by which maybe the government can trot along a little while and then things only get really bad so it takes a little explanation exactly why this is a problem markets would freeze up the economy would just used to be able to move and i don't think most people are that familiar with the basics of just what happens. thank you so much for joining us we'll see what happens we'll see if it does become a little easier in that we have to gear up for the next battle and president obama will be speaking on wednesday where he is finally unveiling his own deficit plan a counter proposal to paul ryan where it's expected that the entitlements are going to take a hit but also perhaps taxes for the rich are as well so we'll cover that when it
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comes out thanks so much for being here thanks. now still to come tonight was a meeting of minds this weekend in new hampshire billionaire george soros and other economic leaders and thinkers gathered to discuss how to remake the global economy in a very different economic climate argues lauren lyster has a wrap up on the event so we can. give that we get an apartheid break. i think. either one. or the other got the movie or something safe get ready because freedom.
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of. speech on our been here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. a new website with twenty four seven live streaming news tells what to do about the ongoing financial heart unlimited free high quality videos for download. and stories you never see one mainstream news. so. maybe the political. posts aren't touched.
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guys welcome michel and tell me alone a show we've heard our guests have to say on the topic now we want to hear from our audience just go on to you tube the video response or the twitter first part of the question that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response to the late boy. we've got an update for you tonight on one guy who took on sony george hotz an avid gamer and tech whiz and former guest on the alone a show was known for jailbreaking the i phone but then he got into deep water when he not only successfully hacked sony's playstation three but then went on to release the code needed for the hack online along with a how to video now this code sony in hot water because it created a loophole for anybody who wanted to modify their gaming console and even allow gamers to use pirated games on their system so as you can imagine has put hearts into a lawsuit with the mega electronics corporation one hopes was not deterred he proceeded
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to push the envelope when he released this video on youtube. conflict of. interest please all of the children with the choice the boys money want to show. you. now we had hot on our show a few months back when he was asking for donations for his legal costs in fighting the corporation but it looks like a geo hide his fellow gamers column has reached an agreement according to wired dot com sony has dropped its jailbreaking a lawsuit against hogs in exchange for a promise not to fiddle with the p s three system anymore that's right a promise now the details of this promise include an agreement not to perform reverse engineering decompiling or disassembling any portion of a sony product and he also agreed not to bypass disable or circumvent any encryption security or authentic authentication mechanism now breaching the terms
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of the settlement would result in a ten thousand dollars fine or violation but looks like the only way to hard to get out of legal trouble is to agree to keep its hacking ways away from sony products and that doesn't really seem like too harsh of a penalty for me after all so he did treat heart like enemy number one they even got court approval to hans's pay pal records and to his hard drive we have to keep in mind though that the damage for so many is already done now if the encryption code is out there in public where others can still use the code gaming systems and ask for hans was not able to speak on the settlement at this time he assured wired that he would keep on fighting the good fight and the best way he knows so here it looks like one guy that sort of automated corporation kind of one. in historic new hampshire it was a gathering of the world's leading financial minds they met in order to determine how to move forward in a rapidly changing economic one landscape lauren lyster reports.
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if these hills could talk. the economic theory they would expound upon it. ladies and gentlemen please welcome ideas they really could change the world of futures golf. or at least billionaire george soros bringing together ph d's and nobel prize winners with the backdrop of historical bretton woods would suggest someone is hoping it will be what you have it was here allied nations came during world war two with an economic system in crisis they came searching for stability they formed the international monetary fund the world bank and established the u.s. dollar as a global reserve currency it's here that decades later in the wake of the financial crisis a group of influence will economists and former policymakers have got together to try to rethink that very framework to reflect a different world so everything that we have taken for granted for almost two centuries american and european dominance is no longer
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a fact and in adjusting to that fact and cleaning up the mess of the two thousand and eight financial crisis in the u.s. to move the country forward critics here paint a picture of near continuous failure of u.s. policymakers to do the job of president barack obama's former right hand economic man so the stimulus should have been bigger well the decision was political i mean the the judgment was we wanted to get as much discomposed fiscal stimulus as we could meanwhile the wall street bailouts of the time and probably deserve reaction favored finance they say to the big banks but they have not really gotten our economy going again. the financial reforms passed by washington supposed to bend too big to fail haven't banks still aren't required to hold enough cash that's just one reason critics like this former j.p. morgan exact site putting the country on course for another disaster. there are plans on what one says about crisis but i have to say yes the concentration of
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power in finance is greater today than it was before this crisis and that's courtesy of the cash flow from wall street to politicians and lobbying corrupting real reform and believe in the leaders top to make it despite some with noble goals i think there are others who are taking too much money from wall street and they are doing what you say whatever the folks want that they are contributing to the do or two or issue of confidence deterioration coming amidst an increase in inequality in the u.s. where the top one percent are getting richer while everyone else is lagging behind with frustration starting to pour over into the street i see recently a public union workers in wisconsin. nobel prize winning economist joseph stiglitz believes it's all sending the country in the wrong direction that's right and that was what has brought him so forcefully by what was grappling wisconsin he has high hopes the mix of thinkers and policy makers here will lead to new priorities while
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others are experiencing their own crisis of confidence that new economic thinking will turn into direct action anytime soon the more things change the more they stay the same. more and mr r.t. new hampshire. joining me for more details from the conference is our tease lauren lester and lauren should really a little surprised her i don't know maybe a little skeptical that suddenly all these financial elites are worried about a dying middle class and an increasing wealth line that maybe some of them helped create. i don't know to divide but i don't think it's a very skeptical i do think that what we're seeing is a little bit from that because i because we're used to hearing activists on our shows talk about this people that are suffering as a result of the rising inequality in this country you don't often hear as many mainstream policymakers or economists concerned about that but many people brought up is wisconsin a belief that this might be reaching
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a tipping point where social instability is coming finally as a result of thirty years of no wage growth while the top one percent have seen their incomes increase pretty astronomically so i do think that you see kind of this newfound. concern with it because it has been more in your face for everyone you know it's not just numbers anymore it's you know hundreds of people in being a state capital because they're going to lose their livelihoods so i do think that you know you're seeing that awareness a little more among people that you may not think that you would have ok so we're seeing the concern we're seeing the awareness that we necessarily see it in practice yeah i know that you have some stories of how it's not really changing yet well i mean i think that this was just an ironic anecdote that i took from the conference you know so many of the speakers were focused on the inequality and how things need to change with government intervention and investment and that sort of thing to bridge this gap in society that it's getting just works in the united states how workers are crunched you know unemployment is high productivity has
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doubled because workers are being worked harder meanwhile you know i was speaking to some of the security guards that were working there working events and you know one on the last day with yeah working fifteen hour days. we are getting you know long breaks we used to work twelve hours on twelve hours off but you know because we wanted to get the contract in there trying to you know meet this bottom line and what they want to spend now were working you know essentially you know much much harder than was ever commonplace and so literally you see this example of the productivity being squeezed out of workers that is just increase you know paid for in the united states largely you know this in the numbers and it's helping at the very conference where academics and policymakers are saying that that needs to be brought to an end but it's literally perpetuated there so maybe ironic or maybe i guess a good sign right if it's in your face all the more important but not not i mean i heard this story because we spoke about it but you don't see these policymakers you
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know engaging the security in conversation about their work schedules you know it's really not one of the things we didn't see a lot of when i brought this up on friday is that anytime there's a koch brothers conference we see the left wing media all over talking about it and in this case you know on friday i thought maybe the conference just started i looked over the weekend i still saw barely any coverage are they scared here to talk about this summit you know i know someone who would agree with you and that would be the executive director of the think tank that put it on because i asked him about that because going into the conference all that i could find on it that we had was being written beforehand was very. skeptical. very concerned conservative viewpoints blogs about how george soros was trying to end capitalism and remake the global economy and take down america few notches and very kind of fear mongering blogs about this conference and i asked the executive director about that when i interviewed him and he said he was so upset and upset and angry over the silence of what he called the centrist mainstream media and he specifically
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said the new york times and the washington post and he said he thinks they're scared he said he thinks that they're scared of the right he thinks they're scared of losing corporate donors and and he has he shared your skepticism over over over the silence that i guess i'm happy to know that i'm not the only one that learned thanks so much for filling us in before we go tonight it's time for our tweets of the day so she's not officially in the race but congresswoman michele bachmann said today that if she were elected president in two thousand and twelve she would only serve one term at order to really get stuff done that led every american to quickly tweet how noble but one term would be enough for you to destroy the entire country so no thank you michelle and that's it for tonight so thanks for tuning in they can come back tomorrow shadi hamid the director of research at the brookings doha center will be on the show the discuss the u.s. islamic world forum in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the longer show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of the night show or any other nights you can always catch all the you tube dot com
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plus the longer show where you post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety and up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and abroad. ok. i tell marvin here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. he.
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