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i know if it's a person who to believe the intercontinental had only westlake heard so sure it's in hanoi hilton her approach someone said grant sedona sweeter knowing. cold girls like on who turns kerrville hotel sheraton so i go in hotel and service the world hotels i go in the leaves lucy's available in the resort and spa. the publisher of a finnish based website which supports terrorism escapes prosecution over its links with extremism but does go on trial for helping chechens to enter finland illegally . in the actions of nato in libya should return to a diplomatic level after going beyond the limits of the un resolution is coming from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov the summit with the alliance in berlin. the global financial system i must be overhauled to prevent a future disasters so says the russian president at the start of an economic
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meeting in china the asian cup last. business news people asked me to the head of rossi have to go in a bit to personally salvage the share swap deal between the two companies jointly from noise in on the story. it's just after seven pm on friday here in moscow you with r.t. now the publisher of a finnish based website affiliated with internationally i wanted terrorists has now gone on trial however authorities in helsinki are turning a blind eye to his extremist links i mean is that prosecuting sure for allegedly smuggling chechens into finland nazis and so now it is following the story from just outside the courthouse. hearing has begun in the criminal case against me store sir who is the founder and main editor of the website called the cost center
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this is a site that according to international law and most certainly according to ross falls into the category of terrorist propaganda that is not what this hearing is about courser is accused of smuggling illegally individuals into finland some five hundred people which he himself has said are militants here of course calls them freedom fighters charges for smuggling had also been brought against the brother of chechen terrorists show. he was on the internationally most wanted list for many years as the mastermind behind many terror attacks in russia including the best school siege and he was killed five years ago by russian security forces so prosecutors focusing on illegal immigration here many critics wondering why it's being ignored that this man runs a site that spews propaganda about a man that has made it very clear that one of his main goals is to take as many russian lives as possible he may not look like a supporter of terrorism but torture founded and runs this website said
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a propaganda mouthpiece for one of the world's most wanted terrorists and declared by the un to have links with al qaida doku umarov is responsible for some of russia's most horrific recent terror attacks the moscow metro blast and the dome and out of the airport bombing which in total killed almost eighty people and injured nearly three hundred cycles doku umarov president transmits messages about those he views as his enemies and carries ads for books about the life of a mujahideen islamic fighter situation is that. the standard. and he's associated they are working for the politicization of islam used to bring feel about you or they want to make radicals stores or is being prosecuted not for aiding terrorism. but for illegally smuggling some one hundred individuals into family and people who he calls freedom fighters the way that the caucasus and the
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writes about as a creation it's contaminating the finnish media is. right think of the scene with. the new world of the writing railroading of it's. correct to make terrible truths that are this is the company that houses the web site located right in the center of helsinki meanwhile opponents of islamic extremism or those who speak out against it are being persecuted by finished authorities for allegedly violating minority rights you heard morry a finnish pastor was defrocked fired from his ministry with no severance pay and forced to divorce his wife to protect her from the chaff threats he received these came from door kumar himself who said the pastor and his loved ones would have their heads cut off the clerk's church decided he was threatening a legitimate website and criminal cases for inciting racial hatred have been
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launched all there is says he's trying to make something positive out of losing his job because all the dough might have been busy with work but no have the. concentrated to stop sick and spread awareness about a site that has ripped his life apart spreading propaganda about a man who's torn apart the lives of thousands and he says now r.t. how sinky now the body of russia's most wanted terrorist a doctor was not among those killed in a search and destroy operation carried out earlier this month forensic analysis confirmed he was not one of the seventeen militants killed by special forces but none of the d.n.a. samples taken from the relatives of those killed in the russian caucasus region have been cases in the past where north or abuse have mistakenly claimed out of staff the internationally recognized terrorist is wanted in russia on counts of murder kidnapping and terror attacks before it is belief that he was involved in
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the beslan school siege which took the lives of more than three hundred people most of them children and that was back in two thousand and four. well you can find out more about the terror acts carried out by the notorious militant leader you can do so on our website that's r.t. dot com here's a preview of what else we have waiting for you on right right now should the muslim crescent join the christian cross as part of russia's official emblem find out why the initiative of one cleric hasn't been welcomed by everyone but also. it may be i can't even explain what i felt inside when i met him he gave me goosebumps when i saw him a russian bombshell describes how she fell under the charms of none other than the italian prime minister full of revelations about iraq call him and the highlights of his interview coming up in just a few minutes. the situation in libya has once again
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become a leading issue at the nato conference and with russia joining the discussion foreign minister sergey lavrov has stressed to moscow's stance over the military operations saying the protection of civilians is the main priority however he was critical of some of the methods adopted by the alliance and i want to tell you about joins us live from lynn so. he was quite frank with some of the comments he had to say he said that some of the military intervention ongoing in libya is beyond what the u.n. resolution allows for also saying that any possible ground invasion would be totally unacceptable what else would he have to say. well indeed russia and nato don't seem to be quite on the same page regarding the operation being carried out in libya now are strikes continue on simply and secretary general rasmussen has called on countries to provide their fighter jets in order to complete the mission which in his view. is for colonel gadhafi to step down puts this is not quite what the
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u.n. security council resolution initially just that's now the nine hundred seventy three resolution suggest that that's the mission would be even starts. civilians in libya and is now asserting into a bloody massacre as we're hearing reports coming from libya that civilians are being killed in those airstrikes and also present barack obama and president sarkozy together with the british prime minister i have written a letter to colonel gadhafi to say that the only way that nato forces are going to leave the country if is that if he steps down in fact. he should win the day we witnessed the actions in libya are exceeding the framework defined by the security council it's already being discussed the resolution one hundred seventy three could also be used to ground operations resolution does not provide for such actions and does not approve them nor does the u.n. general support regime change in libya. so far france and britain have been the
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most active in carrying out bombings in libya and they have always known for other countries to also join the operation for saving the civilians there however so far only six out of twenty eight member states also later have participated in the operations we share with never a share which gives you an idea that perhaps the nature itself is not is not that unanimous in making the decisions about libya despite the secretary general rasmussen statement that all member states are on board meanwhile russia believes that if what rebels and nato want to achieve in libya is to form a new government and for a doctor to step down that the only way to achieve that should be to put the two sides to the negotiation table. which she determined to be it's your we need stories of the conflicts to stop chasing one another with heavy weapons and come to negotiations table that would be far better than resorting to intimations which
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endangered the lives of a huge number of civilians. russia has also said that it is no watchdog to what's happening in libya and that u.n. security council. whether the resolution that the implements and the incidents that is being implemented correctly and it's. also saying go towards the end of his statements that russia has data that al-qaeda and other terrorist organizations are eager to take control and take advantage of the ongoing chaos in libya and he hugged all parties involved with its military intervention to act to prevent. life thank you. cards political changes backed by some powers could create a better environment for al-qaeda that is the view of former cia counterterrorism analyst michael sure i thought i would see the hopes for a democratic middle east naive i think the end of the tyrannies in the middle east are creating an environment in which islamic groups whether it's al qaeda or any of its allies will be able to operate much more easily and with with much less
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pressure from security services the successor governments aren't going to be as a fact of when they're not they're going to be more islamic i don't think they're going to be fundamentalists they're not really we're not really worried about al-qaeda taking over any particular government but we're going to have a situation where operationally it's much easier for these groups to exist to train in the plan and mrs clinton is really a fantasy is she really believes somehow that this is going to be a secular democratic revolution in it's as far away from that is it possibly could be. meantime britain is reportedly hiring private contractors to protect big corporations in the event of kidnappings but the experience of previous interventions shows that most in areas can become gold diggers and volatile areas just like libya. homeless and displaced people disrupted water electricity supplies decimated infrastructure to the world tragic scenes of the destruction of
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lives but to britain's large private security sector a gold mine in two thousand and nine the u.k.'s ministry of defense spending eighty two million dollars on hiring private security firms and now insiders say they're hiring again for libya whereas for the rest of us and for most people these wars these conflicts are just a cause for concern and of course a great grief for these companies this is a bonanza time private security really boomed in iraq and by two thousand and four the global industry was estimated at one hundred billion dollars private security is an industry populated by ex soldiers where regulation is entirely voluntary that's led to numerous human rights violations this footage leaked in two thousand and five per unleashes a team of u.k. security contractors taking unprovoked pot shots at cars on a road in baghdad. formerly in the elite
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s.a.'s but paxman did ten years as a contractor in africa and iraq while working undercover paxman says he's even had other contractors open fire on him people loads of charity contractors coming into your village. getting paid. money in comparative terms to what the locals would be paid of course it's going to be you know for a bit of. for a bit of friction between the groups over a period of time that can be exploited quite easily boy external groups such as shooters or terrorist groups and security companies are typically hired by defense ministries and multinational corporations to protect people and property from insurgents because of the dangerous nature of the work it can easily get out of hand by the securities i think. volatile states. libya increasingly looks like being a volatile state good while to come and
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a new conflict zone means a new cash cow for private security companies the reality of modern warfare is that private contractors are now doing the work so military forces used to do without many of the rules and regulations that govern only engagements that could mean a new round of human rights violations in an unstable country and while it would be libya that would bear the brunt of that cost for security cartwright says it only brings in more business your address our tea. party and find out what western involvement could mean for the unstable country that's coming up in these cross talk to. the west has got to understand that if they go in premature if the go into countries and get involved in politics i do not understand if they fail to understand the cultural and tribal mixes and how that integrates on the ground itself then you can find that they can have similar situations where we have i mean
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afghanistan and iraq and north recently that's all of somalia of course now we see similar situations with libya. and you can watch crosstalk in a little less than twenty minutes time here on r.t. now it's a lose enigmatic prime minister silvio berlusconi has once again found himself in the midst of a series of scandalous outlines but there's one person standing loyally by his side . claims to be a long time friend and a close confidant of the pm describing above is going as a perfect gentleman she thinks the accusations aimed at him are all lies designed to tarnish his good name. just friends but close ones that's what. sells of her relationship with silvio berlusconi which she serves as exceptionally warm and friendly she's going to be asked of his famed parties which of landed him
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in rather hot water sylvia and i are closer together than ever. we were together like this but now i'm much much closer together i thought how did you need through a little as corny what kind of impression did him a. i can't even explain what i felt inside when i met him he gave me goosebumps when i saw him because he's a very handsome man it was love at first sight he's such a gentleman one hundred percent man in every sense of new witnesses and berlusconi is a case of party guests behaved indecently and they were also encouraged to take part in some kind of free will is a game what can you tell us about berlusconi's parties. i once was he's new year's party and we all glided smoothly to the dance floor was a d.j. and we just started dancing it drains and cool things floating around the place and they were man naturally women as the media says once he invited
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a special dance show because it wasn't like anything outrageous it was a beautiful landrieu style show can you tell us about the presents that mr berlusconi gave. silvio gives presents to all women not to man he has special scarves. and he gives them to women like a memento of visiting berlusconi might be a pin or a ring nothing expensive or a scarf everything is made especially for him so that he can give his own presents . who could benefit from the scandal getting growth going is being attacked by a special media campaign but when you say it's the communists of course it's who else would benefit they want to get rid of him as fast as possible by any means i don't know they might even bring something from the moon and say that berlusconi gets something there what little we need right now. if you would like to watch this interview in full you can do so when i say use you tube channel.
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four news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of canada. without a live from moscow and turning our attention to siberia where an unprecedented warm spell has sparked a number of wildfires well the forest fires are a yearly occurrence in russia is usually have a brief pause between winter thawing and late spring when wildfires start in earnest but this year a sharp rise in temperatures has left firefighters scrambling to halt the inferno is calling for emergency workers say they are well prepared to deal with the situation following a last year's why it spread far as the government organized
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a statewide upgrade of firefighting equipment. now for a brief look at some other stories making headlines around the world this hour a u.n. tribunal has convicted antique of the vena a top croatian general to twenty four years in jail for nine counts of war crimes against serves in one thousand nine hundred ninety five another general was sentenced to seventeen years in jail for two men who were accused of masterminding the operation that saw some two hundred thousand serbs forced out of croatia hundreds of civilians who refused to leave were brutally executed in croatia where the generals of you guys heroes a large crowd who gathered to hear the verdict in the capital booed and denounced the trial. hundreds of thousands of protesters have once again taken it to the streets in yemen calling for the resignation of the country's leader however president abdullah saleh in defiance of the protests and stressed that he remains the legitimate head of state it follows
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a string of setbacks for the president after a number of tribal leaders dropped their support for him and the opposition refused to enter talks. now nearly fifty thousand japanese families who live near the critical fukushima nuclear power plant will be paid compensation it follows a government order obligating the plant's operator the tokyo electric power company to cover all damages caused by the incident but to be given an average of twelve thousand dollars each which critics say is far too little her focus she replied remains in a critical condition with all these trying desperately to stabilize the situation. the only changes will help the global financial system avoid future trouble to be treated with sent a clear message during an annual economic forum in china the event has been dubbed asia's davos as it brings together the political and the business elites of the region i seized as our savior now reports from living. the leaders of the of brics
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countries have come to be a blowout for a would be a consensus they have reached back the summit that they want to see reforms both maybe if you national for their whole system as well as those of global governance in order to reflect what they see as a stronger reality of the power of these economic we moving from the west to the will of the they have brought up the freeing up an alternative to be a global reserve currency because we're currently at dominated by the u.s. dollar nothing got put into detail but if you want to see reform in that as well another thing they did bring up is the a situation in power partly for profit private and they've got a want to see our cooperation in the pursuit of a nuclear energy social safety mechanism in dealing with the past these as they had seen in japan and i think today that they are really bringing up is the issue of social inequality that could arise from various t.v. economic growth so they don't want to see the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming more that gap widening therefore they don't want to sacrifice the ability
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in their pursuit of their economic goals or let's get more insight now i'm joined by mark made from goldman sachs asia thank you very much for joining us now we have seen a new consensus from the brics on it how do you think of their concerns is going to impact the economic and political world well i think this is a very positive development for the world i think the fact that these five major economies across all major of consonance the world now comes together in a coordinated fashion is very positive this being a general understanding of the rise of the economic power of the four countries and also now with africa included it's the the rise of these five areas and so i think europe and the u.s. have been acutely aware of the be inevitable economic strength and rising strength of these areas and thinking carefully on how to how to interact and deal with that but it's it's it's a reality thank you very much these economies certainly looking for. more
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cooperation and coordination economically but not is that also politically correct eventually all five countries are members of the u.n. security council they do want to see more influence in that council and therefore they want to see the pursuit again of their economic power in line with their political clout as well. he's just reporting right there oh yes i'm not sure i get this house business up there with current. are quite happy with me he's meeting the head of have to moscow in a bid to personally salvage the deal between the two companies the figure of forty billion dollars may have come up according to the us to newspaper that's how much he's russian and he wants to get out of the way out of the has a story. for b.p. wouldn't tell us what robert dudley was in town to talk about but i think it's fair enough to assume that the sixteen billion dollars share swap deal between b.p.
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and ross next might have cropped up somewhere in the conversation what is the future of that deal out the moment well it lies in the hands of b.p. they've got to come to an agreement with their current russian partners they are to buy out their shares in the joint venture t n k d p now they offer said they're willing to listen to what they call sensible proposals for their shares now what is a sensible proposal to put a valuation of eighty billion dollars on t n k p p twenty billion dollars more than the company was valued at on the stock exchange at the beginning of the week now they'd be looking for half of that forty billion in order to relinquish their their stake in that company no forty billions far more than me twenty seven billion that was offered by bt on wednesday so both sides seem to have set out their starting points for negotiations they'll be looking to try and come to an agreement somewhere in the middle for this deal to go ahead the russian shareholders of g.m.
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k.b.p.s. said that they want to see a deal between the n.k.v.d. and ross next over the the all important exploration of oil in the arctic now this is where we have a problem because ross never said they wanted to be paid not sweetie n.k.p. they the head of ross never said that they'd already turned down a big ten paid b.p. to buy into the no interest in doing business with them. they only want to deal with the three nights p.p.l. nobody it seems is close enough to also ruled out doing any deal with shell so it seems to be repeat have to get their heads together cope with some kind of solution so they can put this put this all going so it's a base and come up with us all important offered to their russian partners so they can go ahead and do that deal with ross next and explore for oil in the arctic. and staying with ross now after the company's head suggests the firm should be privatized and three to five years and not next year as the government is planning he says the state will make more money if rates as the company will double in value
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by two thousand and sixteen the government wants to sell around fifteen percent of ross nast as part of the largest participation dry of the country's history. the company lukoil russia's biggest private oil producer has set up a joint venture with passion you have to develop a giant present oil field in the arctic will pay around one hundred fifty million dollars for a quarter of the project and sees total investments rising to six billion dollars the plan is to get the field on stream the fourth two thousand and fifteen the heads of local and national say the corporation is sure to extend to other projects . and some real peace route to companies good. to be sure which means going to his music in the country of the bush near the bin if you scroll down will be rebuilt people used can we assume in the beginning the missionary through the middle. school the third with the there was
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a potential here in the. prizes for precious metals are on the rise as investors opt for them over stocks the price of silver has jumped over the psychological mark of forty two dollars per ounce which is the highest level in three decades. now stocks in the u.s. are mixed of the dow is up a notch and the nasdaq is down forty three percent google is down six percent up to reported earnings that were below analyst estimates bank of america is gaining although it reported lower earnings that missed estimates and it says it's edged up president announced a settlement that produced future losses on mortgages now markets in europe are over nothing in trading retail stocks are among the biggest gain as the u.k. electronics chain dixons rising three percent the move comes after the owner of its rivals the currys and p.c. world chains announced plans to close the recall lost making stores in spain meanwhile moody's agency has cut its rating on irish government bonds by two
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notches saying the outlook on the ratings remains negative. and here in russia stock exchanges closed mixed on friday the r.t.s. and that higher of the nies it spanish in the red and here are some of the move market. over them isaac's book was finished in the black hole news of its involvement in threads and teach all these evacuees down after reporting a seven percent fall in net profits for the first quarter under russian accounting standards and precious metal because he says he enjoyed a good day on the back of strong gold and silver medal game author of the five and a half percent. that's all the business news for now but don't forget you can always find more stories just go on to our website r t v dot com slash business.
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culture is the same of jargon going back to the learning of the information from the nothing less than event rather than legal information approved by the u.n. now in the ivory coast a former leader of his own seat at the expense of hundreds of civilians. down the official ante up location giuliani phone the i pod touch from the dumpster. video on demand cheese month old girls and the registry now in the palm of your.


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